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Cool stuff I found

Stephan Von Willer

Cool stuff I found

David Boyce

Cool stuff I found


Cool stuff I found


John Park

Cool stuff I found

Charles Guan

Cool stuff I found

Charles Guan

Cool stuff I found

RISD students

HW1 crit!
Post your shit up!


HW1 good stuff

HW1 good stuff

Next few weeks...
Week 2

Week 2: Sketch day Us: Critique HW1 Me: Line quality, perspective, value, shadows/lighting You: Sketching drills, start on homework

Week 3

Intro markering
Week 3: Demo day Us: Critique HW2 Me: Marker basics: value, shadows. Materials. You: Sketch a-long! Drills.

Homework 2 (due wk 3): 7 pages 14x17 marker rag 2 pages: 4” cubes, marker rendered, shadows, 5 per page 1 page: 4” cylinders, marker rendered, shadows, 5 per page 1 page: 4” flow forms, markered, shadows, 5 per page 2 pages: material forms (cubes, cylinders, arrows, flows). Stone, wood, fabric, metal, glass 1 page: whatever you want, markered Scan and post on Blogger, 150 dpi

Homework 3 (due wk 4): 7 pages 11x17 marker rag TBD Scan and post on Blogger, 150 dpi

1 2

Motion it out.
Practice makes perfect.

Commit to one stroke
No hairy things!


Double hit if you can. Contrast and clarity


1 2

Plan it out.

Set up simple geometry to compose complex geometry.

Draw through.
Be a stickler. One off line could ruin it.

Don’t think you’re too good to draw through. It will never hurt.


Convergence/divergence! Watch the horizon.
Make sure your geometry is in the correct position.

4 5

Watch exaggeration.
Use it when scale calls for it, or an emotive drawing.

1 2

Hatch consistently. Practice!
Takes time.

Make sure the lines correspond to the plane they are on, too.



MOAR where you want viewer to look.

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