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Ubaidillah, Zaqqi. 2009.

The Influence of Giving Morinda (Morinda Citrifolia,

Linn) Extract as Anti-inflammation on Rat (Rattus Novergicus) Strain Wistar by
Burned Injury in Degree II Superficial. Thesis, Physician Faculty University of
Brawijaya. Advisor (1) DR. Dr. Teguh Wahju S., DTMH, M. Sc, Sp. Park (2)
Kumboyono, S. kp, M.kep

Burned injury is the third cause of death consequently of accident on all level
of ages and kind of traumatic type by morbidity and high mortality that need net
implementation since the beginning (shock phase) until further phase. The treatment
for burned injury in Indonesia is still relatively expensive. Yet, in contrast, the
production of bio-pharmacy plant in Indonesia has continuously increased year by
year. The effect is not as big as synthetic medicine and also easier to get. One of the
medicine plants that fulfill the criteria is Morinda citrifolia Linn. It includes skopoletin
and terpenoid that has a function as anti-inflammation and anti-allergy. This study is
conducted to know the effect of anti-inflammation in Morinda on rat (Rattus
novergicus) strain wistar by burned injury degree II superficial. This study is
experimental, by sample 15 male rats that is chosen by simple random sampling to
be 3 groups; they are negative control (n = 5), positive control (n = 5) and morinda
extract group (n = 5). Measured variable in this study is the activity of anti-
inflammation by decrement rate eritema and edema as the indicators. The
measurement is conducted in every 24 hours for 5 days, and the analyzed data by
ONE WAY ANOVA to know the decrement rate in eritema and edema degree toward
time. The result of this study is the significant difference between treatment group,
positive control and negative control toward the indication of eritema inflammation in
the fourth day (p = 0,003) and in the fifth day (p = 0,002), but it is not in the same
way with the indication of edema inflammation. There is no significant difference
between treatment group, positive control and negative control in 5 days. The
conclusion is morinda extract can decrease eritema inflammation degree significantly
on the rat by burned injury degree II superficial on the fourth day and the fifth day but
it is not significant in decreasing edema inflammation degree. It should be any further
research about morinda extract in healing process of burned injury degree II

Key words: morinda extract, anti-inflammation activity, eritema, edema