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Aasaa Di Vaar (Steek) (Punjabi). Read more steeks on Sikh Scriptures by visiting www.panjabdigilib.org

Aasaa Di Vaar (Steek) (Punjabi). Read more steeks on Sikh Scriptures by visiting www.panjabdigilib.org

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Published by Singh1430
By Bhai Gurbachan Singh, Chairman of Gobind Sadan USA
By Bhai Gurbachan Singh, Chairman of Gobind Sadan USA

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Published by: Singh1430 on Sep 28, 2010
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IJ ¯¯¯¯ J¯ë|

o¯H¯ U| =¯J

(U"¤¯¯¯J IJJU¯ lH=)
IlJU HU¯(¯.oH.U)
³O¤,IJ=H Jö ,
H¯J" H¯UoJ,¯|U¯¯J¯-³=O=ë

o¯H¯ U|=¯J

o¯H¯ U| =¯J HH¯H¯,¤¯JH¯ o3 J¯H¯|3¯ ¯J|3|o¯ l=J¤ JI¯=3 U¯
H¯J¯ J lHJ5¯ H¯¤| lJJlUo¯ oUJ HU,l¯o¯lU,¤JH o3 lIo¯¯ U ¯J ¯ JJ HH
¤¯¯HH¯¯ ¯J ¯ UH ¯ HH¯H¯,¤¯JH¯ o3 J¯H¯|3¯ JJH¯,¤¯¤ö¯,UJ¯,¯õ¯ o3
ol¯o¯lU 3 ¯¯¯|3|o¯ JJ¤J lJH¯U¯J| 3 l=JU¯J| H|=¯ l=J¤ H=JH ¯J¯ U|
¤J¯¯ UU¯ JlUo¯ HU¯U¯J U¯ J¯J UJH¯UU¯ J¨lUH U ¯J3¯ ¯=|o¯ U HJ¯¯ ¯=|
H| IJ ¯¯¯¯ H¯lJJ H| ¯ UH l=UH U¯ UU¯H|o¯ U J¤ l=U ¤U" H¯J ¯JlUo¯
H¯¯=3¯ U ¯l"o¯¯ "U| HJU IJ J¤ l=U IJJ¯ë| JU¯¯ U¯ HJ¯¯ ¯¯JH oJJ
¯|3¯¨UH HH U J¯J3(lJUH3¯¯)U| H UH¯ J JJ| H¯ Jë =¯"| H| UH U¯ lUH J5|
U"J| ¯¯" IJJ¯ë| U¯ I¯lUë ¯JlUo¯ l¯J¯ l¯
“¯¯lUo¯ ¯¤5 ¯¯ ¯¯ JH|,
lJUH3¯¯ HH¯"H| J"¯¨(IJ I¤ H¯lJJ oI ¨¯=)
lJUH3¯¯ U¯ HJU l"¤3| J¤ l=U HJ 3 ¤lJ"¯ IJ¯¯¯¯ J¯ë| l=U J|
lH"U¯ J¨UH HH lJU 3 "¤| ¤¯¯U¯¯ U¯ J¯H H|¨"¤| J¯UH¯J lUJJ¯J|H o¯¤ë|
