Game Designer Rich Redman

Editor Erik Morna

Alit Director Kyle Hunter

Coverr Artist Justin Hampton

Corntliibuting A~tists .. Scott SCfrlOl11ilbufg

10m F0wleli Ramon lPe~ez Jeff Carlisle Clnliis llie~as

This Polyhedron d20 System MiniGame requires the DUNGEONS (jT DRAGONS Player's Handbook, Dungeon Master's Guide, and Monster Manual to play. Polyhedron Mini-Games adapt the standard D!)tD rules and conventions to nonstandard settings and genres. Unless specifically noted in the text, this Mini-Game follows the core DUiD rules. If you know how to play DUNGEONS or DRAGONS, you'll pick up the rules of this game in moments.

Thunderball Rally utilizes game mechanics developed for the new DUNGEONS or DRAGONS game by Jonathan Tweet, Monte Cook, Skip Williams, Richard Baker, and Peter Adkison and the 020 MODERN Roleplaying. Game by Bill Siavicsek, Rich Redman, and Jeff Grubb. This Wizards of the Coasl game contains no Open Game Content.

Based on the original Dungeons Ut Dragons game by Gary Gygax and Dave Arneson.

@ 2002 Wizards of the Coast, Inc. DUNGEONS or DRAGONS and O!)tD are registered trademarks owned by Wizards of the Coast, Inc., a subsidiary of Hasbro, Inc. Polyhedron and the d20 System logo are trademarks owned by Wizards of the Coast, Inc. No portion of this work may be reproduced in any form without written permission from the publisher.


t~.f" ou have a reputation.

"" You love speed. You

have so many traffic violations you have to change your name every time you renew your license. You hear screaming tires in your sleep and you'd rather smell burning rubber in the morning than coffee or bacon. So the invitation to the famous, annual, highly illegal race across the United States puts an all-day smile on your face.

What II

Thunderball Rally? Thunderball Rally is a d20 System game about racing across the

United States of America in 1976. It's also a preview for the upcoming D20 MODERN Roleplaying Game. The D20 MODERN RPO contains all the rules for playing any flavor of modern-day fantasy. If you know how to play DUrD or any other d20 System game, you already know how to play D20 MODERN.

Although the game creates an imaginary cross-country car race, you can use these d20 System modern vehicle rules with Shadow Chasers (Polyhedron #150) or some game of your own creation.

In Thunderball Rally, you play one of the crews in the largest, most lucrative, most illegal crosscountry road race in America. If

Blood on the Asphalt The following things disqualify racers from winniNg the prize:

Not following the rules of the "ace (see "The Rules of the Race" sidebar).

Talkmg to the media ab:Quf the race. AttTQcting attention fo the rllce. This catchall category ess€lfltially lets the sponsors disqualifY.' an¥one wl'1a makes them mad. Squealing to the caps about the rsee or its spansali's, This !\'lot only clis~ualifies you, bllt also lll\clts a price on y,O\clr head. When the sponsors talk about mechanics, they mean hit men ...

- •. ~-.@~

you've seen Cannonball Run, The Blues Brothers, Death Race 2000, and Smokey and the Bandit, or if you always wanted to drive the General Lee and make a fool out of Boss Hogg and the sheriff, this game is for you.

You can play Thunderball Rally with all players in the same crew, or competing with each other. The

race rules don't cover support

staff, so you can have helicopters checking for speed traps, lawyers standing by to spring you from jail, or another car sporting machineguns and riding shotgun.

Thunderball Rally Rulel If you are already familiar with D20 MODERN, skim the rules on character creation for any changes, then read the vehicle rules. You already know how skills and feats work.

You will need either a copy of the D20 MODERN rules, or both the Player's Handbook and the Dungeon Master's Guide to play this game.


Thunderball Rally isn't about planning out your exact route for the race. It's not about figuring out every rest stop, bathroom break, and refuel point. It's about racing bumper-to-bumper, wheel-to-wheel, with the other crews. It's about outfoxing hick county sheriffs. It's about interacting with race fans and colorful characters on the roads of the United States, not to mention with other crews. After all, if there's no rule against sabotage or attacking other crews, it's not cheating ...

OMs plan out Pit Stops, action scenes between players, or between players and NPCs. They don't all have to involve vehicles, or even other racers. Characters may encounter a hitchhiking runaway bride, find themselves pursued by a vengeful sheriff or F.B.1. agent, or decide to break one of their fellow racers out of jail. The key word, however, is action. There's no point in roleplaying driving down an empty, straight, level highway on a

nice day. Throw in some shotguntoting drunken rednecks blasting Kansas from the 8-tracks in their pickup trucks, an overturned oil tanker truck, road construction, and some ruthless competitors, and you have a Thunderball Rally Pit Stop. Actions and accomplishments during Pit Stops affect winning the race.

Three Hey Conceitl

The law enforcement community knows the race exists and tries to stop it, but rarely knows exactly when and where the race will start. Organized crime sponsors the race, and chooses the best amateur drivers in the world to compete. From the first race in 1950 to the present, the Sicilian Cos a Nostra has run the race. Of course, they are completely honorable and would never stoop to fixing a competition ...

The Rules of the Race No public discussion of the race. Starting order determined by ran-

dom the night before the race.

No aircraft or watercraft allowed. All vehicles start from the same warehouse in Manhattan.

All vehicles must travel from the Manhattan warehouse to the docking berth of the

Queen Mary in Long Beach, California.

Winner determined by shortest elapsed time.

Routes determined by individual vehicle crews.

Crew.s must travel in their own vehicle or be disqualified. ¥.ehicles must travel the route under their pw<n power, or be disqualified.

Thepe is only one prize. Come in first, or gg home empty.

The prize is $500,000.00; and possession of the race trophy until the next race.

Although there are no rules

against sabotaging each other's vehicles, victims take a dim view a such activities and tend to express themselves with tire irons and other weapons.


I \ Willis' . Min \ q.. -

u a Grea, ~all~ u 1f, eUA~lIR-ON~ k;a '!'a ~Granc.i Forks

HelenaR r. 1 ~~ .. ~~-

. NaB&tL-RRIH uiii'r:. •• aNIEIH. Duhnf

BI;'Tl\l~ - - .. L '

~ .

.. nyone can be a racer. The only moneYi1 to Jlltl ~~f'a-vehiele-anGl ar.w __ arou.nd her. r'~en a character faces I

~hiRg:...they.~II have in common is accessonePor pe~sMal equipment they extrem7dam~Y or just, has to pull a ~

at they did something involving v.ebi.:___ wish t~ own (see Chapter 5: Start Your miracle out o'f. thin air, she spends an

es spectaculanr' enou'g ('~o garner the Engines). Racers on the same team Action Point. ~: . I .......

• -..J ,..." -, t. . U IlnnO~nQ ~ ...... *

rennon of the Thunderball Rally s spon- should pool their funds '. Note ,that to he c. Navigators s larf ~iflt1a'4t'· ~cfloni

f': 1 ~ ~-/lt:\rr ~~ I .

ors. Maybe they boo.tle~ed a truckload on t~e samr<t~al)l~(j~(~rfl'lrust all have P~i~ts, bo?yguards start ~ith 1~4+2

. of beer across state hnes In remarkably a way to Eeae~ ~he flnlsFl line. If"you Aett<?l! P0t.r~·, ~nc!l\~~~sr~l'G!Ett'illth 1d4+.3

short time. Maybe they stole forty cars wan16 racers on your team, you need Act1<YJ...poin'ts. Gamemaster characters

in twenty-fou: hour,s. M~~~ t~ey ~o have m~ltiple ..... vehicles, ~r six seats have a nu~be~~~t(or.]::-~i~1§ equal'

evaded pursuit byGI>l@ff[If,lOls'fj!ghway m one v~Hl(je. I Ir 9 to half thel~~lfl9ree:-r~tlneeth~p-;---"'"

lilatrQI, ,alil~ wsecked a record number of r - - _ unless speclfle~ othe~wlse. I

poli'c~ vehicles in the process. Maybe HddiJ;HmalH/ea/J;h -- - A character spert'~s anS~'oA_R~~t

they inv;cll~a:kr&rJ!Utl0ii@'r~ fuel injec- If r~cer;s star/tthhfta~ above isr-level, to influence a task resolution roll (either

,.... _tionsymell). They are ear thieves, get- they h~'~ta~t'li,tf0AaI1d6 x $1,000 ~'lW)CUt)l~cU~II,1a skill check, an abili~\mE

ao/~d~tsVtrucker.s, qeU'frP~ drivers, , per level at their disposal. check, or a s~ving throw). The charac-

garae-"FleGt:ra'~h,<BIY lint: w.0r.:kers~ il~"''lD!lfl& nets an addaional ter ~an spen~the Action Point bef~e

at autOljtotive plants, prof1'iS'Sional.r;ac~ $£00,000 characters can use to repair or af~H?p~lIllilga,e 1d20, out before f~-e\es

car cr~~tvs, bodygat'.9h;tnG~ee~afi~, I ~O'Vll thei pxisting vehicle,. or to OM announces th1! result of the actiW

smuggl rs, bootlegget:s, revolutionaries, purchase a-new ~ne for the next race. Normally.,~ racer 'can use Action

and 01 inary folks ~<if~J~OO~ race Racers can se!1 equipment for half its . [GrIS"~11f0n her QWB;.r.oH. Fl0W~!i;;,e~

on yte,ekends. listed value if urlda~g_ed, one-fourth aJy ttme ~ r~cer maKes an aid anpther

J yncmm<GlRlt the end of(t,\e Thonderbalj its listed value i11 damaged. ---acfion, she eaa-ssend-an Action Joint

Rall¥t one of them is go~~)M~efa half- on the check or roll she is assising.

m'illidn dollars richer. ~olf!~ Jllrg For1e~8Cf:Ffan ace nee~N~'r'r~aS

Unlike in the Elu GEO,!)lS of DRAGONS Sa ,'a Drive chkl( to establish j;),w;s.uit of

, . Ii a . x. n

game, there s no Armor Class In anot~er vehicle, the navigator can

Thunderball Ralfy. Instead, characters assist aRid spend one of her 0'1n AfCLtion

have a Defense rating. Defense is deter- Points on the Drive check. IJ e I erS(

mined by ad~ink the follow~ng nu~bers: An Action Point allows the racer to C i

10 + class ~4.s~!P~~X®~llJS + size cad~t ~cl6 tp aU her d20 rolls for the ,

bonus + any ~iscellaneous tfonus. The IJJt of fhe\t UJ ~I 1] s allowing for a

Alii members of a Thunderball Rally rae- totar.<ralletrthe-cha{f'a.ete~s-.blef.eRse".r:.ep;;... _g eaterQBance of success . .AI racer Oif"" F

',," II t: ----

img crew are h~man? They can be of resen~the numb~l'an~QJDJ!>0nent must any given action can spen,ir0nly one

~ny ethni~pe s a ibn, ei~Sm·alt'0r Fe achie e wnen aftaeRing"'the eharacter, Action Point, but several race~lr.;;!s~c;.9aLw- __

f.'~I~'ITPrre are no fa~orea c1~s~s In M~st Th~nderball Rally ra4rs do not ~J1end one Action :oint if th~a)eett

I ThanfJe"rfl'afj)Rally. wea~ ~ny kl~d of body armo~. Should ass~stmg each 9tl1€f[1)f:PB)jer! .roll

r " you Wish to ImAOI)f)arTl1Grdr(!)m other their d9$~once and use tfie ccl>mblued

r~;H)"}h~e d20 System gam~s, '§led f,ne arm0t'r h .~es.J¥forclh·e rest of fl're ruu~d.

Thunderball Rally racing crews begin bonts to a character's DefeT1~j(tnfl-3 Olll;::f Shawnee., I

play speaking the pr.imary language stadks with that character's Jlass C!!l!d/;jf';'IVJ..C~ I

J used in their cjiiuntry and Pimerican Defbnse bonus). E'a'GM time your Charfcl~f\e~t! J a ~a>

English. All other world languages are Bulky, archaic armor is hard to level, you can choose to take another A

available for characters- to J1t@Ijl:corebYin 1976, ~¥,d.~. ol:J~d uswallMI lewel in ybur previous class 0 choose /

preve prohibitiv~I}\U)rensj?e. MarlyS a new class. AEifli g,~p~W;Gl3AS bro;rtJ-

TlmIJJJ;_""lmtelRaI3Yl. glj'mour-obsessed stars of the ens your reper~oif~b'fi ~nfi!s' the

~.:;' TI:te'isf(ie;;.el racer l£"Om"es togt,th,er as Th;underball Rally value style more expense o~sen-~§ertise in ... -;.;~--'

b' 0'1' cd.... ii;;! I h·l· . I I a a

you com me a Iity scores wtrn a <1i ass. t rn. caution, so ar.m.or-wearmg ra~ers g e G ass. _,

e Hel'&.s*a S..Y!!).!!l'af)l sf .. s.oJruLgf the ane likely to face ridleule from their. --

_ _gamts, q~!!.e.!ils. --- - -more carefree t?.o~e.tlf;O !s~ ~~. J ll!Jtel-O~III3.~d1J~

..... C:)£ ) r- ~ Beyond the skills, attack bonuses,

51;aJd;ingH/~ H~pUiriJ!A. ',,'Vta,oW,bonuses, and other class

All Thunderbalf Rally racers start the Action Points represent a character's' 1~tline9 for each class, characters

game with $2d,000. They use this innafe ability to influence the world . 'Oth~@benefits from advancing in

unc;vick cksonville


Ii 1\, I. ~,_

(Dex), Profession (Wis), Read/Write lihe ace uses this ability in vehicle

Language, Speak Language, Spot (Wis). combat as w6.illaS)per:§oha1>a:&'IDbat.

SPECIAL .A:BILlTV: At 3rd, 5th, and 7th

Skill ~oints at isr Level: (5 + Int, levels the ace selects a special ability

Modifier) x 4. BISmaJf(9,~ the folioMLing list (no special ability

Skill Points at each additional can be .selectecl rnlr'i t~an once): 0 If

level: S + Int Modifier Attract: The ace has the ability to

L temporarily improve the attitude of a

C/aMT~;- QamemasterJc~araeter because ~f her f"

All of the followmg are class features overall appearance and personality.

of the' ace. Once per day of game time, the ace

STARTING FEATS: The ace begins play can use this a~ility 0 'mp_r;0re(ah~

with the Simple Weapon Proficiency ~ Diplomacy skill 2t1ecR. ~ 'impJ, e that

feat and the Weapon Group Profrcienefr~haracter's attitude. This rrovides a

(basie firearms) feat. It bonus equal to on~~MlfAf.iiHf('racer's

B~EAKER, BREAKER: The ace is adept at ace levels, rou!1ded down. See NPC

using citizen's band (CB) radios, and Attitudes in Chapter 5: Oamw!J:!gns of

can 'use !ome, of~t 'other class abili- the Dungeon 'M.aster~ Guide.

ties (attract, coordinate, pr.eseoc_e, per- Bonus Class Skill: The ace may desig-

suade) over a CB radio. The ace can"-- nate a cross-class skill a~ fi'llass ~kiU~

use this ... abilitYf.a number o~ times per Once des~gnated, t~e skill is considerrd

day (of-ta'me-tl eNJependmg on her a class s~1I ev:ery time the character' I

I , r» level (once at isr level, twice at 5th adds a new a1:.e level. The skill must be

elnt)~ Biplomacy '-' leMel, ~tL i tliref times at roth level). one "available in Thunderball Rally, and it

(Cha), Gatner Ihformation_ UNCANNY DODGE: At znd level, the ace should tb"etrelafi¥'ely common, as welle

hlotimirllMp eelna}, retains her Dexterity bonus to Defense The GM is free to ule that a specific V''_

IV~"O,\J"''' (lnt), (if any) regardless of being caught skill is off limits as a bonus class skill.

or struck by an unseen I IGrorf!.!la'le: The ace is~tRe @0ss-0f-

cker. At 9th level, the ace me' crew, lAnd often has a knack for

can ne longer be flankeo. - - 1r~tting the crew to w0f-k together.

, When the ace can aid others and give directi€Jnb she pr0Yides a b~ntl4 fl>rthe' a'

-:. itas!§ at hand oy making an aid anotn~r ~

check. This coordinate bonus is in addition to the normal aid another ponus

(+2), and it is equal to one-haLfJf.i?e erSI racer's ace levels, rounded down. So C \f\ r-t e ace provides a t~tal +3 bfnus at ~2nlllevel ( 2/~id an0ti:ler bo us plus +1

~- __ -l;.V.\ll,J!IJ.).iill! bonus), and +7 at roffi level F (+2 aid another bonus plus +5 coordi-

nate bonus). Coordinate can't-Re_u.s.ed_ to assist in combat. Coordinate is adS t1 standard action." d· Presenee: Once per day of1game

h ti'V~ the ace has the ability re temOrJorarily awe a Gamemaster character

OrililS the strength of hlr) p~e~Yrrh'~nd per-lonality. The ace makes anJawe I~~

check (dzo roll) and adds a bonus equal

to one-half of the racer's ace levels, rounded down; p~s be k' aS~ma

bonus. The target rna es a Wil saying G throw to resist.., andrcan add her own Reputation OIilQ§1111 It Ssave. If tte ShrJ driver's total is higher, the target f~}:1

take no actions while in the racer's

u I r- si 01;) a I rally on stock car drivers. Of cou~e, the pros ris~ being banned from legitimate tracks for life if they H ari63 gqt in this illegal, unsanctioned ~c~"btlPa clear shot a1. i cool half-million is difficult to pass 'Jp.

Ace§J~no to be flashy, charismatic people and the race circuit treats them like rock stars. They relish the attention,

jrn(nc)'Ve~being t~.s:enter of attention almost as much as they love winning

aces. ~ c 'dE>


, At first level, 8 + Con Modifier.

At each additional level, ld8 + Con Modifier.

S·" ~, r-' ' .





'Table 1-2: The Rce, Base Attack Fort

-l.evel ' Bonu's Save


Ref Save

Will Save


L Reputation ,B~nus


NIl I G. Min\.t. I ~>~-

Jia Vptions: The' navigator has a knack applied to 'all s~ill checks and attack secret fromf the following_ list. Note that "'

for q)uicKly analyzihg a situation and rolls made by the navigator and his the racer muGEi5b;a:td t-dIfifdfent

11: seeing the best course of action. By allies, but the bonus only lasts for the secret eacli time.

Hll~·i'l&.A~II-round action, the navigator first thrre rounds of the situation;

l1nlfS'~ ,*~akness in a~ ,aRgoneut or After tHat, the bonus is reduoe~~ma rG'k-ret of braring.· The navigator ,

determines a better Jajl}f~I~e' IJ j point fdr every additional rollJ.nd the sit~ gains a +1 bdnuStbg,~lee attack rtQilsJluth

¥>roblef.dIIIhis t~anslates into a bonus uation €ontinues, as the vagaries of cir- Secret of danger avoidance: The

equal to one-half (he racer's navigator cumstahce begin to unravel even the nav.igator gadltls a +1 bonus to Reflex I

levels, rounded down. This bonus must best-laldJ31an. P.laJ:\~an~be at'remflted_ _s,ilves.

