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Mohammad Monowar Hossain
Assistant professor
Department of Management Studies
University of Chittagong

Subject: Submission of Industrial Tour Report.

Dear Sir,

I have great pleasure to submit you Industrial Tour Report.

During preparation of this report, I have tried my best to ensure completeness.

I have put my best effort to overcome my shortcoming and prepare the report to the best
of my ability. However, if any clarifications are required, I would be glad to provide them
as best as I can.

Thanking you

Yours sincerely,

Md. Kaosar Aziz

4th Year BBA (Hon’s)
Exam Roll: 2000/55
Class Roll: 4090
Session: 1999-2000
Department of Management Studies
University of Chittagong

Industrial tour is one of the most important part of B.B.A program. Now the world is
competitive. We have need to learn vast knowledge about the critical environment of
business. This type of report helps the student to acquire practical knowledge about the
modern business organization. It will also help the student to perform efficiently in job
market. Different organizations take different kind of policies to operate their business.
The industrial tour is program that is essential for gathering practical knowledge of
B.B.A. students. As student of the business faculty, we got the adventurous touch of the
program under our Department of Management Studies. The program intends to provide
practical training in handling of managing jobs as well as to integrate the knowledge of
management theories, formulas, frameworks and models with current management
practices in business community. The tour title is “Performance evaluation of
Bangladesh Steel Re-Rolling Mills Ltd”. It is conducted as a part of the industrial tour
program arranged by department of Management Studies, University of Chittagong. This
report is prepared on the basis of the practical study in Bangladesh Steel Re-Rolling
Mills Ltd. and submitted in partial fulfillment of B.B.A. program.


It is a great pleasure for me to submit the report which are a outcome of my preparing
Bangladesh Steel Re-Rolling Mills Limited while conducting. The gain of this report
depends on the contribution of many people, especially those who spare time to share
their mindful art of judging of merits and faults and suggestions.
At first, I would like to express my gratitude to almighty Allah for giving me the strength
to perform my responsibilities and complete the tour report.
Secondly, I would like to express my heartiest gratitude to my honorable teacher and tour
supervisor Assistant Professor Mohammad Monowar Hossain. I was enriched by
his kinds encouragement and co-operation. I could not complete this tour report
successfully without his responsible guidance, instruction, persuasion and advice.
I would like also to express my gratitude to Mr. Tapan Sengupta ,General Manager of
BSRM, Md. Zahiduzaman (Assistant General Manager), and Md. Zakir Hossain
(Assistant Manager of Quality Control).

Yours sincerely,

Md. Kaosar Aziz

4th Year BBA (Hon’s)
Exam Roll: 2000/55
Class Roll: 4090
Session: 1999-2000
Department of Management Studies.
University of Chittagong

This report is the presentation of one-day industrial tour program as a part of
academic requirement of the B.B.A. program, Department of Management Studies,
University of Chittagong. The part of this report is organization part, which is an overall
focus of Bangladesh Steel Re-Rolling Mills Ltd.
The main purpose of the industrial tour is to acquire knowledge about the internal
and external environment of an industry and find out the consistency and inconsistency
between theoretical practical knowledge that we acquired from an industry that is live.
We also try to adjust with the gap to be competent at the modern job market.
The areas on which we will gave emphasis are:
• Working environment has and should be.
• To find out the strategies practiced by Bangladesh Steel Re-Rolling Mills Ltd
• To know the production systems of Bangladesh Steel Re-Rolling Mills Ltd.
• To know the marketing approaches in Bangladesh Steel Re-Rolling Mills Ltd.
• Interaction between different departments with in the company.
• Employer-employee relation.
• To know the marketing approaches in Bangladesh Steel Re-Rolling Mills Ltd.
• Company’s position in the market.
• To find out the effects of prevailing / existing production technologies and
• To know the production systems / procedures in Bangladesh Steel Re-Rolling
Mills Ltd.
• To show the influence/ impact of internal environment on external environment
and company’s position.
• To find out the faults or problems of existing techniques and strategies of
production and marketing.
• To find out the effects of existing marketing strategies.
• To know about capital management of Bangladesh Steel Re-Rolling Mills Ltd and
to find out the problem in this regard.