H¯J| ¤¯JH¯ 3 J¯H¯|3¯ H¯3| o¯¤ë ¤¯¯U¯¯ U| HHJ3| "U| o¯¤ë ¤¯¯U¯¯ l=U
J| ¯UJ3 ¯J| H¯ lJJ¯ H|¨HU l¯H UH U|o¯ J¯HH|,¤¯JH¯ 3 o¯J¤¯ H¯3|o¯ ¯
¯UJ| ¯J¯ ¯J¯ ¯¯ l=o¯3|o¯ U¯ J¤ õ ¯¯ Jë¯ lU3¯ H¯= 3¯ UH l=U H"H HJJ
o¤|¯ o¯¯ ¤J¯¯J U|o¯ lJH¯¯U¯J| H¯3|o¯ H¯H " ¯ lH¤ HH¯H ¯ =ë U| 3J¯
¤¤"¯ ¯J UU|o¯ J¯ U¤ UH U ¯¯5 ¯ ¯5 ¯J¯ J¤ UU|o¯ J¯¨lHH U¯ H= o¯H
¯J¯ oUJ¯| JI¯=3 H¯ l¯J JUH| JHl"o¯¯ U J¤ l=U H¯JHë o¯UU¯ J¨J¯=
JUH| J¯H ¤lJ" ¯¯" =| J5¯ l¯U ¯¯ J= "¯¯ ¯ HlJë ¯J¯ "U| HHJJ Jë¯ ¤
H¯U¯ J¨ IJ ¯¯¯¯ ¯¯" HH lJU U| ¯¯ lUJ HJ| J¯"3 H|¨HU l¯ J¯J3 U ¤äH|
¤¯H(¤H¯J)J¯J| J¯JJ "I¯3¯J JH" ¯J| H¯ lJJ¯ H| 3 o¤|J UJ ³¤¯¤ U|: ¯
lU"| 3 ¯JH¯ ¯J¯ l=U H¯" J lIo¯¨J¯JJ U JHl"o¯ ¯¯" H 3J¯J| JU| UH ¯
IJ HJ¯J¯H H| ¯ o¯¤ë| o¯¤| =l¤o¯ 3 J5| l¯JJ3¯ ¯¯" UH U¯ J¯" o¯¤ë|
J¯ë| U¯ ¯|J3¯ ¯J ¯ UH =¯lJIJ o¯¯" ¤J¤ H¯H¤ U"¯JH JJ| J¯3| ¯|3| l¯
“¤¯¤ ¯| H¯ " ¯¯J"J ¤¯lUo¯ HJ| HI U¯¯ = "¯"¨
HJH ¤JH UlU äl¤ ¤"U ¯5 l¯J ¤J¤¯¯ = "¯"¨
¯¯H|o¯ J¯Hë¯ ¯| I" ¤¯| oIU ¤5 H3¯¯ = "¯"¨
HH"H¯¯|o¯ ¤5lJ ¯3J¯ ¯H¯ HlJ ¯JlJ ¤U¯lU = "¯"¨
H¯l3 H¯¯3| JlJ lJU=¯ë|o¯ UlJ J| "¤ "¯lU = "¯"¨
¤¯ ¯ HJ" I¯=lJ ¯¯¯¯ J3 ¯¯ ¯I ¤¯lU = "¯"¨
(IJ I¤ H¯lJJ oI ¨¯¯-¯=)
lJU HH"H¯¯¯ U| J¯JJ J¤ JU| 3J¯J| U¯ =J¯ë ¯JlUo¯ J¯J ¯¯¯¯ ¯ lH¤
¤¯ U HJ" I¯U J¯ U¤ lJU =¯H|o¯ ¯ o¯¤ë lJH¯ ¯JH¯ "U| UH| UHlUo¯
JlUo¯ o¯¯" ¤J¤ =" UJ¯¯ U ¯¯JH¯ U ¯" U¯ JI3¯¯ Hð"¯ Uo¯J¯ UlHo¯ J
l¯ o¯¯"¤J¤ 3¯ UH JlJ3 J l¯
“¤J¯H¯¯ ¤HH¯¯¯ ¯|o¯ lJUH3¯¯ öJ¯lUo¯¨
o¯¤ UH ¯ UU| ¯J3¯ HH ¯J HI" U5¯lUo¯¨
JJ l=o¯3| U ¯JH¯ U¯ JI3¯¯ UJ =¯lJIJ o¯¯" ¤J¤ o¯¤ J| ¯J=¯ lJJ¯
JU¯ J HU l¯ JJ =H3 UH U J¯H l=U J| ¯H ¯J JJ| JU| J¨HI"¯ U J¤ l=U
