Intellectual War See how so called “Mathematical Reviews,” “Zentralblatt fuer Mathematik,” Institute for Scientific Information ignore

Muslim scientists and Third World Countries’ scientists, do not review their articles or books, or slander their work. Incompetent reviewers for the above mentioned reviewing journals such as Jozef Drewniak, Consuelo Martinez, V. Ivrii, etc. bring false accusations to Muslim and Third World Countries’ scientists, while exalting the Western scientists. Everybody who dares not to follow the mainstream ideas which are manipulated by western secret services, is exposed to an international derision and his/her work attacked and destroyed, and slandered using a junk wikipedia [JUNKIPEDIA] manipulated by incompetent wiki [JUNKI] editors who boycott the poor countries’ scientists and don’t allow anybody to have different ideas from theirs in this phony western “democracy”! CIA and NSA also manipulate and control Junk PlanethMath, Junk PlanethPhysics, etc. and slander and invent insults and lies against scientists who do not obey to them. These western secret services try to confiscate the Internet in order to allow only their propaganda and to dominate and manipulate people’s consciousness. Marcella Jainela (Nigeria)

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