Tradilional- -historical- hand aufted furled leader. Material: Horse hair or natural silk

Une weight: 4-6 wt / Lenght:6 ft / Tipet: 5 X


Ughtast fuded leoder ever maded Material: Iffluble silicone cooted nylon

Una weight: 1-3 wt / Lenght:6.5 ft /Tippet: 6X


A special design with long heovy butt section and supple front taper for better tum over.

Material: Low visible premium qualify nylon

Line weighl: 9-12 wt / Lenght: 1 0 It / TIpet OX

Art. HMIi-FL-To

'The. .( Si+t jOlJ c.AIJ Sive. to ,6,~j ¥she.rM,6,tJ is to put A 9°oJ: fish ~Wt) ,6,tJJ lJho k~s i+ the. .(ish thAt jOlJ CAUsht is~lt SOMe.OtJe.'s SiR to j0lJ1i


Exha strong, abrasion resistance leader for Big Game fishing.

Malerial: premium qualify nylon

Line weight: 9 -12 wt / Lenght:9 ft / TIpet 30tb


Made hom 100% Kevlor coated for belter abrasion resistance. Preleoped with 2 shorb loops @reme durobilify without stretching

Une weight: 4-7 wt / Lengh!: 8 ft / TIpet 5X


Knotless Hi visible but section - strike indicator. Include tipet with two droppers.-

Moleriol: Premium qualify nylon

Line weight: 5-7 wt / Lenghl 9 ft / Droppers 4X


Leader with unique taper for better presentation and accuracy cost of smoll flies.

Material: Silicone cooted premium quolify nylon line weight - 3-6 wt / Lenghl 12 ft / Tippet 6X


Our Fluorocarbon leaders are soft, (osloble and mode hom the 100% pUle high premium fluorocarbon l1!a.'e.Jial.. ~esigned 10 refract lig~t just li~ water, thi~ Ii~e is virtua!ly i.nvisi~le to fish. Less.glare und I~ss V1slblle which equates to more fish. MedIUm to fost smklng. In conluction With our FC leoder fiootmg hne will become sinkJng fipline. Avoiloblein two dimension, prelooped with two shorb loops


Hi- visible leaders in three fluoroscent colors. Ideol for Fly costing demonstration.

Material: Silk Thread, polyester or nylon

Art: HM6-Fl-HV-O

Art: HMG-Fl-HV-Y Art: HM6-FL-HV-6

Tenkara Fly line

Furled Fly fishing line tor traditional japanese TENKARA fishing techniqlfe.

Avoliable as Tapered and L.evel form.

Lenght: 10.5ft, 12ft, 15ft


We have token the Bimini twist knot, and created replocement tippets for furled leaders. The Bimini twist knot offers 100% knot strength, giving you a loop-fo-ioop connection with no loss of breaking strength. HMG bimini tippet turn over better than other loop knots.

Mode from high quality nylon or fluorocarbon.


Art: HMG-BT -FC Pock of 2, Size: OX, 1 X, 2X, 3X, 4X, 5X, 6X,


Jooly ftsh bite guard,S x stronger than steel

15 ilKh /40 em 151b - 30lb - SOlb - 100 Ib


Our tapered furled leaders for saltwater fly fishing are more agressively tapered than freshwater leaders. We build these leaders using hard, premium grade double silicone cooted monofiloment. It is very stiff ond helps turning over bulky Hies when it is windy ... Ou r moteriol has oslo a greot abrasion resistance and is a must for those who fish coral environments.

Our leaders are preloaped with two shorb loops for easy connection to mono Ii ppets, dess tippet, shock tippets or bite guo rd Ii ppets.


HM6 "MEDfUMw TAPEREO fURLED LEADER Designed for redftsh, snook striper, bluefish, ladyflsh, sea-trout and all olher species encountered while inshore fly fishing. Use with § to 1 O-wt rods Clear color /95 h / 20 Ib


Our strongest, BUT SECTION furled leader for "Big Game" fishing leader systems, For extreme fishing situation with excellent abrasion resistance end schock 'obsorpHon. Clear colol /9.5 h /30 Ib


We mode this leader to help manage "blowout" winds on bonefish/permit flats. Extreme turnover power, even with weignted bonefish flies and permit crabs. Use with 6 to 8-wI rods. Oear color / 9.5 ft /30 Ib

HMG "liGHT" TAPERED FURLED LEAOER Ultra strong. abrasiolliesistonce ond schock obsorption, designed for tarponl robin, giant travelly, dorado and big Gulf (00 iacks. Use with IOta 12 -wi rods. Clear wlor / 9.5 h /30 Ib

HMG Hand Tied Tarpon Leaders with FI uorocorbon Shock ti ppet

IGFA Closs ultra-hard saltwater mono with 22 indies (0.6 m) between the double biminis.. 4 foot overall length.

