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Andrew Cuomo Ny Works Agenda

Andrew Cuomo Ny Works Agenda

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Published by Elizabeth Benjamin

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Published by: Elizabeth Benjamin on Sep 28, 2010
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Outside of the MTA, the systems are struggling
with rising operating costs and aging bus fleets.
Although upstate systems are large when looked at
together, they are actually operated by numerous
local governments and Regional Authorities in
Western New York (Niagara Frontier Transportation


Authority - NFTA), Rochester (Rochester Genessee
Regional Transportation Authority - RGRTA), Central
New York (Central New York Regional Transportation
Authority -CNYRTA, and the Capital District (Capital
District Transportation Authority CDTA). Nearly
every other County City in the State operates its own
system. There is little real coordination amongst the
systems and there needs to be greater efforts to work
together on issues like fare collection and bus
purchases. For example, we should explore
consolidating services and procurement in our
Upstate systems to put together larger purchases that
can save money.

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