Mit Must Stay! Stop the deportation!

Make every college a Sanctuary College Make London a Sanctuary City
Mit Singh Chopra is a 19 year old Sikh man, from Afghanistan, and a student at Westminster Kingsway College. On Friday 24th September at 6am immigration police came into Mit Chopra’s home and took him into detention under threat of deportation. All black, Asian and Latino, Turkish or Kurdish student face the threat of racial stereotyping, suspicion and harassment when an antiimmigrant climate is tolerated. We students, staff, neighbours, friends, community and all supporters declare that we do not accept the snatching of any fellow student; Mit is a part of our community, he is our colleague, peer and friend, and that Mit Must Stay. • • We call for Mit to be granted full refugee status so he can stay in the UK permanently. We call for all colleges, including Mit’s college (Westminster Kingsway College), to become Sanctuary Colleges that are hospitable, not hostile, to all our communities whatever our backgrounds or status -an environment in which we can learn and develop without fear. This means not cooperating with immigration authority harassment of students. We will not rest until our colleges and communities are places of Sanctuary, where we are free to be ourselves without the fear of harassment, discrimination or racial targeting, whatever our national, racial or religious background.
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