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Genealogy - Black Wallace Legacy

Genealogy - Black Wallace Legacy

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Published by Raymond Lucas
Genealogy research on he Black Wallace family in Western Pennsylvania
Genealogy research on he Black Wallace family in Western Pennsylvania

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Published by: Raymond Lucas on Oct 01, 2010
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Tracing the Wallace Legacy

Genealogy – Connecting the Dots
Raymond W. Lucas Genealogy Resource Center Ellicott City Colored School Restored Howard County Maryland

"In all of us there is a hunger, marrow deep, to know our heritage - to know who we are and where we came from. Without this enriching knowledge, there is a hollow yearning. No matter what our attainments in life, there is still a vacuum, an emptiness, and the most disquieting loneliness.“ -- Alex Haley, Roots

To satisfy your curiosity about yourself and your roots.

Why Genealogy?

To provide your children with a sense of who their ancestors were, where they came from and how they lived their lives. To preserve family cultural and ethnic traditions for future generations. To qualify for a lineage or heritage society. To compile a medical family history to give family members an advantage in the battle against inherited diseases or defects.

To assemble and publish a family history book, whether for family members or for profit.

To discover facts that others have overlooked and solve the puzzle of a lifetime.

Raymond Wallace Lucas Now there are many new tools to assist you in your heritage quest. Morphing was used to assist in validating this unlabeled picture of an ancestor. William Henry Wallace Lydia Ann Whetsel Wallace


1870 1880

1890 1900

1910 1920

1930 1940

1950 1960


Starting the Endless Journey
Family Discussions The Internet
Pension Records Census Data

The National Archives Land Records DNA Analysis Random Bits of Information (old letters, postcards, pictures, documents, etc.)

The Wallace Connection

James Wallace


Scottish Farmer

The Wallace Tartan

  

Immigrated from Scotland to the U.S. in the early to mid 1700s, Settling in Maryland. Settled in Frederick MD Married Mary Douglass from Scotland 5 Children – Herbert William, James, Eleanor & Alexander


Brought over some number of Slaves from Scotland

Herbert Wallace


Migrated to West Pike Run Township in of land. of his slaves (name unknown.) Nathanial Wallace

Washington Co. PA in 1781 & Bought 400 acres

Fathered a child (William D. Wallace?) with one Left his estate to his children James and


Herbert Wallace Land Purchase

Washington County Pennsylvania Fallowfield Township

PA Slave Registration Entry for Herbert Wallace
Herbert Wallace of Followfield Township farmer enters the following negroes, born since 1st March 1780 vis. a xxxx female named Linn aged three years. Oath made by William Wallace according to law the 9th March 1789.

Herbert Wallace Estate Papers

Abraham Howard Wallace
 

01/08/1831 – Born, Washington Co. PA. barrels.

Worked in the Cooper Trade until sacks replaced Was also a farmer, butcher and hucksterer. repairs. 1854 – Worked on the railroad in Canada doing Simmons and had 7 children.

Returned to West Pike Run and married Josephine of first wife and had 2 more children.

1878 - Married Mary Elizabeth Smith following death Published “The Historical Sketch of the Underground Railroad from Uniontown to Pittsburgh.”

01/08/1834 – Born, Washington Co. PA

William Henry Wallace

185x - Married Malissa Smith, had 3 children

07/1863 - Drafted in the 6 U.S. Volunteer Colored Infantry, Company C, Private 11/1863 - Discharged from service due to illness (and severe beaten by a group of whites) 1868 - Co-Founder of the Warren A.M.E. Fremont OH 12/25/1871 – Married Lydia Ann Whetzel, had 5 children 04/19/1893 – Married Martha Jane Ramsey 05/25/1907 – Died in Wyandot Co, Ohio 07/18/1998 – Civil War Memorial Unveiled Church in

National Archive Pension Record for William Henry Wallace

William Henry Wallace
Civil War Pension Records
Enlistment Affidavits Detailed


& Depositions

Documented Interviews with

Family, Friends & Associates

Certificates, Marriage Licenses,

Death Certificates

Medical Information

Grave site, Fremont, Ohio

William Henry Wallace
Civil War Memorial Washington DC

William Abraham Wallace
 

1872 – Born, Sandusky Co. OH

 

1897 - Played Center Field on the Wilberforce College baseball team 1899 - Graduate of Wilberforce College 1910 - Pharmacy Manager, North Memphis Drug Company, Memphis TN Died in Denver CO, Date Unknown

1909 - Became ill and Convalesced at Historic Bathhouses in Hot Springs, Arkansas

Phelix Whetzel Wallace
 

12/13/1874 – Born, McCutchensville OH. Employed by Henkel-Clauss Shearworks in Macon MO for Henkel-Clauss Father of 8 children.

Met & Married Josephine Allen While Working Purchased home in Fremont OH using a white 1941 – Died in Fremont OH at Age 66

friend who later turned over the deed to Phelix

Josephine Allen Wallace
 

04/29/1885 – Born, Macon City MO.

1901 - Graduated from Macon HS in Macon MO 1904 – Graduated Sumner HS in St Louis MO Married Phelix Whetzel Wallace Mother of 8 children. Post Cards & Letters.

Extensive Communication Between Family Members Through 1918 – Migrated from Sturgis to Fremont Ohio Died in 1966 At Age 81 1906 – Migrated from Macon City to Sturgis Michigan.

1941 – Migrated from Fremont OH to Baltimore MD

Early Family Correspondence

My ancestors knew that the gateway to Real Freedom was Literacy. The postcards above are just a sample of the many written exchanges between family members and friends at the turn of the 20th century.

Gladys Elizabeth Wallace

12/15/1906 – Born, Macon City MO. Class

1924 - Graduated Fremont Ross HS at the Top of Teaching Degree

1926 – Graduated Wilberforce University with an Elementary 1928 – First Teaching Position at a Segregated Elementary School in Winston-Salem NC Coleridge Taylor Elementary School Community. Died in 1995


1931 – 1969 – Moved to Baltimore to Teach at Samuel

Tireless Community & Church Leader in the Baltimore

Work on multiple lines to minimize frustration.

Research Tips

Conduct family member interviews with care and sensitivity. (know when to back off.)

Be very prudent when purchasing any internet services Use popular genealogy software to catalog your data, i.e. Family Tree Maker. Join Genealogy Organizations in Multiple Geographies Understand what DNA analysis will get you before you shell out any money.

Solicit help from other family members.

Research Tips cont.

Prepare extensively (internet resources) before making trips to the National Archives, Library of Congress, etc. Remember that some of the most unlikely places produce great results Label YOUR memorabilia so you don’t drive descendents Crazy!

Don’t forget to capture the more recent stories…

Josephine Wallace - State Dept. Singapore, Bolivia, Guatemala, Paris 1950s - 1980s

Wallace Sisters - “Rosie the Riviters,” Hanging out with the soldiers. Baltimore WWII

The Wallace Sisters Performing throughout Baltimore

Russell Lucas Sr. – Manager of the Casino Night Club - Baltimore

Contact Information

Raymond Wallace Lucas Raylucas@comcast.net 443-621-5323

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