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Inside this Guide:
1) Our Organization, Our Mission, Our Values 2) Our Technology 3) Our Leaders

Quick Facts & Overview
Wrapped up all on this ONE page, are the “Who / What / When / Where / Why / How” of Un World Life.
We’ve gone from Homelessness, Child Abuse, Drugs, Gangs, and Despair to being Full of Love, Happiness, and Healthy living!!! As well as earning a Small Net Worth of over $2.5 MILLION
Rose Media Company, was founded in 1999 as “Un World”. Rose Media Company's flagship platform/show is Un World Life, a Social Lifestyle & Media hub where people share & discover Lifestyle Reviews, News, Advice, and Commentary: For Everyone Above the Mainstream. We've been featured on/with MSNBC, ESPN, NFTE's National Entrepreneurship Week, Sony Music Entertainment, Island Def Jam Music Group, and Grammy-Award winning producer/songwriter's who's credits include Aretha Franklin, Beyonce Knowles, and Whitney Houston. Our duty within the media world, is to serve as media “Officers / Bounty Hunters”. We perform up to the hour Daily Patrols of the Internet across media properties such as Huffington Post, YouTube, Breitbart, and too many bloggers & RSS feeds to name; and social media such as Facebook, Twitter, Yahoo Answers, and MySpace. The target and goal is to support advocates of, and defend against threats, to all-things “Above the Mainstream”. We exist because far too often, an algorithm alone isn't enough to help navigate the internet. UnWorldLife.com is similar in purpose/function to eHow, Oprah.com, HGtv, HuffPo, ESPN.com, Style.com, Breitbart.com, CNet.com, and HotAir, but powered with fierce values & kick-a** hybrid content curation (creative-side) and a unique lifestyle/media algorithm (techside). Our sole purpose is to provide lifestyle assistance across several topics, catered to like-minded communities around the globe. Audiences who feel a sense of anxiety, frustration, or flat-out boredom with, who feel underserved or left out by, the mainstream cultural/social circles have an outlet in Un World Life. Other destinations, at best, may share an affinity with our community, but our story, our technology, and our social connection is unique in value. In a world of mass marketing and bombardment of advertisements, Un World Life provides a targeted approach which taps into our users' deeper needs. Our community feels more fulfilled, less confused, and more confident with their lifestyle decisions by using Un World Life.

For More Detailed Information, Please Continue to Read This Media-Kit and/or Head Over to team.unworldlife.com for our 1) Join-Us Guide, 2) Market Analysis, and 3) Co-Op Guide

The show “Un World Life” is a Documentary-Drama Series, styled in a 'Reality TV'/'Narrative Non-Fiction' format, based within our Lifestyle & Media hub. We only feature content/speech from persons or entities which has been submitted to Un World, waived/licensed to Un World for inclusion in our project series, or publicly released. Our purpose and aim is to provide criticism and commentary of lifestyle media, products, and services in effort to enrich the interactions between members of the community and the featured lifestyle oriented properties. Persons or entities featured in our media do not endorse, nor sponsor Un World Life content unless otherwise noted on the post itself, located on our site (unworldlife.com). If not featured as a media partner/officer, the person or entity is legally considered to be included in our documentary format under Fair Use; in efforts to provide social, political, lifestyle, or cultural critique and/or commentary.

Un World exists not for those who see the glass half-empty, not for those who see the glass half-full, Un World exists for those of Us who Question, “Why isn't my glass 100% Full in the First place?”

We utilize our proprietary technology to analyze challenges/problems within our community-audience, develop semiotic action-items for our community-audience, and aide in the design of pragmatic solutions to the challenges/problems. Our ability to aide in the design, planning, and development of semiotic actionitems saves our partners time and money in their quest to effectively reach their audience/market. RMC's proprietary algorithm + use of our mixed-media platform allows us to truly be creative and drive results. Our core competencies lie within Social Semiotics Development, Research, and Analysis. We specialize in Media Analytics & Design, Public Relations, and Marketing Communications applications of our technology/platform.
RMC doesn't specialize in creating “the content” directly, we specialize in the IDEAS/ITEMS that fuel the content + the IDEAS/ITEMS that drive & contain the content. Our primary focus is on the Cultural Perception and it's Results/Impact, not the individual Artistic Projects themselves.