,6ei:is'e'd 'n,the a.£_er's next turn, apply- once ever~'4 hduh.lof game time. Secret of dr;, king: "Fhe navigator Y

Jing it either to an attack. roll or skill Tridk: The navigator has the ability to gains a +1 d@dge bonus to Defense. ~

check, as the 3itw~ioJti,?arrants. The temporarily confuse a Gamemaster Secret of inFr s'f Diph: ~E}{1'Al!;

nav~gator can use this abilit.y a n~mber charac~er through the of plo¥",rAr e gator gains a ~1!Don s~:Gl. WIfI..!.s s~'c1v~s. *-

of times per day equal to hls navigator deception. W@:1 a,ke1a It~lakif the navlga- r Secret of marfsmansh,p: The navi-

, levels divided by two, rounded down. tor TVust use an a\tack action. The tar- ga),or gains a +1 p;'Ti.\ls ;e:<rt.J<iged

Plan: before a dramatic situation, get of the trick gets to make a Reflex atfi'kI rblltJ' r!

whether combat or skill related, the save (DC 15) to think quickly on his feet Secret of st-am(Jii§! iI'~e.ncfi'I&ID'or

navigator can spe e!cf>ime to develop a and see f<hrQ:ugl8~~nljipR'!<lf the save gains a +1 DoJws te-Fertitl:l€fe -saves.

plalil to best handle things. This requires fails~tl'ie target beeernes e£l,jq~.s! an!!. Secret of survivsl; The navigatc?t'

an flour of preparation and an can only take a single action in his next - gains 3 hit points. n I (j S0" (, ltV

Intellige;2e)<i.becR. The €fueF~ is made tur~ (either an a tack taction or a move

a 'eon. us equal to one-half the action, I'l6tQ~.S p' li-I'Jund action). The CIOi ·Ef.\~6R~; 'Breaker one-nine" allo ~mE

C~ ..;H~. e J •'tor levelt, rounded down; pavigator can use this ability a number a navigator to take an aid another

S"l1iis1Int.€:lIig~..DJ:e-bontJs. TIle result ofCol"l-rneC~e. '1l9 equal to his navigator actign via a CB radio or other radio

J , )! ..... !::lll..""" h .

provides all of the naviga- le'V'els divided by two, rounded down. tran~a&I'irer"I;\S png as t e nav,gatorDes

with a !Cint~tnStanc~e ~@tlUS - SEtREl':-4}nocking around the and the racer tha~the navigator aids

planning ~d_Rre, ara- tracks, s~reets, and garages, the are in radio-gommunication, the naviga-

, +2 bonUSMlglJe4,Op-r navigator stumbles upon all Itofne(ll~ ·lhis abilit.y.-If-tl:te f.lavigat-er--

25+, +4 bonus.· sort~ of applicable knowl- 'nas tRe B~cK Seat Driver feat, she can

l.hll"Ull""'U:> can be D t"edge. At 3rd,6Tn,grn;--ose-it with this abilit,y..

.. enver I and roth level, the J

navigator The-BeGya~au·rd IJ@nc;as

. I 0"" .."." . \.r\. .

chooses o~alitwraracter taKes ~yels If1 tt:iIS c ass If

lie wants to excel If1 comba .

Teams recruit bodyguard~ from.

ghetto revolutionaries, inne Jt?tL.grSC fu academies, and the bare-knuckle C ,"

W bo~ipg circui .' Some bodyg lards are IC~Mt!flJam ~Iet~ ah's~!6'me are merce-

-::-- __ .J.w.I.J.!;<~.,,_~l...!~<XL.~~t~sts Jr)1illg to p win some brea to pay fq.r their revolutions, and others are orga~ed-: _ crime soldiers. I I ayetn Some bodyguards-erf.f.~J to have everyone pay attention to th~e drivers

t h f.1 ~avig9tors. Thaf lets them work in

I a 0 t' e'~hado-S.rmhefs r.eS'ent the lack of

Q~jtiO~. Just ~s driversj a~rvay.igN'::l tors compete With eac Oothe1tfo m1 •

races, bodyguards compete ,ith each /

lis. other to be the strongest, faStest, /

toughes~, best ~h~txmdj(§ {f2h.

Hi/; pninJ; 1 ~ At first-Iey~t~ada odifier. I Shr:.€ At each additional level, idro + Co Modifier.


'Ne»: .• T l

. t'.,



rtmmtns \ ' .. ~

> Table 1-4: The Bodyguard

, _ "') Base Attack Fort Ref Will Defense Reputation


/ Level Bbnus Save Save Save Bonus,








~ All of the fe!!ewa~s ew;a~ featuref'qfan

St t~ ~o ~guara. *

. STAR Ij;jG FEATS: The bodyguard L'exingt

begi~s. play with t~ ~i,:"ple}Jeap~1).,

,SOU ri Proficiency' feat aFlcf tli'e::,Weap0fi) Gr.oup

Proficiency (basic firearms) feat.

I ff \ BONUS FEAT: The bodyguard aain~_

.. 1. bonus feats at ISt.,..-2.ncl, 4th, 6tfi, 8th,

-r -----..." aFlcl*lOthlev~1. These bonus feats must

L be s 1~~t:eS ~ . ntp~ following Ilst"Calil¥

Weapon Proficiency feat, Ambidexterity(Bl:lfst rire, Doqge (Mobility, Spring Aftacl(, 'W~n ttaek')rE~ertise(lmproyed Disarm, WpnWe!d}jrllp:)~ Far Shot ~Dead i lila

Sf r Heroic Surgd Martial Arts (Kdvan(lled

e . U II t\1~t:tial Arts, efensive, Improved t'!\1~d lia~hs i tfamnk Shot (Dou ileTap, Precise Shot, Skip, Shot, Shot on the Run), f.>ower Af.t;a<;k (Cleave, Great



_I Fargo Dulutt

Bt·q:?ln ~~ :-.:---=-~ ........ .J

Cl - ·tayjng~al' e_y.'hile keeping the maxi um I'>las1- effic<iency takes skill

"" rubber-side dO'wnre- oires_--.._!nd pAtience. Racens decide which type device, 15 f01\{ moderate explosive

numerous sk!E}h~I1P8ee.ball Rally uses of-riplosive they wish to set, but the device, 20 fo ;:I' co Hie .,.efp.ff"vc;

a variety of skills from the Player's GM akes.the check and compars ~ device (an~ so p~). If!fhe~l!J~lae 'was*' ""

Handbook as well as the new (skills to the DG \Q> J eled-;--belgw (the G ... rr~uccessful In adding a trap, Increase

I .. ,!J I Il , , 71 I 11..

listed in this chapter. See page 31 for a makes the cliecl< so that you don t the ~C by': +10, +IBilQJf ,?p:;h.'\I~te that

full listing of skills used in the knoJ exactly how well you've done). failing .. to gi~arJlil a trapped explosive

Thunderball Rally g{lme. The be indicates possible increases in device sets o'f t:1® e~pl(,}s'MelS

casp";f '. base da~·a'~!,tar I}ell' as(sets penalties Special: 'fo\:l can t-a~e-IO when--

Dliiwco~De*): Use this skill to operate to t 'OSec'arrghhn t-he~el~st_r,:a!lius. A using the DerTlC!>litions skill, but yp.u •

t~atked"and whe~d ground vehicles, failrd check reduces the base d~~can't take 20/ '/!ilson lAty

such as~~arl&bihlp enl~Tractor by Ihal~rovJdestf +4- ... circumstance . Setting an explosive device for

t~ailer rig~J .and Army tanks. bo~us 'toCR~flt~s·al~J!lto avoid dam- S'Pa, irRurQ:blpst efficiency takes one!\mE

ai,@efl;: y¢ical clrh¥~ng,t sJ< don't Me, and has a 15% chance of causing minute or mo're, depending on the·

reqire~e'AedJi,~'uFltje)Ball !fallx is C t .~e ic~tPleplode prematurely. scope of the~b. You can set a simple

about al those other anvifrg-rask-s~i1d Eecplasive Devices from explos':v2t%!liX~? as a full-round aC~FTjeS

Comba!, chases, ~t1i@Tt.mfo'g:J~~s®1 Scratc'h. Erearil'lg a scratch-built Building an explosive from scratcrt"

maneu1.· ers, or driviflg in ex1tdreme c. it- explosive/device, requires the appro- which includ~s fashioning the raw mate-

cumstrnces. oOU er I priate materials~nd time. In combat, Jria al'1~d@Tbining ehemleals-aad 0em--

F~V detailed rules 00. using the Drive the best that co~ld be accomplished, ilJstiti es i~~lde a housing of somel kind,

Jl,tOs~n'J~ee C_bapter 5:~· art Your E,Dgi)1es! regardless of thf materials or sKifl-'i"e'q'l1ires-a cheek that rakes the following

Special.' When op~"a~?Hg1V~hicle, 5 check result, w(puld be an improvised amount of time: improvised, full40und

or bre ranks in Drive provide a +2 COI~pIOfl'if~ @p.l~ , aJ3i the equivalent action;P~~.!f~d.e- our; mod~f'\t2:l'1SaS

synergy bonus to attack rolls with tt'ie of a Molotov c0cktail (damage idfi). hS(1liT~\4fs; complex, one day; ppwerllif;

:etlovehlcle or vehicle weapons. general, butlding explosive devices three days; devastating, one week. ~

• I PI e .10 happens outside of combat or other I f

DeJllolitions (lnr: Trained On y): se this dramatic situations. Knowledge (lnr, Trained Onl~)' -mlsf~i I S(

___ skill to creare nd set explosive devices When bUilding explosive devices, encompasses a number of unrelated C·

\i'ikll:rding:..a~tin:Mr~IdEt,~ator) for the racer de' i.l~cl'of result r icsk,iIIsr,JKnow edge re~resents:a study of t

mtximum impa~- ~..2.: she is after and trles'ro achieve J'tlbf:ly of \ c ~J~M?I:S scientific disci-

1 I Check: Setti '91 simple expl?sive to. ~he re,qUire~~e:-1dtii~g a t.ra: , pJio,e.,_~£!i skill Eoint assign1Js~to a SKill p

~Iow up at a certal~spot doesn t Incre~~s the compleh~I~l!Jraeesn t .,

Fequire JUe'dl3Jl5.M)any 5~ftr2t Fe affec the cost. -:-J TQb~~ 2-1: let EHplo lY!.li!e.__ __

bffilEi ,anlexp,losive deviGJf,.or setlan If the check fails, the devipe is DeVice , F ayett

__, ex~ilisltel b) cause a specific damage ruined and the materials are 'wasted. Penalty

effect does. Then~ is also ~5!f"Gl:laljleJ hat the Type - ~ to Save

Set Explosive a~~ b~jtl;aJiiD'g @:TUe explbsive det0na'tes~'uVing consttu;S'h - ~Clas'sic

explosive in the optimum location for tion/on a failed check, dealing--6nethalflO Hot :'np.o~t~a~toa..looo---

of irs intended damage. I - ~~~~~--:"~-"';';';;'_--r-""'-_'

, acers use the Disable Device skill to attempt to disarm a set explosive.

T9/ble 2-2l Bu'i ~rn~'t~~lo~i~~ Devlcer from fer. t

Type (and damage) of Blast / I exar

Sqratch-Built Explosive Radius

Drive and Aid Another

GMs should be very careful about when other Facers can assist the

driver. For instance, if a driver needs to make a Reflex save to avoid damage from a grenade, anyone who sees the grenade can instruct the driver which way to tum. Racers taking other actions or unable to see the grenade cannot assist.

I rovised'(ld6) 5 feet

,...",.- ..... --~ ....

Sim~le ~2dD) 51_,f.><.ee~t_'''''-_-r-'if- '''''''''=--r-_'

-Moderate r d(['!; 10 feet

Comp-Iex ~Bd6+'2) 1, feet

Powerful (6d~6+ ) 15 feetaCC'

De:vastating ~Sd6+6) 2Q feet

Add trep-to disable attempts +5, +10; or +1 to ec

\~J~:··:I~J lWJ -\JII( ~~~",~'-': __ "i&$h:" "'~~1'~

TImmins \ '. '7

2-3: /liilll "1\ . (

T/;Junderball Rally uses a mix of new skills as well as skills fan:Jiliar to DUrD players. Unless noted and described in this chaptel', y8u 'eaT!(fii"ltf'/descriptions of these skills in the Player's Haltdbook.


-------..;;:~ R!J;:

You can I~end up to as ma~nt~ as you hav rffl2nil:le skll.r'f{>· need medical supplies ana t~ patients need to spend all of their time resting. Yeu need at~,dRote at feast an hour of the day to eaMi patient fo~F Rn~lr~u are cari'J§j Ilut You can't p,l'Qvide long-term care to

~uNe~ I I

Treat Disefse: You can tend to a diseaSe'CI character. Every time the diseased I character m~k s a saving throw against

d, isease effects \'1.ter_ the initial cont.ami- ~ nation), you ma.·,i~.m8~pe~~!J rng help the character fend off secondary

damag~. lh:.?ise~s,d c~~~~~t ' I

yourtrf}.§.lll TjI~tead 0 IS own saVlmg

throw if you: neJ Ija~g~tBIL .

~ Hot S rings Treat PDlS@f). _o!:!.can. ten€l-te a~llQ!;'" -

_ _ soned characte~ Every time the POl-

DC C~ ---saned character ma~e.s!·a ~a"'ir:s\!!j \?W

against poison Jffects (after the initial

iR (_odpcti0nj0\tthe poison to his or heJ\m syst~\';l'), ~oti 'make a Treat Injury chefk

to help the character avoid secondary dam~~~., Tlt)e;lRoi~ned character uses D

your resJrf iri~teai:l of his own saving e:

throw if your result is higher.

~airf?la1ile compOPlenf,) 25-..........!L.iotb price I Use f/!..jt; Kit: '1.~h a ~ aid kit

[. • ~-1 aAd raJ i,ttle skill you can keep a badly

ct J !JDC~Ii)ttek: The BC and effect depen.1- application of this sk:ill~allows-a fla·Pient-w.ounde.Q cbm:acter from dying or I

on m~lta'!iR you ,attem.~enver to recover hit pJints and ability points restore hit points. This check is

r ~Ioft to temf.10t:arrYnd,a age) at twice attack aeti0'hpk

Task DC .t- Orne nornUI tatl ~ hitl points per level ~ r If a hQacfer hg negative

ICelloLong-term care '5 for each day of light activity, 3 hit ..:>a Jfli1losing more tat'l per

tJireat disease See belpwQ points per level for each doay of com- hour, or , per day),"-you can

TrJat poison Slee-l:JelbJ plete rest, and 2 ability points restored the character. The character ~e~t~ir.(l'f~~Qf

Us~ first aid kit 15 per day. A new check is made each hit points but he or she does

~ n 0 day; on a failed ch(eck, the recover ing them. A character can be

l ~ f~ng~te;::m care: Some injuries ~ate occurs a't(fIlJ ~ormall rate for thatl\t l'ils df~en as 'rt citjS.~~t¥id

)n requtre treatment that stretches over day ef __

a umber of da1~.)1'I'le successful Gu' mon

I Air, rio::, S

Table 2-4: Jump, Tumble, and Moving Vehicles

If a character falls from a moving vehicle, he takes damage based on the vehicle's speed category. For definitions of speed categories, see Chapter 5:

Start Your Engines.

A character can use Jump (DC 15) to reduce the damage if purposefully jumping from a moving vehicle and can use Tumble (DC 15) to reduce the damage if falling. Success means the character takes one fewer die of damage.


you, Qt~~CIj_S ~~n has 5 :,a::~bUII'~ in ;,DMillt

L f'

Be?efit: 'fou make attack rolls with Normal: A)!tofire normally targets a

the weapon normally. to-foot by ro-foor area, and cannot be

rq~rmal.: A char~cter th~t. uses ~. aimed at a sP1firla1¥!..-Spee01 t?fire

weapon without being proflcient ;w t ~rn;~m page 40. I d r a

suffers a -~<Benl alt.)! on arrack rolls.

S . I j ",C \..! llf· fl' r: 1:. - k"

peciau rou can gain trus eat mu tl- Lm,_,mll1. 1 I I ,"-'

pie times. Each time you take the feat, it You 1re' especially careful with tasks

applies to a new weapon. that may yiela1atlls!t0phi r,es3Jlts.

l--t() I I I Benefit: 'f0!!J' get-a-+2 synergy bonus

OaEkSeaJ;_OniJtBn, _ on all Demolitiens checks and Dis,able

YoJ know how to give brief, helpful - -Device checks. " r n ..,ITV sugge~tiDns tft the pri:v r of a vehicle.

,Bene It: '0$&-anlspend an action

CPoint to assist a driver's Drive check or saflh'g ffif w1a':S' long as you are in the same vehicle as that driver.

- Normal: YOI:J can only spend action points on another racer's check if you make an aid another action.


~m= hunderball Rally uses a mix of

j'e! >..,.. ew fe&s as well as feats familiar to DurD players. Unless noted and describedJ>;eI0~, YPB can find descriptions of these feats in the Player's Handbook. Be careful how many addi-

.. tional feats you make available from

other sources. Racers only have so many opportunities to gain new feats!

Some feats are m~fke?kA or B on

, '.

liable 3-1: F-eats. Aces and bodyguards

gain bonus feats at various levels. An "A" indal]s tne real i • on the list of ace bonus feats. A "B" indicates the

a~<!.6 6.D;i e/list of PHdy,guarp bonus

feaf~J ~. ,


J c_

p~ You ufderstand hOvRo..; Isbl~ili,a'Ostyl.e firearms and modes of fire.

J unCtR~?equisite: Weapons Group

P f t. (basi f l~ J\tor

ro rete cy asic IJllea1"ms. ~

Benefit: You can fire any personal firearm on any setting without penalty.

cello ~ormal: A character using autofire wit~out being proficient with 't:,s8fttrs a -~ penalty to attack rolls.



choose a type of archaic weapon, such I

as a sword, YOLI understand how to use singfe]target."The attack-is -4' to bit, but

trat type of weapon in combat. deals 1'"2 dice of damage ~a ,,*ebJ!lon that

Use tlil1'slfeal to expand the list ti r- e dealsigdf damage, for example, deals

weapons y,ou are proficient Jit~ l Sd6 instead). Firing a burst shoots 5

beyond the basic lists included with bullets, and can only be done if the



Miles City

u,' .



When using a weapon with an automatic'setiting, Y0.4"'caFl fire a short burst at an individualltarg~t, -

Prerequisites: Advanced Firearms Proficiency, Wis 13.

