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Food Preserving

Food Preserving

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Drying times vary upon the method used, the size of cut pieces, and the food
being dried.

Sun drying can take 3-7 days for food to fully dry. Oven drying can take 8 hours
or more. Drying food in a dehydrator usually takes 4-12 hours.

Foods that are dried in a batch should be cut into uniform, equal sizes to ensure
that they dry at the same rate of time.

Foods with low water content will dry quicker than those with high water content.

Check food for dryness by the following signs:

• Vegetables - Leathery or brittle.
• Fruit leather - Not sticky to the touch
• Jerky – Cracks when bent but does not break
• Fruits – Pliable, springy, and do not stick together. No moisture is left on
the hand when squeezed.
• Herbs – Crisp, brittle


After it has been dried and before it is packaged, dried food should be

1. Let dried food cool on a tray.
2. Put pieces in a large closed container. Be sure that the food is cooled. If
it is still warm it will sweat inside the container.
3. Stir the food once a day for 7-10 days. This process allows the moisture
from the under-dried pieces to be absorbed by the over-dried pieces. If
moisture appears on the lid or sides, the food is not dry enough.

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