• Lastly, find out the industry related problems and recommends their solution.
This industrial tour is conclusive as well as descriptive in nature. Necessary statistical
tools have been applied to carry out the assigned study.
• Making a formal questionnaire.
• Questionnaire has been designed through department wise.
• Discussion with high officials.
• Practical experience gained by studying.
• Finally, the collected data are classified, tabulated, interpreted,analyzed and
presented in the form of research report there after.
The information to be present on this report has been collected from primary sources.
I tried my best to collect the maximum information from Bangladesh Steel Re-
Rolling Mills Ltd. But this report is not free from short faults. While I preparing this
report I faced some problems. These are as follows:
• My industrial tour is for only one day that is not enough to make a study
• Lack of adequate time also caused some constraints to my study.
• The rate of success of my study may be limited, as we may have failed to collect
proper information due to lack of our experience.
• Some data could not be collected for their confidentiality and official secrecy.
• Time is not sufficient for such type research.
• Internet cost is so high. So we cannot collect huge information.
• It is very difficult to discuss there marketing practices in separately.
• My personal limitation also contributes greatly in making the study less perfect
then desired.
I, therefore, hope that the study will be evaluated subject to the recognition of the
above-mentioned shortcomings.

Bangladesh Steel Re-Rolling Mills Ltd(BSRM) a unit of well known H. AKBERALI
Group Of Industries, having 50 years experience exclusively in steel making, is fully
automatic steel re-rolling mill in the country. The mill was imported from U.K. and
commissioned at the sea port of Chittagong. The founder of the group was late Mr.
Akberali A. Africawala and is now managed by his sons & nephews.

In today's highly technological world, there cannot be any compromise on quality. At

BSRM, this realization has led to ensuring that every product measures up to the highest
International Standards. This is the main reason why most of the quality conscious buyers
and in particular most foreign construction firms working in Bangladesh buy steel from
BSRM. Strict adherence to buyers' specifications in terms of steel grade, profile and close
tolerances on unit mass have enabled BSRM to supply steel to a number of national

BSRM makes different & distinctive from others is that the mill can only use M.S. Billets
of regular shape and proper size which means it is a hundred percent billet based mill. No
scrap or ingot can be rolled and hence there is no possibility of using any sub-standard
raw material which in itself is a guarantee of the mill's product quality.

A visit to the mill is sure to impress any visitor by the huge range of activities going on
there and the enormous facilities the mill possesses.
Bangladesh Steel Re-Rolling Mills Ltd has a higher long-term strength than an Ordinary
rod. The long-term strength will continue to increase as time progresses.

There are four distinctive features of BSRM:

• Quality

• Strength

• Durability

• Economical

Name of the company: Bangladesh Steel Re-Rolling Mills Ltd.

Numbers of the directors: Five (5) Directors.
Management Pattern: Managing Directorial Pattern
Authorized Capital of The Company: Fifteen (15) Crore taka.
Paid up Capital of The Company: 9,58,50,000 taka

Location: (Head Office)

Mr. Tapan Sengupta (GM)

Ali Mansion , Sadarghat Road,
P.O. Box No. 337,
Phones : 88-031-613282, 637758, 613759,616402
Fax : 88-031-610101
E-mail: bsrm@globalctg.netm

Location: (Factory)

Mr. Sankar Roy (AGM)

147/148/149 Baizid Bostami Road,
Nasirabad Industrial Area,
Phone : 88-031-683053, 683164.

Dhaka Office :
Mr. Kazi Anwar Ahmed (GM)
Mahbub Castle, 35,
Purana Paltan Line (2nd Floor),
Inner Circular Road (VIP Road ),
Dhaka-1000, Bangladesh,
Phones: 88-02-8313135,408587
Fax: 88-02-8312905.


Agrani Bank
Laldighi East Branch, Chittagong.
Phone: PABX 630803-7
Telex: 676271 ABCG BJ
Fax: 880-31-610133

American Express Bank Ltd.

31, Agrabad Commercial Area
Chittagong, Bangladesh.
Phone: 714905-7
Telex: 676271 AMEX BJ
Fax: 880-31-710388

M. A. Malik & Co.
Dost Building
Opposite of New Market, Chittagong.
Phone: 613331

Legal Advisers
9 Mohakhali C/A, 9th Floor,
Dhaka - 1212
Phone: 873085, 871960
Fax: 880-2-872871

Form Of The Organization

Private Ltd Company.

