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GATE Mechanical Engineering ME Books

GATE Mechanical Engineering textbooks (CS)

Name of the book Author ISBN / Publisher
Mechanical Engineering – Gate Guide
Solved Gate Papers – Mechanical
Engineering (including Practice 9788183550369
Mechanical Engineering Objective
Kumar Ds Sk Kataria & Sons
Mechanical Engineering (Objective
Dr. R. K. Bansal Laxmi
Mechanical Engineering Objective
Om Prakash Gupta Jain Brothers
Type Questions
Mechanical Engineering For
Jain Rk Khanna Publishers
Competitions Convention

Seshagiri Rao M.v. &

Engineering Mechanics Universities Press
Ramadurgaiah D.

Oxford University Press N

Strength Of Materials Subramanian
Strength Of Materials Surendra Singh Konark Publishers Pvt Ltd
Strength Of Materials Sadhu Singh Khanna Publishers

Dorling Kindersley (india)

Theory Of Machines Sadhu Singh
Pvt Ltd
Tata Mcgraw Hill
Theory Of Machines 3rd Edition S S Rattan Publishing Company

Mechanical Vibrations J P Den Hartog Dover Special Priced Titles

Mechanical Vibrations Grover Nem Chand & Brothers

Design Of Machine Elements V. Bhandari Tata Mgraw Hill

Mechanical System Design S.p. Patil Jaico Publishing House
Prentice-hall Of India Pvt
Design Of Machine Elements Sharma C. S.

Fluid Mechanics Mohanty A. K. Prentice-hall Of India Pvt


Heat Transfer Holman Holman Tata Mgraw Hill

Dorling Kindersley (india)

Thermodynamics S C Gupta
Pvt Ltd
Thermodynamics Robert Balmer Jaico Publishing House

Basic Refrigeration And Air

Ananthanarayanan Pn Tata Mgraw Hill
Refrigeration And Air Conditioning C Arora Tata Mgraw Hill

Materials For Engineering John Martin Woodhead Publishing Ltd

Engineering Materials: Properties And Prentice-hall Of India Pvt
Sharma C.P.
Applications Of Metals And Alloys Ltd
Metal Casting: Computer Aided Prentice-hall Of India Pvt
Ravi B
Design & Analysis Ltd
Principles Of Metal Casting Richard W. Heine Mcgraw-hill Professional
Technology Of Metal Forming Prentice-hall Of India Pvt
Surender Kumar
Processes Ltd
Audel Machine Shop Tools And Rex Miller, Mark Richard
John Wiley & Sons Inc
Operations Miller
Cad/Cam: Computer-Aided Design Emory W. Zimmers Mikell P. Dorling Kindersley (india)
And Manufacturing Groover Pvt Ltd
Production Technology Jain Rk Khanna Publishers
Prentice-hall Of India Pvt
Production Planning And Control S.k. Mukhopadhyay
Dorling Kindersley (india)
Operations Research An Introduction Hamdy A Taha
Pvt Ltd
S.K.H. Choudhury,
The Elements of Workshop Media Promoters and
A.K.H.Choudhury, Nirjhar
Technology Publishers

For ME Branch*:
1mark 2mark
Questio Questio %Weighta
Subject ns ns ge
Mathematics 4 3 10
Mechanics 1 1 3
Strength of
Materials 2 3 8
Theory of
Machines 2 3 8
Design 1 2 5
Mechanics &
Machinery 2 2 6
Heat Transfer 3 2 7
mics 3 3 9
& Air
conditioning 1 2 5
Production &
Science 2 6 14
Engineering 4 3 10
Aptitude and
Verbal 5 5 15
Total No. of
Questions 30 35 100

*These are calculated by taking previous years weightage to

each subject. These are all just estimated figures only.
well go through your course

revise well what you have studied before and now and check frm these books.

Industrial Engineering

Operation Research by H.D.Sharma (Strongly Recommended)

Industrial Engineering by O.P.Khanna
Engineering Metrology by R.K.Jain
Industrial Engineering by B.Kumar
Inventory Management and Operation Research by Heera Gutpa

Manufacturing Science

Manufacturing Technology by P.N.Rao (Strongly Recommended)

Manufacturing Science by Ghosh and Mallick (Strongly Recommended)
Production Technology by P.C.Sharma (Vol-1 and Vol-2) (Strongly Recommended)
Manufacturing Science by Serope Kalpakjian and Steven R.Schmid (Strongly Recommended)
Powder Metallurgy by G.E.Dieter
Production Technolgy by G.R.Nagpal
Manufacturing Science by De Garmo.
Manufacturing Science by Pandey and singh
Work Shop Technology by Hajra Chaudhari

Heat Transfer

Engineering heat and mass transfer by R.C.Sachdeva (Strongly Recommended)

Heat transfer by R yadav (Strongly Recommended)
Heat and Mass transfer by Arora and Domkundwar
Heat Transfer by Holman J.P

Thermal Science

Engineering Thermodynamics by P.K.Nag (Strongly Recommended)

Power Plan Engineering P K Nag (Strongly Recommended)
I C engine by Ganeshan (Strongly Recommended)
Thermodynamics by Mathur ,Mehta and Tiwary
Thermodynamics by R.K.Rajput
Referigeration and Air Conditioning by C.P.Arora
Power Plan Engineering by R.Yadav
Thermodynamics by Turner Boles
Gas turbine by Yaya

Fluid Mechanics
Fluid Mechanics by K. L .kumar (Strongly Recommended)
Fluid Mechanics by R.K.Bansal (Strongly Recommended)
Fluid Mechanics by Modi and Seth
Fluid Mechanics by A.K.Jain
TurboMachinary by R.Yadav
Fluid Mechanics by D S Kumar

Design of Machine Element

Theory of Machines by S.Ratan (Strongly Recommended)

Theory of Machines by Jagdish Lal (Strongly Recommended)
Theory of Machines by R.S.Khurmi
Theory of Machines by Ambedkar
Design of Machines Element by V.B .Bhandari
Design of Machines Element by R.S.Khurmi
Design of Machines Element by J.E.Shigley
Design of Machines Element by Schaum Series
Design of Machines Element by P C sharama and Agrawal
Vibrations by M.P.Grover

Engineering Mechanics and Strength of Matter

Mechanics for Engineers (Statics and Dynamics) by Beer and Johnston (Strongly
Mechanics of Material by Beer and Johnston- (Strongly Recommended.)
Strength of Material by Sadhu Singh (Strongly Recommended.)
Strength of Material by Rammurtham (Strongly Recommended.)
Strength of Material by R.S.Khurmi
Strength of Material by K.L.Kumar
Strength of Material by Popov

select the one you have studied and also go through these books very seriously they will be very
helpful to you in gate and psu exams too

GATE 2010 by GK publishers

IES made easy books

Mechanical Engineering by RK jain

Quantitative Objective in Mechanical Engineering by RS khurmi & JK gupta

more or less stick to basics it will be good