Strange CO'l'npany


Military Encounters with UFOs ,in World War II

by Nick: Redfe'rn

P,ucked with, never-,bejar,fJ-s'een doc,umen,tatioD', witness ,t,estimony" and l'c'o'ms of ,new da,to" Strang« ICompany {Anomali'st Priess" 2'007}'is lik,e,ly to be on,e afthe, most tlu.lked ,ab'out UFO books ofth'is ye'(Il", ,as th'is

~ .' L"' 11" 1

Jutervl'ew grapJllca ,'y reve,o s.

Everyone in the' UFIO fif:,Jdhas heard of the fool figh:ters., but tbis book discusses various other [orms of IUF'O seen durin'g World War II.

He-djcl'J1; is the hnsk;lh,E;lOO,e 01' t he boo ~ .. ! Chesite.i"i Sl.m n,ge CO,mfXl.nyfullow1> th.G U FU phenome:non as it existed dud og, Vilorid \IVa r It TI.1Je slOF'Y flows chronelegically by. month <Jimi yf'ear;as ~ t ]JWgr15S:8!es., readers are lnteeducedte tIm si.g.htiog.s. both conventional <lnijj uru')(')lfiv'ent]ona],a[]d IC1un how those sigbtings were discussed-eornet in A]Hed. in" t!en igence memoranda.

We follow several sclen lists who Wtl.n:: responsible (or investigating the a,€dfl~ phenomena: military commanders who were discltlE1iing tho ~igltUn,gs and lntie]]jrleJlCe persennel who ]u terrogared the pilots and. w'[oootaereporls. Several intemgeFIJClel-g<IJthelting missions are referenced 51 nce rhey may ha ve selved as an important appasatus in oh~a.inj"g aerial-phenomena inffJirma lion celleeted by the snamy; ] would say t hat ~he theme of this peri o d p]!t!1oe is how the U F 10 pile" nomenon li.lII'a8 dealt,,vi,th by the AUi.edpo:wers during a time when mao kind was in the throes of the worst ~ 1 obal COIOO iCl tu roCOli'Itl ed h tstory.

Bed/eHl; What \'Ii':as it that prompted you to ",vr~,!t,~ Strange Company?

G_h,esleT; ill 19,89 T began an in vesUgi3!tion It,egarding a witness who daim~d she overhea rd a discuss lon ebout ~ recoverad UFO ]111. the possession ohh€ lJ ,S. militury_


lnteresti ngl y. she hea rd Ih i:5 ecnvaesatton during, the summer of 1 Oli 9 whi le "vulrklng at the Office Of a viI Defense, .1 u eatsd i n~ hOPflntSJgoi[L bGGn familiae with ezash-and-retrieval !1\E!>search p ublishsd by UFO author andresearcher leonoIlrd Stringfi,el.d. r decided Slri.nglleM.'s 'EJ'xped~I:iI(;;e W01ilS valuable Nln"ly inve:;Uga ti on, He agreed tn guid.e me through my in~Brv]ew. ~nd in the pro cess became a mentor of sorts.

Ove r t he next coupla off months" Len and [ becaJme good.fuien ds, often d lscussing many asp eels ,of tbe UFO phenomenen, We event U at Iy discussed his 1945 foo"ff'ighter obsetvati onW h UP. flying @ver the Paci Ifflic, occurring ]Ius:l clays a lila]' the 'wru: hadended. i\l that time, ] knew I'd eventually waJnt to expka)flf} his fascinati ng sighUng because it predared thE! summer of 1'947 wberl'l the Oying·:;.;rocer storiesteck the world by storm.

On Fehma:ry 11LHHH rn conducted an interview with Lon s])'0dfi cally surroundmg bi I!j sig,hting, find on tills daie[ knew Lwa ntad to ~o.lTh®di'.lY write a book about his expertenee, Thattntervtew was slotted as tbe firsl of S!~ve~raL [ plarmedtofollow-up eachtima wilh ntO:l)e detailed queetions. U:nfQrluna~e]y I was much tOG slow and missed my opportunity because Len passed away in 1.994.


arc hi vc<~fr And of the material that ViUU found! In. the arch (""€IS, how much WfIi'S prevtoualy unseen?

