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All the details provided, will be confidential to the organization.

At the end,

the organization will get a report on “Issues in Recruitment and Selection in

IT Industry”.


1. Organization Name:

2. Strength of the Organization (Less than 50, 50-100, More than 100):

3. Address of the Organization:

4. Name of the Respondent (Optional):

5. Designation of the Respondent (Compulsory):

6. Total number of people in HR department:

7. Total number of people involved in Recruitment and Selection:


1. OE Question means Open Ended Question where you can express your own views.

2. If you are using soft copy of this questionnaire, fill the answers in any color other

than black. In front of (Answer :) write only one of the options (Like any one of

A, B, … E). For more clarification, you can add your views in front of the option in the

(Answer :). If you are using hard copy, please use any color pen, but not pencil.

3. If you want to share any extra information, you can add in at the end.

4. Please do not alter any question and options.


1. Potential Candidates in your Organization are generated through the following

recruitment sources:

(Tick and rank them based on the number and quality of candidates

generated. Also roughly specify the percentage mix of each of the following sources


For e.g. If your organization get maximum quality candidates from Job Portals, then

put ranking 1 and percentage say for e.g. 40%.)

Sr. No. Sources Ranking Percentages

1 Direct applicants
2 Placement Consultants
3 Job portals
4 Employee referral
5 Through temporary staffing
6 Head hunting
7 Body shopping (Hiring Cheaper

Employees from Other

8 Any other sources, please


2. In selection procedure, Which type of interview process do you like the most?


Technical Interviews:

HR Interviews:
3. In your interview, how many rounds did you face during recruitment?

a) 6 rounds b) 5 rounds

c) 4 rounds d) 3 rounds

3. Is competency model used for Recruitment and Selection?

A) Yes B) No


4. How much time is taken from JRF (Job Requisition Form) till the Final Offer?

I) For Junior Level Recruitment

A) 30 – 45 Days

B) 45 – 60 Days

C) 60 and above


II) For Middle Level Recruitment

A) 30 – 45 Days

B) 45 – 60 Days

C) 60 and above


III) For Higher Level Recruitment

A) 60 – 75 Days

B) 75 - 90 Days

C) 90 and above


5. How do you practice Scout Talent (Searching Best talent)?

With the help of:

A) College Placement Cell

B) Technical Institutes Like NIIT

C) Placement Consultancies

D) From University Researchers

E) Other


6. Do you give special treatment to employees in order to give them

comfortable work environment and how?

(For e.g. Allowing employees to work from Home in case of some family

problems, making flexible work shifts.)


7. How do you plan for fast ramping up and which are the modes?

(Meeting up urgent requirement of the workforce)

(OE Question)


8. What is the range of Attrition rate in the organization?

A) 1% - 5%

B) 5% - 10%

C) 10% - 15%

D) 15% - 20%

E) More than 20%

9. Rank the following reasons for attrition rate.

(1- Topmost Important Reason, 2, 3, 4, ….6- Least Important Reason)

A) Insufficient Salary Package

B) Market Condition

C) Inappropriate Training & Development

D) Lack of Motivation

E) Inept work environment

F) Higher studies and other personal reasons

G) Inefficient Supervisor

H) Because other collogues leave

I) Other if any


10. You feel Branding of the organization contributes to the effective recruitment

and selection process because of:

A) Good Working Environment

B) Good Career Development and Succession Planning

C) Good Compensation and Bonus Structure

D) Quality of Workforce

E) All the above

F) Any other (Please Specify)

11. Is there any contract (Bond) signed by employees while joining the organization?

(For all Levels) (Or) Did you sign any bond or contract while joining into the


A) Yes B) No


12. For internal recruitment, are the vacancies declared publicly?

A) Yes B) No


13. Out of total recruitment in a year, what is the percentage of internal


A) 0% - 5%

B) 5% - 10%

C) 10% - 15%

D) 15% - 20%

E) 20% - 25%

F) More than 25%

G) Not at all


14. Does the organization provide any Educational Assistance and how?

A) Yes B) No

15. Which are the metrics undertaken to ensure effective recruitment and selection?

(Specify the perks (monetary and non-monetary benefits) provided to employees in

order to attract and retain them)

(OE Question)


16. What is the percentage of NO SHOWS? (Scheduled candidates not turning up for

joining the job)

A) 0% - 5%

B) 5% - 10%

C) 10% - 15%

D) More than 15%

E) Not at all


17. How do you plan and avoid NO SHOWS. (Scheduled candidates not turning up for

joining the job)

(OE Question)


18. What is the notice period for resignation? Is this period sufficient enough to find

replacement for the resigning employee? If not, please specify the problems.

(OE Question)

19. Which are the issues involved in recruitment and selection for graveyard (night

shift/odd shifts) shifts and how do you resolve those issues?

(OE Question)