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The Adventists Hits Amazon
“Best Seller” List
he Adventists jumped onto the Amazon best-seller list for the first time. It reached number two for best selling documentary films in the category of religion, second only to Religulous (as of May 21). It also reached #26 overall for documentary films nationally. Produced by Journey films, The Adventists is a new and highly acclaimed documentary film for PBS TV stations that explores the history and contemporary story of the Seventh-day Adventist Church through its health message. “Breaking onto the best-seller list shows how the film not only has support within the Adventist communities, but mainstream America as well,” says filmmaker Martin Doblmeier – who currently has two other films on the Amazon best-selling list for documentary/religion – BONHOEFFER and The Power of Forgiveness. “At the heart of the film is a story about an American-born faith tradition with an approach to health care anchored in a profound belief that the body is the Temple of the God,” Doblmeier added. “That core belief has made Adventists some of the longest living people on the planet – living on average 7-10 years longer than most Americans.”

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