C.h:es,ter~ l,Vherrn I deci died to write Stmnge Compot!y. [ knew l had to devote a good. deel of time: ln serious ra- 8BMc:h in order to !:'I(;campUsh anything of significance, Going tn, I 1"uld€lIfSto ad thali ]WOl!l ld n(lt And anything ;Thlnou.S the GOJle documents of UFO material gleaned from tha United States Air Force Project ml!~ Book files, The problem was the film~ contained inFormation [mm 1947 jd11'!l'Ll'ards. 'four ion

"ragar,d.s <l1'{:hivGs. but un fnrtu rlale:]y I de~eg.a,t" ed my lime to only one fad] i tv: the N ational Archi yes at Man>'land,

Tbe amount of documentation llJlGrc is i mmsnse ]I!l SCO])'L"L The challenge was that many organizations, both mi U tarv and ei vilian, potenti all y held documentation regaeding the phencmenon, but since l he terminology use d to describe lhl@ phenomeno n was d ifrueoctlnl back then, it was-and is~d i ffkult finding where and how I he mat en a 1 wa s IUe dwithi VI the rel':()rd greu ps,

AUy\l\ray. getting backto your spedfic questinn. I fe~~ it was important til! conduct a canor.:ntrat€deflurt alone place, Til it> allowed me t heo'PP'©OC'wn i~y .~ 0 se~ [<limHiar 111'itht he r aeili tv and shiff.; benefletal for a more nH~:r~ ough search Jf;liffoR ] spent dose to fc ur years, 1 9 99- 20103. of monthly \.']5]115. sometimes five times >I mcnrh) atthe Co.U'e,ge Park f~cinty" As a result I h®~i~vtl ~~ good 95 percent of the ma~f!1·i.(l1 I IOU nd has never been seen bdore, (lS'ped<llly the foo-[ighler documents,

Redfern: Everyol1le in the UHJfield has heard of the foo fighters, but your book dis(:l.I~:;e5 various other fOl"ln!> of UFO seen during Worl.d Wa;r [1. Pleas€! outline the basic typss of UFD seen (huing th.C\NO:IJr: shape, color, S ixe, and locatlon,


Ch'es~',e1'; One of the misconcep ticns ~ n the post-war UFO Iiterature is It hal. aU thewarti mill sigh lings \"II"E!:re ,(~ a U ed jhe foofigh ters, That is why in Sim nge Company [ brietU.y dis-

~ cuss the Scandina vian sig,hti:n~'> th"t occurred a few yetis prior to 1939. These sigh t~.ngs were signHkalill in that. ~he'y revealed a trend that coati nues to this da y. Va rious celored Iights weI1e observed inthe sky <1.I.1Id were report ed sporting di jf[eFcut shapes ~ reetangu ~<I]" circular, and round .

Durlng the war, I!J.~€lS ,,,,;rel'€ gi venlo the sjghti ngs, such as the HgM, the thing. bcdlfi of /ire. and. of oemIS13 fao figMm~. In some cases a distinct solid 0 hjllilCt was deserfbed, but mos,l i ustances report some EOltrn of l~ghi as bel.ill!: the one and only feature, Shapes vdiFied, bUl the Ina~(!Jrity o,f the objects or O1IlrcFafit were circular. spherical. or disc-shaped in design.

Regardi.rig the leeatlon of slgbtin_gs, Lbelieve that the UFOsweJre seen aeound the WOir ld in considerab]e number, but most of Ihe sighting:s menrlonedtn Stmnge Cornpcmy were over the It,aH,lIU, European, and Padfk t hB~t SrI!' M 10"11 G'f~UOr. _ \,'VbUo n~y took is h~<l\l'y with IEUrope:1U:L sightlngs. [ include 5~ghtinS5 see" ovel:" Aus~]'a.u'a. Canada. England, Russia. and the United Slah;l'.s; andI think one Q\lier [apan and Germany. So I'd have to say that stali:n,g the sightingswere prim1lIi]y c(]il.~~flmlr$ll(l:d in onE! geogr-aJ phi cal ~egi on is in accurate at this stage 0 f rcseareh,

Be.dJeritJJ: Were there official invesHgatio~l,S of UFOs in Wor.ld War n a~ong, the Iines of the u.~t Ail rome's Project B.hJC Book? Or VioI<I$. it a C~SG ·of the ~Elencies ius~ logging the ['BPOiI'ts and fiUng them. away because they didn't knowwhat to dowtth them?

The code names' we know exist starting in the late 1940s,:

Projects Sa u cer, Sign, Grudge, and Blue Book.

