A Project On Boring Machine Submitted By:Amar Kumar Roll No-4 B.F.Tech(FP) Submitted To:Mr. Shakeel Iqbal Date:-17-Sep-2010

In addition to its primary purpose of boring the range of speeds and feeds provided to the various traversing components allow drilling. the use of the machine can be extended still further to include screw cutting. By the fitting of simple attachments. turning. which are practically impossible to hold and rotate in an engine lathe or a drilling machine. therefore. milling and facing to be performed with equal facility. Boring machines have. the entire Machine is built around . been developed primarily to do this. or gear cutting.BORING MACHINE INTRODUCTIONThe boring machine is one of the most versatile machine tools used to bore holes in large and heavy parts. planetary grinding. The important features of the Boring Machine are described in following Heads: HEADSTOCK:This is most important unit of Machine.

End Support Column: For operation involving the use of long Boring bars and heavy tools.end .it.There is an open and closed type support.It may contain one or two spindles.It supports.an out board bearing is utilised to support the end of the bar.It is adjusted separately from the Headstock and aligned by means of an accurate scale and vernier.It Houses the various gears and driving mechanism. The Column Base:The Base support and secures the column. Run Ways:These are on floor or planner type machines to carry the main column.one Spindle is heavy for heavier operations on Boring. Column: The Column Provides support for the headstock and guide it up and down accurately by means of ways.The other spindle is lighter and faster for drilling and taping small holes and end mill work.drives and feels the tool.

It contains all the necessary feeding mechanism for the table as well as a coolant tank. Bed:It may be cast in one or several pieces.and the various feed and control shafts.when the column Base.support column. Cast Rail: It is used only on the multiple head Machine.a rotary table.the end support. . It os equipped with suitanle range of feeds as rapid traverse.the saddle.the member upon which it travels is called a Run Ways not a bed.and in some cases. Table And Saddle: The chief function of the table provides a support for holding the workpiece. It serves to support the column and the headstock. It also provide a mean of locking and clamping the work.the table.Column and Headstock are traversed as a complete unit.

The floor Plates are mounted on a foundation and are not adjustable after levelling into position.although machine upto 150mm in . MACHINE SIZE:An averge machine may be excepted to take a 75mm bar.Floor Plate:Floor plates are made up of several section keyed and dwelled together to form a continuous surface for fastening work.

Column Height. One should mention the following points also in addition of above points. respectively.p.-Horizontal boring Machine It is also known asc Horizontal boring.The spindle speed and horse power are order of 22 to 1600r.P. and 10 to 80 H.Table size.size may be purchased.floor area.Drilling and Milluing machine and is intended to perform operationsd an relatively large pieces which can’t be rotated easily.are irregular and .weight of the job.m. TYPES OF MACHINE:I. While specifying capacity of the machine .

Standard Vertical Boring machine and vertical turrent Lathe.it is possible to feed the main spindle axially.Vertical Boring Machine:There are two types of Vertical Boring Machine i.It may be noted that the main spindle can be rotated in either direction.It .and require operations on surfaces. Standard vertical boring machine is the largest of machine tools. II. Vertical turrent lathe is basically a vertical boring machine and has turrent arrangement of holding the tools .water turbine runners. It also indicates yhe relative movement of its sliding and rotating elements. It is used to machine inside and outside diameters and facing large pieces which are more or less symmetrical such as large ring gear blanks.unsymmetrical.e.the work table can be traversed along and across the machine bed.steam turbing castings.

Other Boring Machines: (a)Two-spindle Vertical way type Boring Machine- .but on small scale.can do essentially the same jobs. It has five tool position which enable successive tools to be brought into position without demounting. III.

(b)Double Ended Boring Machine- (c)Fine boring MachineThese are precision boring machines designed for high accuracy and surface .

ay be either fixed .These are available in horizontal(single end or double end type)and vertical spindle fashions. BORING TOOLS: Boring tools are held in boring tool holders which m.finish.

(iii)Line boring bars-These are used for bores and can accomodate fly cutters.tool blocks. (iv)Boring head-It is more rigid boring tool holder and is used for roughing and finishing of large bore(100 to 500 mm).or rotating tyupe.fixed holders are used in work-rotating machines and rotating holders in tool rotating machines.Various types of Boring tool holders are: (i)Adustable boring bars-These are built with catridges adjustable in axial and radial directions by set screws.radial tool feeding facility also exists. (v)Boring and Facing Head-This enables boring of large bore.dampers are provide at the feel end to absorb vibrations. THANK YOU . (ii)Damped boring bars-In it.cartridges etc.

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