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chap1-4 2003

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  • Introduction
  • Project Context
  • Objectives
  • Scope and Limitations
  • Review of Related Literature
  • Local Related Literature
  • Hospitals in the Philippines
  • Student Perspective
  • Philippines: Arroyo launches VAT-funded hospital
  • Health care beyond reach of poor
  • Whistleblower dares hospital management to bare
  • Foreign Related Literature
  • Hospital management in Canada
  • Hospital management in U.K .Abstract
  • How Other Countries Do It
  • Hospital and Healthcare Management
  • Hospital Management System
  • Review of Related Studies
  • Local Related Studies
  • Local Governance Performance Management
  • The BD FACStation™ system
  • The BD™ Medimachine system
  • Saint Lukes Medical Center
  • Foreign Related Studies
  • Hospital management in Denmark
  • EDS DIOHIS Mobile Article
  • New 4-D software program for lung cancer
  • Hospital Management System (HMS)(An Electronic
  • Management)
  • Robots help medical surgeries
  • System
  • System Architecture
  • Advantages:
  • Disadvantage:
  • Expensive for low turnover organizations: It requires investment
  • Requirement Specification
  • Analysis
  • Initial Planning Phase
  • Analysis and Design Phase
  • Implementation Phase
  • Evaluation Phase
  • Deployment Phase
  • Design
  • Entity Relationship Diagram
  • Software
  • Development and testing
  • Personnel Requirements and Staffing
  • Training of Implementation Staff
  • Implementation Plan
  • Demonstration of the software
  • Work out details for adapting the software and customization
  • Plan for hardware procurement
  • Training
  • Hardware installations
  • Software installations
  • HMS installation
  • User (Operator) Training



INTRODUCTION Introduction Nowadays, information technology plays as one of the key role in the development of different field of studies in our society. As it develops and advances rapidly, it gives more chances for the people to live in a much efficient and hassle free life. Information technology truly is considered as one of our needs in our generation. In medicine, education, engineering, agriculture, geography, communication, etc., information technology has already been a part of all the field mention for the past years. Health care is one of the most prioritized fields in government. Acquiring the most high-quality medical care had been a challenge in the country. Only hospitals from around the urban community offers complete and extensive health care, while on rural areas medical care is depleting. The problem is not just because of lack of budget of the government, but also because of the difficulty in managing and administering a hospital with the entire complex operation taking place. With the help of information technology, the country can attain the quality of health care that the other countries have. There are a lot of studies that contributed a lot in the field of medicine. Studies concerning about the breakthroughs in disease treatment, medicine are being invented as well as laboratory equipments. Yet, managing



and administering the process and day to day transaction in a hospital still concerns a lot of work to be done. The Hospital Management System for St. Mattheus Medical Hospital, Inc. is a study that will guide the administration of the said hospital. This study provides aid managing, administering and tracking information and processes needed by the hospital. This study will be a big help in the development of health care as well as patient care in the field of medicine.

Project Context Information System is an integrated set of components for collecting, storing, processing, and communicating information.

Business firms, other organizations, and individuals in contemporary society rely on information systems to manage their operations, compete in the marketplace, supply services, and augment personal lives. As the meaning implies, information system plays a very viral role in connecting people’s life by means of information. Information system continuously grows and already extended its reach to the different fields aside from business. The medicine field in example is one of the fields that really are contributed in the advancement of information system. The application Hospital Management System falls under the category of Information System because the application



interacts directly to the user and gives information especially about the user’s needs. Information technology is one of the factors in the development of fields such as the Academe, Medicine, Engineering, Business, and others. In this study, Information technology is under the field of Medicine. The study gives aid to the administration of the St. Mattheus Medical Hospital, Inc. to efficiently administer and manage all their processes and daily transaction. St. Mattheus Medical Hospital,Inc. located at #60 Gen. Luna St. Banaba, San Mateo, Rizal was established year 2006 .It offers all medical services except dental services and other laboratory services like kidney dialysis, CT scan, and Echocardiogram(2D echo). They

have approximately 105 employees from their director down to their maintenance staff. Manual work is done in some of the departments. Hospital Management System addresses all the major functional area of modern multi-specialty hospital. It provides a more efficient way in managing all the processes involved from the registration of the patient, room assignment, doctor scheduling, test and surgery, laboratories and down to the clearance of the patient. It will help St. Mattheus Medical hospital deal with all the day to day operations taking place. Purpose and Description



The study was conceived to help the doctors, nurses and administration staff of the hospital to be fully guided in having the best and most efficient way in providing their hospital’s services to their patient. It was designed to aid the hospital staff to efficiently manage and administer their hospital’s daily transactions as well as the services they provide. For the Patient: The patients will be the main beneficiary of the proposed system. The application can ensure the patient that their records will be properly kept and tracked by the hospital. For the Doctors and Nurses: The medical personnel can be at ease regarding their scheduling and monitoring work. The application will determine the possible schedules of the medical personnel and set them in a more orderly way. For the Administration Staff: The management can now provide the most extensive and out most care when it comes to patient care and hospital administration by using the proposed system. They’re workload will be lessen and process will be more efficiently and timely manage.

Objectives The study aims to help St. Mattheus Medical Hospital, Inc. in

administering and managing their entire hospital’s processes for them to have the outmost service when it comes to patient care.