Benefits: When using an automatic firearm with a least 5 rounds of ammunition 'IQa~~d, 'totf m€l'>1 fire a short burst as a single attack against a

Weapon Definitions

Personal Firearm: Any firearm designed to be carried and used by a single person. This eliminates, for example, rocket launchers (which aren't firearms) and heavy machineguns (which can be fired by one person, but not carried

by one person). It includes most of what we think of as "guns:'

Handgun: A personal firearm that can be used in one hand without penalty. This includes all pistols and some submachine guns and shotguns.

Longarm: A personal firearm that requires two hands to use without penalty. This includes some submachine guns and shotguns, as well as all rifles and machineguns.

Semi-automatic: Any weapon that does not require cocking between shots, This includes most personal firearms, but not pump-action, level-action, or bolt-action weapons.

Automatic: Any weapon capable of firing on automatic,

CinE.u.i£lIlHd ~ m E

Y~ur a~tics' aild machinations on th~

tracks and roadways make yOI:J a hated ene~ylo'f.m·hrrl?thical racers. You'v'eDe..:::: been the butt of more than one bumper ..... sticker joke, ,blut at least the insignificant losrvs"t:eatr~ou,

Bv ~I yl .

ene It: ou get a +3 circumstance

bonus to~all' 6harisma-based skill checks

whenever the GM determines that your notoriety Ml9~ I bt)a benefit. ~6~ewf 3 S . u~h chec~s suffer a -3 penalty wlien

the OM determines that you infamy

would work against you. I ff

Special: You can't select ~Q,ttE'oir€Ult 5' Heel and Circuit Hero.


C~"eim J

;tour. r:acing Ilrowess has made' you a

minor celebrity. Most racers 'idolize you, and a line of personalized die-cas..t J)letal _ toy cars might soon be on the way;

Benefit: You getp "]:3 cJ~cpmstance bonus to all Charisma-based skill checks t1~~evep the elM aetermines' that your

o eele5rity sfatli's w'oDldl be,a benefit.

~H0wever, such checks suffe a -3 <-

penalty when the GM de!ermi~'es th'at your fame would work against you.

Special: You can't select both Circuit

Hero and Circl:J1it J carka n±l

Clipping. G

You are skille~t ni~g~our vehicle 'a.t lfE a weapon.

Prerequisite.s: Drive skill, Vehidle Combat, Drive-By.

Benefit: When performing a side- 1 £wi~e action, the target takes half the, amage from a ram attack, while the

B~ -m ~ ......... ~ vehicle still only takes oneqlff'Jiter rRa~ l!j'amage. ' Normal: A sideswipe does one-quartb1 damage to both the sideswiping Vicfl'lirn~€l tt:l~ltbr;gct.



You are a trained stunt dri¥er.

Prerequisites: 8 ranks in Drive.

. Benefit: You may perform 0lile a"Oqil

J 8o~4 'stl{_1} 1}cr round.


You are capable of lining up- precise and (jeaell~ ~m0ts witQ a fiireatm. I

f I

O~ 1iumkOEH1lll.ll.

I ~ ,

You are accustomed to driving off-road.

Prerequisites: 5 ranks in Drive. Benefit: You gain a +2 competence bdnus to Drive and attack rolls when operating a vehicle off-road. You treat


\N Il ---Ti-----' ~>_

uta Dn~e Cbecks~ f01 both movement mul- . heavy machineguns, opponent who fails the save is shaken,

tipliers ~na D~iS'e bheck penalties. flamethrowers, grenade launchers, or suffering a -C1fenallyJtfama~l6rolls,

'* rocket I~unchers. You understand how saves, and skill checks for a number of

H n~-Tap_ to use all weapons of that group i..n rounds equal to 1d6 plus your Charisma

tM:'c~~~re two quic ,shots as a.single eembat.L BISmafT®~'fier rounds.

attack. t .1lI€ S l I Pre 'equisites: Advanced firearms '1""q J D J lu t

PrJt~quisit~"P.oint BlankShor, Proficiency. lieanJmadJ

Dex 13. Be ~fjt: You make attack rolls with You have a way with machines.

Benefit: When using a semi-auto- the weapo, nQr.q\lIl1y.- _ Benefit: You get a +2 synergy bonus

atlc·~fi.r~ar.m~Viith_~t 2 r?unds of Nofmal.: PI chg~c er th~t .uses ~. on all Repair checks and Disable Device v:

Jammunltlon loaded, you marrlre,t'.Y.o weapqn without being proficient with It checks. ( ~

rounds with Ssir.a~e· t<;!ck against a---sum~fts a -4 penalty on attack rolls. -~l'(1nAapOnS

single target. You suffer a -2 penalty I: You can gain this feat, 'JlH!~:r IiIUmAe_t;Jiii_RXliDi:' .

to your attack, but you deal '1 die of pie f;a-ch time ~ou take thetreat~it rE..You are trained in using your vehicle

. damage (a weapon that deals. 3d6 to a,)fffiti~nt wJa~on group. aga~st pedestrian:>.1t.. 'lkcL

damage, for. example, deals 4'd6 Prerequisites: Drive skill, Vehlcle

instead). Other feats and situational Combat C J != al <;

modifiers may m&di&S~e3h~ek roll. @.e])tiJJg out of Benefit: Wlilen yea attempt ·to"T'am

D.0uble-t ;ppitlg shoots 2 bullets=and ::; with your vehicle, you do not suffer

., , -_ . I, G I ltV

can only"" be done if the weapon has 2 • You get 1d4+1 action points. the normal -2 penalty t(!),D€l Ie se,

or more·,f1i)II~ts i£·t.nngs

- ~ ~ ~.~,~-m~~nnn .t\ml

- r: ~ ... .._, \:J --,----

A..La.cIlf!~~JV distance out of a righJ;ing.

You,<l{e a master at fighting with a

weap@~ )itl "ea~n.: and. D ..

Prerequisites: Ambidexterity, Two- e .. Weapon Figl:lting, Improved T wo-

t:'l~aPe i'rg' ting, base attack +1-1.

orp·n,,,ip , its B'enefit:' 'You get a third attack with

- -- your off-hand Weap0F1, albeit at dn additional -10 penalty. If

nrp'~pnl'p can terrify those+» 'inenmRs4 ..K.anSa~

You can perform additional actions in a


round. I fC

Benefit: You may take an aet1an iefSI

round, either before or after! your reg- C ulqJ: fictions. You can use Heroic Surge

ILa ~amber of (times per: day, depending _O.J) y..Q..ur fevel, but nev~oie'tlian


You are skilled at timing and aiming

ranged attacks. Pt bto

Prerequisite: Point B an Shot. Beneft: You can shoot or throw ange€l-w a~b«sf1g~ opponent

engaged in mel~noat'stJf.f.eFi.T.lg he checks.

standard -It p.)eualty (see Shooting or J .. -_c_~.~G~uJvVrim~oon,----Q'Pl~:::!=~~~~t

Throwing iht'o ~ Melee in Chapter 8: .:JW~

Com~J 0mh1S'laye~Eti1{tt0R>: e ~u can use an alltomati,c weapon to

" It r.I '* affect a wider area than normal.

Qiik:'kReJn.a.d Prerequisite: Advanced Firearms part of a mf1,vii'''''r,ti'''''~rlrn'dirlprl

You can reload a firearm with startling roficienCflimanlio I end that 1'Y'In.\lAITlA"t

speed. Albuquerque I Benefit: Wnen using a-f,'l1ea~ Op.3'ht Nermal: You ;;"""-~ • .,,nt

prereqUisit,e: Base attack bonus +1. automatic setting, you can aff ct alSII ''''with as ov..eYaotiannd

Benefit: Rel0ading a weapon with an foot by zo-foot area perpendicular tCityaction. not

already filled box magazine or speed your line of sight.

loader is a free action. Reloading a I Normal: When normally firing a

weapon ,,;,ith a~rf$RI!II m,dgazine is a weapon on aU{~?l~f(Y9U affeCf~:1O-

move action. foot by to-fool' area. Ila r .1

Normal: Reloading a weapon with an

r alreadJ'l filled box .. , aga~ine(Qr speed 1iun_-U/EmfHHLFighMng

loader is a move action. Rlloacling a This functions exactly like the T wo-

weap.o.ll..:t{.itQ aA..jf.lter.nal magazine is a Weapon Eigh~ing ~at in the Player's

tI~II-"o]'1d~action. Handbook,t~arg tb Oi-t!als~ includes figlitifl~itb a firearm in each hand",p

,JV'..., '>"')l. • 1\ ace

with a firearm in one hand and a melee ,.

weapon in the other. ~ t .iple


You are highly trained in skirmish ranged weapon tactics.

~~--~ ...... ~~

~ JT'F, l\t \--.i. .. ~

rov~ 1\ Grand Forks

'Helena /JIii;"pllitA_aIiIliEi~,:-,,_ ~~

f:k, .no= - r.7 I

n addition to the archaic and sim- other similga~J~~.)BtJring a eombat .J

'·ple-W0apo,Q,§.Jisted in the Player's round! ye can perform an attack lungen_ 1iiiin_a.RIHHld

Handbook, (note that weapens-€lassif.Led action and move up to your speed. You Some applica'tions of skills take longer ~

as martial becSIPIt ro..~'alr;.. i~ Thunderball can move before or after performing than a round fO p'e~fim. ,e .e: ' I

Rally), the modern-day weapons on an attack action. I ) the skill descrlptio~ set~helti~e frame

chart 4-1 are available in the game. 1 R? i City r ierrEfor some types of actions.

mu1m_RmmHi ,f ~ n ka ()

Combat and Game Play A m~ve action allows ypu to move your Fi~Q'(ml 9pmbat

If you know how to play DUtD, you spe~d ia a round or perform a similar Chapter 3 cont!'li.lifs a lifr~al@j~~n of dif-

know how to playC~fji!¥bal!. Rally. action (ah:lrll~er~se~ ilD1sC'Jro0ve action to ferent weapon types as well as 'several

'limeroe are a few differences to account morrii'e vehicle). ¥ou~can.Jl)ove y.2!:!!:_ _feats which allow racers to ~ake ~7e

for the contemporary setting. These are speed, climb, draw a weapon, reload a most of their weap<lins. ThPfoll0wmgf

~_~~e)~. Springs ~~If~~tt~t~~: ~lta~::k:/ o~rive -~~~:e:~P~;~ :;a~~~ers who do not

. (ft~ QdMt~f Op'~or;.t,",(li!.:y {Rove a heavy object as a move action. The basic rules for firearms allow

cltaraGt~r. with almo e nYran15ed C,llD yemtia. tfl'ound, you can perform the1}l.J;0 ~e u~e.d in two ways: single

weapon/in hand th"fearens an area rha an' attack action and move your speed, shot .and aut0f~@. Other modes of 'De'

extends 10 feet v.ft~jl1 niOi~l~ :Qf6 or you carrmeve first and then per- attack require specialized feats. '

vision.fAn enemy that takes(ertain form an arrack action. You can also

actions while in youBlQdJ~eQei~rea perform two mOI~e actions in a round S.~'<"fi/mJ;_FineaJHnA, --

IOl r. f h d d '~"Jtll '~f'v,* h '. I h

pro.v~~es an artaek 0 opportunity wit instea ,using your secon move in r-iosr rrearms ave a smg e-s ot set-

I J U11~U~ pa ged weapon Unless you place of your afack action. - - ling, which allows the-flrer to shqot a

the dom'Bat Reflexeslf.Mil,Jj ~arn only If the action you take during a round single bullet at a single target b}l pulling

make~ one attack of opportunity in a "-'lrJsults iT} Y.3l4n 1jlpr'i g no actual dis- the triMty Slime,,"" Kalls,,:\(

rou1d whether with a melee weapon or tance, you can take a 5-foot step. ~ ,. The feat Weapons Group- Proficiency

eilOranged weapon. (basle firearms) allows you to make this

I . Puebto FuJrRIHHldJld;iuu sort of attack without the usual -4fnfDn-

Ration Typel A full-round adtion consumes all your proficient penalty. Je erc,1

r---...Ii foliowiAg types of actions define effort during J round. The only move- I r:

~ tfie fime"warrle!f0r~P - 0ng certain ment you mih1taRe' ~heT). Rerforming a

adtivities take to coiiij)rere.-A rouFlGi full-round action is a 5-foot step

c6nsists of an attack action and a move before, a'U'iing;"'or after-the aetion. _

~'ction, or. tro ~fv;}a~tion~s, or a full- Attac~i~g m~e thaRJ.0Fl .• ~7f-ydu. are

Found acRon-;:tas 6les£flbe~ae ta Fe permmedto ae so)~ot usmg a skill or

1, I, I l feat that requires a full round to

,Ret.'i:tjllRJj_ accomplish, such as using Search to

I Some skill checks are instant. They are exarr\ine a 5-f~t-e~-~yf0,ot area,

reactions to an eveFl,t§~ 1!.sEfnaEjiilg& reqqires fl'ie use lof ~ fUIl-rloUl'ldJ aot~

Ride check to stay on a horse when the I . I

horse rears unexpectedly. Some are FIleH.Rd;iuu

tests of what a character notices or recognizes, such as a Listen check to notice a thwg sneakipg '(j1t'~et&1'!!!:1 you, You can only make as many of tl'iese checks in a round as the situation calls

,;a( fer flm game terms, the¥~tiak~ no.time and are not considered acTions,


~ ~--------

Ot£;HiJtDdiinIi -

.._ ( ,,._t 1 UL"",

An attack action allows you to make an

attack, use a skill or feat (unless the skill or feat re?uires a full-round action to perform; see below), or perform


Grea. f.:'alls-



I r.f .. i •



-\..JY~~~~~~ .• '. ~ .. ~;;;

ula' ~ . ~tor,,·.. . . ~ h) "--4 .. ~

Great all _ e"4PT[~-fIV~ ~ta { Cranu Forks


Helena Sbaat.. !/IHIIL'EJ ,I

BJ:<nL1~ . . -- l. ~ '... '.' .

~ n 1974, the United States gov- ers, under-ear"f!qa ;e5ceflt hght.g,..,and_world IS radar'iSonar IS a close second,

jllH-el'l'lmenr""""",. cOJ!lm. itted the greatest ::"~ a ,lllloii' ,y''',m, ar decades with the ,d,&,l of tiny .sonar '. yst.ems (

crime against its citizeiiSfhat-you~cCL~ ahead of this game. used by fisrililg boats. Technically, c;'::Jt

magine: It es'ta~lj~F€lJc.\1.atfunal speed .. headlights or It1ghwts'~,!lY!pst51s ~S_~""f'

imit of 55 mtes per hour on U.S. high- VehlCle CO/tl p' fall into this c~VegorY'. a I tr)

ways. Last year, automobile m'anufac- Vehidles deR,J:ibefn t_l;i,s .. ~hapter- d@rre Communicatiens: Before cell phones,

. turers began making cars witn catalytic be p~rchasea -fM iFie cos\s listecL somS! vehicles Jar11ia.ce~i:l~lQ1tQ.ns-

converters, forcing the nation' to fill up SupJl!ly and demand may' cause the cei'V'ersi 0 . erat~g on VHF, FM, or CB

with wimpy unleaded gas. liste~ pl':'ice to fluctuate. The Internet is frequencies.' e·Q;e~Wfo.r g~~iGle-

No more! This !';gjt~riif.l?'S.l;ll'Tlmer of a good ~ab~10T0p:lff91'~~ price of mounted comTTJuFlieaHen systems-drops

'tfD is aboar the smell of burning nib- your'fa orite"":'7(')s venide._ off after the advent Qf cellular phones,

bet; the scream of turbochargers, the I -......, I 1',ln -;nf"l 'ltV

wind in;;b'U£frac6b'elsae1)l~ry a blur V~hic,le {Y/~emff Vehicle movement

_, _ o~t yo r :rindow, and the 'sweet taste Vericle's)~9ge.~~~~imple to complex, r ;Ji1!i.~ S~Cf@T)tJi>.resents rules for moviJ~\rr~

ahl@:tc€Y~tv I ~ 'n 0 ~n~ size isn't always what sets the com- vehicles on t e same scale as charac-

Bl:lt-f1r,.st1-i>~u've_gof ~c?learh-how to C pC~ll.f I ,Q?~~~ are inherently. more ters!,an.d cre.~!..ures, though in most

drive. I ~ than ground vehicles, for cases"r,e'jMlffSl~ove considerably.' )ec

Fo t Collms instance. --",. faster. These rules explain how to ~a - -

Ikillf 0, Id Engines. The p,rimary source of die simple mpneuvers and stunts

The co,ilnplete D20 M@&ER 19am~res power- for vehiclks in the modern world (malileU("rlrequiring·Pr.i¥e-ehe€k,s~r---

skill.s such as Drive, Pilot, and Handre is internal combjstlon. Whether simple whal happens when stunts fail, and how

J Uf'!'€tluM'-to cover assisted movement.~internal combustion engine, dieser, - fo r-e'slllve combat between indivilluals

- SinGe!' tR'underball RJII}~tlMa~ rae- rot-ary, or turbire, they're all based on and vehicles. /

ing ~~rs from one coast of the Unitedl._,') siJpilar Pfi~ij!.l1~rtg\'lever, some vehi- Usi~e.8 &Recfrid: As -">~~F:fflSa.c;

States to the other, we ruse Drive exclu- cles are'powered by: human muscle, C"" "lli~~f,lal comtlat, v:ehic e comb~ plays out -

"'e 1I0sive y in these rules for convenience. some are powered by animals, and ot~ on ~ 'Square grid, with each square

.. I PL t t( ers are powered by wind or grav:ity. oeing yf,eet on a side. Vehic' es offen

R rote Rbout Technoto.Jgy Sensors: ~ssentially, sensors allow have extraordinary speeds, a,~~terS(

---.!!fse rules primarily present rechnol- you to make Spot or Search checks at from a mere 30 feet per action to C

i o~ra'V'ailagle iot/me, fr7~S. Airbags, ranges or i0~t®ib,.!}S injW~ich they 1\ ,'P,uGh, much faster. If jere ~re no

in/frared sensors, windsnielel heads-up are not other ise possible. The most I JsIYw~ovi~gJ&~Mlbatants invdlved, con-

displays, halogen headlights, curb feel- coriiiliOi'isen·sor-tJse.Q-in~r"'e m0Qer.n_ $j,d_ec...changing the size of eatHsquare r

I I l::Ju '''''''0 -- - - i r



mapping Vehicle Combat eOJlsiderinp, that a normal move for most vehicles is !).undr.edsor feel' peli\Po.omdl, mappir.ig can be a-!Q'~g process. If every-

~, one invol"1ecl in a combat is T;iClimg in 01' driving a v,ehi€le, all

~ '~hat's important is the relativ.e positi~n of~he vehicles, and any 'obstacles the GM wants thrown In their path. In such a case, you may choose to use the mafl grid to indicate\the disMari'N~;e~tetlw.een the vehicles and their positions relative to each

other. )l'0l!l never have to move the vehicles OD rhe ~ when

Green Sew~his option unless their relative distance or positips ron cha~e. Place el5stacles when the vehicles approach them, and remove the obstacles once the vehicles pass them. You may

find this makes mapping vehicle combat much easier. !