Love. Loyalty. Honor. Between You and Your Audience, The Creation of Shared Stories & Experiences.

A. Discovery Process Core Drivers for You AND Your Audience, Product/Service Options, Revenue Opportunities, Market Analysis B. Brand Enhancement & Development Audience Narrative Discovery, Lifestyle 'PISE' Analysis, Brand Messaging, Positioning and Repositioning C. Audience Narrative Integration Develop, Research, and Analyze Social Semiotic & Creative Action-Items D. Marketing Strategy Product Launches, Making Your Statement - Driving Awareness & Conversions; Campaign Development E. Media/PR Strategy Your Portion of the Story - Delivered through the Media; Campaign Development
Our Service levels (delivered across each milestone): 1) Consulting 2) Strategic Development 3) Creative/Research Development* 4) Creative/Research Implementation*

(*): May require additional resources and services to complete, varies according to needs

Authors of the Non-Fiction, Self-Help, Motivational/Success-Guide

From Crisis to Freedom: How To Take Control of Your Life and Obtain True Success

Current Team Audience Size of 25,000

The Variety Show & Narrative portion of Un World Life ...is presented in a Documentary-Drama (Reality Show) format with Dramatic-Comedy elements. The general premise revolves around the “Un World Officers” whose duty is to patrol the community (in a hyperbolic and semi-fictional manner) in search of socially bothersome “crimes”. Their efforts to enforce, defend, and protect often have comedic results, as they end up sharing stories & lessons learned with the audience. The show is set in the present day, with the “Un World Life Headquarters” located in the fictional town of Elmer. The Talk Show portion of Un World Life Non-Fiction, News Commentary & Biography fueled elements (described on page 11) The Music Soundtrack portion of Un World Life Musical themes & backgrounds for the Show and Blog (described on page 8)

Our Organization, Our Mission, Our Values...
Un World Life, founded in 1999, is a Social Lifestyle & Media hub where people share, discover and review lifestyle topics. Un World’s mixedmedia show helps lead people to discover new things from new counterculture lifestyles, connect with other like-minded community members, discuss lifestyle issues, find great prices on products, and make holistically informed decisions. Our community members connect, share advice and lifestyle suggestions, and engage Live On-Air with other people. Celebrity, politics, music, lifestyle, tech, and fashion are woven into original narrative. Both documentary/talk show narrative and music soundtrack series are hosted along with blog-styled articles. At the core of Un World is an engaging, fun, and motivated community of people who love to seek fulfillment in life.

Our Mission: To Help you Make it PISE! Our job is to provide lifestyle assistance so that you can live a happier and more fulfilled life.
The Unknown World is for everyone Above the Mainstream. Everyone who is Passionate, Responsible, and not afraid to Push the Status-Quo.

At the core of Un World Life are values of:
● ● ●

Freedom of expression and creativity Fiscal Responsibility and Wealth Building on the part of our own Families, as well as our Governments Free Market Economics, in which Constitutionally Limited Government simply protects certain inalienable rights; (i.e. Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness for ALL peoples)

Un World Life stands for the Men, Women, and Families who are both Tough enough, and Savvy enough to be Responsible for their own lives. We serve to Build & Maintain Legacy Wealth in P.I.S.E. “Our first priority is to Serve and Help our guests & members…we break it down and truly get into the public’s opinion, as well as advice/experience, on different Lifestyle choices. It’s not so much about just the Music & Media alone, or just the Fashion & Gadgets by themselves, it’s really about the core Culture and Daily Life that these things help inspire.”

