Exporting Schemas

Note: Deprecated ... replaced by DataPump

Export help Export Authority Export File Name Log File Name

exp -help exp -help exp userid=<schema_owner/password> exp uwclass/uwclass exp userid=<schema_owner/password> FILE=<file_name> exp uwclass/uwclass file=c:\temp\uw_test.dmp exp userid=<schema_owner/password> LOG=<file_name> exp uwclass/uwclass log=c:\temp\uw.log -- O/S dependent and can usually be ignored exp userid=<schema_owner/password> BUFFER=<integer> -- rows_in_array * maximum_row_size exp uwclass/uwclass buffer=64000 -- The default is Y and it is best to override it.

Buffer size

Compress (default is Y)

exp userid=<schema_owner/password> COMPRESS=<Y|N> exp uwclass/uwclass compress=N -- Implements SET TRANSACTION READ ONLY exp userid=<schema_owner/password> CONSISTENT=<Y|N> exp uwclass/uwclass file=c:\temp\cnsstnt.dmp consistent=Y exp userid=<schema_owner/password> CONSTRAINTS=<Y|N> exp uwclass/uwclass file=c:\temp\cnstrnt.dmp constraints=N exp userid=<schema_owner/password> DIRECT=<Y|N> exp uwclass/uwclass file=c:\temp\dirpath.dmp direct=Y exp userid=<schema_owner/password> FEEDBACK=<integer DEFAULT 0> exp uwclass/uwclass file=c:\temp\fback.dmp feedback=100 exp userid=<schema_owner/password> FILESIZE=<integer> [KB|MB] exp uwclass/uwclass file=c:\temp\fsize.dmp filesize 100MB exp userid=<schema_owner/password> FLASHBACK_SCN=<SCN> exp uwclass/uwclass file=c:\temp\fbscn.dmp flashback_scn=7632619 exp userid=<schema_owner/password> FLASHBACK_TIME=<timestamp> exp uwclass/uwclass FLASHBACK_TIME="TIMESTAMP '2002-05-

Consistent (default is N)

Constraints (default is Y)

Direct Path (default is N)

Feedback (default is 0)

File Size (default unlimited)

Flashback By SCN Flashback By Timestamp

o2. ids. Instance INSTANCEID' exp uwclass/uwclass resumable_name 'UWCLASS' exp userid=<schema_owner/password> RESUMABLE_TIMEOUT=<seconds> DEFAULT 7200 (2 hours) exp uwclass/uwclass resumable_timeout=18000 exp userid=<schema_owner/password> ROWS=<Y|N> exp uwclass/uwclass rows=N exp userid=<schema_owner/password> STATISTICS=<ESTIMATE | COMPUTE | NONE> exp uwclass/uwclass statistics=COMPUTE exp userid=<schema_owner/password> TABLES=(t1. Session SESSIONID.Yes requires the user to have the EXP_FULL_DATABASE role Full Grants Indexes Object Consistent Owner Parameter File Query Record Length Resumable Resumable Name Resumable Time Out Rows Statistics Tables exp userid=<schema_owner/password> FULL=<Y|N> exp uwclass/uwclass full=Y exp userid=<schema_owner/password> GRANTS=<Y|N> exp uwclass/uwclass grants=N exp userid=<schema_owner/password> INDEXES=<Y|N> exp uwclass/uwclass indexes=N exp userid=<schema_owner/password> OBJECT_CONSISTENT=<Y| N> exp uwclass/uwclass object_consistent=Y exp userid=<schema_owner/password> OWNER=(o1... webapps) exp userid=<schema_owner/password> PARFILE=<parameter_file_name> exp uwclass/uwclass parfile=c:\temp\uwparfile. 'DD-MM-YYYY HH24:MI:SS')" -..ctl exp userid=<schema_owner/password> QUERY=<query_string> exp uwclass/uwclass owner=SCOTT tables=emp query=\"WHERE job=\'MANAGER\' AND sal \>50000\" exp userid=<schema_owner/password> RECORDLENGTH=<bytes> exp uwclass/uwclass recordlength=32000 exp userid=<schema_owner/password> RESUMABLE=<Y|N> exp uwclass/uwclass resumable=Y exp userid=<schema_owner/password> RESUMABLE_NAME ='User USERNAME (USERID). . t2.01 11:00:00'" or exp uwclass/uwclass flashback_time="TO_TIMESTAMP('12-022001 14:35:00'. . .. o#) exp uwclass/uwclass owner=(uwclass.

bonus) exp userid=<schema_owner/password> TABLESPACES=(tbsp1. user_data) exp userid=<schema_owner/password> TRANSPORT_TABLESPACE <Y|N> exp uwclass/uwclass transport_tablespace=Y exp userid=<schema_owner/password> TRRIGGERS <Y|N> exp uwclass/uwclass triggers=N exp userid=<schema_owner/password> TTS_FULL_CHECK <Y|N> exp uwclass/uwclass tts_full_check=Y exp userid=<schema_owner/password> VOLSIZE <integer> [KB|MB|GB] exp uwclass/uwclass volsize=10GB .. tbsp#) exp uwclass/uwclass tablespaces=(uwdata.Tablespaces Transportable Tablespaces Triggers TTS Full Check Volume Size t#) exp uwclass/uwclass tables=(emp.. dept. . tbsp2.

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