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Learning Outside Classroom (XK)

Learning Outside Classroom (XK)

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Published by: Joa Ling on Sep 29, 2010
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Many say the most important things in life are learnt outside the classroom.

What do you think? You should write at least 350 words. Illustrate your opinion with examples. Many say that most important things in life are learnt outside the classroom. However, I disagree with that. In my opinion, education is one of the most important things apart from being knowledgeable and sociable or becoming rich, which might be others’ preference. Education is normally understood as the process of teaching, training and learning carried out in schools to develop skills and acquire knowledge. Little did we know that, development of one’s character and attitude is education too. I feel that education need to be acquired anywhere, whether in or out of the classroom. Hence, I think that both learning in the classroom and learning outside the classroom are actually complement each other and the end result is a wholesome development of one’s potentialities. Classroom learning involves the discovery of one’s intellectual talents through the lessons taught, subjects learned and the projects and experiments in the Arts and Sciences. They help to unravel a child’s potential talents and aptitudes. One could acquire knowledge under the guidance of teachers who advise, correct and guide him. The importance lies in the qualification acquired and which is the means to further education and qualification. Using the knowledge gained in the classroom, one managed to face the examinations and gets certificates which will become the stepping stones of students to society in the future. Without these certificates, one might face the problems of getting better job opportunities even though one has good personalities. In addition to this, one learns to think rationally, logically, critically and to be systematic in classroom. All these are acquired in the course of mastering the subjects taught. Hence, personal characteristics are taught and acquired indirectly as the child learns discipline and importance of a sense of responsibility while he is required to finish homework or assignments in time. Classroom learning not only contributes to student’s intellectual building but also makes an important contribution to parts of personal characteristics molding. One will be add up with self-confidence too while learning in classroom. However, outside-classroom learning also plays its important role. Learning outside the classroom enables one to gain experiences apart from extra knowledge. One can experience learning in a diverse range of settings and environments to develop general and subject based knowledge. Relevant outdoor activities that interest, challenge and motivate students could stimuli them in the working or learning. Therefore, transferability of students can be practiced, where skills development can be only monitored and measured and hence can be easily transferred to work place when they step into the society. Apart from learning responsibilities, leadership, teamwork, co-operation and loyalty through outside-classroom learning, one can get along with people easily when he enters the working world. This is because he will learn that in every competition there is victory and defeat and the spirit of sportsmanship and acceptance is an important part of life. Besides, through learning outside the classroom, one will learn the ethics of social behavior, importance of consideration for other people’s feelings and love and care of his fellow beings. He acquires an understanding of different cultures and traditions and learns to respect other people’s lifestyle and religion. In conclusion, it is obvious that classroom education and out of class learning are of equal importance. They complement rather than override each other.

By: Huon Xie Kee L6S3 .

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