HlJ5 HH =" IU H¯ UJ¯¯ ¯ ¯| 3J¯J| HU¯U| H| !lUH U¯ J¯" IJ HJ¯J¯H H|
H l"¤U J¯ UJ IJ I¤ H¯lJJ l=U lHH 3J¯ UJH J UJ HJU UH 3J¯ J| l"¤ H¯
JJ J¯ l¯

J¯I o¯H¯ HJ"¯ ³ oH¯¤U|o¯ =J =
+ Hl3IJ¤H¯lU¨
lH¯ lHlJ Hl¯ ¤¯|o¯ H¯I| ¤¯lU H¤J¨
H lHJ ¯¯3| H¯|ol¯ I" l=lU o¯= ¤l5¨
HJ"¯ oUlJ JU|o¯ Jlë JJlë ¯ lH"l¯ JUlJ¨³¨
o¯UH J¯J¯ o¯UH¨
o¯lU ¤J¤ 3J¯ o3 ¯ ¤¯lUo¯ ¯lJ ¯lJ U¤lJ =H¨³¨JJ¯U¨
HUJ H|o¯ =|o¯J|o¯ "¯5 HJl¯ ¤¯lH¨
J|ö"| Ul5 o¯lUo¯ UU ¤ö ¯|3 J¯lH¨
U¤JJ ¤¯ë| =¯J|o ¯" l¯H¯l¯ ¤¯lH¨¯¨
lU¯ "¤ "Jl¯ JlJõ|o¯ "¤ "Jl¯ ¤5|o¯¨
IJ| äJ¯J ¤¯U|o¯ H¯ël¯ HH5|o¯¨
l3¯ Il" lH"¯¯ ¤¯lUo¯ 3¯l¯ H3HJ|o¯¨=¨
¤¯ HJ¯ UlU =J| JU lH¯| J¤ JI "¯lU¨
U3¯ ¯ ¯JH¯lUo¯ " U" ¤l3 I=¯lU¨
H l3H J¯= U =löo¯U| H J¯= UlU HH¯lU¨e¨
oI U H U3|o 3¯ ¯¯lU3 lH" HH¯lU¨
H¯J¯ HJl3 I=¯U|o¯ JlI 3H¯H U¯lU¨
J¯JJ=¯ë| l¯lJ IU| ¯lUJ ¯ J¯| ¤¯lU¨¤¨
lU¯¯¯ =¤3 ¤o¯U|olJ lU¯¯¯ ¤H¯ H¯lU¨
UU¯ l=ë lJU=¯ë|o¯ l¯U l¯¯ ¯=lJ ¯¯lU¨
J¯H ¯ ¯JJ Ul3U Jlë ¯Jlë ¯ lH" ¤U¯lU¨ë¨
lUl¯ =lJ o¯=lJ o¯¤ë lUl¯ lHl" lHl" ¤älJ H¤¨
lU¯¯¯ UJ l"l¤o¯ JlJ JlJ J=lJ U¤¨
H l3H J¯= H l¤|o ¯¯¯¯ l¯o¯ H¯¯¤¨¨¨³³¨
o¯H¯ HJ"¯ ³¨
¯J¯ H ¤" 3J"¯ =5 ¯J¯ JJ| HJ¯¯U|¨
¯J¯ H 3IJU I¯öJl5 ¯J¯ H "¯" ¯=¯U|¨
¯J¯ H o¯JH|o¯ HJ J¯ o¤ lUHlJ ¯¯J|¨³¨
lUJ HI 3J¯ 3 IH¯U|¨
U¯ =5| HlJ ¤¯l¤ U¤¯¤ HJ =lö U= J¯U|¨³¨JJ¯U¦
¯J¯ H =lJ UJ Hö¤ HJ"¯ ¯J¯ H J¯ HJ¯U|¨
¯J¯ H HH H¤¯"| ¯¯Hlë lHH =l¤ ¯|U ¯ ¤¯U|¨
¯J¯ H ¤¯¯ 3J"| JJH¯ JlUo¯ ä¯U| H¯U|¨¯¨
lUH HJ ¯¯Jlë =ë| l=I3| lUl¯ HJ =ë| ¤o¯U|¨
¤¯¤¯ J¯¯J J= ¯¯J| HlUo¯ H¯l¤ ¯ H¯U|¨
lHH ¯ o¯l¤ ¤o¯U ¯J3¯ ¤lH "U UlIo¯U|¨=¨
¯¯| J ¤|J =JlH JJ¯U H¯ H|J Hlëo¯ ¤¯lUo¯¨
