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Utopian Societies

The first major American utopia was made by the shakers. Marry Anne said
she was the female Jesus. The do not practice intercourse. The 2nd major
utopia was Onieda formed by John Noyes, they believed in complex mar-
riage. At the age of 14 they were trained sexuality. They die out because of
strange circumstances around their beliefs. The name doesn’t die out be-
cause the people who remained made flat ware. New harmony founded in In-
diana by Robert Owen on the basis on total equality. It falls apart because of
laziness. Owen dissolves and sales the land to the members. Brooke Farm is
the best American utopia founded by George Ripely, they are known for their
schools. It is going to dissolve because of unhappiness. All utopias are aban-
doned when slavery becomes the pressing issues.

Scenica Falls Convention

The cult of domesticity, said a women's place was in the home. Lucresha
Mott and Elizabeth Stanton fought for voting rights.

Susan B Anthony

She is the most famous women's rights speakers. She is going to live to see
the 19th amendment.

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