Complete leader and Huffnogle. Availoble in three pack of prestroightened leoders: 60 Ib (27.3 kg) or 80 Ib (36.4 kg) Fluorocorbon sho,k




Art. HMG· D· H E

Pte-blended 1 00% rabbit hair Underfur and guard hairs are blended. This is the most widely used dubbing mnterlal. Longer hair makes i1easy to dub. Perfect for both dry flies a nd nymphs.

Excellent, hi~floating mixture with cutted, dyed and curled winter deer hair. Por tying} nym, ph. th cruxes. G.rea t fo r dry ru d d is patterns .. Available r n 10 coloIs

Available colo IS: Natu.ral, Amber, Black, Brown, Cream, Dun, Gray, Yellow,Brown' Olive, light Olive, Olive, White,Tan


Hand-mode dubbing blen~ for the Czech nymphs in 21 popular colors. It consists of rabbit, fine nnnon, hare o.nd fine penrlescant fibers, Colors: OJ ,Whae, 02 JJgh! veUow, .oS Golden, Yel~w, lD Fluo .Pink, 11 Re<i, 12 SJotkf Purple,:tO (i~nomon


Brown, 07 Gold .olive, as Oliye, 09 Orange,

Qrange, 1 B light Pink, 19 1

HARE'S dubbing plus

Art.H MG-D·H E +

HMG Hare's Ear Plu;; is a blend' of hare's eat, guard hnirs, nnd a small touch of fine spa rkJ i n gn b res, g ivin g yo u r fl i es very spi ky and translucent a ppeu ranee. Excellent fur for nymphs, emergf)rs, wets, and streamers.


HMG Slar.Jite is very fine !nylm type l11aterial Co n be farmedlnto honks and used for big streamers or cut fe r dubbing your small flie-s. Very wei'! with most other materials for dubbing and it doesn't absorb water, so large Hies don't get heovier. If ydu like stufftho.t sparklesand gliMers it just doesn't ,get o.ny better than fhis.

Availo ble in 10 rolors,

01 HatUla!, O~ Notural Dark, 03 Block, 04 Cho.colate Brown,. OSRed Brown, 06 Olive Brown,. 07 Olive, 08 Golden, 09 len, 10 I n sect G,ee 11.


Art. HMG· D· a D

QUICK DESCENT An oil-aluminum metal dubbing that ~ks like.leo.d, il'll qukkly become o. fovo/ite because it dubs so easily.

Block, Brown., Caddis, Green, Copper, Gold, Go Iden Orange, Gray, light Olive, Olive, Red, Rust Silver.


Art. HMG-D,P

This is great substitution of natural peo.cock herl, Eosy to tie buggy looking o nd d urable "peacock" fly bodies. Avoilable in 10 colors: 01 .Peacock Green, 02 Peacock Bronze, 03 Peacock Eye, 04 Peacock Black, 05 PeawtkRed, 06 Peacock Blue, 07 Peocock Iiv Green, 08 Peacock UV Black. 09Peo(ock UV Bronze, 10 Peacock Reddish ..



Avoilo~le in colors from our color chart Potkoge; 5 pes I lOon lenght



SWISS STRlW Art. HMG-SS Swiss strow, also known as raffia, is perfuct fortying wing roses and snelloo(l<son nymphs and SOld patterns. It is widely used for realistic patterns.

(olors: Amber, Bla(~ Yellow, Brown, Clear, (Oppel; Cream,

Dork Brown, Dark OlIVe, Orange .

Art. HMG-FB Magic Shrimp pearl translucent (olors. Greot for tying Czeth Nymph, shrimp and stud fly patterns.

This moterial adds a level of flash to these patterns Ihilt up until now was, impossible to creole.

Available in rolors from our color chart Patkage: 5 pes I lOtm lenght


Art. HIIIG·DS-HE Hare's Ear dubbing brush Hare's Plus dubbing brush

CZECH NYMPH Dubbing Brush Art. HMG-DB-CN The blend of One mylor-ftoshobou dubbing, angora goat hair,

syntheNs fibres, ice dubbing lwisted between two cooper


(oI01s: 01 White, 02 Ugh! Y~low, 03 Golden Yellow, 04 Chartreuse, 05 Cream, 06 Brown, 07 Gold 01 ive, 08, 09 Oronge, 10 FlLra Pink 11 Red, 12 Black, 13 Grey,14 Ught Brown, 15 Ught Olive, 16 Ught Ora nge, 17 Hot Orange, 18 lig~t Pink 19 Purple, 20 Gnnomon

Pockoge: 5 pes, 15 em leoght


ArtHMG-CDC Since its oppeoroncs,iIl tffi 1980s, Cui de CorilTd (COG has spawned a wOOls new g€flsrofion nifty poHerns. ~ nas unique light- and a ir-trap~ IlJ qualities that send trout into a feedi ng frenzy. CDC is most commonly found on sedge, midge, and emerger patterns.

