REF NO : Appointment No. Room No. Appointment Date Time Total Fee Breakdown of Fee : 0014284073 :3 : 28 : 04-03-2010 : 3:40 p.m : 870.00 Doctor Fee: 450/= Hospital Fee: 300/= Booking Fee: 120/= ( VAT 12.00% := 12.86 + Bank Charges := 26/= )

Patient Details Name : MRS DILANI NISANSALA SAMARAWICKRAMA-0773592525 ID No. Payment Date Doctor Details Name Specialization Hospital Details Name Telephone No. Hospital Reference No. : NEW NAWALOKA HOSPITAL LTD Colombo 02 : 011-2304444 : NHL0102038456 : DR(MRS) M ABEYWARDENA : GYNAECOLOGIST : 806621293V : 01-03-2010 17:27


Your channeling procedure has been successful. Please note the reference No. For your Benefit, you could obtain a Print of this page by clicking the Print icon at the bottom right of the page, or going to File --> Print --> (click on OK) in your browser. Visit your Hospital - At least 15 minutes earlier than the given time. There is no guarantee of you being able to consult the Doctor without the Reference No. Appointment time shown is only an approximate time. It is Subject to change depending on Doctor's arrival time and the time spent with patients ahead of you. No refund will be made by eChannelling Ltd under any circumstances. In the event of Doctor canceling the appointment, the patient could secure a refund on the Doctor Fee and/or Hospital Fee at the discretion or of the hospital obtains a rescheduling of the appointment for that same doctor at the Hospital for another day. From the above Fee, a Fee of Rs. 750 /= is collected For and On Behalf the Hospital and Doctor you have Channeled. The above fee includes a Booking Fee of Rs. 107/= + 12.00 % VAT; for using this system which is non refundable in any event (eChannelling Ltd VAT No 134008903-7000). eChannelling Ltd will not be held liable for any loss or damages incurred due to a doctor canceling or rescheduling appointments. << Home

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3/1/2010 5:15 PM

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