The type of operation of the company is production oriented.
Establishment Date
Formally, the Company is established in 1960.
Beginning of Production
The industry started its production first in 1961

Human Resource Management is the part of management functions which is
primarily concerned with human relationship in an organization, its objectives is the
maintenance of those relationship which enable all these engaged in the undertaking to
make their maximum contribution to the effective working of the undertaking.
Human Resource Management is that part of management concerned with people
at work and with their relationship with in an enterprise. Its aim is to bring together and
develop into and active organization. Its men and women to make up an enterprise and
having regard for the well being of the individual of working groups, to enable them to
make their best contribution to its success. Human resource management is concerned
with the human and social implications of charge in organizations and methods of
working with in enterprise and of economic and social changes in the community.
Heneman, Schwab/ Fossum/ Dyer says “Human Resource Management is the
attraction of the necessary numbers and types of employees to the organization. Without
them, the organization cannot function.
Stephen P. Robbins says, “ Human Resource Management is concerned with the
‘people’ dimension in management. Since every organization is made up of people,
acquiring their services, developing their skills, motivating them to high levels of
performance, and ensuring that they continue to maintain their commitment to the
organization are essential to achieving organizational objectives. This is true regardless of
the type of organization— government, business, education, health, recreation, or social
So the field of management involves planning, organization, directing and controlling
functions of procuring developing maintaining and utilizing a labor force. It is concerned
with the obtaining and maintaining a satisfactory work force.

Department of Human Resource at Bangladesh Steel Re-Rolling Mills Ltd.
“Main strength of the Progress”

Human resources are the most important role in today’s competitive business
To build skilled manpower, Bangladesh Steel Re-Rolling Mills Ltd. continues to
offer a wide range of internal and external personnel development programs and on the
job training to its employees in developing individual, professional and technical skills.
In this connection, the Company’s Human Resources Department continuously conducts
and organizes extensive training programs. Emphasis is also given to improving career-
oriented activities.
The employees of Bangladesh Steel Re-Rolling Mills Ltd. believe in a collaborative
spirit. They appreciate that working as a team multiplies the strength of the individuals
involved, as well as the impact on the results. Industrial relationships are harmonious.
There are various employees are working under human resource management. These are
as follows:

Sources of required candidates and advertisement:

The organization usually search external sources for required candidates. For recruiting
employees, the company follows “Daily Newspaper” for advertisement.

Collection of application form and preparing short list:

The company collects application form from applicants by courier services. A short list of
Candidates from among all candidates is prepared according to qualification &
experience in the field.

Recruiting sources for unskilled jobs: There are recruiting sources through
unstructured. The popular sources of managerial jobs are press advertisement.

Job analysis, job description and job specification:
• There is clear job analysis in this organization before recruitment.
• There is clear job description and job specification for every job in the
• The organization selects employees according to job specification.

Barrier in employee Selection: There is no barrier in case of selection the employees.

Salary Structure: The Company has clear salary structure. Salary varies from employee
to employee

Number of employees:
a. Officers-60.
b. Staffs-40.

Number of workers:
Total number of employees- 750

Compensation facilities:
This Company has compensation facilities like clinic / medical & financial compensation.

The followings criteria are the basis for setting basic pay:

1. Seniority
2. Experience
3. Performance
4. Position and
5. Academic qualification

Promotion Method: Vertical.

Basis of Promotion: Both Seniority & Merit.

The rate of turnover in the organization is 1% to 5%. The causes of turnover is:
i) Getting higher salary
ii) Getting more and higher job status and job security.
iii) Getting more non-financial benefits.
iv) Lack of proper and suitable management co-operation


Training is the act of increasing the knowledge and skill of an employee for
during a particular job. Training in industry is the formal procedures which a company
uses to facilitate employee’s learning so that their resultant behaviour contributes to the
attainment of the company goals and objectives.

Training and development program has to increase the skills and productivity of
the employees in the organization. Bangladesh Steel Re-Rolling Mills Ltd arranges and
provides various training programs for its employees and managerial bodies. As
Bangladesh Steel Re-Rolling Mills Ltd believes in employee’s skills and dexterity as vital
for the achievement of organizational objective it arranges various kinds of training
programs both for its management and working personnel. Bangladesh Steel Re-Rolling
Mills Ltd arranges on the job training, off the job training, programmed instruction etc for
the development of its employees skill aiming at attaining organizational goals.

Workers participation in management:

There is no workers participation in management in Bangladesh Steel Re-Rolling
Mills Ltd. Decisions are taken by higher level management.

Purposes of training programs

• To increase the performance of the employees.

