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Southern Myths

The master was the embodiment of evil. The mater beat his slaves. The Afric-
an Americans viewed slavery was the greatest evil and Jesus would come
and same them. The truth about whites was most of them were poor and few
owned slaves.

Stagnant South.

The south population was very stagnant. There was a lack of immigrants in
the south. Shipping lanes ran to the north, slavery was to hard to compete
with. The climate was too harsh. Violence was very common. Land was not
readily available.

Antebellum Staple Crops

The climate was perfect for growing. There was regional farming plantations
were not everywhere. Corn, cotton, tobacco, indigo, rice. Half of the nations
live stock was in the south.

Levels of Southern Wealth.

Twenty slaves counted as a planter. Yeoman farmer, skilled worker, overseer.

Whites were poor because of disease and climate, Most poor whites were
descendants of indentured servants. Free blacks existed and some even
owned slaves. The flow of non American slaves stops. The cotton gin revives
slavery and makes them more expensive. Slave traders tried o break families
up. The SW became a hotbed of slavery

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