Each package contoins approximately 30 selected feathers.

Awilable cololS: natural and dyed on more thon 30 colors

from our color cbart.

Made from natural haIr - Hore Ears, Red fox, Squirell Package: 5 pes, 10 nn lenghl

SEDGE LARVAE DU BBING BRUSH Art. HMG-OB·Sl The special dubbing brush with dark ends, excelenlior quickly lying sedge lorvoe flies and Czem Nymph pollems, ovoilavle in 10 colors

Padroge: 5 ps. 10 nn lenght


M. HMG-FB Flashobou will,put some life in a large supp~ 01 your jigs and stTearners, combining the movement ond I~elike breathing action of A%Jrabou wiIh a strong yet supple mylor material to odd flosh to your lores. Assolfment indudes one 2,000 strand 1001 pock of each rolor.

TUBE BODY - Mayfly


for1ying perfect and hyperrealistic imilations.ofmayflies on hook sizes 6.18, in many mlors and many sizes

Small, medium ,large ~._ TO MF-02 ~

10 pes pack _ TBMF-Ol~ ~_/ TBMF-03~


TUBE BODY - Caddis


For lying realistic imitations of small caddis, stonefly and grass hopper patterns on hook sizes 14-20 in many

colors and rna ny sizes Small, medium

10 pes pack

IB (-01

T8 (-03

T8 (-05

T8 C-07 TB (-08

TUBE BODY - Caddis pupa


for tying realistic "breathing" curved bodies of caddis pupa on hook sizes 8-14 in many colors and many

shapes. T8 CP-Ol T8 C~-03 IB (P~-0ia5 ~_~

~ ~

Smail, medium, large

10 pes pock

T8 CP-06

TUBE BODY - Atcoctors


Atractors tube body for tying the IIbuggy'1 bodies of terrestrial insects, small streamers and stillwater flies. The bodies have a metallic or iridescent tint. Available in many colors and sizes. Small, medium, Iorge. lOpes. pack

T8 A-01

TUBE BODY - Hoppers HMG - TB-H

Tube body for tying the excellent realistic imitations of Grass Hoppers. They come in two body colour combinations and different tip colours .. Available in many colors and sizes.

Small, medium, large. TB H-O 1 fB H-02

10 pes. pack

TUBE BODY - Stimulator


Fly simulator's bodies for tying gold-bead nymphs,. wet flies, stillwater flies and many other patterns. The body has a transparent tip with bright colours, which will often provoke another take even from a trout that has stuffed itself. They rome in two body colour combinations and many different tip colours. For hook sizes 8-14 in

TB S-Ol TB S-02 TB S-03


Alreody at the distonce of 3km for from tho Uzice cify centra, the wonderful (onyon of the river Djelinjo begins, up to the water do,!,ll in Vrut,i where is the lake beaning the som:e nome, Djetinjo is a real mountain pearl vfth variety of rapids, waterfalls aod whirpools, hiding eupltul specimen of brown Ilout. There

is also grayling and hechen, so the trouf 1~~lIilW,"""i~ti'-i~il~~

i:;;ii:===.; .. ,.;:/lishermen could olwo.ys ~perience a plaGsont a dleno line surp rise.

we'vel,£ '

spent a 1 etime

getting people into

• •


Hemingway's gUided Fly Fishing Fly (osting and Fly Fishing courses

Fly Tyi ng Workshops


The 9 rsntest c h a II e ng e and Ih e 9 reolesl

awo, rd. The rive I 0 ri no The whitewote r Queen hiding in her embrace the capitol specimen of huchen up to 30 kg, grayling of 60 em, trout and lots of white fish species.

From the loke of Perucoc to Ljubovio, with the most attractive fishing spots in the villages 01 6vozdoc, Ovcinjo, Okletoc, Bocevci. .. ot 42 km from Uzice and in the nearby area of Tala

N otiono I Po rk.


Fly Fishing lodge "Drina Village" Ethno-village "Drinsko selc'Is place which presents the tladitjo~al materi~l and

. it allegacy af the Serbian village. The buildings are nuthetic and furnished as they sp III u d h h isit t r stay were in centuries ago .. There's a separate bui ling were t e VISI ors can res 0 .

VellRi Rzav with its 62 km of its flow is absolutely one of the most beautiful rivers, with chrystal clear water and emerold whirlpools, is situated 22 km far from Uzice. It is plendid

destination for fishing of greyling and brown froul, os well os indulging in moghificent noture .

River Gradoc (llIIyon Is one of Serbia's mosrbe-outifully praurved plotBs"Df outstonding natural beauty.ho Society respoJisi~ e tor the protection ond (ora,'Ot:.tIl@~E

whole oreo and in doing so ho through Jh ei I efforts Il.JIII8f.'trbfiidOill-{lI .u.t-;M~~'l~

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