Specifically, this study aims: • Help St. Mattheus Medical Hospital in keeping up with their day to day transaction. • Aid the hospital in admitting, gathering, updating, managing and tracking the entire necessary • patient’s information.

Help the hospital in scheduling, tracking and updating the doctor and ward information.

Give aide in administering the main departments that the hospital has.

Scope and Limitations The study will provide data exclusively from the St. Mattheus Medical Hospital, Inc. This includes the way or process on how they manage and administer their hospital and the services they offer. The study’s scopes are the following: • • • • • • Reception & Inquiry Patient Registration (In Patient) Out Patient Department (OPD) Doctor Section Nurses Station Operation Theatre Management

HOSPITAL MANAGEMENT SYSTEM FOR ST. 6 • • • • • • Pharmacy Management Services Management Laboratory Management Department Management Payroll Medical Records of the Patients The study’s delimitations are the following: • • • • The study is not an online hospital management system Hospital Maintenance Services (i. INC. Sanitation Management of the hospital . MATTHEUS MEDICAL HOSPITAL.e Housekeeping/Laundry) HRMS of the hospital is not included.

Review of Related Literature Local Related Literature Hospitals in the Philippines Hospitals in and around Manila often offer high-quality medical care. INC. 7 REVIEW OF RELATED LITERATURE AND SYSTEMS This section presents the review of articles of other researchers that have significant relation to this study. MATTHEUS MEDICAL HOSPITAL. This discusses articles that are similar and conveys same concept of principles with that of the developed software.HOSPITAL MANAGEMENT SYSTEM FOR ST. Many hospitals outside major urban areas may offer only basic medical care in rudimentary conditions. even the best hospitals may not meet the standards of medical care. sanitation. However. and comfort provided by hospitals in the United States. It is wise to evaluate the standards of medical care at a hospital before .

(Smith. Local hospitals do not usually accept U. sanitation. The article states that only hospital in the urban places such as Manila has the capability to offer high-quality medical care compared to the hospitals located in the rural places. but many U. Patients are often required to pay their bills before being discharged from the hospital.2005). MATTHEUS MEDICAL HOSPITAL..S. And yet still as mentioned in the article that hospitals here in the Philippines may not meet the standards of medical care. The proposed study will definitely fit in the depleting status of the hospitals here in the Philippines. insurers will reimburse patients for hospital charges.Most hospitals will require a down payment at the time of admission. It will help hospitals in managing and administering their record as well as their day to day process in a more efficient way for them to decrease their workload.S. and comfort provided by hospitals in the United States.HOSPITAL MANAGEMENT SYSTEM FOR ST. Health insurance policies. L. 8 contemplating medical procedure. INC. Student Perspective The first day that I entered the hospital I found it much different than hospitals I was accustomed to in the United .

Coming from a society that has numerous medical and technological advantages I expected many of the same conditions in the Philippines. Hospital workers informed me that aside from all these conditions this hospital in Lucena was one of the best in the Philippines.1996). however. and therefore. .HOSPITAL MANAGEMENT SYSTEM FOR ST. 9 States. The Filipinos. the researchers really suggest the implementation of a hospital management system in order to give aide to the hospitals in managing their transactions and administering their hospital in order to comply with what is a hospital should really look like. (Basenese. The article tells that there is a devastating condition of hospitals in rural areas in accordance to the observation of a foreign student volunteer. INC. I think the conditions that were unhealthy by my standards were more alarming to me because of what I was accustomed to.. insects roaming freely and broken windows were commonplace. Unfortunately I did not realize how things would truly be until I arrived at the hospital. MATTHEUS MEDICAL HOSPITAL. Dirty floors. the current state was as advanced as it got. L. In relevance. did not associate the hospital environment with being dirty and unhealthy. They had experienced nothing better.

Six of 10 Filipinos who succumb to sickness . 10 Philippines: Arroyo launches VAT-funded hospital upgrading project President Gloria Macapagal Arroyo launched on Tuesday a P500-million project to upgrade primary level government hospitals to secondary level. an illness striking any of its members is viewed as a catastrophe. The project funds would be used to buy equipment like x-ray machines and laboratory diagnostic equipment to improve the operating rooms. In relevance to the researcher’s study. especially among the poor. Arroyo launched the project called the "Katas ng VAT: Para sa Maliliit na Ospital" while on a visit to Datu Odin Sinsuat in Maguindanao. (Anonymous. INC. MATTHEUS MEDICAL HOSPITAL. This article entitled Philippines: Arroyo launches VATfunded hospital upgrading project.HOSPITAL MANAGEMENT SYSTEM FOR ST.2008). Health care beyond reach of poor For any Filipino family. is about the funding of a project to upgrade primary level government hospitals to secondary level. the funding of medical equipment would be much better if the hospital will have a system that will manage transactions that are under these equipments.

according to the University of the Philippines’ National Health Institute. (Bernabe. MATTHEUS MEDICAL HOSPITAL. The government has a huge responsibility for making healthcare reach the poor. having a well manage and administer hospital could really help in giving and providing the best health care through the patients with the help of a system that will aid in the proper administration of a hospital. In relevance to the researchers study. according to a group of former senior government officials who have drawn up a list of urgent concerns for the next administration to address in its first year. 2010). the controversial "whistleblower" on the hospital fund brouhaha at the Corazon Locsin Montelibano . The article was about the lack of proper health care service in the Philippines. The issue of a better hospital administration was then recalled this previous election. INC.HOSPITAL MANAGEMENT SYSTEM FOR ST. Health care is one of the most important items that should be on the agenda of whoever gets elected president in the May election. 11 die without ever seeing a doctor. Whistleblower dares hospital management to bare plan BRYAN Baylon. K.