Vlilw.qllkl t~~ats and Vehicle Com~at:'BWI~'fl1~ wOJ;R~f.II~tr ,. "'n~atchl:Jex® and Hot Wheels® caj<t>. Treat eac~~I-lf.loht:s91~are Jison 0111 the map as a to-foot square. You c6n e~eriment with \"

_----m~del railroad scaledaFs an~gl!lles)fs well, but theyip~ a

.,.. Chs~'1 ~T:.ts~ale making tlMm'ap s~Jar~s rougHly zo-feet. f"A'A\ I nW'ifJeftba// Rall.y-alse inclu§es many to-sc·ale 0veT:Mad~~f""-

_ illustratiens sized to fit on a stan@ard grid of 5-fof?lit1~lS\Jn

Vehicles that 66tbl>"9 'p,~ltiple ~~uares.1110st vehicles are large . enough to occupy multiple sq(ar~ 0Jltllll~Q~~~rid. Even the, al€lage; automobile ts ~re than 5 feet wide and 0_feet-leng.

field fix~~/I~ftfdJ, ~ 9\spla~-es. a vehicle ioccJ-jwi@"~~G:efofjl1 in the

*' vehicle s specific description at the end of ,nls s~hon. •

I Wher:l movi~g vehicles that occupy, m,oiflt5J!)f1>, I!a<t~are, , count the squares from ground venicles' rear slluares. WheQ

/ tup:ning, pivot gro~nd v:ehicles on the rear square toward which the~re~r~iF)$I~~<Ba car mar;ngat~Kf~lvots on St *eCeft1rear square). When <f.iring \lte-apons, tount sq~Clfes

• from' tR~ Thoation of the weapon. _ i-' Ai 19tO n ~

Multiple vehicles canr~ot occuJ2X the same square u,ss ...-

they are ar differel1lf altif.u(les. (' .L.

\Vehicte /izel ~_ ~ - ~ - -=- Gr~E

Vehicles use-the-same-size categories that characters ana

____., creatures do. Table 5-2: Vehicle Sizes shows size categorJ'" '"

L. sizefl'\.b~!!f3htbfell~'f.igth in feet, ~Ffa eXiamples of ~ehides' in that category.

Table 5-1: Used Vehicle Flaws

D% Flaw



In most cases, a malfunction or flaw can be detected by

a successful Repair or Craft (engineering) check (DC 20) and a few hours of poking around. The GM also can allow characters to use alternative skills for these checks. For instance, a Computer Use check might notice problems witH the sensors or fire control systems. Unfortunately, many sellers discourage the attention of such careful buyers.

At the GM's discretion, most of these flaws can be repaired, though they are considered complex repair jobs at best. See the Repair skill in Chapter 2: Skills for more information.

Price of a Used Vehicle

The exact price of a used vehicle is up to your GM. The GM sets a price that's at least 50% of the original vehicle price, and as much as 90% of the original vehicle price.

Jury-rigged systems: -4 penalty to Repair checks made to fix vehicle.

Burned-out engine: -4 penalty to Drive skill diec ,.._ __ -"m.!!:a~d::::.e .:.:to~p'ursue vehicles.

Shaky steering: -4 penalty to Drive skill checks to tum or reverse direction, establish or break pur suit, ram a target, avoid a hazard, or re ain contre

71-75 Malfunctioning Sensors: -4 to all skill checks mad to operate sensors. This may be as tri)Jial as burn ..... __ ...:o~u~tolJh~ea~de!_lights if the vehicle has 0 0 er se sors 76-80 Malfunctioning Fire Control: Reduce all fire conrr:

bonuses by 4 (minimum +0). If the vehicle has no fire control system, roll again on this table.

Hull Damage: Subtract 10% from maximum hull

~ p.~o~in~ts~.~~ ~ __ ~~~~ __ ~

Other: The GM is encouraged to be fiendish. Roll two more times on this table.

so n

, cf

• J •

I~ IIlJ~

maneuveCl '/

During vehicle combat, a vehicle moves about on the same map grid used in. normal combat, through higher speeds car carrx it quickly !elo~8 tlll~ ~~$~s. of ~he map. A vehicl~ can move-only dClfing a move action; baSIC movement requires no skill ijmrk.

A driver.. can make one attack action and one move actior

s-; ':iV ..... n ;:.i

per rounfror two move actions if he chooses not to attack

(just as in normal combat, but if the driver and gunner are two dif,f,Sr1i1t ffg~~'clile driver can make two move actions


~ .. Willisto l_ MI .,t ,\ "--.:,. .

JI2 Table ... 5-2: v.:eblcle II'z..el r,·· Forward and Reverse: cle faces a corner of its square inste'~

StanClard .... Scale 'Modifier Length (ft) Examples All vehisles are capable of a side, a~rmJ5lffi lipl nt00fs!<t into the

'" Colossal 61-150 Yacht of forward movement; forward leff'or right square and costs 3

H GaF~ant\!Jafl 31-60 T~I1c1( the driver's only deci- squares of movement.

. Huge 16-'30 sion is how fat1iemara:t-agonal Side. Slips: Vehicles facing

large 9 to 15 A driver cam always the corner of a 'iqf~f;-move into IDeJlutt

Medi .. j,rj;· :n choose to advance forward left or right square, and then

sTiiair more slowly than his move one more square left or right (in

,_:.~=~~ __ .... +20 ~2!~~~~a~~:~~~~ and t~~~~:g~~9~0~:0~~~. vehicle can ,

obstacles might also make a simpl~5-degree turn by

~ t.e do' slow the vehicle. expending 1 sguijre 1.1 . o)J.e~e . c:;

Simple Maneuver: Simple maneuvers Traveling in reverse is somewhaJ;o Before a vehicl~l~~n tUrfl~ m s move

(moving forward, moving backward, morehmitiJlfg,~S)m0strveihicies atten t..,rr~t least 1 square forward, Turning com-

I slipping, and turning) allow a car to geared to go Full speed in-reverse. Any plet~ ar~~'d ~n~\fh~llirlg ~ack the

move a specified number of squares on vehiele can travel backward at alley opposit~ eirec!lrn (a half-circle) costs 8

the map grid, as determined by its spee~ or two speed <;ategories less than squares of ~ al's

( ':1(;':,....... ! C f

speed. As simple maf.leuv,ets <!fe easy the. r:hiol~'~ l:rla)'(;im~Q:(:;{~e::.ed category, - - -

re ¥!erfoliim, they do not require Drive whl€never rsgreater.,_ _ Ituntl

checks, rJ. vehicle cannot combine forwa-;:;r- -The following ~'ctiOJ1iS alway.s!JleC!l~M~/a

As a 20ye,Kctfb'ri)a (ijF~eF can per- an re~:se mtov~ml' eru,.during a single Drive ch~k to p~rform successfully, \

_ f~rm a~ .1)u~ber of simple maneuvers move ae IOQ SU l In .... ~t.9nts al!g.wl a driver to perform spehaiP

<WfQ(tde&L,t!tt;'the tftaltuPlblr: of , Diagonal Movement: Moving dlago- maneuvers without expending move-

squa -eslffio.ved does oPeicee-d the C nalt \~afri:>ssitb.:e corner of a square) men\Drivers must immediately check

vehicle's speed. - cdsts additional movement, The first for fos~ .bf~Gont:B>1 if the Drive checkDe..:;

A vehicle does nC!1.t' ~pen.61 all diagonal move a-vehicle makes during fails by 10 or more, Remember that -

its mo-{ement durin~ts tur t~uns'p'ent each action costs 1 square of move- Table 5-3: V:e,hicle Speeds and

movement simply intlicQM,tAaa~e ment, The secon8 costs 2 squares of LMfidi~eol~ffects all the-Q"iveweAee~s-

vehicl is moving at less than top movement, The fhird costs 1, and so on, aescn6ea here,

JJ,J:r1S'P-tbl(3/-n- Thus, moving 2 !quares diagonallyiS- Quid: Turns: A quiek tum allots a

Stlint: Stunts are 9i.ff~l!Jlt'ln0rsome- treated as having moved 3 squares, vehicle to turn without first mo-ving

timeJ daring maneuvers that enable a ") ()ISimp.l~ ~.!!p:)1. dni~€r might wish to forwar 0s~u~e:21he Quick fI' f'8fia~ as

driv~r to change his vehicle's heading move to tbe side without changing rhe> ,.. Fg~i!m illustrates the DCs of a rigtit o~-;:)

;eHOor drientation at no movement cost. A vehicle's facin§, for instance to change left turn, ranging from 45 to 180

ftu t can be attempted as a free act jon lanes. This is dlled a slip, and it allows degrees. A 180-degree Quic T.urn.ds

du ing the driver's move action, Stunts the vehicle to avoid obstacles without known as a "bootlegger rever-sbel t erS(

~I'fays reql!Ji~.e Drive skill checks, A slowing down to change facing, The Fail.ed Quick Turns: When a pilot fails c'

aLI'-0nl't one stunt per simple slip n10v,e~ ~1iI~ ';(~liicle 1 square , .... hquLck turn stunt, re~ce thf angle of I

m/:JVe action, forward or baFk and 1 square to the he tUrn 4Si cl~~reles· for evenlY incre-

I right or reff, and costs 3-S_€lwares o£ menr 01 ~ belowJ1le DC. For instance, a

fimple maftetJverJ movement. With ', a driver attempting a 180-degree turn

As a mov ~Gri®Iil,Jtbe ractr~ ni-vin~ a - e driver can perform multiple simple slips (DC 20) rolls a 10, The vehicl~_CaD~Qnl¥

elaicle ean perform the following- in the same action, turn go degrees, As with all failed Get

_- jmaneuvers, expending movement or T dcked vehicles cannot perform stunts, the driver mu~ immeCliafely J

making a Drive sklll check to negate the simple slips, .1 d ~ I check for loss of co~trol if tK.e Drive

movement expendit'lllib fJL:8r e Diagonlll Simple Slip: When tr~ vehJ...OrG',e.cK fails . .hy 10 or more,

I . 1,1 OJ I I :At ack Runs: A. vemicle can ignore

Table 5-3: Vehicle Ipeedl and modifierl (J"('Wal de~en~ive ma~e~~~r~n&-jo'!inle

Speed Movement Itself up With Its target, ga'lnlOg a Ijdr-H!l?

Category Feet to attacks made against the target. The

Stationary atraeklng vehicle must move ~traight

Alle1:: toward the targptE 1it~p~taul~ing or:

Cruising otherwise maneuvering, for'alieast half G

--: ~ Attack: of its declare, -mo ~ent for rha _ action, Unti. if. Jdruall¥ ~sses the tarShn get, the attacking vehicle can fire its forward-facing weapons at the talget,

at any point along the attacking vehi-

'r '"'

• Gle's movement.

'"f l, 110r~is stunt requires a successful 'Drive check (DC 10) as part of the _t

. BOA.on





- - - [ ... - -

*A stationary__vehiG!e ~annot make Drive checks except to turn. ~1('1 )...... J

;l-J.RamniiJg sperci is impossible for some vehicles in this game. while otherlS c~n only acl1ieve~1 through a do~ble-move.

Stationary: The vehicle is motionless. G e a

Alley: This speed is used for safely maneuvering a vehicle in tight spaces, such as alleys or parking garages. Cruising: The vehicle is traveling at a normal cruising speed. Attack: The vehicle is moving at combat speed.

Ramming: The vehicle is traveling at top speed.



DC to

A void Hazard

40 35


i ~F@I;"~\ D,;y, check 10' avoid a h"-' make ,'iil;h,I!sr\~~'k at rhe same .t.jIIlg9liflj1s iOcing remains "",hmog<Jl\

;'~Q@rrf~~IWayS mears tba~fhe vehi- C P,C,' as .the original (failed) check. If the the vehicle lo'§es the rest of its move-

clen-aS""~ollid~cl with 'the ob~tacle. If. the, l>e~~a@fue€~ ~cceeds, the driver ment.{or the t;ction. If the skid brings the

hazard Is another vehicle;::he~~iri",er. of1_ m~intaitls control of the vehicle, but still vehicle\ into' nontacr with another oojee, e'

the secp,nd vehic .e' can also ahem~t a fails to aC't'omplish the desired maneu- see Ramming and Collisions, page 50. s

Drive €heck to avoid.,the collision. If ver. If the,seconp check fails, the Spin: The vehicle spins wildly and

both cpecks fail, the-eJiii!itn1eetrs., driver lost control of her vehicle. 10rlest!QIJr.est of its movement for the-

SOTJ1e/~azards require special rules to Compare the driver's measure of fail- actiJn.'Rollld8 to determine the

~ J Unafljlhtl}lrate,particular;I¥.) when failure;. to ure (the amount by which she fai edlne degree of the- lUFn: 1, no change: 2,

avoid; the hazard leads to r&mefHing check) to Table 5-5: Loss of Control to right 45 degrees; 3, right go de~rees;

othef than a collision. Regardless of tne d"eterJ;liin.e fliie enfte.~tl. 4, righ;t ' 3'~ de,g, ees; 5, left 4¥ a f c:; a!

natu e of the hazard, the Drive check ,.,' l'Je$;rees; 6, left go degrees; 7, left 135

eel IOdet1rmines whether the driver circum- Foiled Itumt Effectl degrees; 8, 180 degrees. Reorient the

vents the hazard successfally, S'ort\e Roll: The vehlcle rolls in a straight vehicle accordingly.

SP1CifiC examples are presented here: line along its last declared vector for a Jl:!f C $1

:---_ Fliffs and Chasms: Circumventing a number of feet determined by its last EHploding Vehlcler C

~ clrf~of"e1'0SSi'ElgYa\ GAasfn fs micky; roll declared swe~trl gaJ,egoty,: Alley idro, If a vehicle ever suffers twice as much

lq12 instead of idzo on Taole 5-4: 9riv,e Cruising ldlO>GlO, Attack ldlOX20, damage in a siFigle attack as it has

In qheck to Avoid Hapwds. A failed Drive RamiTilngicilmt'50. A. roll-deals ldtl J;.ernaining hull p-oints, it explodes. This

qheck results in a fall that damages both points of damage te.-tl=level'llelt plus an inflicts iodf damage to everyone within

r fhe vehiciMndlts_passen®,~(pe'(a I- e additibnal ld6 pOints of damage per 10 the vehicle (Reflex save, DC 20, for: _

fa'lIiFlg Q~mage in Chapt~,t' 4: Adventures feet rolled; the vehicle's occupants take half damage), and half that much to '-' l

-~ of ttfe 'f!)ungeon Masteps Guide}. ld4 points of damage per die of damage everyone and everyt~i~g )'lithin 30 fe'et

/ Toxic Spills: Det@rT?inetheDCtoappliedtothevehicl_@,.,.lfirfleyehicle o,f the exploslon (Reflex save, DC 15,

avoid the spill normal!~~(t,a'j).eEI ne,.G!t. sustains enol!l{h ahmage, i(mig'k r':lhr'r£or"l:ialf damage).

lands the vehicle in a pool Jf toxic' expl'ode (see 6:~ploding Vehi€ e's:b~idw).V lit::{ c

waste. The vehicle itself is unlikely to If itldoes not explode and still has hull ,- .. J)tfJicult Conditiqnl

I sustain damage. However, passengers poimts remaining, it stops moving. There tH5s'tructions, harsh terrJin, arrd poor

who do not have full cover might suf- is a 50% chance that the car will land visibility €an hinder a vehicle's speed or

fer adverse effects; Fefe" t:0 th~ poison right side up. If it ~Qes, ,a sU,ccessfu~ a driver's ability to control a vehicle. If

rules in Chapter 3: Running the elame Drive check to reg~tnlcon4rol allows tile any of tgese factop exis at~J vehicle's

of the Dungeen Masters Guide. drtver to "restart" the vehicle. speed might be redut-e~ anti ~he Wilot q

~lo , If the roll brings the vehicle into con- might suffer a .. pefl I~ to all Drive

Foited IttJntl tact with another object, see Ramming cheeks, as 'fe'd.,in Ta@e 5-6:

AI. failed Dr~ cheek on.a stunt means and Collisions, -.b_elow. Conditional Modifiers to Vehicle

t~e fu'ivefl :fajle'd to execute the stunt. If Skid: The veijJs;I£skfd~J1io:rrwafd along Movement and Drive Checks.

the Drive check fails by, 10 or more, the its last deelared ye,ctor for a number of

driver might lose control of the vehicle feet determined by its last declared

(a driver cannot lose control due to a speed: Alley 2d4, Cruising 2d4x2,

failed opposed check). The driver must Attack 2d'4X5, Ramming 2d4Xl0.

Veliii~le Combat I ~e GM has two options for derermirhng initiative in vehicle combat, First, the GM

There are three kinds of attack rolls involving vehicles: attacking wi!~' t~e) '-' vehicle itself, attacking with vehiclemounted weapons, and attacking with personal w;e1ip0r6)PJlllein a vehicle. 1

Attacll:ing with the Vellicle: Atrtackihg

As with personal combat, a 'c'haractel? can take both a move action and an arrack action in each€o . ~.t~Jr'C e combat. Instead of taking an attack ~ action, a ch~acte~ can ta~e a second

move actioR. t') .j, ...- __..

Drivi~ Defensively:\~ust as in mele

·Vb·· t ~ or "f h d f . I" cern a , ene Gam Ig t e ensive y~_'"

while driving a vehicle, whi~ngf,~liIts a

J ~

+2 dodge bonus t· tpe ";t,{lri~ e'


.i •

performed by the crew.

This doesn't restrict 6Ms from creating unique rasing crews. See Chapter 6: Hittin'g th~ Streets for examples of pregene'Fa'tetl Nac;:el' erews.


Terrain *

X1/2 X3/4 X1/2 X1/4 NA ,NA

'fable 5-7: Vehicle Crew
-2 'Quality
Grew- Check Attack
, I.;:.
-4 Quality Modifier Bonus
-2 Untrained -4 -2
Normal +2 +0
Sk!illed* +2 Expert +

'Groovy +12 +8/ +3

l"Race crews should be skilled at worst, *Tracked ground vehicles _g:~ss "Diffieult'' surfaces without penalty. Theyhfe'~ .::> j and rnpst should be experts. Leave nor-

"Poor." su'rfaees as "Difficult"· and "Y_ery Pee " surfaces as merely' Peer," mal for the bystanders!


