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Football File

First name: Kevin Samir

Last name: de Paz

Age: 19 años

Date of birth: October 9, 1990

Location: La plata, Buenos Aires, Argentina

Primary school: Full

High school: In progress

Parent (father): Jose Luis de Paz De la vega

Parent (mother): Silvia Beatriz degollada Landoni

Last name: of Spanish origin. Existence of legal papers can be credited community or
have dual citizenship.

Football Initiation
“Club recreativo infantil Rivadavia”

Promotional: A Seaton with six years

Position: Goalie

“Liga L.I.S.FI. De futbol infantil.”

Official goalkeeper beaten less 1998/1999/2000 seasons

“Club gimnasia y esgrima de La Plata”

Season: 2000-2001

Position: Goalie

L.I.F.I.P.A League (field 7)

Argentina League (field 11)

Shortlisted for the selected LIFIPA League, La Plata

Season: 2002-2003

Position: Goalie- coupling field

(Begins to switch more down payment or operador)

Season: 2003-2004.

Argentina League (Football field 11)

Position: Season 2003 goalie; season 2004 coupling field

Final 2004 season, starting 2005

(It is as expendable by the club “Gimnasia y esgrima La Plata”.)

Arguments: lack of physical structure in height (1.51m.) And weight (53kg) for both
positions, taking 14 years.

“La plata football club.”

Season 2005-2006

Position: coupling operator

(Handles both profiles, very good technique. Tactical and technical discipline within the
field. Good speed.)

Season 2007-2008

España, Alicante.

(He trained three months in the Hercules Fc. Youth Category "A" -2 friendly matches)

Position: Field cupling.

5 months at the club Elche Fc. Junior B-A Preferred. Four friendly matches.

Field coupling, loose in attack. Midfielder.

No file for lack of papers. Age, 17 years old.

“Club Alicante Fc.”

2 months. Preferred-training.

“Club deportivo Carolinas. “

Age, 17 -18 years old.

Club satélite del elche Fc.

1 year-

Tournament 1: as a front; 9 games, 8 goals.

Tournament 2: down payment, 10 games. 7 goals.

Formación final Argentina.

Age 18-19 years old

Club Defensa y Justicia (No sign) 5 months of training. Three friendly matches.

Actual club.

AMEBS. Amateur League La Plata (signed)

Current Weight: 73 Kg

Height: 1.76 m.

(Having played his career attached to the AFA league has no obstacle in terms of
signing, nor have any financial obligation to the club Gimansia y Esgrima de La Plata or
any other.)