G. MATTHEUS MEDICAL HOSPITAL.A. to a . Severino.HOSPITAL MANAGEMENT SYSTEM FOR ST. disclosed Monday that the management and personnel of the hospital. In connection to the researchers study. challenged the present hospital administration to disclose to the public the financial rehabilitation plan.. 12 Memorial Regional Hospital (CLMMRH) in Bacolod. a hospital management system can avoid these inconsistencies or controversies to happen. The article tackles about the need for the improvement of the Hospital management in Corazon Locsin Montelibano Memorial Regional Hospital (CLMMRH) in Bacolod. he or she presents a provincial health card. INC. acting as chief of the CLMMRH. Foreign Related Literature Hospital management in Canada When a legal resident of Canada needs medical care. There are some inconsistencies especially on their financial rehabilitation plan. Baylon's challenge came after Dr. (2007). Jaime Bernadas. usually a plastic identification card similar to a credit card. Having a full secured and biased free system can avoid anomalies taking place in a hospital like the one mentioned in the article.

INC. and diagnostic services. although a general practitioner may refer them to a specialist. . In addition. This article talks about the process on how a patient in Canada can acquire medical assistance with the use of a health card that will be presented in the hospital for admission. medical specialists are often less available in rural and remote areas. There. such as hip replacement. the severity of their medical need determines how long they will wait to see a nurse or doctor. nonemergency surgery. This article somehow inspired the researcher’s study by means of electronically managing the patients information of the researcher’s chosen hospital in order to easily gather and track the information regarding the patient. 13 physician or hospital.HOSPITAL MANAGEMENT SYSTEM FOR ST. Patients choose their physicians. 2007). such as the use of magnetic resonance imaging (MRI). If patients require immediate care without an appointment. they can seek admittance to any hospital emergency room or community health clinic. such as cataract surgery. there are often waiting lists for some elective procedures. MATTHEUS MEDICAL HOSPITAL. consequently. Health-care provision in Canada is based on medical need rather than the ability to pay. (Anonymous.

Patients of doctors who were not fund holders complained they were not receiving hospital treatment as quickly as patients whose doctors managed their funds.K . private hospitals have empty beds because fewer people can afford them. including sending patients to other hospitals. They are criticized for their admissions policies. (Anonymous.HOSPITAL MANAGEMENT SYSTEM FOR ST.Abstract The hospital system in United Kingdom established in 1995 has been criticized. the NHS was running huge deficits in the early 2000s and services had not improved. The Labour government increased funding for the NHS and instituted reforms of the payment system and administrative structure. While National Health Service hospitals have long waiting lists. including sending patients to other hospitals. This article talks about the hospital management system in United Kingdom. 14 Hospital management in U. Despite the reforms and increased funding. which is being complained and criticized by its injustice management. and for not being sufficiently accountable for spending. INC.2004). MATTHEUS MEDICAL HOSPITAL. . The new hospital trusts are criticized for their admissions policies. and for not being sufficiently accountable for spending.

the mutual aid groups (or special new agencies) administered the money. Starting with Germany. increased its funding.HOSPITAL MANAGEMENT SYSTEM FOR ST. they and their employers paid taxes. hospitals. the payroll taxes went into funds. The study will definitely help the hospital in administering fair and complete to their patients need. Every country from time to time expanded its coverage. must . They also detain patients who still haven’t settled their bills. How Other Countries Do It In Europe during the nineteenth century. the chosen hospital still conforms to their standard operation procedure which involved the presenting of waiver to their patient before officially admitted as well as referring them to other hospital. MATTHEUS MEDICAL HOSPITAL. and doctors. “Universal” protection and redistributive financing are now widespread policies. 15 In connection with the study. entire classes of workers were covered. INC. and payments were made to beneficiaries. and improved its organization. the labor movement and the political parties of the Left pressed governments to strengthen the mutual aid system. Most or all people are covered. but still the patient’s needs are still their priority not like in the above article.

. Until now the issue of money is a big deal to have quick admissions in hospitals. W. this unique approach allows advertisers direct access to everyone involved in purchasing decision-making – from end users to those who make the departmental recommendations to . and receive standard benefits. often while paying in taxes less than their actuarial costs. While the rich – usually the healthier – pay standard percentage-ofwages rates. The less fortunate usually are the less healthy as the article says. Hospital and Healthcare Management Hospital & Healthcare Management have been specifically designed to allow our clients to reach both ends of the healthcare facility procurement chain By targeting practitioners and administrative staff.HOSPITAL MANAGEMENT SYSTEM FOR ST. The less healthy—usually the lower earners – consume more benefits from health insurance and the disability accounts. a good hospital management system can lessen the expenses of a patient by inserting their privileges when it comes to health care by means of discount and insurance. In relation with the study. INC. (Glaser. their higher incomes cause them to contribute more money. A. MATTHEUS MEDICAL HOSPITAL. 16 pay payroll taxes.2006) This was a glimpse of history of health care systems.

