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ƒ ƒ ƒ What is the nature of information technology revolution? How different is it from agricultural/industrial revolution? What does globalization have to do with the nature of the information technology revolution? .

telecommunications/broadcasting. 1991) Lessons from Industrial Revolution Historical Sequences of IT Revolution Information Technology Paradigm (5 main characteristics) . (Mulgan. computing (machines and software).ƒ ƒ ƒ ƒ Nature of IT Revolution converging set of technologies in microelectronics. and optoelectronics.

we re living in the transformati on of material culture (Negroponte. 1992) (Castells. culture The end of 20th century. social . 1995) Interface between technologica l fields through digital language . 1996) rare intervals to information society network society gradualism Continuity in material basis: economy.(Fischer.

but as the fabric in all human activities Technology to act on information Immediate application knowledge generation/communication device.ƒ ƒ ƒ IT revolution pervasiveness not exogenous information. cumulative feedback loop between innovation and the uses of innovation .

Automation of tasks Experimentation of uses Reconfiguration of applications .

Power of human Land ownership Utility of natural resources Timeline: 1700-1800 Industrial Revolution Timeline: 18001900 Emerging high technology Power of machine Information to act on technology Actors: trader. computer. labor (capitalism) Agricultural Revolution Timeline: 20th century-now Information to act on technology Microchips. telecommunic ation Actors: doers and users IT Revolution .

1990) ƒ Use network logic. upgrade ƒ .Technology innovation isn t as isolated instances (Mokyr. flexible. re-use. and highly integrated system ƒ Sustainability Green IT ƒ Sustainability in the Information Society recycle. repair.


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