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Deism is the opposite of Calvinism. Boston Liberalism tears down tradi-

tional Christianity. It is going to make salvation your choice. The
spokesman or new Christianity is William Channing. Universalism is for
poor people, it says god it to good to damn people. Uniteriasm is for
the rich, it says man is to good to be damned.

Alexis de Tocquerville

Sees all of America there is too see at the current time.

•He says Americans are most religious

•Americans have mixed democracy with religion.

Camp Meeting Revival

Backwards movement says everyone is equal and you have newer de-
nominations. Circuit Riders are ministers who convert people.

Charles D Finney

Becomes president of Oberlin College.

Mormon Trek

Joseph Smith. Plural Marriage, no original sin. They migrate from New
York to Ohio. John Smith goes crazy and breaks there printing press.
While in jail he is murdered. Briggim Young replaces Smith. Smith
claimed to have found and translated The Book of Mormon by divine
revelation. It tells the story of a group of Hebrews who migrated to
America c. 600 bc and is taken as scriptural alongside the Bible. The
Mormons came into conflict with the U.S. government over their prac-
tice of polygamy (officially abandoned in 1890) and moved their
headquarters from Illinois to Salt Lake City, Utah, in 1847 under
Smith's successor, Brigham Young. Mormon doctrine emphasizes tith-
ing, missionary work, and the Second Coming of Christ.

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