The article discusses some of the points of how a hospital management really aids in organization of operations. ease to use and helping hospitals and clinics generate maximum benefit are some of the main requirements that are met by HMS. all are well administered. The HMS is prepared keeping in mind the need to provide all relevant . Flexibility. Hospital Management System A Hospital Management System (HMS) is the new dimension the information technology has taken. having this kind of system really aids a hospital managing and organizing their daily operation from patient care down to billing. built Hospital Healthcare Management to provide an ideal and accurate approach for effective online advertising ensuring to contemplate your companies visibility. MATTHEUS MEDICAL HOSPITAL. INC.HOSPITAL MANAGEMENT SYSTEM FOR ST. 17 the management We staff have directly involved & in licensing procurement. (Anonymous. The HMS is an integrated end-to-end software application meant to make the administrative and management work at a hospital streamlined.2005). The software application covers every aspect of hospital administration and management processes. In connection to the study.

city and municipal government in the Philippines. In relevance with the researchers study. This study focuses on the monitoring of the capabilities and limitations in the delivery of essential public services of provincial. (Anonymous. manage as well as monitor the status of public services being delivered by the local government. INC.2010). city and municipal governments to determine their capabilities and limitations in the delivery of essential public services. MATTHEUS MEDICAL HOSPITAL. The said study aims to administer. hospital management system has the . hospital administration and finances. 18 information in a hospital at the disposal of the hospital administrator to take effective decision with regard to patient care. management and development tool that enables provincial. These articles have some facts about hospital management system which will serve an excellent guide in doing the researcher’s study. Review of Related Studies Local Related Studies Local Governance Performance Management The Local Governance Performance Management System( LGPMS) is a self-assessment.2009). (Anonymous.HOSPITAL MANAGEMENT SYSTEM FOR ST.

modem. and reagents. The study talks about the most powerful data management system for cell analysis when coupled with BD FACS™ flow cytometers. The BD FACStation™ system provides access to the extensive array of flow cytometry software available from BD. The power. 2010). This software is mainly use in a laboratory where cell analysis is being held. application software. (Anonymous. The BD FACStation™ system The BD FACStation™ system is the most powerful data management system for cell analysis when coupled with BD FACS™ flow cytometers. MATTHEUS MEDICAL HOSPITAL. INC. application software.Integrated networking allows the BD FACStation™ system to be connected easily with departmental/institutional servers or laboratory information systems (LIS). This cell analysis is a very . and connectivity of the BD FACStation™ system make it an ideal choice for all research and clinical needs. Equipped with a large hard drive. the BD FACStation™ system is a complete data management workstation. 19 same purpose in a different view mainly in the health care services.HOSPITAL MANAGEMENT SYSTEM FOR ST. and reagents. expandability. and SuperDrive.

sterile.2010). The BD™ Medimachine system The BD™ Medimachine system is a sample preparation system for the automated. The BD™ Medimachine system consists of three components: the Medimachine. The said system.HOSPITAL MANAGEMENT SYSTEM FOR ST. MATTHEUS MEDICAL HOSPITAL. 20 helpful tool in recording. and Filcons. a fully functional management system can really help in organizing day to day operation taking place in a hospital. In relation to the researcher’s study. and nonsterile Medicons and Filcons allow the operator to optimize experimental conditions to suit the tissue under study. INC. . ensuring clean. or cell nuclei. organizes cells and tissues data for efficient use. The study is a cell organization system that is a breakthrough in hospital laboratory management. This study is also relevant to the researchers study for it focuses on the development of medical technologies and health care just like the researchers aiming to do. or DNA amplification. Various pore sizes of disposable. (Anonymous. viable preparations of single cells. managing and storing cell or laboratory findings. Medicons. cell culture. mechanical disaggregation of human tissues for flow cytometric analysis. cell clusters.

Saint Lukes Medical Center is one of the Philippines’ finest hospital with exceptional organize way of admission procedures.4 to 6 patients per room). Fill out a Patient Information Sheet.2 patients per room. private room. 2010). MATTHEUS MEDICAL HOSPITAL. and waiver of responsibility on loss of valuables. (Anonymous. a walk-in patient may be admitted through the Emergency Room.HOSPITAL MANAGEMENT SYSTEM FOR ST. release of information to insurance companies and/or patient's employer. or ward . limitation on outside diagnostic reports. MEDICard . Indicate the accommodation of choice (suite. Sign consent forms for hospital care. INC. Information requested will be needed by the attending physician and the medical center. Patients will be requested to present their doctor's admission order sheet. exclusive supply of medicines. This will really be an excellent guide for the study of the Hospital Management System. semiprivate . 21 Saint Lukes Medical Center The Admission Department is the patient's first stop when they enter the medical center. In the absence of the doctor's admission order sheet or a doctor known to them.

Most hospitals are municipal. payment for some essential medicines. covering all of the Danish population. having a system that will enable a hassle free and easy way of admitting a patient through a hospital can lessen the workload of the hospital. and some dental care.N. provides free medical care and hospitalization. Other benefits include employment injuries insurance. (Montoya. Preventive Health Care Service. 22 MEDICard is a Health Maintenance Organization (HMO) that provides Comprehensive Health Care Coverage for its members with the use of accredited hospitals and accredited doctors. OutPatient Services. Emergency Care confinement Benefits. INC.2009) With the use of MediCard patients will not have any problem in being admitted in a hospital. Member's Financial Assistance. Foreign Related Studies Hospital management in Denmark Denmark’s social welfare system dates from the 1890s.HOSPITAL MANAGEMENT SYSTEM FOR ST. Health insurance. All persons are entitled to a retirement pension. Services. and today it is one of the world’s most comprehensive. Hospital Dental Services. unemployment insurance. In relation to the researchers study. MATTHEUS MEDICAL HOSPITAL. social .

