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Dark Erotic Sensations

Dark Erotic Sensations

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Published by Tame Anna
a poem
a poem

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Published by: Tame Anna on Jul 07, 2008
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Dark Erotic Sensations If only I could focus on other things. . .

but I think about you all the time, How you look me up and down, licking your lips, Wanting you to push them onto my dripping cunt, shiny with juice, I step towards you, without anything. . . but a patchwork quilt wrapped loosely around my hips worn, threadbare, but caressing every fiber of me I strain towards you, my nipples pouting, my breasts growing larger under your gaze We are outside, and I drop the covering hoping the wind will pick up and caress my clit, as it grows and engorges, yearning for your teeth, your tongue I want to moan, but it is almost twilight, the traffic outside a background drop, do they see me? I hope. . . so my index finger dips toward my navel, traveling downward, parting just so, I lay down on the cold brick step, the sensations crowding me, I lift my legs, over your shoulders, my scent wafting upward you bend down. . . sensations of waterfalls, pressure, dancing, weaving, and then, the suckling sounds you make, I feel the building pressure, the rush, cumming onto you. . . I sigh and look up into your eyes, I am renewed. . .

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