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Title Of The Project :


Company/Organization :

“WiCoRe Pvt.Ltd, Hyderabad”

6-3-1112/5, Begumpet, Somajiguda,Hyderabad

Name Of The Student :

Nirmal Sahu
Roll No. 240
MCA 6th Sem .
Bhilai Institute Of Technology, Durg

Environment :

Frontend - Java Server Pages(JSP), HTML

Backend - Oracle 8i
Others-Apache Tomcat web server, Web Browser

Hardware Requirement :

 Processor: Pentium III 500 MHz or higher

 RAM: minimum 256 MB, Recommended 512 MB
 Monitor: 15 inches, (17 inches for best results)
 Monitor Resolution: 800*600 minimum (1024 * 768
 Keyboard: Natural key board with 108 keys.
 Mouse: 3 –button mouse
 Hard disk: 10 GB minimum (80 GB recommended)
 Floppy drive: 1.44 MB

Software Requirement :

 Tomcat apache web server

 Java Sever Pages and Servlet
 Windows XP
 HTML, JavaScript
 Oracle 8i

Existing System

1. Existing system is a purely manual system.

2. All the works are done manually.
3. Use Distributed database.
4. High Probability of occurring errors.
5. Slow manual Process.
6. Does not have clear idea of process.

So the Existing system needs an automized system for

work faster and error free.

Objective and Needs of the Project :

Main Objective of this project is to develop an atomized

System for PARIVAR. Which helps this organization to
work error free and smoothly.

Some Extending features required for the system

1. User friendly with better GUI.

2. Easy to use.
3. Providing graphical information to the customer.
4. Providing features of customer feedback.
5. Easy Configurations.

Project Overview :

The System entitled Multilevel marketing automation is a web based application

employed by the marketing officials to achieve the highest efficiency in the given
below tasks with in the required time:
 Calculation of incentives on sales.
 Promotion policies.
 Maintaining Distributor information.
 Monitoring special performances.
 Registration of new customer.
 Sales and purchases, etc.