delivering meal trays. including daytime care for children. INC. 2004). paperwork. 23 assistance for the aged. and meet a new government mandate to track more medical procedures than ever. With the aid of its hospital robot called Helpmate the hospitals in Denmark are well manage and administer. In relevance with the researcher’s study. blind. and disabled. Denmark’s approach to medical care is one of the most world’s most comprehensive when it comes to social welfare system. in Zurich. EDS DIOHIS Mobile Article Sanitas needed to move fast to improve its data collection capabilities so it could more accurately record charges. and provisions for the care of children.(Anonymous. The robot employs multiple sensors to safely navigate and work in close proximity to people. Gesundheitszentrum Sanitas. avoid inaccurate recording of patient and treatment data. the said study will guide us through by setting the status of Denmark’s health care as an example for the researcher’s study.HOSPITAL MANAGEMENT SYSTEM FOR ST. a robot that independently navigates through hospital corridors. Denmark also has a Hospital Robot they called Helpmate. and supplies. MATTHEUS MEDICAL HOSPITAL. trusts . Switzerland.

Switzerland. This related study. recording a set of CT slices for each . a 4-dimensional computed tomography (4D CT) scan is performed. INC. researchers announced today at the 2nd European Lung Cancer Conference in Geneva. more accurate collection of patient inquiries. for each patient. The technique involves two steps: first. New 4-D software program for lung cancer A new 4-dimensional software program promises to improve the treatment of lung cancer by allowing doctors to take the movement of breathing into account when administering radiotherapy. this foreign study aims to provide the Sanitas the most comprehensive and real-time management of their hospital records. MATTHEUS MEDICAL HOSPITAL. In relevance in the researcher’s study. records and treatment data. And the researcher also aims the same thing for their study. is a great way in delivering real-time data to all clinical staff and a best-in-class wireless management system that strengthens hospital's operational and financial performance. the hospital chose EDS DIOHIS Mobile.HOSPITAL MANAGEMENT SYSTEM FOR ST. 24 EDS: After carefully considering three other options from other providers. online hospital management system solution enables faster. This wireless.

introduce a new approach in detecting lung cancer using a 4-D software program. MATTHEUS MEDICAL HOSPITAL. 2010) In this article entitled New 4-D software program for lung cancer. (Anonymous. medium or small sites. Hospital Management System (HMS)(An Electronic Management) An electronic management in a Hospital or a Nursing Home would require to very precise and must result into cost cutting and efficient management. Second.HOSPITAL MANAGEMENT SYSTEM FOR ST. 25 of 10 respiratory phases. We have developed this revolutionary product” Electra” is very accurate in its approach and suit all environments including large. The crucial points . particularly in the field of cardiology. the new software helps the radiation oncologist to determine if there is a respiratory phase that is most convenient for radiotherapy. based on criteria that have been established by a panel of oncologists. INC. This technique is already well known in the medical world. The article’s approach in developing new innovative software in healthcare is just like what the researches wanted to develop software that will lessen the burden of hospitals in managing and administering their hospital.

2008). Robots help medical surgeries The word "robot" comes pre-loaded with its own set of unique connotations. In fact.HOSPITAL MANAGEMENT SYSTEM FOR ST. MATTHEUS MEDICAL HOSPITAL. This would enable to improve the response time to the demands of patient care because it automates the process of collecting. Arthur C Clarke and the like. robotics is a vibrant emerging field that is steadily . Its relevance in the study is the proper organization of processes and an excellent guide to follow. Electra enables hospitals and doctors to better serve their patients. robots are a science fiction concept. 26 that “Electra” emphasis on are listed in the following paragraphs which in turn justify your purchase. It improves quality of patient care. procedures and service to Patients. freeing resources for more critical tasks. To most. Better quality of care. a flight of fancy conjured by the vivid imaginations of Isaac Asimov. and increased also nursing productivity.. Hospital administrators would be able to significantly improve the operational control and thus streamline operations. (Anonymous. collating and retrieving patient information. Moreover it reduced the time spent by staff filling out forms. INC.

It is efficient and effective to use. J.HOSPITAL MANAGEMENT SYSTEM FOR ST. From remotely operated surgical devices to simple drug dispensers.. MATTHEUS MEDICAL HOSPITAL. hospitals often play host to the latest innovations in advanced robotics. here we present some of the most significant developments in medical robotics and their potential for improving patient care and simplifying the daily tasks of hospital staff. 2006) Robots are really an aid in hospital management. 27 building credibility as a method of making our lives safer and more convenient. robots are increasingly wheeling their way out of our imaginations and into our daily lives. TECHNICAL BACKGROUND . with the absence of robots. having a well manage and established system can help a hospital in delivering and providing the outmost care to their patient. Robots are real help in Hospital Management. With busy medical professionals increasingly under pressure to make the best-possible use of their time. In relation to the researcher’s study. (Fitzgerald. INC. From living rooms and factories to battlefields and operating theatres. It is very functional and a helper for the doctors especially on surgeries.

