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Library Scavenger Hunt

1. Write the name of a set of encyclopedias in this library:

2. Write the title and call number of a book about sharks:

3. What can you look up in a thesaurus?

4. Write the title of a local newspaper found in the library:

5. Write the title of a book by Roald Dahl:

6. Write the title of a homeschool magazine in this library:

7. Locate a reference book or set of books that represent one of your interests or
hobbies. Write the title and call number of the book:

8. How much does it cost to make a copy at this library? Where are the copy
machines located?

9. Browse through the juvenile fiction section and list three authors that share
your last initial. What is a book title by one of those authors?

10. Write the title and call number of a book on Africa.

11. What is the title and call number of a biography about Nolan Ryan available
in this library?

12. Name three books by Gary Paulsen that are owned by this library.

13. How many title by Frank Sinatra does the library own on CD?

14 What is the current topic in the two display cases at the entrance?

15. How much is the fine per day per book?

16. For how many weeks can you check out a book?

17. List 2 of the three ways you can renew a book:

18. What is the title of the book with the call number 826.008 FUN? What are the
two ways you can learn this information?

19. Where are the three places to return books at this library?

20. Write down the name of one of the childrenʼs librarians along with one
interesting fact about that person: