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Slim Diets

Slim Diets

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Published by Stephanie Starr
How to Lose Weight and Eat For a Healthy, Fit Body. By former competitive body builder Stephanie Starr
How to Lose Weight and Eat For a Healthy, Fit Body. By former competitive body builder Stephanie Starr

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Published by: Stephanie Starr on Sep 30, 2010
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ating healthy can be a challenge for the busy professional. If you’re a parent, it gets even more difficult as your kids bring snack foods into the house. These days we have far too many fast food restaurants and TV dinners available to us for our own good. Thankfully, we can watch our weight and still enjoy our food. The first step is recognizing what is and what is not healthy for us to eat. We may choose to eat unhealthy items from time to time, but at least we will know when we are doing it and can then compensate for it later. Your body will break down and utilize something in its natural state far better than it would something that has been over-processed just to eek out several more months of shelf life. healthy for you, make certain you adjust the rest of your diet to accommodate for that.


All of this can often leave you wondering: What exactly is and is not healthy? And how should you prepare your food to get the most out of it? Do we really have to deprive ourselves in order to have a great figure, or is there some middle ground we can take that will give us the physique we want and still get to eat things that taste good?

Top 10 Tips For Healthy Eating
1. Anytime you can eat fresh food, do so. Even if the TV
dinner you are heating up claims to be a health food, it isn’t. Avoid fast food. The preservatives and sodium often required to help food last in its frozen or packaged state can be unhealthy when consumed in large quantities.

2. Buy organic meat whenever possible. Look for meats that have not been pumped full of growth hormone or preservatives. Organic food may cost a little more, but your health will benefit from it. 3.
Avoid foods that are high in sugar, sodium and trans fats. If you are going to eat a food that you know is not

Eat a healthy meal before allowing yourself junk food. Fill up on what your body needs first, then treat yourself to the food you have been craving.

5. Drink lots of water to help flush toxins from your system. 6. Do not skip meals! Skipping meals actually slows your metabolism down. Your body thinks it is being

w w w . m a x m u s c l e . c o m

w w w . m a x m u s c l e . c o m

photo by Alex Ardenti


starved and will look to conserve body fat and dump metabolically-demanding muscle. Translated: You may lose weight, but a lot of it will be the muscle you want to keep!

Recipe Suggestions
The following are some recipe suggestions to get you started on your new healthy diet. As long as you are selecting organic, fresh food you are welcome to switch out ingredients.

Orange Vit-Acell Chicken
A lean chicken breast. 1 ⁄2 a cup of fresh-squeezed orange juice (directly from the orange). 1 tablespoon of Max Vit-Acell. 1 ⁄2 cup of broccoli. 1 ⁄2 cup of carrots. 1 ⁄4 sliced almonds (optional). 1 cup of steamed white rice. Saute diced chicken breast in a pan that has been sprayed with a canola oil spray or olive oil. Mix in the broccoli, carrots, Max VitAcell and orange juice. When the chicken is fully cooked, place over a bed of steamed white rice and sprinkle with almonds.

Desert Suggestions
We all need something sweet on occasion. Here are some recipes that will satisfy your sweet tooth without hurting your progress.

7. Eat some form of protein every three hours. Even if
you’re a vegetarian, you can mange this by consuming a protein shake. Not only will protein help you maintain valuable muscle, it will also help regulate your insulin levels. Keeping your insulin under control ultimately helps you control your cravings.

Garden Egg White Omelette
Four egg whites. Two sliced mushrooms. 1 tablespoon of diced onion. 2 table spoons of diced tomato. 1 teaspoon of fresh basil. 2 table spoons of low-fat cheese. Spray a canola oilbased spray on your cooking pan. Saute mushrooms first. Then add in the egg whites and your other ingredients. Once the omelette is almost finished, sprinkle cheese across the top.

Max Gourmet Protein Ice Cream Pie
4 cups of low-fat vanilla ice cream. 6 scoops of chocolate Max Gourmet. 4 tablespoons of creamy peanut butter. A gramcracker crust pie shell. Whip together the ice cream, Max Gourmet protein and peanut butter until creamy. Pour your mix into the pie shell and place in the freezer over night. In the morning you will have a protein ice cream pie. You can substitute other flavors if you wish and eliminate the peanut butter. Adding whip cream to the top is also optional. If you want to eliminate the gramcracker crust, you can use an ice tray to pour the mixture in. Insert popsicle sticks in each or just keep as cubes. For those who are true chocolate lovers, you can drizzle low-fat chocolate syrup across the top. Just keep it in moderation.

8. Breakfast truly is the most important meal of the day, and should be your largest. So, what if you’re someone who can’t stomach a lot of food first thing in the morning? Drink a protein shake, then wait an hour and have a large mid-morning meal that consists of quality protein (such as egg whites, fish or lean chicken) and carbohydrates (such as oatmeal or grits). 9.
Always eat directly after physical activity. When you leave the gym or finish any kind of strenuous exercise (even if it is just your morning walk), you must replenish the nutrients that you have lost.

Drink Suggestions
Diet soda, although often the choice of dieters, isn’t healthy. When selecting a beverage, try for those that are water-based. Avoid high amounts of sugar, sodium and preservatives whenever possible. Now, if diet soda is your thing, just drink it in moderation and make sure you offset that choice by drinking a lot of water as well. Here are some options you might consider when at home, or even out at a restaurant.

10. Do not drink too much juice. Eat the whole fruit rather than drinking down all those calories. Look for juices that are naturally sweetened and drink them sparingly. Fresh squeezed is always better than concentrated. You can also make use of freshsqueezed fruit to flavor your cooking. Grapefruit and lemons have been linked to lowering your bad cholesterol. At the very least, they can make chicken taste great. Bonus:
Prepare your meals the night before so that you have everything you need for the day at your finger tips. You can even prepare your meals a few days before and freeze them if that is easier for you. Being prepared helps eliminate the temptation to stop at a fast food restaurant.

Max Gourmet Oatmeal
1 cup of instant, plain whole oats. 11⁄2 scoops of Max Gourmet protein, any flavor of your choice. 1 cup of water. Add more or less depending on how you like your oatmeal to be cooked. Mix whole oats and water in a large bowl and place in the microwave for one minute. When finished stir contents and heat again if needed. Once oatmeal is cooked, stir in your favorite flavor of Max Gourmet.

Home-made lemonade
A half of a medium sized lemon squeezed into an 8-ounce glass of water. Add as many as four packets of splenda to sweeten.

Max Gourmet Protein Mousse
1 Cup of low-fat whip cream. 1 scoop of chocolate Max Gourmet. Whip together the low-fat whip cream and Max Gourmet protein. This will make a single serving of mouse. You may substitute in any flavor of Max Gourmet you prefer.

Ice Tea
Unsweetened ice tea. Add as many as four packets of splenda to sweeten.

Protein Pancakes
One scoop of vanilla or banana MaxPro with your pancake mix. Add bananas to the top and to the mix if desired.

Spring water
Water is always a good choice. Drink at least eight glasses a day, more if you are physically active and work outside. Some of the many benefits of water are: It aids in digestion, helps manage your appetite, flushes out toxins, improves skin tone and aids in regulating body temperature.

Max Gourmet Protein Pudding
1 Cup of water. 4 scoop of chocolate Max Gourmet. Whip together until creamy and serve.


w w w . m a x m u s c l e . c o m

w w w . m a x m u s c l e . c o m



Dining Out
What if you don’t have the time to cook and find yourself on the road at the mercy of what a restaurant has to offer? There are still ways to get what you need despite the less-then-optimal situation. When looking at the menu consider the following tips.

1. Look for lean meats that are not pickled in a ton of sauce. You can request that the cook to go light on all sauces and oils. 2.
Eat a salad with balsamic vinegar and olive oil first before your main meal. Not only are you getting the vitamins and minerals you need, you are also helping your digestion.

3. Ask the waitress if you can have a lean
chicken breast or steak prepared for you without any butter or salt. Even if something is not on the menu, sometimes they are able to accommodate.


Look for fish that has been steamed. Ask if you can have it prepared without a lot of butter or oil added to it.

5. Steamed white rice is always preferable to fried rice. Avoid the foods that look as if they may have a lot of preservatives or ingredients such as MSG (monosodium glutimate).
Not all of your diet choices will be perfect ones. We all slip and need something that is sweet or high in fat once in a while. The key is to get right back on your healthy diet and eat all of the foods that are good for you first before treating yourself to something you crave.

photo by Alex Ardenti

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