Grammy-Award Winning Artist
1.5 Million
shipped for
his debut
album ͞The
Sound Of
Lupe Fiasco
Ranked in the top 10 of µGreatest
Rappers Alive¶
J. Cole
First artist signed to Jay-Z¶s major
record label!
Already criticised as the best
newcomer in the Rap industry!
Full-length Debut album µCole
World¶ releases on October 26
via Roc Nation Records!
B.O.B. aka Bobby Ray
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Lil Wayne
Sold over 1 Million
copies of his album
³The Carter 3´ in the
first week!
Signed to one of the
biggest record labels
in the world ± Cash
Money Records!
Has released over
10 full-length albums
and is readying for
his upcoming LP ³I
Am Not A Human
Being´ releasing
Sept. 27
! ³Cos I¶ve got more game than EA´
Gained an extraordinary buzz following his
debut album.
Debut album µThank Me Later¶
debuted at #1 on the US
Billboard 200 and sold over
450,000 copies in it¶s first
Raps about how his buzz has
changed him and made him the
person he his today.
Crticised as the best rapper alive.
Raps about his background of drugs, gang wars
etc. and how he has differed from that today.
Has won 11 Grammys thus far.
Second album ͚The Marshall Mathers
LP͛ became the fastest selling solo
album in US history.
Also produces as well as own his
own record label ʹ Shady Records.
Has had 6 consecutive #1
Latest album ͚Recovery͛
sold 750,00 in it͛s first
week and has thus far
sold over 2.5 million

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