:refS new insigbt Up untilnow tho gena['{~1 COn&~!lISl!S is that no war-time UFO inv'eslig'llHon look place, The p:rimary reason f()rlh:is~"'Sl!J[]jlpli(lIl is that there was mot man-power and time to waste pursulng an aerjal phsnomenon, There was 11. brutal war oecurring G]1 an unprecedented scala. How could the "Illes devote resources to such an to pic when there were so many p etti nen~ issues a~ha:ncl?'

This logic isseond, but it has ruways been chal~BngaG by UFO Ke5Jearchfl:rs~s .~ady as the 1950s" T personally believe the pbenomenon reprosIG'.l1Lted an lncredlble tbreat to the' .AU.ied governments. Afil the reader prog-resses thro ugh Slmnge Company. it will. become clear that the unknownaerial reperts caused much concern in AJHed a~r ~Ilte]iig~nce circles. T.Il]$: is a key ~point"

It needs to be remembered that thn Ames wer,e very aware dlla~ much was not known .. haul Gnrmany's technological advances. The U$, government was com pletely parano i d that Hitler had an alomic bomb. It was smnething lh~l could n()~ be igno~6'd, And it wasn't

fu'guably the most importan l i ntoll ig€ nce glilt her_~ opeeatien (I flhe1,'IOll.. once we gOl i mo Ita ~y, was -:: the ALSOS mission. This mission was chlitl"g.ed with findjng evidence that German. y had an atemic hom b. The ALSOS raission was charged with ciJ1!_f.!;ying out a crinoal in vasHgaUon,oIw tb,~ l Presi ~ dent Roosevel t knew must succeed, and quidly. For this reason alone, I feel tfne ALSOS mj~~io"'~W<LS an innu& eneing foclor that caused the U.S.lo ponder many scenarios" incluJ(jjlllg the unconventional aircraft sight iUGs.

This is \I\l'by 1 feel there was 11 great d ealef anGl.nlion placed on the phenomena S~gb.tjlllgS ,. ViJ hen Am edelrmen ]:\apOi~ed observing unusual, high] y edvanced, an dun] denti med aircraft. H dido '~~,a.k~ much to under:stan d the potent ia I. disast,er,W.hal if Germ(lny had designed an operable ai]1ctan~hi'lt defied known aernd y!lll mi e

principles and thls aircraft could deliver an atomtc homh anywhe:r~ in theworld?

So yes. I feel dlJ~ degree of interest in the UFO sightings was h g«mll~r 'than hasbeen suspected, And this iswhy I think it was waerantad to aggreSsively moni.tor the ~rhop.,. nomenon, ul:iHziTIg m.m.tary units, ci vi I iano:rgtl!ni~J3!Uons, and key scie.ntists <I![Id engineees, It can be fUr'lher reasoned that the wartime investi~til(.lns weee counnucd wnhout abreak, inch.lld.lng U.S. Air Foree pe:rSOmIG11lS1" signed In i];vesLig,1)!te :Il yi'rlg Saucers under the code names we know exist swHng In the tllle ] 940s: Projects Saucer. Sign, GrudglS, and Blue Book


llcdJcifP: \N!}r(e any concl usions reached by the authorltiasf

ene-sfier: My rasearch has fallen short regardhl,g a.:..ny eenclusicus reached byinvestigatious.of the [00 fi,ghl~ ers m: other unconven tiona] ain:::raflt d uring lhe war. The elosast 1,'1,1',8 have to a concl uslon is .10 cated in 11. U.S. oCent]",al ]nt'eU~gem:c Agency document thE-'li Rahertson Panel/Duean t Report. Hosted by the eIA. a~ pane~ of esteemed scien tl sts met i:m January '1 '9503 to lle<view the best UFO evidence and derermine whethel: ·Ihe· UFOs

posed a national securUy til reat .

In that mpo[i it briefly memiened that the IDOO fighters ',"vere deemed nothing more than m~sidefJUfled !l]ghUngs @f St Elmo's fire ur other natural p.heIiL(JI.m(:~ na . .B ut the by p01fi11 ooade \l\1:ithinthe Robertsom Panel report ]s that ., their I foo fighlcoc's'l exact cause (,lor nature .vas never defined." This waswrttten eight jll€lors after the \'\lflil\

.IJ!L'lPO!ftIDUJy,. i r was Dr, I-J(HI,,',ard P. Rohertsonwbo charred the ,e" panel of eminent scientists and the same Howard Robertson wh 0 was: < to headthe :roOl~fi:gh~er i:!"!veSltga;l~o:n as part of G®n~:r.aJ Eisenhowsr's Supreme Hmld:qluurt.(l;rS Allied ExpediMonary Force's (SHAEF) Seientiflc In tell ig()~'!Jce Advi~ory Seeti@~l.

