an investigation of The Calendar as Described in The Bible
by Wayne Bedwell April 2007 Revision ©1993, 2007 Wayne Bedwell
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This is a review of the scriptures by which God tells us how to use the sun and the moon to establish a calendar, plus a description of the design of a Holyday Calendar which complies with Biblical specifications. ACKNOWLEDGMENTS I wish to thank all those readers who have responded with suggestions, arguments, and encouragement. Your comments, whether supportive or not, have always generated additional research, which has enhanced this booklet. I also want to thank my wife, Carole, who has edited this work and put up with my late night spurts of energy to research whatever questions I could not get out of my head. TABLE OF CONTENTS

INTRODUCTION SECTION 1 Measuring Time by the Sun, Moon and Earth SECTION 2 the Relationship between Years and Months

SECTION 3 The Calculation of the Molad SECTION 4 Days of Postponement SECTION 5 The Biblically Based Calendar 1. The First Day of the Month is based on the Date of Conjunction at Jerusalem 2. The Determination of Abib 1 Opinions about Abib Guidelines Regarding Abib Analyses of When Abib Occurs Our Conclusion 3. The Time and Date of the New Moon is Obtained from Astronomical Tables 4. The Sabbath from Which to Count for Pentecost EXPLANATION OF THE CHARTS 1. Abib and Ethanim New Moons and Molads Chart 2. Astronomical vs Moland New Moons for 2007 through 2009 3. The Comparative Holy Day Calendar 4. The Holy Day Calendar 5. Monthly New Moons for 2007 through 2016 CONCLUSION FOOTNOTES BIBLIOGRAPHY CHARTS ENDNOTES