Confusing Words Worksheet

1. Hi Jane. I was wondering if you could LOOK AFTER my cat for a few days while I am away on vacation. 2. John TOLD me yesterday that he is getting married in the spring. 3. Do you think I could BORROW £35 from you until next weekend? 4. This programme about the dinosaurs is very INTERESTING. 5. The dress looked horrible on her! HOWEVER, she still bought it. 6. If we don't run now, we will certainly MISS the last train. 7. I'm sorry Kathy! Can you repeat that? I didn't HEAR wha t you said. 8. Because of the scandal, the politician was forced to RESIGN. 9. I had an all-expenses-paid business TRIP to Hong Kong last May. It was wonderful! 10. This spring, we are going to RENT a house up at the lakes. Do you want to join us? 11. The actors gave good, strong performances. It was the PLOT that was so unbelievable. 12. New York is found on the east COAST of the United States.

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