• To raise the productivity of the workers.
• To motivate the employees to their works.
• To improve employee skill and efficiency.
• To change the behavior of the employees.
• To increase the morale of the employees.
• It assists to get promotion to the employees.
• Reduced supervision.
• Reduced accidents.
• Reduced cost of production
• To ensure employee satisfaction.

Percentage of absenteeism:
Less then 2% (Approximately)

Reasons of absenteeism:
Illness & Personal Occasion.


There is a provision for shifting duty in the company (eight hour per shift). The
amount of overtime allowances is determined according to salary rate.

So, far we could understand that Bangladesh Steel Re-Rolling Mills Ltd is very
much sensitive about its employees’ welfare. So, they took some steps to the employees’

welfare to motivate them to the organizational functioning to attain the objective i.e. the
profit maximization. Bangladesh Steel Re-Rolling Mills Ltd motivates its employees in
various ways. Some of the motivational activities taken by Bangladesh Steel Re-Rolling
Mills Ltd are mentioned below:
1. Bangladesh Steel Re-Rolling Mills Ltd always tries to maintain an excellent
working environment.
2. Bangladesh Steel Re-Rolling Mills Ltd always tries to meet the employees’
financial demand in respect of salary.
3. Bangladesh Steel Re-Rolling Mills Ltd always tries to increment in Basic Pay.
4. It arranges necessary training facilities to increase the morale of its employees.
5. Bangladesh Steel Re-Rolling Mills Ltd rewards its employees for their excellent
performance in various form of motivational aspect.
6. Employees enjoy profit sharing in Bangladesh Steel Re-Rolling Mills Ltd gives
facilities of profit sharing ratio dividend regarded as one of the most motivational
ingredients towards making the company profitable.

The company maintains standard quality of the product by ISO-9001 Certified
Company. But BSRM used ASTI for quality control and ISO for management. And also
its have program for improving the quality of the product.
Research and development department
The company has R&D department for improving the product quality.
Brand name of their product:
Standard of quality of the product
Their product standard is approved by BUET.
Countries from where the necessary machinery imported:
The imported machinery of the company from China, Malaysia, Indonesia, etc.
Export of product
BSRM products are used in local region
The company may be able to produce the product for export in the foreign market.

Ensuring quality control
The organization ensures the quality by:
Continuous checking process in every stage of the production by sampling.

Senior manager and manager (inventory) are the of production department
Sources of raw material: Import and local production by their sister concern Meghna
Engineering Works.

Production Capacity the machines : 20 metric tons Per hour. Computerized technologies
are used in production system.

Details of Dimensions, Masses Etc.



SPECIFICATION : BS 4 : Part 1 : 1962

Size Nominal mass Lengths per Normally Max. Lengths

ton available
Leg (Inch) Thickness M. ton Lengths rolled
(mm) Inch Lb / ft Kg / mFeet Metre Feet Feet Metre
(mm) Metre
3x3 3/8 (9.525) 7.10 310 94.520-22 6.0-6.7 50-60 15-18
76.2 x 76.2) 5/16 10.56 367 112.0
(7.837) 6.00 8.93 459 140.0
(6.350) 4.80 7.14
2 ½ x 2 ½ 3/8 5.90 8.78 374
(9.525)* 5.00 7.44 114.0 Do Do 60-70 18-21
(63.5 x 63.5) 5/16 4.00 5.95 441 134.5
(7.937)* 551 168.0
¼ (6.350)
3/8 4.60 479 146.0
(9.525)* 6.84 565 172.5 Do Do 70-80 21-24.5
2 x 2 5/16 3.90 689
(7.937)* 5.80 210.0
(50.8 x 50.8) ¼ 3.20 903 275.5
(6.350) 4.76
3/16 2.44 3.63
1 ½ x 1 ½ 5/16 2.85 773 235.5
(7.937)* 4.24 938 Do Do 80-90 24.5-27.5
(38.1 x 38.1) ¼ 2.35 286.0
(6.350) 3.49 1224 373.0
3/16 1.80 2.68


Up to and including  5.0%

3/16” thickness

Over 3/16” thickness  2.5%

Note 1. These sizes are produced against specific order only.

Note 2. Angles of other thickness & varying physical properties can be made to
customer needs.
Note 3. Some of the thicknesses given in the tables are obtained by raising the
rolls. In such cases the flanges will be slightly longer and the back of the toes will
be slightly rounded.