MATTHEUS MEDICAL HOSPITAL. INC.The figure below shows the conceptual framework of the researchers developed system for the St. where in it shows the required information needed as well as the inputs. Incorporated is a way of providing help to the hospital personnel and administration staff to be guided in having the best and most efficient way in providing their hospital’s services to their patient. processes involved and the output of the proposed system. Hospital Management System for St. The system lessens the burden of keeping up with the fast paced day to day transaction of the hospital as well as keeping and organizing all the essential files that each transaction process and produce. 28 This section presents the technical aspect of the system as a whole. . The effect of the system will vary on how it was made and organized by the proponents. All the essential tools used to develop the system are elaborately discussed in this part of the documents.HOSPITAL MANAGEMENT SYSTEM FOR ST. Mattheus Medical Hospital. Mattheus Medical Hospital. Inc.

When it comes to the development tools the . 29 Figure 1: Conceptual Framework of Hospital Management System The framework of the system includes all the possible requirements provided by the hospital. MATTHEUS MEDICAL HOSPITAL. INC.HOSPITAL MANAGEMENT SYSTEM FOR ST.

NET Framework. With the aid of Microsoft Sql Server 005 the . and web services in both native code together with managed code for all platforms supported by Microsoft Windows. 30 researchers come up with most efficient and broadly tools used in developing the system. for it is an object-oriented computer programming language that can be viewed as an evolution of Microsoft's Visual Basic (VB) which is generally implemented on the Microsoft .NET (via Visual Basic . C# (via Visual C#). it is an integrated development environment (IDE) from Microsoft. VB. and F# (as of Visual Studio 2010).Net as the front end provider of the system. web applications. It can be used to develop console and graphical user interface applications along with Windows Forms applications. built-in languages include C/C++ (via Visual C++).NET). . web sites.HOSPITAL MANAGEMENT SYSTEM FOR ST. Windows Mobile. The development tool supports many programming language. for it cannot contain or store the information needed by the hospital. INC.NET Framework. The researchers used the VB.NET Compact Framework and Microsoft Silverlight.It is one of the most versatile development tools especially that almost all users uses Microsoft as their Operating System. . The system as a whole will not function with just the presence of the development tools. Windows CE. MATTHEUS MEDICAL HOSPITAL. Visual Studio 2008 was used by the researchers in developing the Hospital Management System.

Macromedia flash 8 or currently known as Adobe Flash is a multimedia platform used to add animation. Windows XP or Windows 7 will best fit the said category. . and still images. Microsoft Sql Server is an object-oriented computer programming language that can be viewed as an evolution of Microsoft's Visual Basic (VB) which is generally implemented on the Microsoft . MATTHEUS MEDICAL HOSPITAL. 31 storing and organizing of information was made possible. drawings. Flash manipulates vector and raster graphics to provide animation of text. And another thing that was considered in the development was the compatibility and interoperability of the application. It is for the fact that the two operating system are the most commonly used by consumers in the digital world. INC. video. Adobe Photoshop CS3 is a graphics editing program developed and published by Adobe Systems.HOSPITAL MANAGEMENT SYSTEM FOR ST. The system will not be totally complete graphically without the use of any designing tools. The researcher uses Macromedia flash 8 and Photoshop cs3 to enhance the graphical user interface of the system. Photoshop cs3 on the other hand was used to create and edit pictures and logos that are used in the system. and interactivity to Web pages as well as Applications.NET Framework. Other tools used in the development of the system are the Microsoft office 2007 which is used or he editing of documents.

System Architecture Hospital Management System is Local Area Network (LAN) based wherein any computer systems should be introduced as part of the workflow (online) to run efficiently and to gain the potential benefits of computer system. scanners and network cables will be needed for the deployment of the system. Avoid duplication of entry: Since data entered from various departments are stored in a single computer (file server). MATTHEUS MEDICAL HOSPITAL. others in the networking can share the data that is already entered instead of entering again.HOSPITAL MANAGEMENT SYSTEM FOR ST. INC. In this case. Multi-User: More than one user can access the data or program simultaneously without affecting each other work. which maintains data generated and updated by various computers in the network. printers. Advantages: Networking has a lot of advantages and we list the following as key benefits. it will setup more than one computer. . Computer sets. 32 Software would not be functioning unless it is integrated together with hardware. which is to connect all the computers in the hospital with the server. Networking is fundamental requirement for on-line system.

33 Expansion: Expanding computer application in new areas with minimum efforts. Disadvantage: Expensive for low turnover organizations: It requires investment on hardware as well as networking software. .HOSPITAL MANAGEMENT SYSTEM FOR ST. It may not be feasible or applicable who handle very low patient’s volume. Local technical support: Maintaining LAN requires a person with technical know-how to some extend which might be an obstacle to set up LAN in some areas. INC. This has been planned to resolve by providing adequate training or identifying a person who can support more than one particular hospital from a central place. MATTHEUS MEDICAL HOSPITAL.