, MIR\."t - q

ula f'Gcmneraals"q aa'SaRe Jl:lllCattack free action's as Bommioa.. and Colli/ionl ~

acti<?n~.'"P\s ~ rule bf thumb, if a weapon Gl.!lllisions O€€.\:/1rQlDeuiaFV€HI~l610ses

* is under a character's direct control The vehicle moves a control and strikes a solid object or

H~ljl:~p~gont-firing weapons or . squares as detef ined. by its when a dri~er decides to ram ner V'ehi-

hidunfeffweapons), thf, IiMrapel"Gan . action can be uQqrolarc!~litJto som~tTn$ on gurpose. ,

take a full attack action\:.t1it~tRaf'W!Ja¥.qn. '" propel the vehTCle forward _Q~ back- Resolving ~ainJ,(~Gks: When aDulutt

Mul&~le' A1it,ap~s: A chm;a&ter.cao ward, Jomplete simple maneuvers such driver choos,es to use her vehicle as a

make multiplle attaeks.wit~ a single as tur~nd .~.I.2:_.s.:.. or p~rform a stunt. weapon by ra~ming another v~hicle, a

weapon, a group of flre-llnked Att1ck A<;tjo~;;: ,(drrV'el' e gI'lFlFler_c.b9rac~r, a tC';rature, or an object, fol-

~b1T~e"",a~s.etof adjoining weapons. can make Jiiftgle att~ck with one of a low this pro.c~<ilure: {"

-_ I r ,

If tw~ or m~~ }dentic~rw-e"'£po~s~ba.~~IIl'S weaplOFls. using h~r. ranged 1. Declare ~~. ~ehicle's speed c~te-

identical facl~g~~~r¥(JIE!! 'co,nsl.d. atta. c~ bonu. s. VaFlous can gory (alley, C~~~'1tVr~tt~C;~'r)la~f1~g,

adjoining weapons. The gunner of a the attack roll. Note thatl-~f2lJ;;.. supersonic). ']lIM speeatmgrb(e suffr=:

tank can make one attack wit!\l theJ]tlk -a driver q "gl:Jnfl~rr-ItnaYie~abl~o use" r~ient to carry it to the target, or the

>I k wirh hi 1 I ,(' ..... \.A ~ l ,]'I:. fail II -!"~Ir r.

. gun an ... one attack wit a mac me gun, a peJ,sona weapon as an . track action ram ~ttempt al s {ll!lt~m<ltl{.fa y""

for example. . rather than a vehicle_w..eaEon. 2t:"fotifnk the _rehicle straight toward

Taking a full atfa~k action is only FJII-Itound Actions: A full-round the target. The:f;no)l:emeT}t mw.sJ:,be in a

useful if a characrer~Hi~Jn1J'k~ more acti~!qhiMsS' ~j~i'lgt0un~ to com- stra.igl1rline (:,~e baeltrng tip al.lowed{

tillan erne; at,tac~. Characters with 'a ~~se plett ana:~annot-BeMe0upl.ed_¥.Wb~_Untii the next ~oun~, ,t~eC' vehicle '1ut~.

attack bonus ~Igh enough to get multi- mo"e action or attack action. fers a -2 ReTTalty to D€ffeFl~~The·ij~l'lI-

pie atta~qft,ffi(051f~h'e ~gnay take the W~en a.driver sb.o.osf¥' to make a full- cle can pass t~rough obstacles if the

f.",H attack.actiOnto m'ake multiple 1 rollnd ~~r\~J.}Miele continues r qtiIV&1J's€qejcls 'It the appropriate Am

ait~s~tt~ vehicle. CPIPPf;~ C~. I.oh.g itS. last .vector at its last declared Drive checks (see Table 5-4: Drive

fiiiira~0 .. r.s~w.i.tb...!b!e-~p%· SHof f@'at sl~e~,ell: Ta€wmember cam perform Chef~ to Avqid Hazards~.

can us it 10 make an eXfFa-att~ek..lw,. .ode full-rotmg action in one round, 3\_w;h.PtF"th?:/JJmming vehl6fe entef:}c....::;

vehiole weapons. OI't Collins inauarh~a-ftJlI ... attack. the squ~r.e occupied by its target, ~-

Ram Attack: A vehicle cfi~as a fall I resolve the IJiIm attac,k. The forward

attack, ignore norm~~f,e~si~erhane\il- _,Tb.e Fine Rnt of mPMe1'lt}rJygi"'es a +2 €ir.GWm&t'afl€e- -

verjng to ram a target (either a diarac- ftopping Q Car " 'Do~u~to the driver's attack roll, and

J Untetl~at4!!'e, obstac e), or another _.. Stopping a car when you're not iFllt is a the-target's armer-bsnus to Defense (if

vehiGle~e attackimg ~fuil:'II(ffirst major concern fbr most law-enforce- any) does not apply. A venicle Ian only

movl directly toward the target durin£O.{l)~nt ~!=11@~?!ydg~ become a con- attemif{9~e.1\tTgle targe1\na~

its apion. cern for-characters "Itl 7'liunderhall RaIl;.;, a i~yJ.".ing a rouna.

ei 0 Tfle driver must make an attack roll Here are a few rules to help you out. 4. 'If the attack succeeds, a collision

t Jee whether the targetlisfaa81rJr8 Shoot the Tires: Most people don't occats (see below}. If the attat fai~,

igfring the target's armor nonus to know that ir.'s fossible to drive on a the vehicle continues along thtll 9meerS(

:--E.!ense. Ther~amming vehicle gains a flat tire. Th~. rJpair bill that follows will course, using up any unspent move- C I

~ +Z ci'rCtimst.aB£~e attack be astronom'ioat b]Jeit@lJ!.t'ssible. A, ~1p€1tlt proom it~ declared speed. ,

n r1" but also suffers a -2 penlllty-t~t tires aslDefense 26 (+16 size) for" Re~olvin~ rGbih~lOns: Vehidle colli-

Defense until theA~ginning of the dri- rol~li'if, ~nd"8J~-3-flilr c;lamage._ ..s19I1S degend on the speed ahd-size of F

er's next actidn:'"'A~ehicle making a They have 7 hitJi'JiR~ ._EVclCf at tire the obje-cts involved. Use tfie highest

tram attaC!~balil'iii0OfiTgbt c;l~~e2Pri·1~lra.l Fe on a Fheeled V'el1fc'l'e impeses a -4 speed of the two collidiFlg o~jects (at _

f"'tb~l'iaroattack suceee"as·, rts,Jive the penalty on Drive checks. I the moment of imp-act) to delermffiel e t

Idam?t~e bs·t collision (see Ramm'ing and C1ltrops: See Vehicle /l:ccdssoli'ies the damage die type.. .:1

ColI!sions, belew).lf ,tbe, att~~ fails, .~he (page ~2). Amanllo I . . ~~e.tmtne _the of &ice to roll

vehicle that atteIl)Pt~dftbt~ atl ijI(J:j~¢i~ Barriers: M0St barrleFS~use":jip~ c~'horl{si0g- Table 5-9: Colhslon E>atnage by

along the same ceurse a number of sionlrules to determine whetref:th~y 3izf~ and llitsmall es· ol:iject involved

squares equal to its unspent movement. brek allowin& the vehicle t~ pass, or Cmrte tn~t this table use1\the...'smpe .. size

renfain intact and stop the vehicle. scalt; as Table 5-2: enl'c1e SizJs). IL::'

Vehicle Combat Rctionl Many law-enforcement agencies are Finally, decide the coliision'J damage

Actions dUfiFlg vehi~@[liilb'~!,!'re han- ex~erimenting wit~ iliglJ_,t.weight, port6iftll' multiplier based on the move.'1ent vec-

died the same way as actions dUfln~ ba~riers that expaAH th .. c ~lrl a'n area" tors of tAe ramr&g y,llide ~~ the

personal combat, In general, a charac- up/to 30-feet across. These portable target. . a Kart' I G

St~camn~~tM'O mo",eaa~t~tlsA' me ba riers have metal spikes sticking Once the d.aQ;l~g!!i,has been deter;: _

move action and one at/acK'1lcrion, or straight up from them, and they use the mineG,apPlo/ ~;tlt~Mj'~Sehicies (er C' h .. J

one-f.I:J.II..r..ound 'ae'ti0Fl_itl_a~round. Free dltrop rules (Rage 52~ with the excep- objects) involved in the collision. f a.,;ullj

icti§~ ~Qii;Jl!!rformed normallY':"'m --ri~n th~ eath s61~~do':ef~pqiTijS of vehicle sustairls enough damage, It

conjunction with1anotl'ier action. damagQ~~rst~'8l1. This means that \ might explode (see Exploding VeKicles,

Free Actions: CommUrfiGating orders the barrier destroys a tire on a roll of PJafe 4n. ~

and switching weapon fire modes are 5_or greater. . .1JJ

examples of free actions. Oharacrers

Pa on




-: •.. :,~ ."} .. [ ) -l!l)lf)

TimfTllnr-:t ...... "' ..... ,j·i:'-y.~~

TabLe 5-9: Colli/ion TabLe 5-10: CoLli/iofl

Damage by\.rize Vector muLtipLierl

Vehicle Size ( # of Dice Target is Multiplier

.--~....;..;;.;.;.;.;.. --i:8 N~ifi Sl te;Vd'l~ the

~~.:... ffi:...__~ ramming vehi0le

fs>:10l'lin~ p-er~el:l ... ~'r.-:i~ou""ll~a1i' .... - ..... -- ........ .1...., to ~he na


. III! \_ ..

)Ul? Breaking. oft ~ursuit is a special Critical hits represent extraordinarily obstacle, the cover bonus for the

delaying ~t:tion. When the pursuer lucky shets that manage to find weak obstacle apRliesf 615 f.k es.:ifih~ same

-6; decides to break off pursuit the pur- points in a vehicle's armor. Most vehicle square as tffie attacking vehicle do not

"H s.ueff ip~ative automatically drops by weapons have a threat range of 20; they provide cover to the target.

~e, s ~'no longer a'1tsl a( the same still nee~ to make a second att>acmt~tfPl reS riking the Cover: An attack that

time as her erstwhile la~~et.S confirrrf any attack that is a rhrear. misses a target with €0Ver might i~dlil

Escdp¢;P:Ullsqit~ To escape a pursuer, l vertently strike the cover instead. This

the driver of the ~ursued vehicle must fhov~ng occurs when the attack roll would have

make an opposed Drive check. The pur- To shO>le a1},.otber car.ra driver must hlt.!.be target had it not had cover, and

~~ains-a_+.§..Q.rcumstance bonus to successfolly sitfes\¥ipe it. The attacker the attack roll is high enough to hit the

1the check. If the pu~sue(r11river wins, and th'e defender make opposed Drive cover's Defense. To determine which

he breaks th~~tlj~~itca8d the pursuer checks. You each add a +4 bonus for covering obje!' tstrl1S~' st~ I~th

no longer ignores the speed modifiers each size category you are above or ethe object closest to tne-'target vessel,

of the pursued ship's Defense. Medi~m-si4e or a -4 Ren'alty for eacf.\...... and compare tHe attack roll to its

. Whenever a vehicle escapes pursuit, its size earegery Y0U are 'below Meaium- Defense. If the roll i~ sl!Jfti~ie(lt to hit,

pursuer's initiative drops by one; it no size.Ifhe faster car gets a +2 bonus for apply the damage to the cover. If not,

longer acts at the s.flme time as its erst- each speed category above the slower move outward:tQ'the 1TIext~isrllnt cov-

while target. CasjJ:I.. car. If the aft:<tcR:erp!l.eP]tsOt1e defender, ering object, ariEl repeat this process

he p'ushes the defender 5 fe.e.t alqng the until either a piece of cover is struck

Fa'cing and Firing Rrci attacker's last vector. If the attacker - Dr all the covet has been @i~se(;j.' ltV

All standamE'dJ'6u 'tf<!lfW6aJjl .ns point in mo~esCiith the defender, the attacker If the covering object is a vehicle, and

_oAeof four directions: forward, aft cam J;lusn(hlmt.. o'blIDstance of an _ the drive of the vehicle is using a dodke

aie..aE), Elg~t'.0r left. Scr. e, ea ons are ~d<ilitlonal I foot for each point by which ability that keeps the covering vehicle

turret~m0Utl e.d (a.!.£.in_t:KJIn-to fire inC r .8 ·a'ZkEfre~eeded the defender's fr01}l. bei~g struck, the original target is

all four directlons). A weaponzs. facing ch'ecl< result. The attacker cannot exceed truck,after all: &ffectively, the coverinVe

and ar of fire isffis',teQ i r tae ~e~l§lle's his normal movement limit. If the vehicle has dodged out of the way, sa~-

descriJtion. D. Id attacker failed to)beat the defender's ing itself instead of providing cover.

Ofttfu, the part ofLf.hQ ,&Iii,GI@fatDrivecheck,neit,hervehiclemoves.I...·,.I.I-

incl.ud~s a given fire arc is two or more • Flre-llnHed Weaponl

d J uru g 'a~ 51 wide. If it beG~mes im~rta'J;lt Ullng Cover - Ve'hicles sometimes have fire-lin~~d

(suo7 as for';;h\(e fr for When you open/rire with a vehicle's weapons that point and fire in tKe same

firing at point-blank range), count theCol~e'apo~) @je9.t~ <?~Jv~ehicles in the way directicm. ime"l~mk:ed weapons Jr~n (l'

. number of weapons included in that can provide co~er for your target. - r- preated as a single weapon (f,ircllVlIt'n a '

IGeilOt:ire/arc, and divide by the number of Cover provides a bonus to a target's single attack roll and all at tHe same

~q ~res the vehicle has in thdt~fFe are, Defense. The more cover, the greater target) that deals greater damage than

That will determine, in most ca'ies,'u the bonus. either weapon alone. Each d0ulb il:)gt0~rS

ex~ctly ho'({ any weapons are actually When you declare an attack, draw an the number of fire-linked weapons (two'(

~iVeA-Squar;.[?~g'hicle, and thus imaginary 11i.i~fI[.Q!!jlrthe center of the f,Pur,,,,eight, and so on) adds ene die of

h®w much of the vehicle's firing actu- square from which' you're firing (see daMage (bef€me multil'llication). This

;m aJiy comes from I th'l:! square. F acTii'g an"1'tPif'ing- Ares, a90ve). to the allows tbe firing of multiple weapons

J 0 center of the squa~€'h!)at includes the for some additional effect wrnile only

Friticdbl~:jt~ (to) Veb:iGlF-JI a Fe target. When youriarget occupies requiring a single attack actien. _

Critiqll h~ts in vehicle comttalru.,lc'hon more than one square, you must Only identical weapons cam be fire-

simi18rly fo c~itical hits in personal com- declare which square you're firing at. linked.

bat, but instead ofrlealing additional dam- Each square that includes an object-

age, a critical hit wi!~' ~h 'etih!:ie ~~awQjil9 whether a vehicle, cliaract~r, cr.eatlu;je'1

bypasses a target' damage reduction, obsjacle -provides some degree of

dealing damage directly to its hull. cover for your target, making the shot

more difficult. Table

Table 5-11: Drive Checkl to fide{wipe

Targetl ')

Target Size Base DC Speed of Target DC Modifier

Colossal Stationary


5-12: Vehicle Cover lists the Defense I l'ionuses by different sizes of objects. When multiple obstacles occupy the same square, apply their IGjJmuliJ;Nve cover

Don us.

When firing at a target occupying the same square as an


AI vehicles have hull points, which are

~rQl:lghly equivalent to a character's hit points. Most vehicles also have a damage reduction (DR) rating. Whenever a vehicle takes damage, subtract the vehicle's DR from the dalJ1age,def!t. This reflects the fact that'etenc' he nest pistol shot simpl~ can;t deal enough darn- _ age to the ull· of an aT'~ored truck. 1

When a vehicle is reduced to 0' hull points, it is disabled. If a vehicle ewer suffers twice as much damage in a single attflck as it has remaining hull

I floints, it explodes (see Exploding Vehieles, above). If the vehicle eplodes




Table 5-12: Vehicle Cover

Green FffP!1de-IJ~ - - - - - - - - -'.'00 o~ - • - - - -It'- - - - - - -l. rh; ~A~:~~~

This ~eetioii describes a vari- round action) and move four lon~' Some",Have .~-track~t·aJile

ety of common .. :'vehicles you times its listed speed. Class: Wheeled ~@r0uRd) Rlaxers. TheYran~ two

_ might want to nave available Maximum Speed: The vehi- Crew: KI(lrmal +2 (,fd;~~p~ .. s~ttares wide an~ four _ .....

VI~- i!ll0Clr Ihunderbell Rally cle's maximum overland Size, Hug13 tta 0 squares long. l ___

III.I~ . Ua~~n. The eomplere D20 L fl s~f~di1gniles.-per p,our"lt Initiativ,e: +7 C14 SIte, +1 ClassJ~~el'@'f t@r6na)

-I' *,~ODERN i~cludes several addi- Cost_: The Jenlee!f9iGe in ~ vehicle, +2 c.!]wL C~ew:.~rmaP +2 (I dJ''1::·~

Jlson risnal vehicles. U.S. d~lars. r ,Passengers: 4 Size: l:iuge ?

'----\- nn L\ br~~w: The minimurrt nbm-~ M&n~U~er: +5 (+4 size, -I InViari~.o~ -, size, '1'1

Ch~ lt5er of crew needed to 0etP\ ~~~I'ilG crew) vehiclev-a cre.~"'''

TIle~~~iC[~d~~rie.f.i0ns in- afe the vehicle. The, qt1!ility\'of'" ~cargb Capacity~ 3 J.:\ ~ssenge,t:s:llr, uon

this section use the following \he crew and theg!}~Tf~t\q 'rcI?Nense: 14*(+4 ?iQf I;,!ur ~ianeU)/e~ (;"4 size, l'tI 1

terminology~ . h appropriate skill checks·tse~U ~pe.§d: 220 feet vehicle, .!2cre-lv.)..lde p

Class: Thtr .. ~ni'C.I€'~. p~~ C ~ehicle Crew Qualit;l, page ~a~imum spe~d': 10Q mph. c.ap.g~O\p.rB~·t~:.~~1ntOn

Flying, Hover] Tracked Q~ ffmprRI~rentheses. Hull Points: 20 ~ De£~nse: ,1'4+f1. size.)1

(~fiu"dh~flal(Su1~aGe), or .. Initiative: Th"tmodifier DR:'~7"'T J Speedt,2ID··r

[field WlieJle~~(droWt1!:l~~::> added to[inifeia~rm~lIr for Cost: $15,~00 ,...J~a~iT]l\o.~e~4:1~0 m'pn •

· * Size: The vJhicle's si;ze cat- this ve.hicJ~~~ crew.. Y.ict.orv- ... IRolI.M.odifie ... r: -I ~1,l.1I Pornt>s""'35

I eg~ry.t.1a~wr~ilt~it~r "'Bro~~Ml~£hlJ'i1~ell ca",e~ ~; 7-

Passengers: The number of added to aJ1lJ Drjve checks for crew cmdlpassenger. eoSt: $4~,O,bo

I passengers and/or tro0p's attempted b~ this crew anskCharl .~~.t{) Victory Roll Modifier: +0

that the vek~lSa;ri3F~tfMe,n ve~kif.ankf(')~ LCJf.f.\:J~~~(;H· *' *Pr0~ide's tJ1ree-quarter COv(

t. ~da@j~tbecrew listing, Befen~e: ~e vehide'~., This. cat&icH~f2oW{s)n~ for cre,w .anct.p'ar~mg~rs

l:Jelowj. EacH passenger space Defense_lnc)pd~gMffln5'{s Cadillacssarrd top-of-the-line •• \lur UIK

can be converted 1''0 2 cargo size modifier. /.~,~ seaans fFO~I.~2l't1Il)4iOD I r.r:hd=-Jlze Carl

units (see Vehicle ._,J \t I S C'M'u1l Points: The v~lcle's manufacturers, J.ypitally, This categ0J;,y covers mid-

Accessories). maximum hull poi~s. they nave lap seat belts, and siz\td "'f.amily'i sedans.

