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Food Preserving

Food Preserving

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Can the amount of food you would use in one year’s time. Stored in a cool, dry
place, canned food should last 1 year.


Is it safe to can food without salt?

Yes. Salt is not used to prevent spoilage but rather for flavor.

Which vegetables expand as opposed to shrinking during canning?

Peas, corn and lima beans expand during canning due to their starchy content
and should be packed loosely.

Should liquid lost during processing be replaced?

Liquid loss will not cause spoilage, but the food at the top of the jar may darken.
If half the jar has lost liquid, refrigerate and use within 2-3 days.

Why do the undersides of lids sometimes discolor?

The natural compounds of some foods can sometimes cause a darkened deposit
which is harmless on sealed jars.

Should ring bands be tightened after canning if they have come loose?

No. Bands are meant to keep lids in place and help jars to seal. Retightening
may actually break the seal.

Can jars cool down in the water in which they were processed?

No. The food will continue to cook and result in over-cooked food.

Why is my jelly stiff?

Sometimes this happens when too much pectin, or fruit that is not yet ripe is


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