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Savage World of Slaine

Savage World of Slaine

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Published by: superc0ntra on Sep 30, 2010
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There are basically three playable races in the Slaine universe, humans, dwarves and
warped ones.


Humans are the most common and are created as per the normal rules. Humans get a
free edge on creation. They start with all traits at d4 as usual. Humans may take up to
one major or 2 minor Geas in exchange for the normal hindrances.


Dwarves are not your common bearded, axe wielding
characters from nearly all other RPGs. They are
typically about 4 to 4 ½ feet tall, but weigh much
less than humans (around 80 pounds). Although
physically weaker than humans, they are capable of
wielding any human weapons they can lift. They
have large, pointed ears. Their heads are wide and
flat, and their teeth prominent. Dwarves live about as
long as humans do.
Dwarves start with a d6 in their Agility trait but must
pay double for Strength increases.
They have the Small hindrance (Major) but get a +2
modifier to recover from being shaken since they are
beaten so often they get used to it.
They are an annoying lot, and gain +2 to all Taunt checks.
They see well in darkness and are deduct 2 from their negative modifiers in darkness.
Due to them being totally without honor they also get a +4 modifier to resist druidic
awe, although killing a druid will probably spell trouble for the dwarf.
Dwarves may not have any Arcane Background and usually work as thieves, scribes
or craftsmen employed (owned) by humans.
Dwarves are mostly ignored by druids and are not given any Geas in the way humans
or warped ones are. Neither are they bound by honor. They may take one major or
two minor hindrances at startup.

Warped Ones

Warped ones appear human at first
glance but a closer look reveals
something more sinister beneath the
skin. Warped ones are usually a little
taller than a typical human, with a
somewhat savage appearance. They
have a strange gleam in their eye,
telling the world they have a special
delight in carnage.
They automatically gain the outsider
hindrance which gives them a -2
charisma with regards to dealing
with normal humans. However their

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primal ancestry gives them the Warp Spasm edge on creation as well as beginning
with d6 strength. Warped ones may not take any Arcane Background edges and may
take one major or 2 minor geas in exchange for the normal hindrances.

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