Cargo Capacity: The _ DR: Damage~Rea'Li"CtioE. E:-.JkMffLtjle<idJos with both ~ T¥pi ally, tne;y have AM/Ftv

amount of cargQ untrs the Subtract this number from front ana rear speaker,s. radios w',itb froat speakers.

~ vehicle can carry. A cargo any damage dealt to _'e ~hi~

L unit Istq'Bp'1)~irqf~f.~lt equal to tle:s ~ulL If~jt reduces the

5 cubic feet. Note that open dllmage to 0 or less, no dam-

trucks (such as'p'lc~l:lJll r age is dealt by the attaGiC'"

tracks) show cargo units _ '. '~i0terr ROlrllilodfer: This r J

1~ased em t~ d'mensions of modifier applies to tile ream's

"t~eG~kPfue~. It's also woJitl:\ Vtt0tdlly~oll (see.~haPte~:

~ Btu riotin~ that tht listed cargo Hit<ting the St,reetsv:iinta,

~a . acrrv assumes the stan-

.Lrco, n# .~ 1 E C ~ "'gusta

arl'Jlsean rgl~F-asseTilgeJls and conomy e·fI.u

cnew as llsterf], and you can This category

convert a seat to 2 cargo covers cars like

units (see Accessories). \", '"' r the AMC Gremlin

Speed: The number of feet and VOIIKSv.'m!(m

rhe, vehicle can cover in a J ae~ a-c;tl9~llf the vehicle ate _yses two move actions, it can move twice this far in a round. A vehicle can also use t a{ouf mQ\lementJ (a full-



I r.f .. 1.

ila rl'l'ey.'a'eawo squal1es wide J

r, anJ-?dur sqtuar8'long. Class: Wheeled (Ground)

* Class: Wheeled (Ground) Crew: Normal +2 (I driver)

HSfft.'1r~3{mal +2 (1 driver) Si~~: ~arge . I.

SI1e:'HLlg'e 1\11 I qlmtlatlve: fl'4 (+-8 size, +4

Initiative: +6 (+4 size, ~~ es IJ~(cle, +2 crew) I DtJIUt~

'v~hiclB+2 :cne;i} _ Passengers: 0 Used to transport money Aimousine is a big, com-

Passenger~5 " Maneuver: +11 (+tl size, +1 between businesses and fqrt'rble car. The statistics

Maneuver: +5 (+4 size, -1 vehicle, +2 creW)ptBU?faI Ofin'anci31 iI'lSli,lwtions,_ here are for a moderate£L Cargo Capacity: • armored trucks often make si~e~ vehicle, rather than a Y

-_ (' St

Cargo Capacity: 4 \'" - Def.e~(+8 size) people nervous. After all, ~u)\!er-stretch or a conven-

Defense: 14*\S41s.gpldo' Speed: 460 f€en you never know wh.en some- tio~;C~l(\~dff.f'~is~emal

Spe~d: 235 feet Maxim~m Speed: 210 mph on_e will try~~~~b t>~. dTii~l~ Ofher"~rlInClar~l.fea- l .

Maximum Speed: 109 mph Hull POints: 3 I Rapid {A'J'iT~red:iuCI(s1leheraIlY tures Include air co. ndition-,

. Hull Points: 25 DR: 3 have 3 doors. Standard f~.r ing, teNd~ff<lggert . ower

DR: 7 Cost: $17,000 tures include air condition- L. 0lb'cks, power mirrors, power,

Cost: $20,000 C' Victory Roll Mbdiflier; +2 .ing, power steering, AM/FM ste~irw;, J!>J;lYv'era,{ilf]lows, I

Victory Roll Modif.iea S~);'. *Provides no ~rl foflh£w ni'a~<E and automatic trans- -AM1!fM"-i'-af'li'6';-8:;'track, -- -

*Wrovides'tl:lree-quarter cover and passengel' - -. m, ission, tlo,,:;t armored. po .. Jer dfliver sea. t, tilt steee

/ ' -- 'Ij~cnn ! 'It"l

for crew ana passeng~rs. trucks have radio trans- ingiand'a:J:ie1tral'ls1!}ls-

;1ock Spnrgs Tumung S t bl ceivers to communica~e with siort;,.Most limousines contain

Class: Wheele;d (G'r~9ct)tS UlJ;eir home office. S~!f)UX C~lT~dio transceiver for tnh\mE

ie Crew: t}o..nnal +2 (1 driver) armored transport compa- driver. The limousine is fWo

mo"&t·t::s!I~Ie..iii~a • .lli:e _ . Si~~: ~ar:geJ IF;y~nne nies a~so jssue walkie-talk}es sq,ua!:_;s wide af1'o five ~

two move-equlv=-- Imtlat#~3' (+& Size, '+-3 to their truck crews. MostJll1 ? Lbng. ' Des

Werc0}e~ t;;;,0J Illehicle, +2 c~) - '"::> armored trucks have firing Class: Wheeled (Ground)

racing m~rcycl,f!..... Passe2gers: 1 I ports that allow-the crew to ~G'ew: Skilled +4 (1 driver)

touring morer~~MI~!Lt . aneuver; +11 (+8 size, +1 use their firearms w~~~tlcohSjze: Huge . ..----+----

one square wide vehicle, +2 crew) leaving the vehicle. The Initiative: +7 (+4 size, 11

long,) Cango Capacity: 2 i armored trucK is two ~vehiele, +-4-€rew) I

WP:ll'lrmc;- mounted of.J .. ~tg.VeDefense: 18*(+8 size) squares wide and four Passengers: 7

fire into either the SpeedI..~;$k:fieetrfo Sp I'1g'3quares long. T Ot'e.{l8r: +6 (+4'Jiz~HiSaS

or rean arcs, but not Malimum Speed: 150 mp~ Class: Wheeled ~1fJH~~~ venicl,e, ~-f\4 cre'!f,.~f _ _

des. Hull Points: 5 Crew: Skilled +4 (1 driver, 1 Cargo Capacity: 4

PU(.fli' 3 assistant) Defense: 14*(+4 shJ

Cost,: $18,000 Size: Huge Speed: 240 feet Jeffersc

Initiative: +5 (+4 Maximum Speed: 10 mph Ci'

y size, -3 x~qicrlei" M ,~~II Pp:ints;'_35

crew) v tc uc IDR.!17Heh.,

Cost: $1Z,5,000 --- - p

Victory Roll Mo ifier: +0 *Provides three-qJa.o.e crew and pas~enge'Fsayem **VIP"'rrm,p~l~a u1sei:i' to transport diplomats, arnbas.saaoTs, anapresidbl'lts, will

b'..Jv. mlR'iil{2o'B hi~er.

maWng~frings •

This is a large, twolaxle

truck used to move furniture'

.- 8xarKa.n1



.OfJIaneuver: +5 (+4

1 size, -3 vehicle, +4 crew}

1 Cargo Capacity: 34 Defense: 14*(+4 *

fSize), h .rn s~A@' '2fPfeett:i

Maximum ~~td.~ g8 mph J

Hull Points: 40


I:f .j.

r If

Performance C'CUJi ,

lihis category includes ~merican muscle cars lil(e the 1969 Dodge Charger R7t (the General Lee, from The Dukes aT fjaz~.qfrJJ} fAe Ford Mustang, and the Chevrolet Camaro; and smaller racing () vehicles from overseas like

tj e Aston-£:::1artin DBS, and arf0Aing ma<le-by Porsche

qr Ferrari. Typically they

hae the latest .guadraphonic

Ir In 1"":7'>"lr\

s ereo sOl!Jn<iJ, ~N1f.f.M radios


- G3 ae 1.;1 JOf\ ~ c /
, . ~
, .
II i~ I ......
II 0\;:;""'-'
( 0
I~ 0 ~
il II
. . ,: . .. ':'~'>.":J;.~
1vl, l ' ~ \Vi U
_ ... souri

~~~~!Y..-~ ...... \!9~

WIlIt..) a . I • L ~. _

ula C ass: Wheeled ~Ground) include police-bans radio, faster and faster sports cars IMa~azines su.£_h as, Car ami

Crew: Normal +2 tl Briver) spotlight, bubble lights, and on the streets, the police Dkiy,e anfJ1RvMfrGft'SJrack

Size: Huge brush guard. Though there is occasionally need faster cars ~f,ten contain the information

H Ini!!al~v.e.: +5 (+4 size, -1 room in the front seat for to careh theJ:ll. Most major y,ou need to convert real-

/ ~h~C:I~H\ crew) II , -tw.o officers and~t~e shotgun cities onIB~l~(!])rettkp- wor d vehicles to the d20

Passengers: 1 ·jl e<; r1cV. A rrieral cagel separates tors on special occasions, System.""('1( 0 I U

Manet9~t: :+:d+'4 size, -3 front and rear sedts. "Low and other police departments Most of the numbers we

vehicle, +2 crew) profile" cruisers I~ck the only rent them. They share use are real-world numbers.

Cargo Capacity: 34 bubble lights, andr'uniiler.~ the same standard fealure~ ~e statistics only exist in

De ei'rS'e: ·4*(~+'4..§iz~) cover" cruisers lack f~ I as cruisers, but generally t~7game w0rld~ however.

lspeed: 215 feet --;;- identifying logos and colors lack the rear seat space to t-iere are guidelines for

Maximum Spee'd:@i8' !!llI2P as well. A cruiser is two carry prisoners. An inter- de~i\ t ejI\,: a "\" c-

Hull Points: 30 squares wide and four ceptor is two)sgu~res wide Si~e: "Pattie . -2.J\\'ehtde

DR: 7 { squares long. " 1 ~nd four sguaf.Ps lon~ Sizes shows how to derive a

. Cost: $21,000 Class: Wheeled (Ground) Cia~s: WHeeled (Ground} size cat~g(3l"V! ::v'eHicies up to

Victory Roll Modifier: -1 Crew: Skilled +:4 (1 driver) Crew: Skilled +4 (1 driver~ J. 5 feet wide are one square

*Provides three-quarter Size: Huge Size: Huge wi~. t.lehictes·5Q1Q ]eet wide

cover for crew a~d,aJJij;iJ21 .. Initiative: +9 (Xi siZ!e, D~ ("' f Ifiiti!Ujve: +12 (+4 size, +2 are two squares wid~and-

tt!lMer f0r passengers vehicle, +4 crewt - ve 151 de, +4.crew) so on. Once you have a

Passengers: 4' Passengers: 3 - - vehicle's widtl:1 ~Wee.t, HiV'Jide

VehiQre)(rlot:;Qliflth~ Maneuver: +~ hl .. size, +to bl ~aneuver: +9 (+4 size, +1 by 5 and round any fraction

_Open -market ~ vehicle, +4 crewPCO S UVehicle, +4 crew) ~ I ...... l!Ip. That gives you the wid~b

a~u® ~i~lt;s L ~r~' Cargo Cap~city: 5 Cargo Capacity: 3 in'iquares. Similarly, divide

[ocal p~liG€< 'forces use modi- Defense: 4~(~ slg_enne Defense: 14*(+4 size) r: the vehicle's length in feet

fied vensions of commer- Speed, 290 feet Speed: 370 feet ' J II . bf, ~and round any fraction

cially al ailable vehicJ.e~ r.... I tl¥1aximum SpeeCl: 130 mpb"" Maximum Speed: 170 mph up. That gives you the lengfh""

Depending on the lo~tion, Id ~ull Points: 30 Hull Points: 25 in squares.

theiJi t of the forceraQJU 8IDR: 7 I DR: 7 • nco I"'" Initiative: Wrs l:Jsrss· vehi-

their ission, police forces Cost:. Unavailable for pur- Cost: Unavailable for pur- c es' 0-50 MPH performance

!, l!I§e modified mip-size cha,se chase - to set this as follows.

, caJa~VeVictory Roll Modifier: +0 Victory Roll Modifier: +2 )

trucks. "Provfdes th1i'ee~q~avt~ Cl>r'l1r ('t "'Provides three-quarter cover 0 for crew and passengers I for crew and pas'Se.n'gells


Converting more Vehiclel

We arrived at our numbers u~jng a vari~\y'of ""Ieb sites, such as www.autQsite.c.o,m, -f

rJ."(~J ("'J~r.'·:r": J .,..) -1'W ~ ~~~~~~.o-/.~ .. ,s&~e&.~:-;~

TImmins \..1Ut k£* .... /

.I>' cles' sl~lom speeds to set treir maneu-

_ . ./ v~r ratmg.


Less than 40 MPH

guns, second is defensive equipment To install an item aft7r pu~chasing it

such as caltrops and oil sprayers, and make a Repair check tOe 20J. Base

third is meehanlcai eGjuipment like spare installation time is 12 hOU1;S.c You may

fuel tanks and turbocHargers. All acces- ~\~~elt~~n:l~.ese sPecks, 'but you

sories, regardless-of category, have a may take 10. Succeeding by 5 er nfO~

cost and--a size, rated in cargo units. on your Repair check cuts ~1'im~ in,

n, "i' 1/ .,hajflf"ailing/by 5<PJr'.roWe dam~~~ the

Cargo Unit., \. . L''''' J€~cle and the i~M~~~cIi~fRb~r

A cargo unit is roughly 5 cubic feet. checks to fix them befJre startIng the, Gv,ery vehicle has a Gargo ratitWl'~S'5 .Jt installation from scrat<dil., ,

MariA~~l?~: VIe chose an armor bonus of erally based on its truJjlk space. Wflile . CuncQfd

7 for all vehicles unless there was some not all the¥- items actually fit in the Off,enllve Weap'OAI ~ ..

Green ®~9rffor them, to be ~eavily armored. trun~, builclin~rtl@Jfi1~t9 tpe.vehicle. II1tB Vehicles p.a~ ~ch he~i'i~[ weapons

!hls p roughly the equivalent ef wear- requires s~me standard"'~hIGle ~.qUlp- ~han .the flre~F1:ns;a'lsc.9fbe~!s~w;1'I'efe'

mg naif-plate armor. ment to shift around. For msta se; fo - Rm .tI'1IS mook, but they f&lIo\\i similar

Speed: Take the maximum speed in ward-firing machin'~ guns require some t;Jlrsr~Stt~fable 5-13: ®ffetls.i;l'.e...-l

M'~.. 'niles Qer hour and divide b~. 600 to get normally under the hOO(JiIBs. hif.-alc'reapons for. mor. e details .. ~

I U-mJW er rou~Gl (divide by. 6:C:'@ig~lng tOft e tr~nk s~ace. ~J _ . "Ha'"tfgrd

• rounds per.mmute, then divide ag~ln .by ,}(.0@dC!~fle~~eeGl thecargo~pg_ lHeapDHO~ ... ~

fison 10\tO get miles per 6-seconds, w~lch IS. 'When addmg" eg,ulpment tID-your vehicle. . Autol\qannon: ~rgi~ally ~,9o~ee4

__ --tl;)e,.lel'lgth of a roun~ J,be~ ~ltlF.l1Ytby ~ r ~ alr(n:affl,'1f~s&'ex,(fOla~~-acbi7-

Chi,~p.J<}~lJ feet per mMement ~cri'or!1 Trading .l~Eljt \) eland guns fire eartr1d~s ov:if~~I?;;Ti1 i)1lc;h

(multip"ly ~ 5,280"t0 c0nvernnir~s ·to A seat is apprqxlmat§IY.2 cargo unit~ _in. diamet~. Auto;r~, .. '5; arflton

feer. rhen div~de oy 4 since moving at You ~rl.' aband replace it ar ';lo~n;J€l fi~lng fr9n~r; rear, )?;ut nlotl

maximum sjilee<t.,Tjqu·res a full-meve with one b~·morPpie:.(!)es fi)f equipment. to t-he sides. They~ax. b.~ p

action ,t.hat is 4. tim~q baJe spee.d).\Round b SUCh. equipment is immediately ot<>v~~ous . Jl1.ounted. M.J,!ltiW1g.M~di1a~1£l'. ~~trer~

to the nearest 5, since the sttf.ldhll!llgfilli) .. JSnyone looking' in the car windo~, .;l?£Iifi~? I ~

us~s 51fOQ q ars'lis it alltis ,,1 te your GM's mil to'"'Ff ... Extra Amrfioj 'ifru mil . putd\ase exn

'field f D~~ w:J asflgte~Ja ~ng of 7 to all ~~l\Ati'rfle( unwanted attention t.e~ altd~Gao on a~' ~~~~~t(g~ ~mmuni-

* civilian and civilian-based vehicles ...... Oh~a'iiYe~ J\t!entiIDn ln ChaRtero 6: tioT]i-\n$ilt~ maga~inffo'<ilosts half as

because trney snould be able to witly J-lrfili!tlJffiIf~a~ireetls~. snln ORMl;)..Ia~~eaPID~, a~d takes up liialf

stand the average damage from a pistol. , \ ~ as much carg0~spac'r' ~or instance, pur

I J;luli ~oints: We. base? this on vehi- C~,t'l~~.?lm~ot .ha I to cbasing anothe~~90(!)/cartridges of auto

~ -eTes' welghL'G"f1II~'~~llle Frar~ID_~~f*lpment IS c~nce:al~Cl r~;r.t..ry can~p,lil[amml1m~i9n~co/sts .~2,500, and

r~St t.ouls * .vhen m use. Exceptions app1L1iTi\.lmGlffiOtl'l.t8 2 c;;argo um~ I )~dfl~Jl tID~e 4

• 2001 Ib~ .2500 Ib 15 iPl1;~~t1H1't:>~ns (and ~ee1rJding already/used by f~ea~on{ Q~ the

2501 Ib - '3000 II_!:>", 20 Seats, aboveYUFlc.ol'l\~ealed~equi~ 1(!~1]lllg'abil'le:'"'tlSIn$ the additional

souri 3001 Ib - 3500 It<>· 'zpcro is a +1 to J:6'ur GM's rIDIl to ~.ou ammunition requ'resJl0~special action (

3501 Ib - 4000 Ib attract urlwanted_at'tel'ltiotr(see roJI You just ~!Ve::Jll9rr~

4001 Ib - 4.5°0 Ib __ . wnwa~Atre'Qt.'i~. ·,Tilf€krapter.t6: tJ;l~!BIMI~S:.ilhese azor sharp blad

. . ~I ... I.JIJU..-r. " I. J

4501 Ib - 5'\\)00 lb· Hittmg the Stree.ts . s-prmg from the ~M_0f y..our car.

:-----l SOlfl 115 - 'S500 Ib . , Tl:Jrret"l;1lild'~J:te9t'fe<lJ>~~.s are ne¥er; When yOllJ s"iGleswi ~ a",vehicle, these

. L 5:l;~~I(I~s.16;o,®o llf-' Xv I t-GonceaLed~fl!lTrets aaCl ~ +4 ®-~~'f)rlnt~des deal damage directly to the vel

6501 Ib - 7000 Ib m~'Jls roll to,t uriwanted~ cle's tires (se/e~e"Fine Art of Stoppir

", e- 1 I r"'!(' attenti~. G ~: - - a Vehicle, a~dve). If you sideswipe a

f.or motorcycles, we divided 2_Q:01. - - -:'1. .. " reenvfle _ ~destrian,Jthe blades deal damage to

~ij10lJ1flcls-byt\h'eYmotorcycle's weig~i, and In/talla~i.on C-o!!afnt1r p,jdesfrian. Price and cargo units

I\f~~IditfJed ~f$ hull points 0\.1 t,he eslillt Racers in'Stall 'accessories themselves. are -for a set of 2 blades. You may

~ Iv 0; 1" ~ I n 1

e ~uF ~f that divisidn. '~Oing,s~~~llii1ies{he appropriate tools 1l(0~nt both blades on one side o~ you;

OV.ict2!:Y: Roll MO.d.ifiers: This is baStd "'an(j a sUlta5le garage. A decent, com- /jehlcle, or you may mount both m the

o'W!fa~rlArmCs,p~~. 1 plere s'etl09bb4St€0sts $~oo. Spending front or rear axle.

$1,000 on\lt0.0Is,bu~s a deluxe set t. nat .1-, la'lf'1ftC ine Qun: These come in two

..f IA .' I! ) ....... I . '"' \.v', . .

0-99 MPH grants (i)t2 eqUIpment bonus to Rep1i'ir Sizes, a .50 caliber heavy mach me gUT

100-139 MRH sa checks using them. A garage srece costs and a 7.62mm medium machine gun.

140-159 MRH ti( $1,000. Spending $B,00(i) on ga/ageva ,:mlj~vy machine guns may be mounted

1.6.9+ MPH' +2 on g~~~rlitl 5 a +2 bonus on Repral' finng front or rear, but not to the

:J C. on. checks usIng that garage. Garage space sides. Medium machine guns may be

e .ef'llcle RCCellOriel isn't ij!\l~t~bc!rr~t tools are. A/Banda <sw counted in any firing arc. All mac him

Vehicle accessories fall into three gen- set of tools Js~s no apprecia'ie ~Mgo gun~ may be turret-mounted. Multiple

eral categories. First is offupsi:v..e. space in the vehicle. The~elu~~;'S'eGkso ,iijlac~~~guns may be fire-linked.

;) wr~Gfns'~llilJf.j as rockets a~1~'efu8e- ': ~egp'lr:es 1 cargo unit to tfan$p~f'