UWL Primary Community Members:
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age 13-17 (18%), age 18-24 (8%), age 25-54 (61%), age 55+ (13%) // Largest Demographics = 1st: age 45-54 (23%), 2nd: 25-35 (20%) deeply engaged with music, entertainment, and art believe in values of entrepreneurship & DIY attitude identify with being wealthier & healthier than their peers interested in gaining the advantage & greater insights for lifestyle improvement enjoy the concepts of the cowboy, the outlaw, and the patriot

Top 5 – Primary Community/Audience Members @ Un World Life

Movers & Shakers
Movers & Shakers is home to America's up-and-coming business class: a wealthy suburban world of dual-income couples who are highly educated, typically between the ages of 35 and 54 and often with children. Given its high percentage of executives and white-collar professionals, there's a decided business bent to this segment: Movers & Shakers rank number one for owning a small business and having a home office.

American Dreams
American Dreams is a living example of how ethnically diverse the nation has become: in these multilingual neighborhoods - one in ten speaks a language other than English - middle-aged immigrants and their children live in middle-class comfort.

Shotguns & Pickups
The segment known as Shotguns & Pickups came by its moniker honestly: it scores near the top of all lifestyles for owning hunting rifles and pickup trucks. These Americans tend to be young, working-class couples with large families-more than half have two or more kids-living in small homes and manufactured housing. Nearly a third of residents live in mobile homes, more than anywhere else in the nation.

Young Digerati
Young Digerati are the nation's tech-savvy singles and couples living in fashionable neighborhoods on the urban fringe. Affluent, highly educated and ethnically mixed, Young Digerati communities are typically filled with trendy apartments and condos, fitness clubs and clothing boutiques, casual restaurants and all types of bars-from juice to coffee to microbrew.

Fast-Track Families
With their upper-middle-class incomes, numerous children and spacious homes, Fast-Track Families are in their prime acquisition years. These middle-aged parents have the disposable income and educated sensibility to want the best for their children. They buy the latest technology with impunity: new computers, DVD players, home theater systems and video games. They take advantage of their rustic locales by camping, boating and fishing.

Secondary “Less Intense” Community/Audience Members @ Un World Life
Kid Country, USA: 90% Affinity Widely scattered throughout the nation's heartland, Kid Country, USA is a segment dominated by large families living in small towns. Predominantly white, with an above average concentration of Hispanics, these young, working-class households include homeowners, renters and military personnel living in base housing; about 20 percent of residents own mobile homes. Second City Elite: 90% Affinity There's money to be found in the nation's smaller cities, and you're most likely to find it in Second City Elite. The residents of these satellite cities tend to be prosperous executives who decorate their $200,000 homes with multiple computers, large screen TV sets and an impressive collection of wines. With more than half holding college degrees, Second City Elite residents enjoy cultural activities-, from reading books to attending theater to dance productions. Up-and-Comers: 90% Affinity Up-and-Comers is a stopover for young, midscale singles before they marry, have families and establish more deskbound lifestyles. Found in second-tier cities, these mobile, twenty-somethings include a disproportionate number of recent college graduates who are into athletic activities, the latest technology and nightlife entertainment. Crossroads Villagers: 90% Affinity With a population of middle-aged, blue-collar couples and families, Crossroads Villagers is a classic rural lifestyle. Residents are high school-educated, with lower-middle incomes and modest housing; one-quarter live in mobile homes. And there's an air of self-reliance in these households as Crossroads Villagers help put food on the table through fishing, gardening and hunting. Country Casuals: 90%-80% Affinity There's a laid-back atmosphere in Country Casuals, a collection of middle-aged, upper middle-class households that have started to empty-nest. Workers here-and most households boast two earners-have well paying blue- or white collar jobs, or own small businesses. Today these Baby-Boom couples have the disposable income to enjoy traveling, owning timeshares and going out to eat. Urban Achievers: 80% Affinity Concentrated in the nation's port cities, Urban Achievers is often the first stop for up-and-coming immigrants from Asia, South America and Europe. These young singles and couples are typically college educated and ethnically diverse: about a third are foreign-born, and even more speak a language other than English. Family Thrifts: 80% Affinity The small-city cousins of inner-city districts, Family Thrifts contain young, ethnically diverse parents who have lots of children and work entry-level service jobs. In these apartment-filled neighborhoods, visitors find the streets jam-packed with babies and toddlers, tricycles and basketball hoops, Daewoos and Hyundais. Upward Bound: 80%-70% Affinity More than any other segment, Upward Bound appears to be the home of those legendary Soccer Moms and Dads. In these small satellite cities, upper-class families boast dual incomes, college degrees and new split-levels and colonials. Residents of Upward Bound tend to be kid-obsessed, with heavy purchases of computers, action figures, dolls, board games, bicycles and camping equipment. Mobility Blues: 80%-70% Affinity Young singles and single parents make their way to Mobility Blues, a segment of working-class neighborhoods in America's satellite cities. Racially mixed and under 25 years old, these transient Americans tend to have modest lifestyles due to their lower income blue-collar jobs. Surveys show they excel in going to movies, playing basketball and shooting pool.