Pictorial Operations in Brief

Twin Channel Roughing Mill Continuous Block


WireRod in Tensile Testing Stock of M.S.

progress Machine Billets

Controlled 5.5mm rod Weighing bridge

Cooling bed production

Reheating Furnace

Creation of market
The market is created by:
i) Providing advertisement.
ii) Providing agent ship.
iii) Giving dealership.
iv) And also through the wholesalers and retailers of the product.

Determination of market demand and supply

Market demand and supply of the product is determined by:

i) Surveying.

ii) Gathering monthly report.
iii) Collecting the opinion of consumers.
iv) Collecting the competitors’ views and opinions.
v) Collecting data and information from market researchers and specialists.

Meeting market demand and achieving target market

The company is able to meet its market demand. And it is capable to achieve the target
Best technique for creating market
The best technique for creating market is mainly agent ship.
Main approach on marketing
The chief approach on marketing is to satisfy the consumers.

Research and development (R&D) program: The company has research and
development program. The types of techniques for R& D are:
i) Market survey for marketing product.
ii) Making discussion with the agent.
iii) Ensuring product quality and gathering report.

Warehousing system
The organization maintains warehousing system for the raw materials and finished
Price list:
Price Per M. Ton including Vat &
Sl Products Size
Loading Charges
Ex-Factory At Cox's At Site
CTG Bazar/Comilla/Feni Sylhet/Bogra/Khulna
. 1 BARS (GRADE-& 10TK.39,500.00 TK.39,900.00 TK.40,200.00
60) MM
DEFORMED 12MM TK.39,500.00 TK.39,900.00 TK.40,200.00

60) MM
BARS (GRADE-& 32TK.40,000.00 TK.40,400.00 TK.40,700.00
60) MM
.2 & 10TK.39,500.00 TK.39,900.00 TK.40,200.00
& 25TK.39,500.00 TK.39,900.00 TK.40,200.00
& 32TK.40,000.00 TK.40,400.00 TK.40,700.00
1.5 X
. 3 M.S.ANGEL 1.5 X .TK.38,000.00 TK.38,400.00 TK.38,700.00
2 X 2
M.S.ANGEL TK.38,000.00 TK.38,400.00 TK.38,700.00
X .25"
2.5 X
M.S.ANGEL 2.5 X .TK.38,500.00 TK.38,900.00 TK.39,200.00
3 X 3
M.S.ANGEL TK.38,500.00 TK.38,900.00 TK.39,200.00
X .25"
3 X 3
M.S.ANGEL TK.38,500.00 TK.38,900.00 TK.39,200.00
X 3/8"
100 X
. 4 M.S.CHANNEL 50 X 5TK40,000.00 TK.40,400.00 TK.40,700.00
75 X
M.S.CHANNEL 40 X 5TK39,500.00 TK.39,900.00 TK.40,200.00
. 5 SHAFT 38MM TK.37,500.00 TK.37,900.00 TK.38,200.00
SHAFT 50MM TK.38,000.00 TK.38,400.00 TK.38,700.00

Transportation Channels
The transportation channels of the product are self-oriented.
The company follows direct marketing strategy.
The company uses advertisement for marketing its product.

Media for advertisement

i) Publication
ii) Satellite Channels.
iii) Neon Sign board
iv) Bill board.
v) Advertisement in daily newspaper.

Products of the company:




SPECIFICATION : BS 4 : Part 1 : 1962


Size Nominal mass Lengths per Normally Max. Lengths

ton available
Leg (Inch) Thickness M. ton Lengths rolled
(mm) Inch Lb / ft Kg / Feet Metre Feet Feet Metre
(mm) m Metre
3x3 3/8 (9.525) 7.10 310 94.5 20-22 6.0-6.7 50-60 15-18
76.2 x 76.2) 5/16 10.56 367 112.0
(7.837) 6.00 8.93 459 140.0
¼ (6.350) 4.80 7.14

2½x2½ 3/8 5.90 8.78 374
(9.525)* 5.00 7.44 114.0 Do Do 60-70 18-21
(63.5 x 63.5) 5/16 4.00 5.95 441 134.5
(7.937)* 551 168.0
¼ (6.350)
3/8 4.60 479 146.0
(9.525)* 6.84 565 172.5 Do Do 70-80 21-24.5
2x2 5/16 3.90 689
(7.937)* 5.80 210.0
(50.8 x 50.8) ¼ 3.20 903 275.5
(6.350) 4.76
3/16 2.44 3.63
1½x1½ 5/16 2.85 773 235.5
(7.937)* 4.24 938 Do Do 80-90 24.5-27.5
(38.1 x 38.1) ¼ 2.35 286.0
(6.350) 3.49 1224 373.0
3/16 1.80 2.68


Up to and including  5.0%
3/16” thickness

Over 3/16” thickness  2.5%

Note 1. These sizes are produced against specific order only.

