FILES ON DISKS -------------DISK 1 -----INSTALL EXE - Install utility UNZIP EXE - De-archiving program README COM - Program to view

README file FILELIST DOC - This file SOURCE ZIP - Archive file containing: APP PAS - Application unit source COLORSEL PAS - Color installation unit source EDITORS PAS - Editors unit source MSGBOX PAS - Message box unit source OUTLINE PAS - Outline unit source STDDLG PAS - Standard dialogs unit source STRINGS PAS - PChar support file VALIDATE PAS - Validate objects source WINDOS PAS - PChar based I/O routines TPC TPC TPL TURBO TPX TPX TPX TPX TPX ZIP - Archive file containing: EXE - Command-line compiler ZIP - Archive file containing: TPL - Runtime library units ZIP - Archive file containing: EXE - High capacity Integrated Development Environment ICO - Icon for TPW.EXE PIF - PIF file for running TPX under Windows TP - Configuration file for TPX.EXE

TURBO ZIP - Archive file containing: TURBO EXE - Turbo Pascal Integrated Development Environment TURBO ICO - Turbo Pascal icon TURBO TP - Configuration file for TURBO.EXE TURBO PIF - Program information file for TURBO.EXE under Windows README - Product information file

DISK 2 -----BGIDEMOS ZIP - Archive file containing: ARTY PAS - Borland Graphics Interface BGIDEMO PAS - Borland Graphics Interface BGIDRIV PAS - Borland Graphics Interface BGIFONT PAS - Borland Graphics Interface BGILINK MAK - Borland Graphics Interface BGILINK PAS - Borland Graphics Interface HELP ZIP - Archive file containing: TURBO TPH - Online help data file TVISION TPH - Online help data file

demo demo demo demo demo demo

ONLINE ZIP - Archive file containing: MANUAL TV - Corrections to printed TV documentation TEMC DOC - Online document for TEMC utility UTILS DOC - Online document for command line utilities

TVFM COLORS PAS .DPMILOAD compatible with RTM RTM EXE .EGA and VGA driver EURO CHR .TVFM FILEVIEW PAS .TVFM DIRVIEW PAS .Quick sort demo TEST286 PAS .Overlay demo OVRDEMO2 PAS .Sans serif font SCRI CHR .TVFM DRAGDROP PAS .Additional installable BGI CGA BGI .Hercules mono driver IBM8514 BGI .TVFM EDITPAL PAS .Additional installable BGI VESA16 BGI .Additional installable BGI GOTH CHR .TVFM FILEFIND PAS .TVFM file demo demo demo demo demo demo demo demo demo demo demo demo demo demo demo containing: file file file file file file file file file file file file file file file .TVFM MAKERES PAS .Gothic font HERC BGI .CGA and MCGA driver EGAVGA BGI .Archive file containing: DPMI16BI OVL .Source code printing demo OVRDEMO PAS .Turbo Pascal Integrated Development Environment for floppy disks TVFM ZIP .Demo showing how to EXEC other programs FIB8087 PAS .3270 PC driver SANS CHR .Triplex font TSCR CHR .IBM 8514 driver LCOM CHR .DPMI Server DPMIINST EXE .Overlay demo PROCVAR PAS .Archive ASSOC PAS .Demo showing use of 8087 LISTER PAS .TVFM EQU PAS .Small font PC3270 BGI .AT&T 6300 driver BOLD CHR .DPMI Runtime manager TFLOPPY ZIP .TVFM DEFAULT PAL .DPMI configuration program DPMILOAD EXE .Additional installable BGI LITT CHR .TVFM GAUGES PAS .Archive file containing: TURBO EXE .Overlay demo OVRDEMO1 PAS .TVFM GLOBALS PAS .Procedure variable types demo QSORT PAS .Directory list demo EXECDEMO PAS .TVFM INFOVIEW PAS .TVFM CYAN PAL .Additional installable BGI TRIP CHR .TVFM FILECOPY PAS .Demo showing use of CRT unit DIRDEMO PAS .DISK 3 -----BGIBIN ZIP .Additional installable BGI SIMP CHR .VESA 16 color BGI driver font font font font font font DEMOS ZIP .Archive file containing: ATT BGI .Shows how to test for 286 (or later) chip DPMISYS ZIP .Archive file containing: CRTDEMO PAS .

Color installation unit DIALOGS TPU .GREP filter program GREP2MSG PAS .Menus unit MSGBOX TPU .Example TEMC script EPSILON TEM .Objects unit OUTLINE TPU .Application unit COLORSEL TPU .Outline unit STDDLG TPU .Breakout game source code COUNT PAS .Breakout game source code BREAKOUT PAS .Validate objects unit VIEWS TPU .Editors unit HISTLIST TPU .Unit mover utility DISK 4 -----BGI ZIP .Printer filter source code RTMRES EXE .Example TEMC script DOSEDIT TEM .Breakout game source code WALLS PAS .Breakout game source code SCREEN PAS .Messagebox unit OBJECTS TPU .Breakout game source code BRICKS PAS .Drivers unit EDITORS TPU .Archive file containing: BOUNDS PAS .Memory management unit MENUS TPU .Archive file containing: APP TPU .Archive file containing: BINOBJ EXE .Simple text window unit VALIDATE TPU .TSR to view .TPH files TPUMOVER EXE .Standard dialogs unit STRINGS TPU .Turbo editor macro compiler THELP COM .GREP filter program source code MAKE EXE .Load RTM resident TEMC EXE .Printer filter program PRNFLTR PAS .Example TEMC script DEFAULTS TEM .PChar support unit TEXTVIEW TPU .Dialogs unit DRIVERS TPU .Borland Make utility PRNFLTR EXE .Borland Graphics Interface (BGI) Graph unit BREAKOUT ZIP .Example TEMC script GREP COM .Views unit WINDOS TPU .PChar based I/O unit UTILS ZIP .Breakout game source code .Archive file containing: GRAPH TPU .History list unit MEMORY TPU .Borland Grep GREP2MSG EXE .Convert binary data to an OBJ file BRIEF TEM .MAKETVFM ROSE TOOLS TRASH TREEWIN TVFM TVFM VIEWHEX VIEWTEXT BAT PAL PAS PAS PAS PAS TVR PAS PAS - TVFM TVFM TVFM TVFM TVFM TVFM TVFM TVFM TVFM demo demo demo demo demo demo demo demo demo file file file file file file file file file UNITS ZIP .