~~~ ~ ...... C*)~~.~

I r:f .. ) .


Jla Tablje 5-1:J.: ~ffefililive weopdWjllisto~,_. _-

Nanre c C Caliber Magazine Ra~ge Dam.

* H

goo 12d 3d1O

t'J]\; 2Cl6

am~Ho" R§_m horns are exten- rdio roll a~Mi'~alg destroys the tire. ey provide a +1 bonus to

I ..

sions of your front bumpef~desigT:led_to Each mat tire on a wheeled vehicle the Victory Roll (see Chapter 6: Hitting

protect your ~e~ige ~'tEln ramming ~es a -4 penalty on Drive checks. the Streets). E'),ra~ eljfllks"ar. :always:.:it

another. Ram horns grant your vehicle . ~xfra-!,rmor: Ra.cers ~ay ~dd ~~?trrdo?cealed, unlet~ltne) ref;tl{cela !~I'H-' ~

an additional 5 points of damage tesisr- tlona~ armoRt0 thjelr (~~IGI,e, IncreaSI1'lg' ~Ie s seats.

ance, but only when resolving damage its Of. Pri@e&-f6r +2 DR ..... Rac3S may f;jO~: 'bnifrous!G!~'ael~y'§J~ID doubles

from purposely ramming another vehi- add as much armor as they can afford thel(famage caused when the vefiicle

c1e. Ram horns are never concealed, bothj in terms of money and of cargo mounting NOS:\~pl,g:des. :Ni f,-b.!:ls oxide

but since many fo .;'-e'rSijan~e.)lehicles, space. E~ch:;.J2 ~Jl:i1il~j 1 f:.§! the Victory provides a tre~enclOl!rS performance

sol~ at auction, come equipped with RolI/(,See'v'tctorY~R011.if.l'::ChaPter 6: __ boost to an engine. It adds 440, f~ft

them, they have no affect on attracting Hit~lng the Streets). (about 200 MI3H) to the ~e, iclle{s's~Ved

bunwante'.a tentio.n., Ir qil Sp.raye s: is device sprays a while operating, but the boost only lasts

RocKet: ]his is an unguided rocket with slick coain20~~il Ir!t~ e road. It fills ~zl[..o..\!nps~l\:tiwating NOS is a free t\n (

@~gt;')-~pt,si~e warbeag. 'tI1( fired, C{ln area ten feet wide and twenty feet action. While..toperating, NOS provides a

t e rocket-tra'vels lboi:f~efin a straight I~ ~Q.l'i1t~ ouble the length by -4 p.enalty to the vehicle's maneuverr

line fro· the firing vefiicle.tln sebse ... ::ts: _sp~nding half the original price. The rati~g) naera'trng a NOS unit for mor.e'e ~

quent r' unds it tr~v~s ~d6:Heet lI,Imfil it adaitlonal oil requlres half, the original than 2 rounds burns out the engine, LJ ::::i

reaches its maximu -'laMe. Ht hits a cargo units. Oil ~rayers are always causlng a -4 penalty to attempts to

personf. vehicle, or b . irdi~Mit-e~I~qes. mounted in the lear arc. ie~tr_ID_ b_Sb~l!I~suit until it is Fej3airea\-. ---

Thfl. e_lplosion has a radius of 15 feEl-f and If a wheele~~enters an oil 'B'urJing oUt an engine causes a -\

J l.m£IRl{t.1~., save for haltdam~ge (DC 2€l~. slick area, all Drive checks for tFie next-penalty to the Y:ietol'y~Roll (see Ohapter

Rockets may be mou"'tJd:flrih'l~~ny 4 rounds are at -4. Oil slicks are flam- 6: Hitting the Streets). NOS is c6n-

arc, Ir may be turret-mounted. MUltiple h!labler If:ig.l!itpq, !~g<function as smoke cealedfe~eJil whem in use or 'han1 Sa s

roc ets may be fire-linked. screens Father fhan oil slicks. ~ g I rr0!:lnted on a motollcycle.

"ella Smokescreen's: This device sprays a Sidecar: A sidecar mounts on the

Defen/ive Equipmer.'lt_ blu cloud of smoke filling an area 10 feet right side of a motorcycle. It requir.;s

So~etimes it's better to beat y%ur ene- wide, 10 feet high, and 20 feet long no particular cargo space, amJJ~.o~i~rS"

___ mies by defending 1:0urself. Refer to each round .i,t ~perates.~The basic 3 cargo units or a passenger, seat and 1 C

Ta&I'e-5'~I'4.;..D'efe~sive ~l!Iipment for device can 'Jl!er~t~wr fo;lI,I- rounds ,I" ,..earl·gp emit. Weapons mounted in the A

mbre information. before needin} a refill. Refills cost half "...f l . VI t· ~ rl I

1: I as iii'U'e11 as fli~ origioal'j3fliee, At:Jt:J.i:t.ioT:laL Io.ble 5-14: Defenilive~ p

lefense Descripti6ns fuel costs the saJili\~~a~a 'pefill. £lach Equipment

Caltrop'HifH'iS l<ife~ice c~~~ t;l e addition ouoles-fhe operating time and ,¥lt~em:':':""'~ ____:ic::!J~~,,==~

nOllJgh caltrops to fill am area ten 'feet takes up half as many cargo '!mits as Caftro.Qs

wide' arid twenty feet long. You may the ~riginal device. A smoke cloud pro- E:x:-r,F'a calt110Qs

I do.u~le the. length b,~ sp:nding; ~a~f the vide~ 100 p~r.c~{. i~IGea~ent. Smoke Oil ~prayers

original price. The a€1~t]'QIl~ll<!®r~~.§ie clouds remamn at full· strengtH feTl ,2<:j ho Extra ftlel

require half the original cargo units. rou~ds, and then provide 50(?i/co~:' Smokescr.:ee'Rs

Caltrops are always mounted in the cealmenr for another 2 rounds. Strong @!ta f,l!Jel. _

rear arc. winds halve those times. Smokescreens F~'ra Armor

If a wheeled vehicle crosses a square

I that contain's caltroRs,.®'9~~!;:.:n~et stop.

There is no chance for the driver to avoid the caltrops by moving slowly. 1~ssQJm'('Lthat: a 5-f00t sQuare anea of caltrops only affects the ;ife~ on side ~f the~c1e flassing t~rough it. ]he QM r-olls~!dlo to determine how many caltrops the tire hits. The first

three caltrops reduce the DR of the tire. All caltrops after that damage the tire's hit points, so a result of 10 on the

are always mounted in the rear arc.

Mef:hanical Equipm~~,... J II

The key to success do~sn' I always co~e frdm extra a9,inor or ammunition. Sdmetimes, it's the little mechanical masterpieces under the hood. Refer to Table 5-15: MechaniGal Equipment for more details. 819'::: jJ i I J


Extra Fuel Tanks: Ext-ra Fuel ranksr allow racers to drive further without

~J·"r~J ("'J~:·"l~ =r- •• J. ~ J ~:.(_

.t. ~~~~~ .... ~~J •••• sti1h_~"'.Jt. ~

_ ( Timmins \ ~ i, .. ~ ... /

.J sidecar can only fire in either the front system for more than 5 rounds burns vides a +2 bonus to the Victory Roll

_ / or rear arcs. A sidecar reduces a out the engine, causing a -4 penalty to (see Chapter 6: Hitting the Streets), bui

V mot0rcy'tle'7<:H' fR0torcycie driver's in i- attempts to establisf pursuit until it is a +1 bonus to Fuzz Checks. Turbo II is

tiative bonus by -I, and reduces speed repaired. Burning out an engine causes ri~, 1<Ct. t~nc -aled! and cannot be !

_, I.·V'II". -,UII ~

50, feet (about 25 MPH). a -I penalty to the Victory Roll. mounted on motorcycles. r, \.

,. Spinninl\Alates:. [his allows a driver Otherwise, to bo I provides a +1 bonu~ T TUfi!;ets are never . tJAe'ealeiil.

~, to change license plates without leaving to the Vi&t0r.y Roll (see Chapte1(@~, ·\,,11 ~'Vj~pons mounted1.·~ale neve,

!~hedriver's seat. Activating spinning Hitting the Streets). Turbo I is con'-L' - concealed. A~\ flr~:"YI!e'Ra Ara;r

plates is a free action. Spinning plates cealed except when operating. degree arc of fire for weapons

. provide a -4 penalty to the GM's Fuzz TurbO'I!.: Where furbo I use·S'\S~9~e.;,tor:mounted in it. A turret re'Cfl!iireJ 4

MariA~~~tseo/ The Fuzz in Cliapter 6: vents to bring air to the supercharger, cargo units to install'@Ql1"p0~e!f(3f

Hitting th.e Streets). Spinning plates are turbo II r~yires a hole in the hood _ cargo units for weapons and ammuni~

;reen ~ 'a~f«oncealed except when activa~ed. through wiji~Rl. ~;g~Olowe~" pro-j1Ii3 tibn. You calno ll).o~nt srrlekesG:eens,

TIl1;Bo I: A turbo supercharger acn- trudes. liurbo ll lncreases vehlele speed extra fluel tank~,_ ®S,.,r tfur .o-m-a-

vates automatically, when a driver 220 feet (about roo MPH~, buy • Rturreb Beca¥se of their.--we~ht and the

, pla~es su9den;. extr~me demand. on an increases' ~he DC ftr all ~epa, c~ecks lcfditiOrial· <a"a~fhey create, t~

" Wlme. AIt~rbJne driven by1engl!1e, to the engme. by '1-5. While oper.illl!W~ffal seduce speed lao. feet per ound

III W.q lext;,~~ drives-a supercharger aE I ng tur.of II ,))ro~id'es a -4 penalty tol..t'hfe q.oughly 50 Mt.Ii- elr<t~ . -srdl

• *,forces air into the engine to incTi'~ase ves ic~~uveF rating. Operating.-9--penalty to the Vi\_tory RolI(1ee eAap~

Ison pqwer, Turbo I increases vehicle spee~ ftlrbo system forttnore tl:1a1'l 5 rO'Urias 6: Hitti g the Str:e1[s). Jl1rrets'l~~

1..-_--190 feet (about 50 I>!IPtt, .,..bu~1c;tjGe-s burns out tb~ engine, cauJing- a -4 +4 IDonUJslfo',ltilz~ alQfkis ir.l ada'tion to

Ch'Ie.' fl~ all Re~air chet~.s to tne 1_ to att~rJ;§.V0~}tilblislil [pursuit the bonus for unc0nceale1!q'(jipmelil~. I

engme'":by +5· Whd!70peratmg. tUJroo I until It IS l'e·amea~ rnmg ou an H . b Trn rton

provides a -2 penalty to the vehi~le's enginep1l:1~,e~ 'a1-IIP« al y to the arns Llrg .

maneuver rpJing, (J.p.erating a turbo Victory Rbn.~' tl'i~rlris.e, ~rbo II pro- '* '~..Jdelp~

(_.i JC1::> I • • r

Table 5-16: Compile'd. rfel;\ieli!fD6ta/ L B~ 1) 11m nqton

tn d I a n eflrt1's \ * C8P_8City -rp;;;:n =r: • J.

_DaG:tonv~·o~~"F.?f1ss. Call ) f.\al.'1 1'3.

'ietd *


Normal 2 (,I~ ~ B

N011mal +2 ~I~ 4 4

.....". __ ~ __ ..... ,__N_o_rmal +2 (I) 5 tt'>..L;J=';I::lQ.LJL-


r.f ,j •

. I{

Cargo: Cargo units of stlj.rage:. space

('aBproximately 5 cubic feet ea?!;) when using the standard sealirig,_prrangemjnt. The Caf$O capaci~i~k;..up tac~s i~ based on the dimensions of the bed, doubled because lh"J!' is no ~eight limit.

Init: veh~l~nitiative modifier. See the vehicle descriPtib~:!'l factols thatladd to this number. @n~ use thJ ~ mB~.,lwHen determining i~itiative by vehicle instead of by individual' characters.

Man: ,vl' ie e'maneuv~\ modifiet Use this numbe} 0 "'M btiYe ~h~e~~'Sfor GM-

Speed: The distance the vehicle travels in feet, in one movement action.

Max. Speed: The maximum speed of th Cv'i-epicle given in miles per hour.

Def: The total Defense rating of the vehicle. See the vehicle descriptions for factors that add to this number and to see how much cover the vehicle provides to crew and passengers.

DR: The amount of Damage Reduction subtracted from damage done to the vehid Hull Points: The amount of damage the vehicle can withstand before it ceases to function.

.J .

Album of the~Year: Still Crazy After All

These Years, Paul Simon (Columbia) Song of the Yea.r:~9-end i th~h" Clowns," StephenlSondheim, Jongwriter iss America: liawney Elaine Godin (NY)

H :l ,,1 ka

Crime . The 8teadicam is used for the first

• The Ssmmer of Sam: "Son of Sam" time in Rocky; ::- d I

1976 ;c.... c p. killer Da"'i~ lil~r&0lMi:rzr~iHsc:t.lis first vic- • Philip Glass completes Einsfein on the

While the tires squeal and racers duck tim,puIY-29,-r97f:3. ~ __ Beach, the first widel>.' known example

gunfire from greedy opponents, the • Ted Bundy sentenced to 15 years in of minimalist comp0siti"ClRC •

world b~QA'(! the .. nfee iusjj~eeps on prison in Uta (he pscapes in 1977). • NBC broadcasts Gone with the Wind

_ truckin'. Here are a few high (and low) • J,osep a isJ~ ~IDe nie Brasco) infll- r» and s<!:ones record-breaking ratings.

,.....r~l,. .. ~:,,1f f J

CW~· ,t-5 ,,0 1~76 to help YOf Iesh out ctrate. s the Bonan. no crime syndicate in

your th,&ndir:ball Rally carrlpaign. t\r.& o/0"~, $e}'ltember, 1976. At t e Box Office: Rocky, Taxi Driver,

I -= October 15, 1976: Death of Carlo Netw(i)k/f.,:A1I tfil2President's Men. [ (,:

Wor~CJ Eventl t ; I f -.J GamBino, head-ef the Gambino crime

• Mairead Corrigan~d Be~tYi Williams family, in long 1:~land, NY. On the RadiSH "Baby, I Love Your Way"

(bot~Jom Northef1\l-lfeiJ~<iI,~Jw.fthe (P5ter'~rairp.ton), "Beth" .(KI~S~, -

Nob~reace Prize. Iportl "Bh~deiby the Light" (Manfred Mann's

) J U.nothlljlrr Rouge leade~.-t0l Pot becomes Super Bowl: Pitfisburgh d. Dallas (2i-17)-E1Irth Band'), "Behemian Rhapsody"

prime minister (and v.irflTalf'diff.attr) of World Series: Oincinnati d. NY Yankees (Queen), "Car Wash" (Rose Royce),

Camfuodia after Prince Sihanouk steps )~-'o) t. IJI"'9'::> "(Don't liearjeme H:eaper" (Blui~)'rstel' ~

dowl (April 2). NBA Championship: Boston d. PhoenilZ''jI'Cult), "Dream" (Gary"Wright), •

Icello. Is,aeli airborne commandos attack (4-2) "Femando" (ABBA), "free Bird"

ganda's Entebbe Airpornndcfree ~03 Stanley Cup: Montreal d. Philadelphia (Lynyr.d Skynyrd), "More tha,n a f

hoJtages held by pro-Palestinian hijack- (4-0) Feeling" (Boston), "Play that f,un~1 ers

erJ of Air France plane; one Israeli and Wimbledon Women: Chris Evert d. E. Music" (Wild Cherry), "(Shake, Shake, r»

~eral~blgar.kjal'\: sildie~p.rRilied in raid Cawley (6-'3)~6 ~"f'§) r.,' r~hrke) Shake You!' Booty" (~.C. and the\. ,

n (~uly 4)· Wimbeldon Myn: Bjorn Borg d. I. I SurlsHine Ba~~~J"~ak~ it to t' e Limit"

~ • 19-month civil war ends in Lebanon Nastase \6~4 6-2 9-7~ (Eagles)., "Turn the Beat Around" (ViCKi

dfter threatening to-escalate to global Kentucky Derby @hampion:'Bdf~ Forbes Sue Robinson).