¤¯¯ H¯¯H H" lJH HUJ Hlä Hlä ¯lUJ J"¯lUo¯¨
¯U| HI" ¯ Jo¯ o¤¯ l¯¯ ¯ ¤JU¯ "¯lUo¯¨e
HI" ¤õ¯¯¯ JU| "5¯U| Jë HlJ 3I =I¯U|¨
U¯| 3¤¯ 3¯lë U"¯U| U¯| JHl3 lU5¯U|¨
lH¯ ¯| U|J| UJIJ ¤¯¯| l3¯¯ HJë¯ J¯U|¨¤¨
lU¯ lJU=¯ë| o=J 3J¯¯ë| Jl¯o¯ë| õ¯J¯ë|¨
lU¯¯¯ ¤Jë lHJ ¤J ¤¯¯ lU¯¯¯ =¯H HH¯ë|¨
lH¯ ¯ J¯ =J| ¯ o¯lUo¯ l3¯ l¯U Jë l=J¯ë|¨ë¨
o¯¤ ¯J ¯J¯U ¯J3¯ l¯H ¯ o¯l¤ Hë¯U|o¨
U¤ H¤ 3J J¯ë J= l¯H ¤ H¯lU Jo¯U|o¨
J¯H| J¯lH U"¯U l=IH ¯¯¯¯ l"l¤o¯ ¤¯U|o¨¨¨³¯¨
(IJ I¤ H¯lJJ oI e³¨-³\)
J¯J3 U| lUH 3J¯ U| UJUH¯ IJ ¯¯¯¯ H¯lJJ H| U ¤J¯¯H 3 =| ¯U|
HU|o¯ ¤lJ"¯ 3 J| U"| o¯ JJ| H| ¤¯H ¯J¯ ¤H¯J U =H¯|¯ JUH| JH"¯=J¯ U
=l5o¯ U|o¯ ¤J|o¯ Jõ lH¤,H¤" 3 ¤|H H¯ JJ H¯ U¤ H¤¯¯¯ J¯lHo¯ U|o¯
o¯¤H| "5¯U|o¯ ¯¯J¯ U¤¯ 3¯"|¯¯ U|o¯ =I JJ|o¯ o¤J|o¯ l=U o¯¤ë¯ H|=¯
J3|3 ¯J JJ H¯¨lUH 3 lJ¯¯ ¤¯JH¯ o¯I =| "¯¯ l=U =lJH JJH o¯lU
olIo¯¯3¯ U|o¯ H5¯ ¤¯|o¯ ¯J¯ UJ¯¯ ¯ "¯ë¯ J| o¯¤ë¯ ¤H¯ Jë¯U| Jõ
H¯¨J¯H o¯¤ë| H3¯ U| J¯¤| ¯J¯ U| ¤¯ 3 UJ¯¯ ¯ o¯¤ë| l¯H| H¯lUU¯U J|
HH¯ ¯ UJ¯¯ U| JJ =H3 U o¯¤ë o¯¤ ¯ H¯"¯ HH¯¯ o¯¤ë ¤¯¯U¯¯ ¯ J| HJ
3 UU¯ UJH¯Uë U¯ ¯3¯ ¯|3¯ ¯JU H¯¨lUJ J¯H o¯H 3J 3 J¯H¤3 H¯ lHJ¯¯
l=U¯¯J H¯3 JJ¯UJ| U o¤¯J 3 UU ¯|U,ä3 ä¯3,lUH3J| l¯J¯UJ| U ¯¯" ¯¯"
o¯¤ë| J¯HH| H¯3| U J5¯= "U| lU¯ UH 3 JH" ¯J¯ o¯H HJ| =¯ë¯ HH¯|
H¯U| H|¨o¯¤H| "5¯U|o¯ l=U ¤¯ U"3 U| "¯ U ¯¯" lUH3J|o¯ U| "¯ =| o¯H
H|¨lUJ J¯H o¯¤ë UJJ¯J¯ l=U J¯ ¯=|o¯ ¯ Jl¤o¯ ¯JU H¯ HlJ5 UJ¯¯ ¯
UJ¯¯ U JHJI¯ U|o¯ ¯¤¯ ¯J¯ë|o¯ ¯¯l=¯ J¤ l=U I¯ ¯ Hë¯lUo¯ ¯JU H¯¨
lUH ¯¯" ¤H¯J U| ¤J3| 3 lU¯ ¯= H¯lJ3 ¯ H¯H l"o¯ lHH ¯ ¤H¯J| H¯lJ3 l=U
‘=¯J H¯lJ3’ U¯ ¯¯H lU3¯ lIo¯ J¨lUH 3J¯ J¯lHo¯ U| lUJ H¯5 ¤¯5 JJ¯UJ| U¯
