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A WOMAN'S WORTH : Words and Music by ALICIA KEYS ‘and ERIKA ROSE ‘Moderately slow Em D6 wy By You could bay media - moni, D yu cold ny me tary P gre you aly eS take me on a cnuise a- round. the world ——_ (Ba- leat you like a real___wom - an should. —S(Ba- sng GRt MA MSR. LELLOM RODUCIONS and oKY PALI "Aight Reserved interes! Copyright Secured Used by Pemason a2 Bm? Em & Ei — VF by, you know worth it) Din = ner lit by can - dles, run my bub - ble by, 1 know you're worth it) If you nev - er play me, prom-ise not 10 s eS & @ make love ten - der -ly to last__ and. last. TI hold you down when shit gets rough. by, you know Tm_—worth it) Wan -na please, wan - ma keep, wan - na treat your wom - by, I know you're-worth it) She walks the mile makes you smile, all the while Am G6 pyre Em ge € ® =e Not just dough, but a show that you know she is worth your Don't. take for grant - ed the pas - sions that she has for Am Ea You will lose She wi Em? G6. # if you choose all, if she can, real Bn? Am? ‘man knows a real & 10 re - fuse find @ man who a Em = to put knows her he