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Type Server Name Job_Name Logon ID Job Narrative

Change DV00TWS O69N9900 maestro This is a Maestro utility job that backs up Maestro
batch log files for recovery purposes. (Note Example

This spreadsheet contains a macro that allows you to convert
your jobinfo spreadsheet into job definition (text) file for Maestro in

1. Open this spreadsheet (with macros enabled)
2. Open the spreadsheet sheet you want data from (focus is on this file)
3. Type Ctrl d in the source excel sheet.
4. It will create a text file "C:\Jobs.txt"
Note: if the file is already there it will append to it. So delete (or rename) the old "C:\Jobs.txt" file if you want a new one.

ALT-F11 --- allows you to see the macro, you can modify the path where the Jobs.txt ends up

a. Do not add new columns to the JobInfo.xls spreadsheet.
b. We must have accurate command line (full path, script name, parameters)
c. include either start time or dependencies (otherwise job will start immediately following jnextday)
d. For new jobs, you must get them from the maestro team
e. You must fill in "Oncall_Support_Group" column
f. On deployment day, we import this file into a temporary database.
g. At 3:30pm CST each day, the temporary database get imported into the database that Datacenter (RDC/IDC) us
h. Attach your jobinfo file to your RFC (if possible name it jobinfo-####.xls where #### = your RFC num
i. Attach your textfile (containing job definitions) to your RFC (if possible name it ####j.txt where #### = your R
j. Email maestro inbox when you would like an RFC reviewed & approved
k. The textfile containing schedule definitions needs to be manually built by you or maestro team.
Command Line DB Instance INET_Severity
/opt/oa/scripts/ Sev 3

ou to convert
file for Maestro in seconds…

le if you want a new one.

wing jnextday)

that Datacenter (RDC/IDC) uses to route calls

s where #### = your RFC number)
t ####j.txt where #### = your RFC number)

aestro team.
Rerun JobInteractive mode Calendar Run Frequency Start Time
L2-SCHED-MAESTRO Include any No Fiscal Daily: Everyday
here that
does not
fall under
any of the
other fields
in this
t. [Example]
If job
attempt one
rerun of this
job before
Corp/Store Holiday Processing Dependencies
Yes - Job will run on both Corp & Store holidays O69N9890