J¤ ¤¯J¯ ¯J¯ UJ¯¯ U| ¤JlH¤| U¯ =H|"¯ Jë IU|¨ ¯=|o¯ ¯ J¯lHo¯ U
UJJ¯J¯ l=U lU¯¯H ¤¯¤3 JU H¯ lHH ¯¯J¯ ä3| J| ‘=¯J¯’ J5|o¯ ¤JU"3 J
IU|o¯ 3 "¯ lUJ¯¯ ‘=¯J¯’ ¯ U"U l¯JU I¯lUë ¯J¯ "I ¤U H¯¨lUJ¯¯ ‘=¯J¯’
U J=¯" IJ I¤ H¯lJJ l=U ‘IJH3 =¯J¯’ U ¯¯" lH"U J¯ ¨IJH3 =¯J¯ ¯
lUJ¯¯ =¯J¯ U| ¤¯| 3 I¯lUë ¯J¯ U| JU¯lU3 IJ HJ¯J¯H H| =" =¯J¯ U ¯¯"
lU3| JU| lH"U| J¨
¤lH¤ =¯J¯ U lUJ ¯¯H UH IU J¯¨
³) ¯ö oHJ¯H U| =¯J¨
¯) J¯lU ¯H¯" HUHU| U| =¯J¨
=) lH¯UJ lUJ¯J|H U| =¯J¨
e) ""¯ JlJ"|H¯ U| =¯J¨
¤) JH¯ HlJH U| =¯J¨
ë) HH U| =¯J¨
IJ H¯lJJ¯¯ U HH¯¯"| ¯U| ¯=|o¯ ¯ lUJ¯¯ "|J¯ 3 =¯J¯ U| JU¯¯ ¯|3| J
lHJ¯¯ l=U H"¯ HJ|U 3¤¯ UUJ5 HJ|o¯ U| =¯J,H¤ =|J ¤JJ¯ë| ¯| =¯J o3
J¯ë ¯"¯H 3¤¯ H¯"U ¯| =¯J ¤JlH¤ J¯¨lUJ¯¯ =¯J¯ l=U l=H¯ o¯H ¯J¯
"5¯U|o¯ ¯Il5o¯ U¯ J H l¯ o¯H 3J 3 l¯H| =J l=J¤ H¯ ¤¯ o3 HUJ
lUH3J|o¯ U| ¤¯¤3| ¯¯J¯ "5|o¯ IU|o¯ H¯¨
¯I oHJ¯H U| =¯J:-lUH =¯J U| ¤¯| o¯H¯J J| o¯H¯ U| =¯J I¯lUë
¯J¯ U¯ U¤UH IJ HJ¯J¯H H| =" lU3¯ lIo¯ J¨lUH =¯J U| ¯J¯ë| lU¯ J¯H
‘H¯JI’ 3 UH U ¤3J ‘oHJ¯H’ HJ¤| J l¯ oHJ¯H U| H3JU| H¯ ¯ UH ¯¯"
o¯¤ë|o¯ =¯H¯¯=¯ o¤|¯ HJ¤ H5ë U¯ oH¯" ¯3¯ ¯|3¯ 3¯ o¯¤ë| oH¯"3¯ U|
l¯HH| 3 ¤JU¯ ¤H| ¯J¯ =¯H3 o¯¤ë H3JU ¤3J 3 UH 3J¯ U UH "¯U lHH 3J¯
J¯ë| "ë¯ ¯ ¤J¯ JI3 3 "¯U H¯¨J¯H H¯JI ¯ o¯¤ë| J¯ë| U ¯lJë 3 oHJ¯H
¯ H3 U| HH¯ U lU3| ¤J H"¯U¯ ¯ J¯H U ¤¤¯¯ H3J| U ¯lJë 3 UH U| lU¯ J¯J
== ¯ äö lU3¯¨UH JH3 HU =ëH¯lJo¯ U¯ lU¯ ¯¯¯"¯ "lIo¯ 3¯ UJ¯¯ ¯
oHJ¯H ¯ o¯¤ë ¯¯" ¤5 ¯ lU¯ ¤J| ¤¯H =U lU3¯ ¤J UJ o¯¤ë Ië¯ ¯¯J¯ UH
UH U¯ J¯H¯ Jë lIo¯¨lU¯ JJ J¯H HJU" J¯lU ¯ HU lUH U l¤3¯ 3 JH"¯ ¯|3¯
