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The Curse of Love

The Curse of Love

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Published by Ryan James Furtado

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Published by: Ryan James Furtado on Sep 30, 2010
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The Curse of Love

And the Misery it may Entail, if not Shared

I ve torn out my soul, unraveling what it is tormented by, in its warped bliss. I know not what I experience, but fear that I am losing myself, in myself. Ask not what it means, but I am facing a wall, far greater than any hurdle I have ever climbed, that is daunting beyond compare. I hope to get to its peak, and see what I desire on the other side. If necessary, rip the wall down, and tear a path to my own joviality. I shall not, as the path of force is dark, and I dare not tread it. I feel better now that I translated my emotions into this ..document, but I fear that it may not be enough to describe, nay, capture the emotions I feel. This is a pain which is mirrored by happiness, the searing of the pain echoed by the fragmented glee that remains. It is hard to bear alone, but I have managed so far. The agony is beyond measure, of which I have never experienced before in my life. I outstretch my arms, in hope that I am embraced, but fears that my mangled and warped form will only be cast aside without a glance, and that I will be damned to this....prison of my own creation. I limit myself, and damn myself to this small cage. I may be shown some affection, some care .but I do not reach past the barrier that I have made. I need someone to help me. Help me tear the bars of my jail, and let me know that another cares. It is far to run, even longer to walk, but agony in years-length to feel. Thy hands are grasping air, desperate to land on a surface that is as feeling. To hold a reflection of oneself, and to share the pain. Nay, not merely give, but receive. It hurts to feel alone, but it is far worse than to feel alone with another. In truth, you share each other. Bear the happiness of one another, and spread out every damned moment of joy. It is far better to be in this state, than to fret, and cry, and turn inwards. Reach out, as I am there. Do not be afraid of what is much like yourself. Become familiar with what may have indeed eluded you all your life. Dare not let it slip from your grasp, lest it fall into a pit of its own, forever trapped like thy own self loathing and pain. Look around, and see who has been there. Do not judge based on their outward façade, as it is merely hiding their own pain. The mask of this design is familiar to you, is it not? Fear nothing in the regard of self happiness. You have carried so much, for so long, by yourself. You deserve someone to help you feel better. Someone to help take the pain away. They are not so much unlike you, but they are glad to share the strength they have. They d walk to the damned ends of the earth, if need be. Observe what is before you, and do not cast aside what is real. Weaken the hold of your own sadness. Open your heart to the light of others. See what they have done, and what they shall do, for you. Let them be your sunshine.

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