2 (Unit 1 & 2


2 (Unit 1 & 2) .

00 & 2.All types of coal tar wrapping tape to be used as per approved list of Reliance.Overlap should be a minimum of 12.00. * Materials .00.a) Coating primer b) Self adhesive anti corrosion tape Storage and handling of the wrapping and coating material (raw) are determines the effectiveness.5 mm IS 10221 :2008 Voltage to be applied shall be as per holiday test equipment manufacturer’s recommendation (standard practice is 5KV per mm if coating thickness) 2. it is suggested to gently heat the primed pipe by a run of LPG Torch 2. * If the tape is being applied in cold weather.00) * Storage . the surface of the pipe shall be preheated until it is warm to the touch and the traces of moisture are also removed .2 (UNIT 1 & 2) Two points added (1. The tape can be hot applied using a suitable and compatible primer. Before adhering the tape to the pipe.02. Care shall however be taken to ensure that the compound does not melt.00 Pipe Coat Wrapping * The tape rolls to be taken out of the packing boxes and leave in the sun for at least 30 min before application. * The tape is slightly warmed on the side containing more coating compound with either a blow lamp or a gas flame to soften the coating compound. if there is any discrepancy found than same should be rejected. The adhesion test shall be carried out only after minimum 72 h of curing time. The tape shall then be applied. IS 10221 :2008 1.

8. 8. 8.0 Handling. 8.2 Coated pipes loading. 8. .0 (Details) 8.1 During the storage and handling of the coated pipe determines the effectiveness of the coating.0 Reference Standard 7. * Overlaps on each side of the weld joints of pipe ends shall be 50 mm IS 10221 :2008 6. 8.0 In case of any conflict between this procedure and Contract Specification requirements. 8.5 The pipes shall be stacked at a slope so that draining rain does not collect inside the pipe. unloading. the later shall govern. there is any discrepancy found that same should be rectified with standard procedure. Transportation And Storage of Coated Pipes 9. transportation and storage by using suitable means to avoid damage to the pipe and coating. * The procedure for application of tape shall be same as bare pipe procedure.4 The pipes shall be stacked completely clear from the ground at least 300 mm so that bottom row of pipes remain free from any surface water.3 Coated pipes may be handled by means of slings of belts of proper width (minimum 60 mm) made of nonabrasive/non-metallic materials. handling. IS 15337 :2003 Wrapping and Coating Inspection Report.0 Record IS 10221 : 2008.6 The lorries used for transportation shall be equipped with adequate pipe supports having as many round hollow beds as there are pipes to be placed on the bottom of the lorry bed. Total width of supports shall beat least 5 percent of the pipe length and minimum 3 in number support shall be provided.VI) Tape Coating of Weld Joints * The tape is applied over the weld joints after the necessary welding and testing of the joints are completed.

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