Note 2. Angles of other thickness & varying physical properties can be made to
customer needs.
Note 3. Some of the thicknesses given in the tables are obtained by raising the
rolls. In such cases the flanges will be slightly
23 longer and the back of the toes will
be slightly rounded.

Design- Mass Sectional Dimensions Sectional Properties

ation M Area, a D B I T
Flange R1 R2 Cy Ix Iy Rx Ry Zx Zy
Slope, a
Kg / m Cm2 mm mm mm mm deg mm mm mm cm4 cm4 cm cm cm3 cm3

(1) (2) (3) (4) (5) (6) (7) (8) (9) (10) (11) (12) (13) (14) (15) (16) (17)
MC 75 7.14 9.10 75 40 4.8 7.5 96 8.5 2.4 1.32 78.5 12.9 2.94 1.19 20.9 4.81
MC 9.56 12.2 100 50 5.0 7.7 96 9.0 2.4 1.54 192 26.7 3.97 1.48 33.5 7.71

Specification of Plain Round Bar


ASTM A 575, A 576, A 615;
BS 4360, 4449;
JIS G 3101, 3112;
IS 226; ISO 1052;
BDS 1313; 1990
Psi Kg / cm2 N / mm2
Yield Strength 40,000 2,815 276

Ultimate Strength min. 70,000 4,925 485

Elongation in G.L. 5d (d = 20% min.
Nominal bar dia)
PROPERTIES Around a mandrel dia of 2d, through 45
Bend Test And reverse bend through 23
Around a mandrel dia of 2d through
180 


Bar Cross- Unit mass App. Lengths
nominal sectional area per M. Ton

dia in2 Lb / ft Kg / m Feet Metre
3/8 0.11 0.376 0.560 5,862 1,786
½ 0.20 0.668 0.994 3,300 1,006
5/8 0.31 1.043 1.552 2,113 644
¾ 0.44 1.502 2.235 1,468 447
7/8 0.60 2.044 3.042 1,079 329
1 0.79 2.670 3.974 826 252
1 1/8 1.00 3.400 5.060 648 198
1¼ 1.27 4.303 6.403 512 156


Nominal dia (inch) Tolerance (%)
3/8  6.5
½ & over  4.5


Specification of Low Car

Chemical Composition (Percent)

Grade Carbon Silicon Manganese
Sulphur Phosphorous
Low Carbon
Wire Drawing 0.09 max 0.03 max 0.40 to 0.60 0.023
max 0.02 max
Electrode Core Wire 0.10 max 0.10 max 0.25 to 0.50 0.05
max 0.05 max
Commercial Grade 0.25 max 0.30 max 0.45 to 0.90 0.05
max 0.06 max

Physical properties
WR-8 Grade Electrode Core Wire
Commercial Grade

Yield Strength 20.0 Kg / mm2 min 22.86-24.0 Kg /
mm2 -
Ultimate Tensile Strength 40.0-44.0 Kg / mm2 39.0-42.0 Kg /
mm2 -
Elongation on G.L. 5 dia 20% min. 25%
min. -

Details of Dimensions, Masses etc.

Nominal Area of Nominal App. App. coilApp. coilApp.lengths
Dia Cross- mass weight diameter lengths per M. Ton
section per coil
mm mm2 Kg / m Kg mm mm Metre Feet Metre Feet
5.5 23.77 0.186 135 1200 890 725 2,378 5,376 17,638
6.0 28.28 0.222 135 1200 890 608 1,995 4,505 14,778
6.35 31.67 0.249 135 1200 890 542 1,778 4,016 13,172

Tolerance on dia Tolerance on mass
-0.27 mm
+0.27 mm  8.0 %

Major Advantages of Torsteel compared to mild steel round bars
Chemical Composition
Details of Dimensions, Masses Etc.