3¯ lUH ¯ o¯¤ë l¤3¯ U| H¯lJ3¯ ¯|3| 3 J¯H HJU" J¯lU ¯ H¯J lU3¯¨lUH U
l¤3¯ J¯H H¯JI ¯ HU ¤3¯ "I¯ 3¯ UH J5¯ ¤HU¯3¯¤ ¯|3¯ 3 o¯¤ë¯ J¯H =|
o¯¤ë J¯J¯J ¤3J ¯ H¤ lU3¯¨¯U| l=U=¯¯¯ U¯ l¤o¯" J l¯ l¤3¯ ¤3J U|
lH"¯| U¯ ¯¯J¯ l¤3¯ U J¯H l=U ¯¯" ¤ë¯ ¯¯J¯ Jlëo¯ H| ¤J =¯J U| lUJ =ëI|
lUH ¯¤¯ ¯ ¯õ"¯ UU| J¨
“JJl¯U HJ HJU" J¯lU Jë H¯J =H¨
o¯¯ H"3¯¯ Jö HJH l=U Jë U IH¨
¤l3 l"¤ ¯ö oHJ¯H ¯ ¤3H¯J| oH¨
l¯¯¯ H¯JI J¯¤ ¯ lU3¯ JJ "H¨
¯3lJ ¤¯U| oHJ¯H U| H¯J| =J HH¨”
J¯lU ¯H¯" HUHU| U| =¯J:-lUH =¯J U| ¯J¯ë| J¯lU ¯H¯" 3 UH U
J3|H H¯UHU| l=U¯¯J JU| "5¯U| U| ¯J¯ë| J¨
lUH "5¯U| l=U H¯UHU| ¯ o¯¤ë l¤3¯ H¯JI U| H3 U¯ JU"¯ l"o¯ lHH ¯ J¯lU
¯H¯" Uo¯J¯ HlJJ U¯ H¯J lU3¯ lIo¯ H|¨"5¯U| l=U H¯UHU| lH3 H¯U¯ J 3
J¯lU ¯H¯" ¯ H¯J lU3¯ H¯U¯ J¨=¯J U¯ ¯H¯¯ lUH 3J¯ J¨
“J¯ë¯ J¯lU ¯H¯" U| Jë J¯J¯ J¯J|¨
HUHU| 3"=ö|U Ul5o¯ H¯J¯J|¨
=¯"| oJJ ä¯lUo¯ J" o¯ ¯¯J|¨
H¯ o¯JH H¯JHë ¯H ¯"¯¯U|¨
HUH =J =¤¯U|o¯ =J U¯U ¤¯J|¨”
lH¯UJ lUJJ¯J|H U| =¯J:-lUH =¯J U| ¯J¯ë| l=U lH¯UJ J¯H¯ l¯H
lUH3J| 3 HJ3 J lIo¯ H| lHH U| lUH3 lUJJ¯J|H ¯ H¯UJ ¯¯" HI ¯J¯
JU¯U| H|¨lUH =¯J U| ¤¯| 3 IJ I¤ H¯lJJ H| l=U UJH IHJ| ¯| =¯J HJ"¯ =
U¯ ¯|J3¯ ¯J¯ U| JU¯lU3 IJ H| =" J¨=¯J U| =ëI| lUH ¤J¯¯J J¨
“lH¯UJ ¯J lJJ¯JH ¯ lU¯ I" J J¯U|¨
3J| H¯ö| Jë l=¤ oH ¤U| "5¯U|¨
3 ¯¯J| l¯ H ¯J| lUJ JU| o¯U|¨
JH¤3| H¯3| ¯lHo¯ Jë "¯H HJ¯U|¨
"5|U o¯JH H¯JHë H ¯J H H¯U|¨”
“¤¯¤|, ¬¯¯ lJJ¯lJH ¤J U5 o¯lU lH¯UJ¨
J5 UJ¯ U¯ HlUo¯ Jö Jë U oUJ¨
¯l5o¯ ¤¯¯ lJJ¯lJH ¯ ¯J =ö oöJJ¨
J¤¯ HI" ¤¯lU¯ H¯ ¯|" JUJ¨
o¯¤ë¯ J¯H H¯¯lU¯ älöo¯ HI oUJ¨”
¯"¯ JJ"|H¯ U| =¯J:-lUH =¯J U| ¯J¯ë| U¯ ¯¯J¯ lU¯ HJU¯J U¯ UH ¯¯"