Documentation demo TERMTEST PAS .Documentation demo STOCKS PAS STOCKS .DOCDEMO ZIP .Documentation demo TUTOR03A PAS .Documentation demo TUTOR04A PAS .Documentation demo SUPPLIER TXT .Documentation demo RECOVER PAS .Documentation demo ORDERS PAS ORDERS .Documentation demo TUTOR03C PAS .Documentation demo OUTDIR PAS OUTDIR .Documentation demo TUTOR08A PAS .Documentation demo DRAGS PAS .Documentation demo ENDCMD PAS .Documentation demo ORDERS DAT ORDERS .Documentation demo TUTOR11A PAS .Documentation demo TUTOR07 PAS TUTOR07 .Documentation demo TUTOR03B PAS .Documentation demo TUTOR06A PAS .Documentation demo IMPORT PAS IMPORT .Documentation demo TUTOR02A PAS .Documentation demo MINIMAL PAS MINIMAL .Documentation demo .Documentation demo COLLECT4 PAS .Documentation demo STREAM2 PAS STREAM2 .Documentation demo TUTRES PAS TUTRES .Documentation demo TUTOR12 PAS TUTOR12 .Documentation demo TUTOR PAS TUTOR .Documentation demo MAKEDAT BAT .Documentation demo PICKLIST PAS .Documentation demo TUTOR06B PAS .Documentation demo TUTOR02B PAS .Documentation demo TUTOR04B PAS .Documentation demo STRMERR PAS STRMERR .Documentation demo SUPPLIER PAS .Documentation demo INSWIN PAS INSWIN .Documentation demo RESOURC2 PAS .Documentation demo TUTCONST PAS .Documentation demo ORDERS TXT ORDERS .Documentation demo STREAM1 PAS STREAM1 .Documentation demo TUTOR10 PAS TUTOR10 .Documentation demo TUTOR09 PAS TUTOR09 .Documentation demo ITEMS DAT ITEMS .Documentation demo COUNT PAS .Documentation demo TUTORIAL TVR .Documentation demo NEWBACK PAS NEWBACK .Documentation demo NORECVER PAS .Documentation demo COLLECT2 PAS .Documentation demo TUTOR01 PAS TUTOR01 .Documentation demo RESOURC1 PAS .Documentation demo TUTOR02C PAS .Documentation demo COLLECT3 PAS .Documentation demo SUPPLIER DAT .Documentation demo TUTOR05 PAS TUTOR05 .Documentation demo TUTOR11B PAS .Documentation demo ITEMS TXT ITEMS .Documentation demo TUTOR08C PAS .Documentation demo TUTOR08B PAS .Archive file containing: COLLECT1 PAS .Documentation demo TUTOR04C PAS .Documentation demo HINTER PAS .Documentation demo TUTOR11C PAS .

Interface OVERLAY INT .Turbo Vision demo file TVRDEMO PAS .Interface DRIVERS INT .Interface DOS INT .Turbo Vision demo file DEMOHELP TXT .Interface containing: section of this section of this section of this section of this section of this section of this section of this section of this section of this section of this section of this section of this section of this section of this TURBO3 ZIP .Turbo Pascal 3.Archive file containing: ASCIITAB PAS .Turbo Vision demo file TVEDIT PAS .Turbo Vision demo file TVHC PAS .Interface OBJECTS INT .Interface PRINTER INT .Turbo Vision demo file HELPFILE PAS .Turbo Pascal 3.0 compatibility unit TVDEBUG ZIP .0 Graphics compatibility unit TURBO3 TPU .TUTTYPES TWOSTAT WORKERS WORKLIST PAS PAS PAS PAS - Documentation Documentation Documentation Documentation demo demo demo demo unit unit unit unit unit unit unit unit unit unit unit unit unit unit INTRFACE ZIP .TV Debugging example TVDEMOS ZIP .Interface SYSTEM INT .Turbo Vision demo file GADGETS PAS .TV Debugging example SHOWEVNT PAS .Interface MEMORY INT .Turbo Vision demo file DEMOHELP PAS .TV Debugging example TVDEBUG PAS .Turbo Vision demo file DEMOSTRS PAS .Turbo Vision demo file CALENDAR PAS .Interface VIEWS INT .Turbo Vision demo file MOUSEDLG PAS .Interface HISTLIST INT .Interface DIALOGS INT .Turbo Vision demo file TVDEMO PAS .Turbo Vision demo file GENRDEMO PAS .Archive file CRT INT .Turbo Vision demo file .Turbo Vision demo file DEMOCMDS PAS .Interface GRAPH INT .Archive file containing: CMDNAMER PAS .Archive file containing: GRAPH3 TPU .Interface MENUS INT .Turbo Vision demo file DEMOHELP HLP .Turbo Vision demo file PUZZLE PAS .Turbo Vision demo file MKRDEMO BAT .Turbo Vision demo file CALC PAS .TV Debugging example KEYNAMER PAS .Interface TEXTVIEW INT .

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