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Time Managemnt Training Module

Time Managemnt Training Module

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Published by: laddu30 on Sep 28, 2010
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‡ ‡ ‡ ‡ The implications of time will be the immediate object of focus in a variety of activities. Actions for improvement will be addressed throughout the module . An interactive activity will be used to involve participants in the categories. Participants will be given an opportunity to address the 12 categories of time management.

€ Identify ways in which you typically use time effectively and ineffectively.€ Recognize how u manage time. . € Identify specific ways to improve your time management skills in 12 categories. € Share examples of time management tactics or techniques that work effectively. € To help you introspect and find clues to improve your time management & thereby enhance effectiveness.

00 .12:00 PM.00 AM .AM.10 PM or € 8.4. discussing only those categories most critical to the class € 8.

€ All employees. especially those with time management issues Recommended class size € 6-30 Participants .

€ Inscape·s Time Mastery Profile € Contact Priya at 222202345 .

Session 1 (100 minutes) € Objectives € Introduction € Time profile € Changing habits € Time robbers Break .

€ Presentation preparation € Improving attitudes € Setting goals € Establishing priorities € Analyzing Lunch .

€ Planning € Scheduling € Curbing interruptions € Improving meetings Break .

communication € Delegation € Procrastination € Team time € Written .

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