Tertiary “Less Intense” Community/Audience Members @ Un World Life
Young Influentials: 70% Affinity Once known as the home of the nation's yuppies, Young Influentials reflects the fading glow of acquisitive yuppiedom. Today, the segment is a common address for young, middle-class singles and couples who are more preoccupied with balancing work and leisure pursuits. Having recently left college dorms, they now live in apartment complexes surrounded by ball fields, health clubs and casual-dining restaurants. Heartlanders: 70% Affinity America was once a land of small middle-class towns, which can still be found today among Heartlanders. This widespread segment consists of middle-aged couples with working-class jobs living in sturdy, unpretentious homes. In these communities of small families and empty-nesting couples, Heartlanders pursue a rustic lifestyle where hunting and fishing remain prime leisure activities along with cooking, sewing, camping and boating. Young & Rustic: 70% Affinity Like the soap opera that inspired its nickname, Young & Rustic is composed of young, restless singles. Unlike the glitzy soap denizens, however, these folks tend to be lower income, high school-educated and living in tiny apartments in the nation's exurban towns. With their service industry jobs and modest incomes, these folks still try to fashion fast-paced lifestyles centered on sports, cars and dating. The Cosmopolitans: 60% Affinity Educated, midscale and multi-ethnic, The Cosmopolitans are urbane couples in America's fast-growing cities. Concentrated in a handful of metros-such as Las Vegas, Miami and Albuquerque-these households feature older home-owners, empty-nesters and college graduates. A vibrant social scene surrounds their older homes and apartments, and residents love the nightlife and enjoy leisure-intensive lifestyles. New Homesteaders: 60%-50% Affinity Young, middle-class families seeking to escape suburban sprawl find refuge in New Homesteaders, a collection of small rustic townships filled with new ranches and Cape Cods. With decent-paying jobs in white-collar and service industries, these dual-income couples have fashioned comfortable, childcentered lifestyles, their driveways filled with campers and powerboats, their family rooms with PlayStations and Game Boys. Bohemian Mix: 50% Affinity A collection of young, mobile urbanites, Bohemian Mix represents the nation's most liberal lifestyles. Its residents are a progressive mix of young singles and couples, students and professionals, Hispanics, Asians, African-Americans and whites. In their funky rowhouses and apartments, Bohemian Mixers are the early adopters who are quick to check out the latest movie, nightclub, laptop and microbrew. Multi-Culti Mosaic: 50% Affinity An immigrant gateway community, Multi-Culti Mosaic is the urban home for a mixed populace of younger Hispanic, Asian and African-American singles and families. With nearly a quarter of the residents foreign born, this segment is a mecca for first-generation Americans who are striving to improve their lowermiddle-class status. Big City Blues: 50% Affinity With a population that's 50 percent Latino, Big City Blues has the highest concentration of Hispanic Americans in the nation. But it's also the multi-ethnic address for downscale Asian and African-American households occupying older inner-city apartments. Concentrated in a handful of major metros, these young singles and single-parent families face enormous challenges: low incomes, uncertain jobs and modest educations. More than 40 percent haven't finished high school.

Our Story, Our Journey - Assorted Pictures

Our creative foundation and base philosophy for innovation can be found in “The Book of the Unknown World” series, which is available for critical & professional review upon request. Un World Life follows Officers of the Mission, Patrolling the Internet, for Everyone Above the Mainstream.

