WRITING A CV RESUME If you are looking for a job, then it is very important that you understand how to offer

yourself in the best way to an employer. This is done by writing a 'CV' (curriculum vitae - Latin for 'life story'), called in some countries a 'resume’. Different countries may have different requirements and styles for CV resumes. So you must follow the correct practice for your culture and country. However, we will try to give you important principles and advice. WHAT IS A CV RESUME FOR?
A CV resume is quite simply an 'advert' to sell yourself to an employer. You should send a CV to an employer when they ask for one in a job advert, or when you are enquiring if any jobs are available. So the purpose of your CV is to make you attractive, interesting, worth considering to the company and so receive a job interview. An employer may have several hundred enquiries about a single job; he or she will only choose a few people who appear suitable for interview. Therefore, your CV must be as good as you can make it.

Personal details Name, home address, college address, phone number, email address. Do you have your own web homepage? Include it (if it's good!). Education Give places of education where you have studied - most recent education first. Include subject options taken in each year of your course. Include any special project, thesis, or dissertation work. Pre-college courses (high school, etc.) should then be included, including grades. Subjects taken and passed just before college will be of most interest. Earlier courses, taken at say age 15-16, may not need much detail.

do give details. References Usually give two names . give details. Interests They will be particularly interested in activities where you have leadership or responsibility. such as stamp-collecting. or possession of a driving license should be included. how many games you played. and very important. Or if this does not apply. Make sure that referees are willing to give you a reference. job title. Do not normally go longer than this.you will probably need two sheets. Style There are two main styles of CV. or which involve you in relating to others in a team. computing experience. Length Maybe all you need to say will fit onto one sheet of A4. and one from any work situation you have had. with the most recent events first.) If you have published any articles. Part-time work should be included. what you actually did and achieved in that job.one from your place of study. (If you were captain of a sports team. Give their day and evening phone numbers if possible.a little detail that may impress. Skills Ability in other languages. The Purpose of Resumes . if they are interested.. etc. If you have been involved in any type of volunteer work. But do not crowd it . jointly or by yourself. A one-person interest. may be of less interest to them. they do not want to know the exact date you started. work experience. and how many wins you had! They will ask at the interview.Work experience List your most recent experience first. Give only enough detail to explain. then an older family friend who has known you for some time. with variations within them. Put page numbers at the bottom of the pages . Give the name of your employer. Chronological Information is included under general headings education. unless it connects with the work you wish to do.

you'll need to convince the employer during the job interview. and should reflect your special mix of skills and strengths. do not get creative when identifying your job titles. A chronological resume is best for people who have progressed in their professional life through working in different companies. dates of employment. It summarizes your accomplishments. but do not necessarily have to be created because you know of a job opening. Different Types of Resume 1. A resume is a statement of facts designed to sell your unique mix of education. On the other hand.even the best resume -. The resume is simply a marketing tool to get you into the door. be clear about successes and accomplishments -. The targeted resume is also generally used when you are looking to work in a particular company and know that your qualifications and experience give you a chance to work in that company. These resumes are tailor made to suit the job description that the company is currently looking to fill. A chronological resume can basically be considered as a time line of a person’s progress from one job position to its higher. Chronological Resume: A chronological resume is a resume which lists down all the jobs that the professional has held in a definite timeframe. 2. 3.Your resume is a key job-hunting tool used to get a job interview. A functional resume is basically used by a person who has held a number of job- . and skills to a prospective employer.and quantify whenever possible. do not be modest. Simply put.will not get you the job. The chronological resume is best seed to show the progress that a person has done either in a short span of time or a few or several companies. targeted resumes can be used to apply to companies which you know require people of your expertise and experience. accomplishments. A resume -. your education. as well as your work experience. Never lie or stretch the facts. Targeted Resumes: A targeted resume is normally used by people who have prior knowledge of a position open in a company via their network. experience. or accomplishments. Functional Resume: A functional resume is basically used by a person who has too much of experience of too little or a singular responsibility.