The introduction of high yield strength deformed bar as reinforcing steel has
revolutionized the world of reinforced concrete design. Rebbed - Torsteel bar or in
short TORSTEEL - a high strength cold - twisted deformed bar, originally developed
by TORISTEG STEEL CORPORATION of Luxembourg, Germany is now a widely
accepted re-bar in most countries of the world. BSRM was the foremost in Bangladesh
to produce and market Torsteel under licence from its inventors who possess the patent
right in Bangladesh for its manufacturing process with various profile combination.

Torsteel is produced from mild steel billets with limited carbon content (0.30% max.)
by controlled cold - twisting of hot-rolled deformed bar with its characteristic
configuration. Each bar is cold-twisted individually. The cold twisting works the steel
beyond its elastic limit and a bar with normally inherent defect breaks during twisting.
Every piece of Torsteel bar thus undergoes this severe automatic test during its
twisting process.

Use of Torsteel bar results in 40% steel saving and 30% saving in steel cost compared
to mild steel round bars of 36,000 psi (250 N/mm2) yield poin.

Major Advantages of Torsteel compared to mild steel Round Bars.
 65% higher yield strength
 100% higher bond strength
 Satisfactory weldability due to ilmited carbon content
 Lesser crack width of RCC members
 20% extra factor of safety due to elimination of definite yield point
 Net economy in reinforcing cost: 35% in tension, 30% in compression
 End hooks not required due to 100% higher bond capacity
 Saves labour, transportation, supervision costs due to reduction in steel
 Being a licenced product the quality is guaranteed

Specification of Torsteel Bar

Chemical Composition
Carbon Sulphur Phosphorous S+P
0.30% Max 0.06% Max 0.06% Max 0.11%
Physical Properties

Ultimate Elongation Rebend

Yields or 0.2% Tensile on Bend Test Test
Proof Strength Strength G.L.5d*
(Min) (Min) (Min)
Around a
of dia 5d*
485 Around a 45° and
N/mm2 mandrel reverse
415 N/mm2 4,925 14.50% of dia 3d* bend
4,225 Kg /cm2 Kg /cm2 through through
60,000 Psi 70,000 Psi 180° 23

d = Nominal dia of bar

Details of Dimensions, Masses etc.
Area of
Cross Nominal Approx.
Nominal Dia Section Weight Lengths per M.Ton
(mm) (mm2) (kg/m) Metre Feet
8 50.3 0.395 2,532 8,307
10 78.5 0.616 1,623 5,325
12 113.1 0.888 1,126 3,694
16 201.1 1.579 633 2,077
20 314.2 2.466 405 1,330
22 380.3 2.985 335 1,100
25 490.9 3.854 259 850
28 616 4.836 207 680
32 804.2 6.313 158 518


8 & 10  6.0%
Over 10  4.5%


1. Quality of our product
2. Best technical and managerial support
3. Direct distribution to the end users
4. Long time experience in MS product
5. Goodwill

1. Labor unrest
2. Depend on outside transport
3. Always not ensure every size of product
1. New mill is going to set up at Fauzderhat site

2. Support of engineers and developers
3. Increased demand in every year
1. Demand may be decrease in future
2. Support from financial institutions decline
3. Not support from Govt. Regulations in time
4. Fluctuations in foreign currency

The following measures can be recommended for the industry:
1. There is no trade union, in the industry. So, trade union should be introduced.
2. Separate housing estate should be built up for employees as well as workers.
3. The production of the industry should be raised because the production is lower
than the demand of the product. That means, their product has high demand.
4. The company should maintain labor friendly environment.
5. The industry should expand its plant.
6. The industry should increase its channels of distribution of product.
7. The organization should give more emphasis on advertisement of its product.
8. Need to take steps for individual customers.
BSRM is the capital intensive mills. It is fully automated process. From my
visiting Bangladesh Steel Re-Rolling Mills Ltd, it is obvious that, they are producing
quality product. There is a great demand of their product in the real estate business. It is
also a pioneer and leading industry in the field of Steel. The several departments in this
industry are operating their respective activities smoothly and efficiently. The production,
sales and marketing activities of the company are expanding day by day in countrywide.
The organization is a completely profit making organization.


1. Direct communication with inspection

2. Personal communication.

3. E-mail: Office),Fax : 88-031-610101

33 Office) (Factory)

4.Annual report of BSRM.