¤¯ë| U| =ö ¯¯J¯ ,¯|3 lU¯J¯J ¯ ¤J¯ ¯¯ ¯J¯¯ UlHo¯ H¯U¯ J¨lUH =¯J U| ¤¯|
3 “=öJH J¯I” l=U HJ" U¤ U| =¯J U¯ ¯|J3¯ ¯|3¯ H¯U¯ J¨
=¯I|:- “¯¯" ""¯ U UH U¯ ¤o¯ JJ"|H¯¨
lJH¯ äõ¯ H¯¯lU¯ H" ¯lJJ ¤|H¯¨
J5 UJ lUH HlUo¯ H¯ ¤U| oH|H¯¨
lHJ¤5 löI ¤3 l=U lHU =¯Jë =|H¯¨
U¤ H¯J ""¯ JJ"|H ¯ Jë H ¤J H|H¯¨”
JH¯ HlJH U| =¯J:-lUH =¯J l=U U J¯H¤3 HJU¯J¯ U| o¯¤H| U|J¤¯ ¯¯J¯ JU|
"5¯U| U¯ =J¯ë lH"U¯ J lHH l=U HlJH¯ lH3 H¯U¯ J¨lUH =¯J U| ¤¯| 3 H| IJ
J¯H U¯H H| U| H¯JI J¯I l=U l"¤| IU| =¯J U¯ ¯|J3¯ ¯|3¯ H¯U¯ J¨
HlJH¯ JH¯¯ J¯H¤3 J¯lU J¯J J¯|¨
JH¯ JU|H¯¯I| ¯¯" HlJH =¯|¨
J5 UJ¯ U¯ HlUo¯ HJ=I ¯õ|¨
HlJH ¤¯U| ¯3 Jë I" JH¯ =¯|¨
J|J JH¯ ¯ älöo¯ HH HlJH ¤¯|¨
HH U| =¯J:-lUH =¯J l=U HH U| HI3J U¯ l=o¯J l¯H JJ ¯¯" J H¯U¯ J
lHH ¯¯J¯ HH ¯ J5¯ JJ U5U¯ J 3 UJ o¯¤ë| HI3J U ¤3| 3 JH"¯ ¯J¯
o¯¤ë| HI3J ¯ HJJUH3| ¤J l"o¯UU¯ J ¤J lUH3J| U ¤3|-J3¯ 3 JJ3
¤JJ¯=3 JU¯ J lHH ¯¯J¯ o¯¤ë| HI3J ¯ l¯J UH U ¤3| ¤¯H =¯¤H =" UU¯
J¨lUH =¯J U| ¤¯| 3 U¤ ¤¯l3H¯J H| IJ J¯H U¯H H| U| ¯¯¯5 U| =¯J U¯
¯|J3¯ ¯|3¯ H¯U¯ J¨HH U| JJ¯UJ| U¯ =¯J l=U lUH 3J¯ =J¯ë ¯|3¯ lIo¯ J¨
“3 H Hõ HJ¯3J¯,lU¯ =J|U öI¨
Ul5o¯ HH¯ ¤¯3H¯J,HJ HI ¤J¤¨
UU lU¯ Jö J¯¤|o¯,¯J l¯3 =JI¨
J3 ¤ä¯3| JIl"o¯, =¯ ¯¯"| oI¨
UJ| ¯|3| HlHo¯ l¯¯ ¯J| ¯ oI¨
H"¯ HJ|U 3¤¯ UUJ5 HJ|o¯ ¯| =¯J,H¤ =|J ¤JJ¯ë| ¯| =¯J o3 J¯ë
¯"¯H 3¤¯ H¯" U ¯| =¯J =| IJ ¯¯" 3 ¤lJ"¯ l"¤|o¯ IU|o¯ =¯J¯ U| 3J¯ J|
J¯¨¤lJ"|o¯ U =¯J¯ o¯JJ U HH 3 3|HJ| =¯J HJ¯I|J J¯UH¯J U HH l"¤|o¯
IU|o¯ H¯|o¯ IU|o¯ J¯¨lUJ =¯J¯ =| HI¯ H¤¯ ¯ J| UJH¯UU|o¯ J¯¨¤J lUJ¯¯
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