Combination Resumes: A combination resume is actually a good combination of the chronological resume and the functional resume. Many resume objectives resemble each other making it hard for the selectors to differentiate between applicants. Statements like this simply ruin one’s chances of selection. as well as giving special attention to your qualities and qualifications on a professional level. . In contrast. Most of the objectives are often-repeated statements without novelty. « Significance of the Resume Summary Role of numbers in resume writing » Concrete ways of resume writing as per resume builder The Resume objectives are a passé. the resume lacks a flexibility option that highlights one’s selling features.positions in a single or very few companies. “Looking for a job that enhances my skills”. A functional resume also helps you highlight your achievements in a better understood manner if you have worked in several companies in the same position. 5. The majority of the resume objectives do not work because: 1. rather than what he has to offer. They mostly stress on “me” aspect to show what the candidate is looking for himself. the Resume Builder has defined a profile statement because: a. 2. The combination resume makes a note of your work history. With preset objectives. The combination resume basically takes the best parts of the chronological as well as the functional resume. It is an informative paragraph that provides a quick review to the employer of the candidate’s prior job experiences and skills set. 3. The objectives are mostly not clear and do not provide the selector with the sufficient information doubting the candidate’s credibility. 4. The Resume Builder provides a concrete way of attracting the hiring manager’s attention which is done by effectively outlining the overall experiences instead of the weak statements focusing on one’s needs. They lack uniqueness. For instance. 4.

and provides me with an opportunity to contribute to a good organization that helps me in my overall personality development. Dull Resume Objective #1: “To obtain a job that utilizes my skills set and past job experience. Acquire the clients’ interest for outsourced projects through progressive recruiting techniques.” Dull Resume Objective #3: “To be a nurse practitioner in a hospital. Convey a soft but professional approach when managing the client concerns. Assist in the Training of the recruited members. followed by the strong profile statements one can use. and in planning out the Assessment needs for the Performance appraisals periodically done for the organizational members. Provide an inside support to the HR executives to realize the required results. It highlights what the candidate has to offer to the employer.” The Resume Builder points out no scope for evaluation for this kind of introductory sentence.” Objective here is too vague and do not underline the required skills set that the selector is looking for.” DO’S AND DON’TS OF RESUME WRITING: WRITING Do’s .” A slight better approach than the #1. So it focuses on his attributes and specific job-related skills.” Dull Resume Objective #2: “A position that challenges and enhances my recruiting skills. but still miss marks as it relies on “me” aspect. Revision #1: “Comprehensive experience in Human Resource management and client development combined with exceptionally good interpersonal skills.b. Revision #3: “Well-acquainted with patient education to serve the patient’s medical needs efficiently. Wellequipped with new concepts and their practical usage. It showcases one’s achievements uniquely rather than generic ones which are applied to any candidate. Possess a balanced combination of compassion and commitment to deliver quality patient care. Revision #2: “Recruitments strategist with a verifiable record in enhancing and developing the business opportunities. c. The Resume Builder has given following illustrations of the dull resume objectives.

Do include a section that summarizes the qualifications and help sharpen the focus. joint venture. marital status. Do try to make the resume reader-friendly by using bullets and            numbering wherever required. Do highlight your achievements in your resume. Do list information in a form that the employer likes to read. Do mention your objective in the resume that will help the employer know your focus. Everyone understands the language of targets achieved. Do keep a section to mention transferable skills.  Do not try to include all the past employment details if they exceed 15 years of service. Do try to list your work experience in reverse chronological order Do try to avoid usage of weak words like worked together. Many job seekers use resume builder software to help them choose a template. etc. DON’Ts  Don’t include any irrelevant detail like hobbies. family history etc  Don’t include any physical details like height. profits made. Do use numbers wherever possible. etc. Instead. It is easier to explain when one is looking for jobs in similar fields. Keep it short and precise . They are carried with them from one job to another. Not mentioning them would be like conveying that you did not achieve anything substantial during your tenure. etc. weight. Do include detailed contact information that enables the employer to reach you at all times. Transferable skills are those that a person learns during his or her lifetime. but in case someone is looking at a career change or is at an entry level this section help the individual highlight his aptitude for job. Do look at a resume template that is slightly different from everyone else. sex unless specifically asked for  Don’t mention high school  Don’t highlight skills and competencies that you do not wish to use in future. be more specific as to what kind of working relationship existed. Do use references more as an option than as a requirement. Try to use more specific words like collaboration. blood group.

These phrases seem directly out of the job description and do not sound achievement oriented.  Don’t try to use personal pronouns.Don’t use phrases like responsibilities included or responsible for.  .  Don’t omit the locations of the previous postings.

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