Our current fight has been focused on:

Sharing how 'PISE' and the 'Un World Lifestyle' has allowed us to go from Hardship, Abuse, & Homelessness, to earning a Net Worth of over $2.5 Million Exposing the Impact and Hidden Agenda of the Liberals of the Boomer Generations Expressing how our Conservative & Libertarian Values hold the Key to Rebuilding Prosperity around the Globe

Our Story, Our Journey - Assorted Pictures

Un World’s Music Soundtrack is based in a mix that we call “ParaDox Music”
Our “ParaDox Music” mix is a symphonic experience & blend of: ● Alternative Urban/Metal ● Southern Country-Rock ● Dark Electronica Each Piece is rooted in 4- to 8-section orchestration.
Our Works are Compared to and Inspired by: The Logic of Franz Joseph Haydn, Nine Inch Nails & The Chemical Brothers, the Honesty & Integrity of Tim McGraw and Darius Rucker, the Emotionally powered tone of Ice Cube and Snoop Dogg, Aggressive-heavy rock of Chevelle and Papa Roach, raw Street Savvy of Jay-Z and 50 Cent, and the Ethereal Vibe of Deftones and Korn.

Our Story, Our Journey - Assorted Pictures

Our “Mixed-Media” Narrative Synopsis
Un World Life Original Screenplay “Jay Rose. Bipolar, Visionary, Genius.” “INTJ – Mastermind. IQ 130.” “Jay Rose is an Agent/Officer of Un World, patrolling the internet, as cowboys of dreams, for everyone above the mainstream. Deep passion for Family & Community Values, works from home (and remote locations) with family. Specializes in the analyzation, and subsequent judgement of everyone and everything! Despises nearly every living being who belongs to 'The Mindless Masses' (aka Slaves). Imbued with Divine Powers & Responsibility, he both loves/hates the day-to-day tasks of his position. Most encounters reveal people to constantly make sub-optimal decisions. This coupled with his Dark & Painful Past has manifested itself into Megalomania... The Narcissist... He has settled into the belief that he is Greater and Grander than the majority of beings on this planet. Through God and Divine Duty, PISE Tracker allows him to be an Enforcer, a Sage, a Gangsta, a General within the known Universe. More Spiritual than most religious people, and less tolerant of childlike irrational behavior than most non-religious. An entity of Malevolent power, for a Benevolent mission. A Dark Angel. The Un Reaper. Unknown Disciples of Truth.” “Jasmine Rose. Mother, Wife, Sidekick.” “ENFP – Champion. Runs 'Charm Club' for the Girl's & Woman's perspective.” “Jay & Jasmine Rose's duty is to utilize the 'PISE Tracker' to analyze challenges/problems within our community-audience, develop semiotic action-items for our community-audience, and aide in the design of pragmatic solutions to the challenges/problems.” Our ability to aide in the design, planning, and development of semiotic action-items saves our partners time and money in their quest to effectively reach their audience/market. Un World Life's algorithm + use of mixedmedia platform allows us to truly be creative and drive results. As for any challengers or opponents of The Unknown World and the attainment of PISE; we gladly challenge them to “play your hand, roll the dice, and state your case”. Consider the time & depth of the attackers study and instruction given in the field, and the corresponding time & depth of our own defense. You'll most often find that the comparison simply doesn't measure up, and the ensuing results are laughably staggering. Un World Life outclasses and outperforms the majority of even it's most formidable opponents.

Jay Rose the Un Reaper began operations with UDOT in 1996, and served 6 consecutive tours from 1997-2003, then 2 additional tours in 2005-2006. Trained and deployed as an enforcer, he quickly rose in rank and began directing squads & operations by 2001. During the two year gap where he wasn't engaged in active duty on the field, he further engrossed himself in deep study in the fields of psychology, sociology, marketing, and management. Initially this study was an effort to improve and advance himself personally, but he soon found that his efforts were truly a part of a much bigger picture. The talents, creativity, and skills possessed were at a more positive benefit for society within a new scope of operation. That scope of operation is Un World Life.

