The quality of working life is a generic phrase that covers a person¶s feelings about every dimensions of work, including economic rewards and benefits, security, working condition, organizational ad interpersonal relationships and its intrinsic meaning in a persons life.


The concept of Quality of working life 
Process by which an org. attempts to unleash

the creative potential of its personal  The essential component of any QWL improvement program is the existence of a genuine opportunity for individuals or task groups  It is a degree to which members of a work organization are able to satisfy their personal needs through their experience in the organization

It has an impact on a) Shaping his personality b) Determining his performance c) Commitment to fellow employees d) Commitment to the org. and the society .Scope of QWL Work plays a central role in the life of the workers in a productive org.

Job security 5. Employment benefits 4. Fair and reasonable pay 2. Scope for better career opportunities . Needs to be fulfilled by their organization 1.The workers expect the foll. Provision of autonomy as well as control for developing human resources 7. Favorable and safer environment 3. Job satisfaction 6.

PRINCIPLES OF QWL  Principles of security: working condition must be safe. employee does not have fear etc  Principles of equity: eliminate discrimination between people doing same work  Principles of individualism: individual have the opportunity to develop his potential  Principles of democracy: greater authority & responsibility to employees NIMISHA .

staggered hours schedule means that different groups of employees begin & end at different intervals  Job rotation :improves quality of work.TECHNIQUES FOR IMPROVING QWL  Flexible work schedules :flextime is a system of flexible working hours. satisfies higher level needs of employees  Opportunity for development: employees are provided with opportunities for their advancement & growth .

suggestion system etc helps to improve QWL  Job security: stability of employment  Equitable justice: partiality & biasness at any stage discourage the workers . Autonomous work groups: called self managed work teams. freedom of decision making to employees  Employee¶s participation in management: Quality circles.

Specific issues in QWL  Pay and stability of employment  Occupational stress  Organisational health programmes  Alternative work schedule  Participative management and control of work  Recognition SOUMYA .

 Congenial worker supervisor relation  Grievance procedure  Adequacy of resources  Seniority and merit in promotions  Employment on permanent basis .

Pay and stability of employment  Alternative means for providing wages should be developed  Stability can be provided by enhancing the facilities for HRM .

working conditions. working hours etc  Affect employee productivity .Occupational stress  Stress is a condition of strain on one s emotions thought process and physical condition  Determined by nature of work.

. means of maintaining improving health etc  Helps in reducing absenteeism excessive job turnover.Organisational health programmes  Aims at educating employees about health problem.

. flexible working hours etc are introduced  Offers individual leisure time.Alternative work schedule  It include work at home.

Participative management and control of work  Workers are participated in management and decision making to improve the QWL  Uses the skills of the workers and make they a real contribution to the job. .

Recognition  Recognizing employee as a human being rather than a laborer. decent work places add some means to recognize employees . job enrichment offering prestigious designation to the job.  Participative management.

.Congenial work supervision  Better worker supervisor relation increase the quality of work life.  Gives the worker a sense of association belongingness etc.

Grievance procedure  Company must give the opportunity to ventilate the grievance of the employees.  This will increase quality of work life .

Adequacy of resources  Resources must be adequate  Otherwise objectives cannot be attained  It create dissatisfaction .

Seniority and merit in promotion  Seniority is taken in case of operating employees  Merit is considered for managerial people  Seniority cum merit is considered for ministerial employees .

Employment on permanent basis  Workers on casual .temporary probationary basis will gives a sense of insecurity  Employment on permanent basis will give security and lead to better QWL .



 Job involvement:.more specifically the nature of jobs they do.indicates the extent of peoples identification with or ego investment in the job  Sense of competence:-it denotes the feelings of confidence that one has in ones own competence. .  Job satisfaction:-it is a set of favourable or unfavourable feelings with which employees view their jobs. the quality of supervision they receive. co-workers pay and perks and promotional avenues.

. Job performance and productivity:-job involvement. job satisfaction. and sense of competence affect job performance and productivity of employees.

analyze and solve product quality problems and to improve general operations.a quality circle is a small group of employees doing similar or related work who meet regularly to identify.Quality circle  The concept of quality circle emerged from quality control.  Definition :. .

sex and position. It intends to improve the quality of output. It has no discrimination among age.Features of quality circle 1. It represent a collective effort. . 3. 5. 2. 4. A quality circle is a voluntary group. It coordinates activities of members towards improving the quality of work in workshop.

organisational and society demands which are often contradictory and conflicting .IMPACT OF QWL ON ORGANISATIONAL CLIMATE ‡Achieve integration among the technological. human. ‡Teach new values and attitudes at the workplace ‡Design systems which will sustain and strengthen the predominant patterns of behaviour. ‡Providing greater autonomy and opportunity for self-direction and self-control to workers. adaptability. ‡Improving productivity. and overall effectiveness of organisation. HASIF .

Areas of QWL  Compensation  Health and safety  Job security  Social integration  Protection of individual rights  Social relevance of work  Respect for non-work activities .


.  Supervisors must be trained to function effectively.  Traditional status barriers between management and workforce must be broken to permit establishment of an atmosphere of trust.  Employees must be given opportunities for advancement in the organisation. .Cont.  Management must be committed to an open and transparent style of operation.

Cont  Employees should receive feedback on result achieved and recognition for superior perfomance.  Both positive and negative outcomes of QWL improvement should be analyzed.  Personnel should be selected for excellence in their perfomance. .

Fringe benefits and social security benefits result in improvement in productivity .QWL and Fringe Benefits HR manager has to build and maintain QWL providing a wide range of fringe benefits.reduction in absenteeism . turnover etc. .

But it is not so as improvement over the existing salary. working condition and benefits will not cost much. .QWL and Productivity The general perception is that improvement in QWL costs much to the organisation. Improved QWL leads to improved perfomance.

All personnel related activates affect quality of work life .QWL and HR Development Quality of Work life is broader than motivation though these two terms to be similar.

.Cont  Continuous need of research on quality of working life improvement.


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