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WW2NewsLette Vol# 2 No 2

WW2NewsLette Vol# 2 No 2

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Published by: njww2bookclub on Sep 27, 2010
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September 23, 2010, Volume # 2 No. 2

Jonathan E. Gumz, Ph.D
Our program of September 21, 2010, a lecture entitled "Rethinking D-Day and its Consequences" was very thought provoking. Prior to the lecture we heard an audio recording of the famous Prayer read by President Roosevelt the evening of the D-Day invasion. No doubt the majority of the audience anticipated a discussion of the invasion plans, the events of June 6, 1944, the casualties on the beaches, especially Omaha beach and the surrounding areas and the heroics of the American soldiers. [sort of a replay of The Longest Day] Instead we heard a well thought out scholarly presentation of the over all strategic impact of the D-Day invasion in the context of the entire European war. Citing voluminous and unimpeachable statistics of the Russian and German casualties, and the condition of the German army which was in serious decline in mid 1944, Professor Gumz argued that D-Day, as a battle, was merely one additional event, which placed in perspective, and viewed against this background, the D-Day invasion was relatively insignificant.

The nature of Professor Gumz's viewpoint has prompted our Moderator to take the unusual step of quoting herein a part of his letter of thanks which he sent to Professor Gumz, dealing with the the importance of D-Day in the total context of the war: "Your remarks put me in mind of the last line in Liberty Valence: [paraphrased] "When the facts conflict with the myth, go with the Myth". Visit the American cemeteries in France. I have seen most all of them myself including World War I. Gaze at the long lines of crosses and Stars of David, the immaculate park-like appearance, the stone and marble chapels all paid for and maintained by the American taxpayers. Compare this with the meager remembrances of the war dead by our allies and enemies especially the Russians, and one would surely get the impression, if monuments alone accurately represented the contribution of the soldiers that participated at that location, that the American contribution was the most important factor in the war. Such is, of course, far from the truth as you ably demonstrated last evening. As unsettling as it is for us

think of it, the American remembrances merely represent the power of money, influence and the Tom Brokows of the world." to

Upcoming Events Thomas Fleming, author of over 40 books has written only one devoted to World War 2, but it is an outstanding award winning contribution, The New Dealers' War-F.D.R. and the War Within World War II. Mr. Fleming will appear at the Book Club on Tuesday October 19, same time and place. We urge you to read this book before the lecture to obtain the most pleasure from the lecture. Most libraries have it, and it can be purchased for under five dollars on the web. Anyone wishing to purchase the book, we recommend you look at AbeBooks.com which has a substantial number available. This book relates in fascinating detail all the behind the scenes dealings in the Roosevelt administration during the war, and the political and military

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decisions which had a critical impact on the course of the war. On Tuesday November 16, Eric Metaxas will discuss his just published Bonhoeffer, Pastor, Martyr, Prophet, Spy, a biography of a remarkable Lutheran pastor and theologian in Germany during the reign of the Nazis. Bonhoeffer resisted the pressure of the Nazis to conform to their doctrines. He worked to assist the Jews escape, and worked as a spy with secret groups plotting to overthrow Hitler. For his efforts he paid with his life. Mr. Metaxas is the director of the hugely popular Socrates in the City [SITC] which has just reached its tenth year of operation. Copies of Bonhoeffer will be available for purchase at the lecture and signing by Mr. Metaxas. On January 18, 2011 Terry Golway will discuss his recent book, Together We Cannot Fail, which is a collection of essays on important speeches of President Roosevelt, many of them the famously named "Fireside Chats". The book comes with a CD of many of FDR's speeches, and the fidelity is remarkable. One of the speeches, the "D-Day Prayer" was played at the last lecture prior to Professor Gumz's lecture. Our First Annual Holiday Party We are trying something new this year. As you know we sponsor no lectures during December. This year we have decided to hold a Holiday Party to close out the year. We have reserved a room at Pal's Cabin in West Orange for Monday December 13. The party will start at 7PM. Pal's is featuring a sumptuous buffet at a cost of

$40.00 per person. There will be a Cash Bar. We will have a program. Our own Steven Lomazow, MD author of FDR's Deadly Secret will lecture to us on War Propaganda. Steve has an extensive collection of Newspapers, Magazines, Books and all kinds of memorabilia, going all the way back to the Revolutionary War and up to World War 2 and beyond. He is recognized nationally as an authority on Pulp Fiction, out of date books, magazines and memorabilia. It should be fun evening. Please reserve a spot as soon as possible. Because this is our first venture into a social engagement, we have reserved a room that has a maximum capacity of about 40. We already have 5 reservations. Please send checks to John J. McLaughlin at the address on this News Letter. This dinner will be limited to dues paid members only. Donated Books We are acquiring a goodly collection of used World War 2 Books which will be offered free of charge to members at various lectures during the year. Anyone interested in donating books can contact Dr. McLaughlin. Veteran's Night Some evening in the Spring 2011 will be devoted to "Veteran's Night" Details have not been finalized, but we would ask member veterans to please send us a short resume of your military record so we can be sure to include you. If any member veteran would like to chair the event please let us know. More details about this evening will follow as the program begins to take shape.

We include veterans of all wars here, not just World War 2. Among Our Members At our last program we had a record nine new attendees. We hope these first attendees enjoyed the program and become dues paying members fully supporting our programs. We emphasize how important your dues and other contributions are to the financial success of our group. Honorariums, and expenses to reimburse speakers constitute the major expenditures of the Book Club. Among the several new attendees we were pleased to meet Maxine Giannini, whose remarkable late husband, an MP landed with the first wave on DDay and went entirely through Europe with his unit.. A talented artist he drew remarkable sketches of just about everything he came across, and these vivid memories of D-Day and it's aftermath have been displayed at a number of locations including the D-Day Memorial in Virginia and the George C. Marshall Museum at Virginia Military Academy. An effort will be made to have Maxine at Veteran's Night with some of the sketches. Thanks again to Bill Clayton for his strong support and, in particular his putting us in touch with the proper people at the United States Military Academy and at the Naval Academy. Let's Hear From Our Members Please be alert to the prospect of recommending a future speaker at one of our meetings. We are open to all your suggestions.

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