Operations as a Soldier within degraded Urban War-Zones; some direct effects
Posttraumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) and Urban Violence Traumatic Stress Response Syndrome (U-VTS) 47% of low-income minority youth have witnessed a murder and 56% have witnessed a stabbing. ...low-income minorities ages 10-19 were surveyed; 75% witnessed a violent act and 46.5% had been a victim of violence. 23% of patients at an adolescent health care clinic in Baltimore had witnessed homicide and one out of every ten children at a clinic in Boston City Hospital witnessed a shooting or stabbing before the age of six. ...14.5% of adolescents who experience at least one traumatic event by age 18 developed PTSD. These youth also had additional psycho-social problems such as suicidal behavior and emotional problems. Those who experienced trauma but did not develop PTSD did exhibit more deficits in behavioral, emotional, and academic functioning. Community violence has been found to be more closely related to PTSD than any other form. Environmental factors are one of the biggest predictors of PTSD. American cities, with high crime rates, high concentrations of poverty and the lack of proper mental health services put inner city youth at greater risk for developing PTSD. For example, The U.S. Department of Veteran Affairs reports that 3-15% of girls and 1-6% of boys who have experienced trauma could be diagnosed with PTSD. However, in at-risk samples the rate is much higher; 37% of children exposed to a shooting and 35% of urban youth exposed to violence develop PTSD. ...youth who were exposed to violence in their community and found that 27% met all of the diagnostic criteria for PTSD. 82% percent reported symptoms such as intrusive thoughts or dreams; 54% reported physiological arousal symptoms such as irritability and hyper vigilance. ...youth who are chronically exposed to violence had increased levels of PTSD and higher levels of psychopathology. ...boys who experienced PTSD tend to commit more violence. PTSD can also lead to other psychiatric problems. ...40% of the adolescents with PTSD also had depression. ...youth with PTSD had higher levels of depression, attention deficits, aggressive and delinquent behavior, and interpersonal problems. PTSD is also linked to substance abuse...PTSD led to an increased risk of abuse or dependency on illicit drugs. These studies document a large segment of our urban youth who are not getting their mental health needs addressed. These psychological problems can grow into permanent psychological dysfunction which may lead to additional violent and maladaptive behaviors, further impairing their development and leaving a successful or even a normal adulthood in doubt. Data and Information from: Inner City Children of Trauma: Urban Violence Traumatic Stress Response Syndrome (U-VTS) and Therapists' Responses (ER PARSON) Youth Violence: Implications For Posttraumatic Stress Disorder In Urban Youth (Report from the NATIONAL URBAN LEAGUE POLICY INSTITUTE)

Our Technology...

Un World Life is powered by our proprietary "PISE Tracker" lifestyle technology

Our algorithms utilize the input of dynamic market information, as well as objective search and sales data. We systematically combine relevant search with consumer sentiments to feed our core database. These results are all filtered by human professionals, using actuarial-based systems and engineering.

So WHAT is PISE Tracker?
PISE Tracker is our proprietary “Lifestyle Technology” that allows us to Research, Analyze, Detect, and Review the Physical, Intellectual, Spiritual, and Emotional dimensions of our lives. Physical Ease of Use, Varied Usefullness, Meets Expectations, Production Value, Appearance, Tangible/“Touchable” Results, Assets, The “Here & Now” Intellectual Value for Price/Costs, Boost to Education in Lifestyle Area, Directly Measurable Lifestyle Enhancement, Service and Support, Writing/Lyrics/Script (creative content), Analytical Thinking Spiritual Performance, Quality, Features, Message, Artistic Culture, Self-Awareness, Self-Esteem, Inner-Peace, and Personal Well-Being Emotional Design, Style, Appeal, Social Relevance, Social Application, Positive Impact on Mood, Helps Define Personality

It's a Diagnostic Tool for the Deeper Aspects of our Lives.