The scope of the system is strictly within the hospital’s network only. 34 METHODOLOGY Requirement Specification Hospital Management System for St. It was designed to aid the hospital staff to efficiently manage and administer their hospital’s daily transactions as well as the services they provided. it is implemented in a LAN (Local Area Network) based basis. .HOSPITAL MANAGEMENT SYSTEM FOR ST. INC. Mattheus Medical Hospital. nurses and administration staff of the hospital to be fully guided in having the best and most efficient way in providing their hospital’s services to their patient. Incorporated was conceptualized to help the doctors. Analysis The researchers used the Iterative and Incremental development life cycle approach for the study. MATTHEUS MEDICAL HOSPITAL.

because it is a cyclic development process it is easier for us to review/backtrack the phases that we might want to review. Planning Phase . INC. MATTHEUS MEDICAL HOSPITAL. Initial Planning Phase In this phase of our study the researchers discuss briefly about the main problem and needs that is needed to consider first before we advance to the next phase. This is a pre-planning phase wherein a rough draft of the all needs and requirements are prepared.HOSPITAL MANAGEMENT SYSTEM FOR ST. It is a cyclic software development process developed in response to the weaknesses of the waterfall model. The basic idea behind iterative development is to develop a software system incrementally. 35 Figure 2: Iterative and Incremental development life cycle The figure above shows the flow of process in an Iterative and Incremental development.

and when it will be built. Testing Phase .HOSPITAL MANAGEMENT SYSTEM FOR ST. the production system is installed. who will build it. Examining of raw materials or information lies within the analysis area. When this phase is completed. If there are goals that are not met during the analysis and design phase the team can make any revision by backtracking. cost estimates. until the goals are met. initial user training is completed. and prepares work plans. 36 This phase covered and defines the solution in details on what to build. Analysis and Design Phase This is the most crucial and difficult phase in our study. It takes a lot of time in ensuring the efficiency. Implementation Phase In this phase. reliability and maintainability of the software. During this phase the team writes the functional specification. and schedules for the various deliverables. it is reviewed to ensure that we met all of the goals in the project plan for a satisfactory result. user documentation is delivered. and the post implementation review meeting is held. MATTHEUS MEDICAL HOSPITAL. Once the system is in steady-state production. But it should be examined thoroughly before advancing to the design phase. This phase is where you look through deeply and consider every requirement that the user specified. the application is in steady-state production. Time in design phase is very essential for the fact that designing a software in not just an overnight job. INC. how to build it.

Tracking the errors to understand their causes and any patterns that might exist also falls under testing phase. 37 After the implementation is completed. INC. All user training is completed and the software is then fully implemented. including ensuring that the correction of one error does not lead to the introduction of another error somewhere else is the key core of this phase.HOSPITAL MANAGEMENT SYSTEM FOR ST. Another role of testing is the catching and correcting of errors that were introduced earlier in the development lifecycle. . Deployment Phase In the deployment phase. an acceptance walk-through completes the full implementation of the software at the client site. Revalidate the stability of the solution. testing comes next. MATTHEUS MEDICAL HOSPITAL. Testing ensures that the solution meets the business requirements. Its primary purpose is to ensure that the stated goals of the development process will actually meet a required business need. Evaluation Phase Evaluation phase evaluate the software if it can be implemented.

Laboratory is where . The Admission is the where patient undergoes before being fully admitted in the hospital. The Pharmacy is the one responsible for supplying the patient’s medicine. 38 Design Figure 3: Context Diagram of the Developed Software The above figure shows all the entities involved in the developed software of the study. INC. for they are the ones who will be mainly benefited. MATTHEUS MEDICAL HOSPITAL. There are seven external entities connected to the software.HOSPITAL MANAGEMENT SYSTEM FOR ST. These are the Patient which is the most important entity in the software. The Doctor on the other hand is the one who diagnose and treats the patient. The Nurse is responsible for taking care and updating the patient’s condition status.

HOSPITAL MANAGEMENT SYSTEM FOR ST. Lastly. The diagram is made up of fourteen major processes and the seven external entities interacting with the system. The process represents the whole functionality of the system. 39 the patient is being test to help the physician in diagnosis the patient’s diseases. MATTHEUS MEDICAL HOSPITAL. Figure 4: Diagram 0 of the Developed System The above figures shows all the involved high-level process that the software application contains and how they are interrelated to each other. Billing entity is responsible for providing the patient’s hospitalization bill. Data flows are now shown in this diagram. which represents the flow of data on the . INC.

This details the first diagram shown into a much more detailed one. INC. Figure 5: Diagram 1 of the Developed System The above figure shows how the software application operates in greater details. . In this figure the whole registration and admission process is shown in a greater detail. Data store are also present in the diagram 0 of our system and this serve as the repository of the data gathered by our system. 40 system.HOSPITAL MANAGEMENT SYSTEM FOR ST. MATTHEUS MEDICAL HOSPITAL.

INC. Figure 7: Diagram 3 of the Developed System The figure shows the part of the software wherein the entity Patient needed medicine prescription. MATTHEUS MEDICAL HOSPITAL.HOSPITAL MANAGEMENT SYSTEM FOR ST. This shows the process undergoing between the three entities which are the Nurse. The Doctor forwards the prescription . Doctor and the Laboratory. 41 Figure 6: Diagram 2 of the Developed System The above figure shows how succeeding part of the software application operates in greater details.

MATTHEUS MEDICAL HOSPITAL. 42 directly to the. Figure 8: Diagram 4 of the Developed System The above figure shows how the other part of the software application operates in greater details. This shows the process undergoing in the final stage of the patient’s admission which being discharge in the hospital. .HOSPITAL MANAGEMENT SYSTEM FOR ST. INC. Pharmacy wherein the medicine breakdown are being prepared for the Billing to prepare the final receipt of the prescription.

D in such way that each entity is explained well as well as the processes going on in the application. INC.R. The researchers use the crow’s foot approach in creating our E. 43 Entity Relationship Diagram Figure 9: Entity Relationship Diagram of the Developed Software The above figure shows the abstract and conceptual representation of data in the software application.HOSPITAL MANAGEMENT SYSTEM FOR ST. . MATTHEUS MEDICAL HOSPITAL.

