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Recovering the Waste Energy

Introduction Methodology
The search for alternatives to landfill In order to pursue our target for
for the disposal of waste and the recovering the waste heat, we
Design and Analysis of threat of climate change, worsened by developed a system which consists of
the burning of fuels, has led to need of three heat exchangers to be installed
Heat Exchangers for the time and resurgence of interest in in series. Exhaust gases (flow shown in
Waste Heat Recovery recovering energy from waste – the red arrows) in the diagram on the next
recovery of energy in the form of page, is from V12 Engine, running in
System electricity. counter-flow to the water (flow shown
Supervisor: Lt. Col (R) Afzal Bhatti by blue arrows) coming from reservior.
Pakistan is presently facing a serious
The final temperature that is achieved
energy crisis and the demand exceeds
for water is 350 deg C (662 deg F) and
supply and hence “load-shedding” is a
Members it is in superheated form.
common phenomenon through
Rafaqat Amir ME3-2038 frequent power shutdowns. There is a The superheated steam is then fed into
Masood Ali ME3-2010 need to convalesce the energy in any tubine for power generation.
Shakeel Ahmed ME3-2055 possible way available.
Ahsan Ali ME3-2034
Our approach in the project is to
Department of Mechanical Engineering develop a system through which we
can efficiently recover the waste heat
Wah Engineering College
from the existing Power Plant of POF
and utilise it for producting more
The process shown in the figure is
consisting of following components:

1. Low Temperature Heat

2. Evaporator
3. High Temperature Heat
4. Steam Turbine
The images shown above are of the scale-down prototype design 5. V12 Engine

Figure 1 Diagrammatical representation of suggested Waste Heat Recovery System

There are two fluid circuits i.e.

1. Exhaust Gases flow circuit

2. Water flow circuit

As shown in the figure, both flows are

in countercurrent to each other.

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