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Exporting Schemas

Exporting Schemas

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Published by Dirk Avery

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Published by: Dirk Avery on Sep 29, 2010
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Exporting Schemas

Note: Deprecated ... replaced by DataPump

Export help Export Authority Export File Name Log File Name

exp -help exp -help exp userid=<schema_owner/password> exp uwclass/uwclass exp userid=<schema_owner/password> FILE=<file_name> exp uwclass/uwclass file=c:\temp\uw_test.dmp exp userid=<schema_owner/password> LOG=<file_name> exp uwclass/uwclass log=c:\temp\uw.log -- O/S dependent and can usually be ignored exp userid=<schema_owner/password> BUFFER=<integer> -- rows_in_array * maximum_row_size exp uwclass/uwclass buffer=64000 -- The default is Y and it is best to override it.

Buffer size

Compress (default is Y)

exp userid=<schema_owner/password> COMPRESS=<Y|N> exp uwclass/uwclass compress=N -- Implements SET TRANSACTION READ ONLY exp userid=<schema_owner/password> CONSISTENT=<Y|N> exp uwclass/uwclass file=c:\temp\cnsstnt.dmp consistent=Y exp userid=<schema_owner/password> CONSTRAINTS=<Y|N> exp uwclass/uwclass file=c:\temp\cnstrnt.dmp constraints=N exp userid=<schema_owner/password> DIRECT=<Y|N> exp uwclass/uwclass file=c:\temp\dirpath.dmp direct=Y exp userid=<schema_owner/password> FEEDBACK=<integer DEFAULT 0> exp uwclass/uwclass file=c:\temp\fback.dmp feedback=100 exp userid=<schema_owner/password> FILESIZE=<integer> [KB|MB] exp uwclass/uwclass file=c:\temp\fsize.dmp filesize 100MB exp userid=<schema_owner/password> FLASHBACK_SCN=<SCN> exp uwclass/uwclass file=c:\temp\fbscn.dmp flashback_scn=7632619 exp userid=<schema_owner/password> FLASHBACK_TIME=<timestamp> exp uwclass/uwclass FLASHBACK_TIME="TIMESTAMP '2002-05-

Consistent (default is N)

Constraints (default is Y)

Direct Path (default is N)

Feedback (default is 0)

File Size (default unlimited)

Flashback By SCN Flashback By Timestamp

'DD-MM-YYYY HH24:MI:SS')" -. . t2. webapps) exp userid=<schema_owner/password> PARFILE=<parameter_file_name> exp uwclass/uwclass parfile=c:\temp\uwparfile. . o#) exp uwclass/uwclass owner=(uwclass.Yes requires the user to have the EXP_FULL_DATABASE role Full Grants Indexes Object Consistent Owner Parameter File Query Record Length Resumable Resumable Name Resumable Time Out Rows Statistics Tables exp userid=<schema_owner/password> FULL=<Y|N> exp uwclass/uwclass full=Y exp userid=<schema_owner/password> GRANTS=<Y|N> exp uwclass/uwclass grants=N exp userid=<schema_owner/password> INDEXES=<Y|N> exp uwclass/uwclass indexes=N exp userid=<schema_owner/password> OBJECT_CONSISTENT=<Y| N> exp uwclass/uwclass object_consistent=Y exp userid=<schema_owner/password> OWNER=(o1.ctl exp userid=<schema_owner/password> QUERY=<query_string> exp uwclass/uwclass owner=SCOTT tables=emp query=\"WHERE job=\'MANAGER\' AND sal \>50000\" exp userid=<schema_owner/password> RECORDLENGTH=<bytes> exp uwclass/uwclass recordlength=32000 exp userid=<schema_owner/password> RESUMABLE=<Y|N> exp uwclass/uwclass resumable=Y exp userid=<schema_owner/password> RESUMABLE_NAME ='User USERNAME (USERID). Session SESSIONID.. o2. Instance INSTANCEID' exp uwclass/uwclass resumable_name 'UWCLASS' exp userid=<schema_owner/password> RESUMABLE_TIMEOUT=<seconds> DEFAULT 7200 (2 hours) exp uwclass/uwclass resumable_timeout=18000 exp userid=<schema_owner/password> ROWS=<Y|N> exp uwclass/uwclass rows=N exp userid=<schema_owner/password> STATISTICS=<ESTIMATE | COMPUTE | NONE> exp uwclass/uwclass statistics=COMPUTE exp userid=<schema_owner/password> TABLES=(t1.. ..01 11:00:00'" or exp uwclass/uwclass flashback_time="TO_TIMESTAMP('12-022001 14:35:00'. ids..

. dept. tbsp#) exp uwclass/uwclass tablespaces=(uwdata.. bonus) exp userid=<schema_owner/password> TABLESPACES=(tbsp1..Tablespaces Transportable Tablespaces Triggers TTS Full Check Volume Size t#) exp uwclass/uwclass tables=(emp. tbsp2. user_data) exp userid=<schema_owner/password> TRANSPORT_TABLESPACE <Y|N> exp uwclass/uwclass transport_tablespace=Y exp userid=<schema_owner/password> TRRIGGERS <Y|N> exp uwclass/uwclass triggers=N exp userid=<schema_owner/password> TTS_FULL_CHECK <Y|N> exp uwclass/uwclass tts_full_check=Y exp userid=<schema_owner/password> VOLSIZE <integer> [KB|MB|GB] exp uwclass/uwclass volsize=10GB .

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