Patrick M.

McCarty May 6, 2008 Hope Heart and Humanity

Vulnerable Persons Experience Reflection Paper
For my trip to Hills & Dales I chose to go Wednesday at 3:30-5:15 PM. We all arrived after a scary drive over where Amanda Powrie ran a red light because we were so dedicated to get to our destination. After we arrived Jodi Ruden was gracious enough to give us a tour of the various parts of the establishment like the laundry room, the kitchen, and several of the actual resident¶s homes. During our tour Jodi pointed out the necessary accommodations for the individuals staying there, and it was interesting to see how each person received great care and love from the caregivers and volunteers. After the completion of our tour our class, along with some of the residents, went to the activity room for some fun interaction with one another. I personally had a blast bowling with them and seeing them enjoy even the simplest of games that we take for granted every day. The two girls that I bowled with were pure hearted wonderful young ladies. Jodi even commented on how she had never heard one of them giggle so much, and when their faces lit up it was enough to make you cry. Not to mention it was fun aiming the bowling ramp at Professor Joensen when he sat nearby. The attitudes of the staff seemed to be that of joy and love. At first I thought Jodi Ruden was very inattentive and detached. I soon realized she wasn¶t like a lion kept too long in captivity but rather a mellow but very loving individual person full of compassion. In the Gospel of Life it says how there is a group of people who are trampled on and oppressed in today¶s society. (EV 5) These volunteers and residents work together and defend these rights very joyfully. Granted I know it¶s not all sunshine and rainbows demonstrated by the little girl who

was crying and pushing others in their chairs around, but I got the sense that God and his undying love were present in their communion with one another. As Jean Vanier tells us in his book Becoming Human he talks about the human heart and that being the true bonding factor to one another. The heart is what helps us to trust, to love, and to develop bonds of communion with one another. (BH p85) Jean enlightens us all to the kindness in a relationship that surpass physical and mental disabilities and help us to create the loving bonds that Christ taught us to create with all his children.

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