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September 23,2010


Annual Commercial Areas Update

The retail sector in Brookline continues to function strongly. Brookline's town-wide vacancy rate decreased by 1 % to 6.1 %; a better than average performance indicator. (According to the National Association of Realtors/CBRE - Econometric Advisors, the greater Boston average retail vacancy rate is 9.6% and the national retail vacancy is 13.1 %.) The chain store percentage remained constant. The percentage of restaurants has increased by .5% with two restaurarit openings in JFK Crossing (Daily Catch, Khayam). However there were an unusual number of individual business changes, listed in your handout. This was a 30% increase from the prior year, which was also a year with significant business changes.

The recession continues to affect our local businesses. Overall consumer spending levels are flat. Even though interest rates have remained historically low, business bank loans and credit lines continue to be very difficult to obtain. Maintaining ideal inventory levels is a huge challenge (excess inventory is expensive to carry buttoo low inventory interferes with daily operations and discourages customers). Census data shows that Brookline has a higher than average residential turnover (echoed by the School Department) which creates a continuing challenge for our small businesses to be known. The Economic Development Division provides organizational support to several Brookline marketing efforts including the upcoming 1 st Light Festival to take place on Thursday, November 18th •.

Encouraging a healthy Brookline retail sector is more critical than ever in these challenging economic times. Not only do active commercial areas provide real estate taxes, they are also a factor in keeping strong residential property values. And in fiscal year 2010, more than half a million dollars in additional income to the town was generated from the local options meals tax, implemented at the start of the second quarter of fiscal 2010.

Shop and Dine Locally First! It matters to all of us.










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Commercial Areas Update Retail Area Changes

Summer 2009 ~ Summer 2010

Vacancies 1295A Beacon St 1336 Beacon St 1372 Beacon St 1378 Beacon St 1388 Beacon St 1406 Beacon St 1410 Beacon St

Address Coolidge Corner . Vacancy rate decreased by 1 % from last year National chain rate increased by 1 % ', Restaurant rate increased by 1%

13 total, 3 on market

* CountryWide Banking Biana's Flowers

* Leatherworld

Victor's Cafe

Total Security

" Garber Travel

* Flipside Records Rod Dee

Former Tenant

New Tenant

Super Cuts

Bkln Natural Nails & Spa In-Shape for Women . Contact Eye Care US

1.:130 Beacon Sf

Anna's Taqueria Bazaar expansion

1475 Beacon St 14 Pleasant St 16 Pleasant St 16A Pleasant St 325 Harvard St

Fine Arts Rug

* Pelham Health Care Services not available

" Tho's Upholstery not available

" Pleasant Coin Wash not available

Barnes & Noble Healthworks (opening fall)

Vacancies Filled 1285 Beacon St 1382A Beacon St 1350 Beacon St 1354 Beacon St 1431 Beacon St

.273 Harvard St 308 Harvard St 319 Harvard sr

new building Unique Simchas Ritz Camera

Bowl and Board Wild Goose Chase Finagle a Bagel Blue Ocean BBO FootLocker

The Meat House Biyoshi Salon Temptations Cafe Century Bank Brookline Ballet School Berry Freeze

Regal Beagle

Relax the Back


1223 BeaGan St 1355 Beacon St 1381 Beacon St 197 Harvard St

-. 233 Harvard St 280 Harvard St 289 Harvard St 318 Harvard St

Jae's Grill Paper Source2 Great Cuts GCRG Realty Magi Day Spa Float


Cafe La Scala

Budda C

Wild Goose Chase Hair Cutlery

Orchid Spa

Eden Spa

Simon's Shoes Expansion Friendly's Express

MJ Ready

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Commercial Areas Update Retail Area Changes


2 Brookline Place 2 Brookline Place

Brookline Village

Vacancy rate decreased by 1.6% from last year - Rte 9 retailunderperforms

National chain rate remained constant . . .

Restaurant rate stayed constant 14 total, 7 on market

* Brookline Village Flowershop not available

* Skipjack's Bertucci's

not available not available

2 Brookline Place

2 Brookline Place NE Dental Assoc. not available
45 Boylston St New Rehab location
111 Boylston St * Red Cab
146 Boylston St * Video Care & Repair not available
357 Boylston St * Tuxedo Time
374 Boylston St * Phyllis Tobin Caterers not available
144 Cypress St * Baggataway
39 Harvard St * Heads Up Salon
218 Washington St Ford Realty In~Shape for Women
393 Washington St Indian Food and Spices Nails Connection
400 Washington St * CVS Expansion Section
Vacancies Filled
27 Harvard St Le Strada Brookline Wine & Gourmet
111 Harvard St Hollywood Video Women's Health Clinic
395A Washington St Stained Glass Works Back Bay Kitchen & Bath
396 Washington St Brookline Food Mart Corner Schoolhouse, Too
4 Brington Road Hartje Gallery Audio Studio
358A Boylston St Southeast/Northwest Gallery My Aroma House
368 Boylston St Guggie's Art Center Asian Antiques expansion
10 Harvard St new location Papa Gino's Express
284 Washington St Franky N the Boys Cutty's Unami

Washington Square

Vacancy rate decreased by 1.1 % from last year National chain rate remained constant Restaurant rate remained constant

4 total, 0 on market * B&DDeli

Vacancies 1653 Beacon St 1657 Beacon St 1669 Beacon St 1696 Beacon St


* Washington Convenience Roadhouse Section

Jimmy's The Abbey Vinodivino

Vacancies Filled 1613 Beacon St 1618 Beacon St 1620 Beacon St 1632 Beacon St 1644 Beacon St . 1706 Beacon St

Accupressure Massage Little Swiss House Velvet Ribbon

Cafe Nicholas

Healing Naturals Roadhouse

Tiny World Child Care Swiss Watch & Jwlry J Early's Hair Salon Richie's

Euroline Kitchens American Craft

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JFK Crossing

Vacancies 414 Harvard St 481 Harvard St

Vacancies Filled 404 Harvard St 443 Harvard St

CommercIal Areas Update Retail Area Changes

Vac;ancy rate remained constant. National chain rate decreased by 2% Restaurant rate increased by 3.9%

2 total, 0 on market Audio Studio Blockbuster

My Thai Vegetarian

The Daily Catch (closed)

St. Mary's Station

Vacancy rate increased by 3% National chain rate remained constant

Grape Leaves iParty Halloween


The Daily Catch

Vacancies 1018 Beacon St


1004 Beacon St

Chestnut Hill


845 Boylston St 1198 Boylston St

Vacancies Filled 1200 Boylston St 614 Hammond St


1208 Boylston St

Putterham Circle

Changes 189 Grove St

Restaurant rate remained constant

1 total, 1 on market J Earley's Hair Salon

Chef Chang's House

Sichuan Gourmet

Vacancy rate, national chain rate and restaurant rates remained constant.

2 total, 1 on market US 1 Petroleum Olive's Hair Salon

Elizabeth Grady Salon Chestnut Hill Framing

Hammondswood RE

Package Goods Store

C Stumpo Development Norg's Men's Clothing

Chestnut Hill RE

Vacancy rate, national chain rate and restaurant ratesremained constant.

Putterham Market

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Grove Street Market

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