All the necessary and essential information about the system is described in a hierarchical form.HOSPITAL MANAGEMENT SYSTEM FOR ST. It is oriented to detection. INC. 44 Figure 10: Hierarchical Input Process Output The above figure shows the abstract Hierarchical Input Process Output of the software application. Development and testing Software testing involves the operation of a system or application under controlled conditions and evaluating the results. It aims to identify and reveal as many errors as possible and perform the required tests efficiently and effectively. MATTHEUS MEDICAL HOSPITAL. .

MATTHEUS MEDICAL HOSPITAL. 45 Black box testing and System testing are the two types of testing used in Hospital Management System . . System testing is a type of black box testing that is based on overall requirements specifications and covers all combined parts of the system.HOSPITAL MANAGEMENT SYSTEM FOR ST. The system lessens the burden of keeping up with the fast paced day to day transaction of the hospital as well as keeping and organizing all the essential files that each transaction process and produce. Tests are usually functional. Hospital Management System for St. Incorporated is a way of providing help to the hospital personnel and administration staff to be guided in having the best and most efficient way in providing their hospital’s services to their patient. Mattheus Medical Hospital. INC. Black box and system testing are the appropriate testing to be conducted since it centralizes the idea of functionality of the system and in specifying if the requirements needed are met.Black box testing is testing the software without knowledge of the internal workings of the item being tested.

HOSPITAL MANAGEMENT SYSTEM FOR ST. 46 RECOMMENDATIONS The recommended computer system minimum requirements are the following: • Microsoft Windows XP Operating System or Latest Version • 1024x768 screen resolution with 256 colors • Intel Pentium 4 or Latest Product Version • 256 MB RAM or Latest Product Version • Atleast 2GB Free Hard Disk Space • Printer • Scanners The following are the recommended software requirements: • • • VB.Net Visual Studio 2008 Microsoft Sql Server 2005 . MATTHEUS MEDICAL HOSPITAL. INC.

Leila Laudencio (administrative officer) Mr.Alexander Candelaria(operations officer) Doctors nurses • • •administration staffs The following staff must be computer literate and must have the knowledge on what the system is capable of doing.HOSPITAL MANAGEMENT SYSTEM FOR ST. Training of Implementation Staff The following are the topic for the training: • • • System hardware/software installation System support System maintenance and modification . INC. MATTHEUS MEDICAL HOSPITAL. 47 • • • • MS Office 2007 Macromedia Flash 8 Photoshop Cs3 Windows XP Personnel Requirements and Staffing Particular staff members/personnel proposed for the implementation are the following: • • Ms.

48 Implementation Plan Demonstration of the software The hospital should form a team who can decide the adoptability of the HMS for their situation. Depending upon the size and volume of work. They should then make the decision about the desirability of the software in their setting.HOSPITAL MANAGEMENT SYSTEM FOR ST. MATTHEUS MEDICAL HOSPITAL. Plan for hardware procurement This will be a first step once a hospital decides to adopt this software. Hence the team making the visit should be fairly senior staff. it should be documented. A Demonstration kit would be sent if required by the user. Work out details for adapting the software and customization Once the decision to go ahead has been made. . a hospital can decide on the number of computers and printers. INC. Core staff of the Hospital management and staff should sit together to arrive the requirements and compare availability of the feature in the HMS. If any changes or customization is required. the next step is to understand how their existing work processes need to be aligned or modified/added to be in line with the software (the software has limitations on the extent of customization).

• • • • • Using computers Operating HMS (Hands-on training) Generating reports Trouble shooting and maintaining HMS Backup plan Installation and Customization . MATTHEUS MEDICAL HOSPITAL. If it is possible to bring a blue print of the hospital building or rough layout with distance and location. the management can identify and train one of their existing staff in the computer or they can hire local computer professionals to support you. Since it may not be appropriate to recruit a computer literate person for higher salary. 49 Routing of cables and placing network accessories should be planned. INC. The team members should have full knowledge about existing system of the hospital.HOSPITAL MANAGEMENT SYSTEM FOR ST. we can have discussion to decide the networking accessories requirements Training The hospital should send two or three of their staff along with computer literate person (who can help in installation and maintenance of the software). Training will be for the duration of 2 weeks and following will be covered.

INC. laying network cables and accessories. which normally takes one month from the date of order to installation.HOSPITAL MANAGEMENT SYSTEM FOR ST. User (Operator) Training Once the visiting team returns to their hospital. HMS installation It has two major tasks. MATTHEUS MEDICAL HOSPITAL. To create the database in the SQL server 2. the hospital can place the order for the hardware and software. Usually. To install the software in the entire client (users) machines. 50 Based on the details worked out during process III. The server machine should be loaded with Windows 7 and SQL Server. the software supplier or hardware supplier handles it. Hardware installations Hardware supplying company will be helping you in setting up the computer. Operating System (Windows’7) and PC software (Office-10) and other tools as part of the installation process. Software installations Hardware supplying company will install. they have to train the actual users of the system or demonstrate the features and . 1.

data capturing. INC. 51 redefined workflow/patient flow.HOSPITAL MANAGEMENT SYSTEM FOR ST. reports generation etc. MATTHEUS MEDICAL HOSPITAL. .

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