5.Web Site:


Bio-data of enterprise:
1) Name of the company:
Bangladesh Steel Re-rolling Mills Limited
2) Registered office:
Ali Mansion, Sadarghat road, Chittagong.
3) Location of Factory:
147-149, Baizid Bostami Road, Nasirabad, Chittagong.
4) Types of enterprise:
Manufacturing Industry
5) The year of establishment:
6) Year of commencement of production:
Management of the company:
7) What is the management system of your company?
Managerial pattern
8) Organizational structure?
Enclosed separately.
9) What is the no. of workers?
Skilled 116 and unskilled nil.
10) What is the no. of managers & staff?
Officers 60 and staffs 40
11)How many shifts do your company operate?
03 (three) shifts
11) What is the working hour?
08 hours per shift
12) What are the bases of employee promotion?

13) What type of incentive/motivation do you offer to your workers?
WPP, production bonus, festival bonus, leave allowance, shoe and cloth allowance
14) Do you think that your workers or stuff have job satisfaction?
Production data:
15) Who is in charge of procurement of materials and stores?
Senior manager (procurement) & Manager (Industry).
16) What are the basic raw materials used?
M.S Billet
17) What are the sources of raw materials?
Import and local production by our sister concern Meghna Engineering Works
18) What is the production capacity of the materials?
20 MT per hour.
19) What is the percentage of utilization of capital/actual production?
20) What type of technology do you use?
Computerized foreign technology(UK)
21) Do you have any production plan?
Yes, we are going to establish a new project named BSRM steel limited at Fouzderhat
industrial area, Chittagong.
22) What is the production plan of 2005 and how much you achieved?
Production plan 100000 MT and Actual production 90000 MT.
Product pricing/Product data:
23) What are the products of your firm?
a) M.S. Torsteel bar, b) M.S. Deformed Bars, c) Plain Bar, d) Angles, and e) Channel.

24) What is the brand name of your products?


25) Do you pack your product?
26) Do your products have ISO standard?
27) Do you practice TQM?
28) What type of pricing policy do you use?
Cost based
29) Do you use any pricing strategy?
30) What are the factors that influence pricing?
The prices of raw materials,fluctuations of foreign exchanges,local procurements etc.
31) Is there any price discriminations?
32) Is there any seasonal variation of price of the products?
Marketing and Distribution Channels:
33) What marketing strategy do you follow?
Direct marketing
34) What are the functions of your marketing department in your firm?
Planning of weekly, monthly, & yearly sales, executing the plan.
35) What are the advertisement media you use for the promotion of the products?
Print media like newspaper, Audio media like radio, Video media like Video ads at
GEC circle and Signboard and wall paint.
36) What distribution channel do you use?
Direct sales to end users, hence we have no distribution channel.
37) Do you provide delivery vans to the channel members?
Not Answered.
38) What are the areas of distribution?
Whole Bangladesh through own sales centers.

39) Do you export any products?
40) How do you select the channel members?
Not Answered.
41) Is there any warehouse outside the factory?
42) What are the channel objectives?
Not Answered.
43) What incentives do you provide to your channel members?
Not Answered.
Promotion & Sales
44) What is the amount of annual promotional budget?
45) What promotional strategy do you use in your company for products?
Not Answered.
46) What is the sales price of the products?
Tk.37500-39500 per MT
47) What is the margin of profit per unit of the product?
Tk. 2300 per MT
48) What is the sales and profit per unit?
Tk. 2300 per MT
49) What is the revenue per year?
50) Please supply the annual reports for 2002, 2003, 2004, and 2005.
Not supplied
51) What is the peak period for your products?
Winter season
52) What is the target sale in the next 3 years?
4,00,000 MT.

53) Do your industry cause any environmental pollution toward locality?
54) What is the competitive position of your product?
Best position
55) Who are your competitors?
KSRM – Kabir Steel Re-rolling Mills
SSRM – Sheema Steel Re-rolling Mills
BSIL - Baizid Steel Industries Limited
Rahim Steel, And Bashuldhara Group.
56) Please tell us about your Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats?
a) Quality of our products
b) Best technical and managerial support
c) Direct distribution to the end users
d) Long time experience in M.S products
e) Goodwill
a) Lobour unrest
b) Dependence on outside transports
c) Always not ensure every size of products
a) New mills are going to set up at Fouzderhat site
b) Support of engineers and developers
c) Increasing demand for the products

a) Strong competitions
b) Lack of financial institutions help
c) Lack of government’s support
d)Fluctuation in foreign currencies.