Snapshots of the Un World Life Show

Our Story, Our Journey - Assorted Pictures

Our Leaders...
About Us Jay & Jasmine Rose

We’ve gone from Homelessness, Child Abuse, Drugs, Gangs, and Despair to being Full of Love, Happiness, and Healthy living!!! As well as earning a Small Net Worth of over $2.5 MILLION
Un World was founded in 1999...In 2006, Jay & Jasmine Rose were divinely inspired to embark on a path of great responsibility, as well as great risk. Doing so has led not only their family to great peace and success, but has also led to a continuous stream of innovation in Art, Lifestyle, & Technology. Together we're here to offer the excellence of inspiration and dedication, through the experience that we have been blessed with. Our Mission is to Build and Maintain legacy wealth in PISE, for Everyone Above the Mainstream. We have dedicated ourselves to a life of service and duty for God.

We attended 24th ranked university in U.S…Depended on Food Stamps & Welfare…worked with Major Record Labels Sony Urban and Def Jam…been served with an eviction notice…graduated high school with 3.8 GPA and scored 1180 on SAT…had our baby girl born into an intensive care unit…held full-time employment, paid taxes, and remained free of any criminal charges/convictions and serious drugs…Survived Child Abuse and household of Violence and Drug Addiction…Published in the Baltimore Sun and Highlights Magazine…Labeled a Manic Depressive by family… Un World was founded in 1999, it has since evolved into a Social Lifestyle & Media Organization based in Community and Culture.

“The Board”: Trusted Advisors & Consultants Ryan Nach
Advisor; Guidance Specialized in Finance, News & Business, Music & Media CPA, Worked at Ernst & Young. Gained experience and knowledge in the media/ entertainment world at Def Jam Records (Marketing Department) ► Owner/Operator of Knock It Out Productions, a family of artists, producers, actors, models, musicians, managers, and business consultants with the common goal of creating original and high quality content. ► As a production company based in New York City and New Jersey, Knock It Out focuses on pushing the creative envelope beyond the boundaries of “today's mainstream”.

Darien Dorsey

Advisor; Guidance Specialized in Music & Film, News & Business Owner/Operator of D. Dorsey Music, LLC. ► Studied at Berklee College of Music. ► Music Production for Grammy AwardWinning recording artist Freddie Jackson, Def Jam recording artist Karina Pasian, and rising Singer/Songwriter Candace Coles. ► Joint projects with Gordon Chambers, Grammy Award-winning songwriter and record producer who has written songs for artists including Aretha Franklin, Beyoncé Knowles, and Whitney Houston.

Chase Levy

Advisor; Guidance Specialized in Film & Media, News & Business Chase plays a versatile role on the Knock It Out team. ► As a freelance producer in television, Chase has been part of the creative & logistical staff putting together TV shows like NBC's Today Show, where he coordinated and produced all things entertainment, including the famed summer music concerts on 30 Rockefeller Plaza, ► Along with a host of other shows; Vh1's I Want To Work For Diddy, NBC Nightly News, Vh1's Celebrity Fit Club, and Bravo's Make Me A Supermodel, to name a few.

Mike Becker

Advisor; Guidance Specialized in Finance, Music, Sports & Media

Financial Analyst, MetLife. Served as President & Chief Operating Officer of KIO. Accounting Audit Associate at KPMG. ► Studied at Bucknell University and completing MBA at Villanova ► Large and Small business savvy alike, Mike has provided quality guidance and operations advice for over 6 years.

Our net worth and equity is derived from our portfolio of intellectual properties in both technology and creative arts. Our flagship properties in both categories are our proprietary “PISE Tracker: Lifestyle Technology”, our music production assets, and our online property assets. Due to our non-disclosure agreements we aren't at liberty to ramble on about all the details and parties involved, unless you happen to be partnered with a “vested interest in ongoing company developments.” (yeah, the legal stuff forces us to be a little less friendly than usual) We can tell you that the full development of both web and mobile application versions of UnWorldLife.com are in our future, and of great importance.

Snapshots of the Un World Life Show

Snapshots of the Un World Life Show

Our Story, Our Journey - Assorted Pictures

Our Story, Our Journey - Assorted Pictures

Un World Life Jay & Jasmine Rose Office Phone: 1.717.814.8506 Studio Phone: 1.443.602.9836 E-Mail: office@unworldlife.com Skype: UnWorldLife
http://www.youtube.com/unworld http://www.twitter.com/unworldlife http://www.facebook.com/pages/Un-World-Life/198744988247