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Classwork and Homework

Night Exam Study Guide

What to Know and How to Prepare

Your exam date: Monday October 4

Our exam will include:

• Matching
• Fill in the Blank
• Short Answer

The above questions will ask you about:

• Characters. You should be able to match all of the characters on the list with a
description of who each one is. You should be able to describe the qualities of
the following characters: Elie, his father, Moshe the Beadle, Madame Schechter,
Juliek, Akiba Drumer, Rabbi Eliahou and his son, Idek
You can find the characters in your homework assignments
(Classwork/Homework) and on your Night Character List
(Classwork/Homework, page 8.)

• Parts of the Plot. You do not need to remember every detail, but you should
know the major things that happen to Elie in the text.
You can find this information in your homework assignments
(Classwork/Homework, pages 6, 7, 10, 11, 12, 14, 15, 16)

• Vocabulary Words. You should be able to define them and give the part of
You can find the words on your Night Vocabulary List
(Classwork/Homework, page 5)

• The Themes of the Book. You should be able to explain each theme (Man’s
Inhumanity to Man, Acts of Human Goodness in the Worst Circumstances and
Fathers and Sons) and give a few examples of where you see them in the text.
You can find the themes on your Night Cheat Sheet
(Classwork/Homework, page 4)

So in order to get ready you should:

• Re-read your homework assignments. These direct you to the most important
parts of each chapter. If you got any answers wrong, go back through the book
and find the correct answers. If it helps you, make a timeline of the events.

• Study the definitions and parts of speech of all 14 vocabulary words that we had
a quiz on. Make flashcards.

• Add more information to your character chart for each of the characters you will
be tested on.

• Make a list of examples for our three themes: Man’s inhumanity to man, Acts of
human goodness in the midst of the worst circumstances, and Fathers and sons.
• Feel free to stay after school and speak to us if you have questions.

**The day of the test is the last day to turn in missing Night
homework for partial credit. After the exam it will be a zero in
the grade book.**