I~vel (Noj~)' r \.1 ') Santa Fe NCAt- Basketoall Championship: Indiana

I ! d. Michigan (86-68) Books

U.:J:Eventl NCAIA Football Champions: Pittsburgh • Raymond Carver, Will Y!'lu Please Be

(12-0-0) II Qui~ Please? .

Ak'-:1horr" J\.ltllth Guest, Ordinary People

Entertainment 1\.../ 1,.1 • Al1x Hal~;y, 'If(/ats

Puli/zer Prizes C ~~xin,e Hong Kingst0t;l, The WOtnqP,

Fiction: Humboldt's Gift, Saul Bellow WaFrior 'I ~

tf1usic: Air Music, Ned Rorem • Robert Lowell, Selected Poems

li>rama: A ehorus.,~4ine; Conceive ,b\l • Gabriel Garcia Marquez, A;'umn of

I \ v V· lt r. e

'Michael Bennett I the Patriarch _

• Gore Vidal, 1876 arKan G

Academy Award, Best Picture: One [) II

Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest, Saul Icience a as ~hr:

Zaentz and Michael Douglas, producers • Air France and British Airways 'fu~gin

(United Artists P..ig -ll . the first regularly scheduled commer-

Nobell?flZetf.o~ .biterature: Sau Bellow ,cial supersonic transport (SST) flights.

I v.._,.J , ;"'fj"

(US) • .""lY.i~i'1g I lands on Mars.

Record of the Year: "Love Will Keep Us., iThe US Navy tests the Tomahawk

Together," Captain and Tennille cruise missile.

B~ or


.'his el:!apter_ erovides the basic 'IfIT information you'll need to make the mid-'70S, the g01ae lag': of cross-

~ ,

country race movies, come alive on

your table top. Load up an 8-track and turn on the mood lights. We're going for a ride to the past.

I President: Gerald R. Ford

Vice President: Nel~o. J/t' R'<t(!l~f~.!Je_'e Population: 218,°35,164

Life expectancy: 72.9 years

Violent Crime Rate (per 1,000): 52.9 Property Crime Rate (per 1,000): 48.2

• US Supreme Court rules that blacks and other minorities are entitled to retr'O~OfiV'e job seniorit.y 6Mat'sJjlr24).

• Ford signs Federal'Election Camp;:Iign

Act (Ma¥ 11). ___

• U~Suflr~~~Court rules th:rt"deatn penalty is not inherently cruel or unusual and is a constitutionally acceptable form of punishment (July 3).

• Nation celebrates Bicentennial (July 4).

[J·"l)ll(J l)ll[J~r·"·:,'.-,l •. \XJ ~l)llf ~ ~~~~~ .... u~J· __ .·s&ih.~~.~ ~

Tlm'T'lns \ i.: -

.J • Richard Leakey discovers a 1.5 million • An orphan stows away in the back of • The racers swing into a 7-11 for chip:

year old Homo erectus skull in Kenya, the racers' car. He's got nowhere to and water as it is being robbed, The

• Cosmic string fheory first postulated go, and maybe he even has some skills robbers want the heroes' Gar for their

by Thomas Kibble, that will come in handy. He just wants g"et~!h'aYl C ..J.

to get to California. • A crop duster !\lies overhead, rele'as-

• The racers come upon a family-filled ing some sort of gas that m;tkes it difk

RV on a one-lane road. They're.e ,iviJilS. ,~clfuIH0 see or ~k,s;tIA!l{oadlilmery. very slowly. Depending on how'y6u'" -) Someone is cheatmg>;JliiuJIth'iimf(ar

handle this, it could easily become a • The racers come across a" road gang

driving encounter. ":, j ,"; hijacking a fuel truck.

• The racers encounter a traffic jam. C ncord

• The racers come across what appears EIlI:IHIIlI;.en_EnhanCiYvJ.. ...

to be an $i!)1l€of:~e(bover armored It's one thing to jump you \ car over a

car. Will they go for the fast money gulch. It's anlJ'mher(thmg altogetr..ertO"'

while risking the ire of the cOQS ana jump that gulch with th~ee (WP cars on

Pit ftopl losing the race? ; §.0&F tail, a g~fcrazy stowaway bride

\11'1 P~StQgs are encounters inyolving rae- B ffa i7, the back seat, and a b;oxlo~table

I Wi;lUFS an'Q their opponents, and~sQmetirfuesg o_f!fi!lt.t.E~ chemicals in the t<~.w ~.'tllf'e-sprn'e of th

. * other Mf!1Cs. Taken together, the~'e Thesa~G£1~,ers are about going as _ following ideas to bring cinematic spreE

lison so_enes make up the story of your fast as 'feu can while still maintarnTng to your ThunderbaVi"Raj{~encou~teFS.

_---,game. Most scenes should ha~e g0als control of th'e car. I /J 0 K: ,/

Chh:~atecll\O)the race ~see The Victory Q1e' f:: • Firework stands always len'd needed

Roll, belOW). For example, picking up a • The racer-s encounter lpolice or F~ sp'i~e to encounters. If' rto

hitchhiker who has good Repair skills roadbl Gk.D~en i g 0)1 its position,na • ,anker trucks loaded with flammablel

should grant a +1 9pnus to the Victory they ma~'ble""'ablttlo go a110und, or they liquids. 11..10

Roll. Making a p-articularl;y tricky. may have- to abcuprly turn around. • Dishonest pollee, 0 earslalesm '. I

n n 011-1(.' g"",. , ' •. " !

maneuver that's central to tl'le'sGeJ1le' I 't.itller way, a chase ensues. OJ- ',.,,~rn'i,ce ... cream truck. The kids,love ICE

(jill pi~gatwas1 ""P'ut-bridge or • Tl1i'e're's-a l3riage out, If the raters 'Ci' cr.eam. I ( .;

field t~rougH a fra~tbolfJJt1should grant a u,~ttJ lcessfull;y, give them ~ bonus J . Bad weafher.: n 1 fSlufl';

* r +1 bonus. Accomplishing the goal should , on -f;heir roll to win the race.. ~t'. Animals r the road.

help the racers toward victory. ,_IR ',I 1JlID0 rl blow s trne roa. grralY'eJO ,

Encounters generally take the form of pile nearby could provide a ramp, fijut ftonel

character encounters, driving encoun- the racers have)'lo(get their ca~1 n Stories in Thunderball Rally begin just

ters, or ac ,ion e ,€(ifynte' 's. Cat" :Jgn ' e open db6rs of a "d~car. before the race, and end when the rae

St r Give them a +1 bonus on thei ~!aorm enCl~ The following naee ~ft-li e

. t:~EIICIHIIll;enA_ _ ~"oll 'gl~):'lmake it. • assumes that the playerQnaracteF rae-

These encounters belp players d~~~ • One of thzotRer racing crew t~S [II ) ers have a l'ival;'"1lsleazebag hustler

their characters. If a l!J~nny ·flops 0l!Jt ambush for the racers. - named Steve Jones. The PC racers

into the road in front of their car, does • A mot0fcyclEJ,.gang wants fhe racers' respec , and sometimes ~ven like, .Jone

the crew swerve or run it over? Dp. ricle', anodoe'sT.i'lAJ!l'ap:iG:' la mOle if. the alfu,IJ'is gen'erally well-meaning crew

they stop for-the-sexy hitchhiker on the racers are in'tsellfng kind of mood. 'But their rivalny is SO intense that botl

---"I side of the road? Here are some exam- • Another Grew. st:ltil.otages rhe racers' crews care more a~out! beating each

! ~ ,

L pies of ~dSs61~€ha'f-acter encounters: Gar while1hey sleep, and now"lHetr '0 ether than about winning the race.

have no brakes (and tber.efore"'Can't - This year .!lones"'has an expensive

reduce s ee@'normally). import racer with a souped-up engine

J' Wreckers sept saps in the ro~a; to and a new driver. What the player

cause ac~idents so they can sa v~r,j(11tEJ1;aracters do not know is that the ace

vehjcles. FFaFlco Bertollini, is a ringer. The rest

.-\ santa oJ'the year, he is a professional

Ri:l;iBaE~ Formula 1 driver in Europe,

These erl.d® btefi'hapflen while the rae- _

ers are outslde tbeir vehicles. '" r . O~!iCHllH.

'VIc - ~ The PC racers meet the other crews a

• The racers discover that the gas sta- Gigino in New York City the night

tion they were counting on for Fefu~l- bef.9re the race, They renew their

in in <fur widdle of nowhere has b1Jen rivJlry with Steve, trading good-

abandoned, They investigate, Iboking for natured insults, and he introduces rhei enough!~s t~'!lake the nex~ Brn'n.::,v IC0 his new driver, "Frank:'

• The racers stop for food at a trucR

stop manned bt.-.Sun-toting, ~ILckf... ::,Orl\/1 e

j.Sl~eJiI Y0els. J -r.f


1im_ T~RaJJg.

~~ Watch any of the Cannonbal/ 'Run

:l'~movi~s .once and you'll realize that the race IS Just an excuse for the scenes that happen on the road. The race is MarirP'!)he plot of the story, but it is what

puts the characters in the middle of the Green 'P~. In Thunderball Rally, those scenes are known as Pit Stops.



, (of

. I •

• The racers wreck rhein carvand must firrd another to finish the race .• 5hey

ay buJ:' or stearone,

.Ilfie ra,sers encounter a cp@@ked entrepreneur who bet a ton of money on them. Will thAY cheat for him? This 001:1161 Q:l€~liIl\I. n(!)dl:Jer a tra]!> set by the people runnirlg the race. What happens if they catch the raeers cheating?

• The racers spot a sex:y hitehl1iker on the road and choose whether OF not to




I - Wj)llstP~r . Mlh~.;t. '. .) q, ~

u a ~~[;,,!uh" It Lt>.h h CJAliMiiliJ-h -d' 5jk~S D' • h h . ~a,nIHHfi'-!.~h ~I~.,..

I ensrons are IglI In t e ware ouse t t e (!)C s In an lege, t e eroes 1'~10St raceri w..~b lUI li5 'et"uIlajmn

garage the night before the race. Every discoveil who won the race, find out bonus (+4 ql'i: higher) are considered

/ H H~~\f1~~culousIY checks over their whethent' or not they beat Steve ar'd "famous." That is, their reputation is

Whicle'dnle last time. .r ivai ~1'ew France, all grudges are settleW, ~~::: ~Tla ~(rally posijti e. The Circuit Hero

reports that someone sa~ot·a~d tHeir' Cosa N1bstra sponsors throw/the Family feat adds to 'his ~;sJJive reputatio£)UluU

Gar. Stk~e ·dO'es not blame the heroes, he members who tried to fix the race into However, fome racers are infa-

just warnS'them to keep their eyes open. the oce an. mous, which resuhs in different reac-

~ •• :+ 0 rio s. As a general rule, a racer with

Aepwtation: 'Good Rttention the Circuit~ll feat i-s considered infa-

Every racer has a rEiPutation of one mous (No rracer can select both the

sort ~r another. As a racer advances in Circuit Hero ~~ tPfrrJ~f#Jr~e,ell~at).

levels, he or she gains a ~eputati0'}\ r . Also, at th~ ,rt1's ~Ptron,tJ ~aler . bonus that lbl~QM semen es can all~w remght be considered Infamous In certam

the characfer to u~e with' certain sittl~ions due to ~~~Qts Kcfftranspired

Cha ism a-based skills in certain situ a- in a p~eviou1 race. For instance, if your

rl - 'I

tions (see Chapter 1: Characters for racer caused a-I®t)ilff ~rC1JPtlfty.:-damage

deta~ O1~-Y.wtr htf_er'l) Rep-,utation). in Toledo, he o~ she would be eonsid-

The e are-a-number ef way.s and situa- ered infamous when ~ttempting tp.

tions in which Reputation comes into """"1hteract with f01ks in T ol~cl9.r I V

SI:IHlH.f;UiiJi Sp In .. ~ play. ~ ~h! £f

rri'ilrl"irl" diner and. gas station, the in gen~tJltta.tligfIVReputation bonus r- UJliuu i3JB.nem't:at:;IIILB~ In E

_,./j-va- .... J 'r" l

VU' I inAq ~ 0 her C bemefits a racer. Those who recognize Whenever the GM decides that a

·t;i~-lJ.,,-,~t~,"r team'S' car nas'been t Jt''}t€ff<ine (iJore likely to help him racer's reputation can be a factor in an

saoorazeo and they areout of the ra~1 do what he asks). However', a high enco.urtted,~aTl)' when interacting'De.:::

some<!nejs rY.J~ 't.~ Fi _ th~ Reputafidn buntJ1 also makes it difficult with law enforcement, race crews, race ...

they ask tl;l~ lay;er;_fharac- for the racer to avoid unwanted atten- fans, or rep~ters), the racer's

"go get" the ~a~lt-hldt.Js'atfu- lion (see The Fuzz, below). Rejptltatt9Wib.onus is added re the fel--

Generally, a nacer doesn't get a o¥Mg- skill checks: Bluff., Diplomacy,

Denver'~ choice whether or not to apply a - Gather lnformatien, and Intimida~J.

"' Rep.utation bon s. When the ~M I.n, .:!!.uations !n which the c~,racter's

characters catch up to the J ieclde'stth'l!>a ra<rerts~Reputafion can pos't,vf re l!Je~ ~. or fame cam s al a c

urs and a high-speed battle be relevant to a scene, tfie racer's ~ ~ I" ,~0..ther character sjifeaction, <the rJcet -

on the road. player must apply the Reputation bonos a<il~s to the skill cheek. For i stance, if

Pueblo to the check. Steve .Jones and Franco Berlo lini J:\ave

a breakdown and need the IOJ;aleTferS( mechanic (and fan) to work on their C· (\_ar immediately, either's fame and posi- I V fiJe replltafid~ grants a Reputation bonus :to nis DiQlomacy check_,.,.

P i:'ime._~hIme..

The race is in pr~~eS'S:'The heroes_a.nd the rival team r~t 'f'~tlll. t~ey both choose the same ferry to cross a river. The ferry is a quarter of a mile away, and untying from the dock. There is room on the back of the ferry for only one more car. Whoever makes it gains a significant adva~t'a~e~(:+'e::dl1. the VietoRY R~II, see below).




The Finish Line

In situations in which t1e character's negative reputation or infamy can help

~ ' ... <. r"\ tn '~.'

swa-y 'anotHer rcl'iaracter s reaction, the

bonus adds to the skill check~ For



~ III t.;

,. suing vehicles, the scene ends. If all pursuers lose sight on the racers (a Search check opposed by the racer's Hide check, with a

+4 bonus to SearLi~~Q)irf.i'g-ck the pursuers ar..e skilled), pursuit ends. The OM uses his or

her best judgment when

, d~t~rmining if. sufficient

conce·Jllnent exists to allow a Hide check.

Chorac~er/. D~Arra. ="" ........ , q~b1(U (~"alway~fbet-ter fin""fhls

game. ~ crew that wants to .

race a limousine with an 1·

orangutan in the front seat "drivOjng" w~iI~ ts~Y handle the real -contrels~~J:0m~tb.e ~ck understands the spirit of Thunderliail ~a/~l~ffnavigator with a split

o J!l~s6rlJIif'Y who sometimes t®~~ J he's a superhero deserves at least .ooe OM-granted +2 bonus to a check during the game, and maybe more. Reward colorful rol~playing.

10M characters should steal t n shamelessly from television a:;a the movi;s. It's muc more fUn""if" the black van the heroes think

C ~11~l1g~50 their opponents actually belongs to a gr:.oup cD:~ i1jt-ld N~m veterans accused of crimes tHey didh't commit and on the

rtn from the Army. If they stop t help a car broken down on

" :t~e sitl~ ot~~e/l1ighway in 9T~th. 'railey, the owner should be Elvis Preslez-er- f.,"al'l~ &inat.ra. Pick your M~0Drfe Pl'o Iywood character actors and-use their voices

and mannerisms for OM

who wins the You do s'O" t J

with a Victory Roll. A Victoiy'

Roll is a d20 check made by all racen nor in a .. hosl'lital,an<rl still

'V' I ( ,

in possession of a vehicle. The

OM rolls for NPC racers, and whoever is playing the

driver rolls for the heroes. ~aeh vehicle has a icto,r.~ Roll Modifier, as outlined in Chap.ter 5. Add that modifl~r to the d20 roll: anPJ L

then add any of the modifiers

on Table 6-1: Victory Roll ModifiGs,(ifi appltealJlJ. 5

In th' unlikely event of a tie, the top racers spot each other about a mile from the Queen Mary. They must rase each other ~ " the finish. Throw lots of obstacles and turns in their path so the fastest car isn't automatically the ~inller. Wnoever wins the final mile wins the race.


Green Ba




• S:f

• j •


:Jac Natchez

L: Driverr


Hit Roints Initiati:q.e Speed Defense

~Rutation Attacks Illamage :tIbilities

a 2§

'7 Ge ,~


+2 melee, ...,6) ranged

2d8 (sawed-off s~etg~m) Font +2, Ref +7, Will +2 Str 8, Ge~ Ie, Com '3, Int ie, Wis 12, Cha '4 BI"fif ~10, I!)ipl. +12, Drive <+'11, lntimid. +-12, ~pot +11

)'.Iettness, Daredevil, Imp. lnln, Infamy, Imliluene~, Ve~. Got. Breaker, Breaker;

+e 3°_-===== '3 +2 -1 melee, itt

2d8 (sawed-off shetgum) Font +1, Ref +4, Will +1 SIr 8, De·x 'S, Com '3, Imt 1'1, Wis 12, Oha '4 Bluff +6, 0iplomaey +e, Dnive ff!@, lntimidate 'fe, Spet +§

Imp. lnit., Infamy, Vern;.le Oemoat


+1 melee, -f3 ranged 2dS €saweil-onf shotg~n) 1K0rt +2, Ref +5, ""ill +2 Str S, Gex 'S, Oon '3, Int 10, Wis 12, Oha '4 Bluff +S, Diplomacy +10, [!)nive +8, Intimidate +10 £pet +9

""Ierumess, Imp. lnit., Infamy, lnfluenee, Vehicle C0mbat Breaker, Breaker:



Class Abilities Breaker, Breaker

:<Iction Points Vehicles:




air ..




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