Redfern" For you personally. whaJ~ were roru'l" Oli fiVIP. or ~.hfl most ~Inpres- 8,iv~ reports that yOiu~mmd?

CE~cste.l':[ have to lJidmil that many of the more ax.~ramdina:ry UFO sightI,ng acceums were located by. other re-

searchers, It Wl.'I8 these sigb~j ha,t

helped inspire me to conti [lUB " iug

thrQugh.lhe.endless files at the .MaHonal Archi vas.

Wh iJ.e 1 found very Htt],e during the 1942 and 194 3p ~jwi nd, I d id fmd material in lhal '944 period. One oh.he most ln trlguing sightings occurrsd in March. 94!'L -.A_ "sH.ver,. Gigi3!:rr-shaped. object ]ike an airship" \'IIIllS seen crossiuge ijomoer's. psth, ap~ preximately 2· to3·thDmj;~md. feet a.way, andthe ere'w $e1 tthev GOu] d see "win dows along UtO bottom ()(f the

'b· ..,~;j Ol)ject

The key words in the decumantware ,like GlifJirship. ]l seems t hat l dentlfying a d.irigible only a couple thous~n~'i feet t1w~y 'Lol/muJd. not be too difficuH. That :sight~ ng WaJS listed in a memozand urn discussing ".light and ather .DeiiJm,ive Pbenomene."

Of all the me rneranda 1 located ,[ would havete saJY that l:h!e early 1945 exchanges between the 41511; NigM FightBr Squadron, xn Tactical Air Foroe, aind the First

· .

~ I ....... '

responsible, but SHAEF also reg[i!~ted HoI being a:bie~o provide any kmd of sat lsfaet ory explanati O~L

]1 was i n one of these aXle hanges that Dr. Ro benson was requested W 'i nvesHgate the $oofigh.ters. In lh(l Pad.fic theater of opm".ll~ an, another impressive mpoflt offeU'ld a vrrry bFi.ef description about the "balls of f re" sigJuin:gs over ,r <lipan. Thi:s small memo was part of GGJU~[";ia Amold'~Commmding IGe:neta~ of the enUre US" Army Air FOIDCe:s,-d<lHy intll'llHgem:e hriefilllg,

Pen eil ed in on lh® .s~ d G or the poJge Wl1.5 "]11 ~enig:ence tcobtain Df. Von Karman, Drr, Bush, and any other "v(lUh \"".hHe VlHW. ". This is ])retly s~goificrult because Dr.\!,<lIilneV<I!], B:usb was Presi & dent Roesevelt's and TrumO\l!n's !'OdonUfic advisee. Dr, Von Karman was one of~hl€ U" S. top theoreucal ph yStC1 sts toegMd'~ ing i:H;)rrodynmnks_ Why would Ge]1~r<ll Amold need to reach eutstde his extenstve Ait Teeholca] Intelltgence apparatus to query bis top scientists far somethi n:g as simple as I3InHa]r~ Gran fod~l~?

.Rllnlfetn; Holl,v d i dlhe media ~.rnat the reports hack th~n?

C:he$~!el': H W<IIS not until J~:IiI1!]afy 1945 that ooverag~ oflbe phenomenon became

l~.~~.~~ ••• ~~~~;~~~~~~·~~~:~~~:;;~·~~hro~~~

aite:nt] on o r largu ncwsp~:p~ end

Tacttcel Att Force (P:r~v~- magaeines Hke Time <Ind. N~wswt!~k. Thismedia blitz

stonal] wel"O UI'U most impnsssive for SeV~T<I] reasons, was ]111"(lSpOnsl€ w~hn fooAlgl.ll~er sighHngs,

Fur one, i,1 ~S~h8 first sst of documents that colllfirm Most. of Ihe foo~fight.e:r· coverage relayed stoeies of Uilat coufusioa rClgned (lIVe'!' the fOI(]·ngh,terr pbenern- sightings reported hy Alueri.can n]'~el' Cl'eVi.!\.<;, enen ... These exchanges ~]so included a respcnse from pri m;~rH Y wHh tile 41. 5~~ NightPigh1ier Squadron, the Brttish A]dvUoisny indicating th<ll. RQY<l~ Air Forcoe In fat-t. it was members oflhe 41.5m 'who named. ft:I!~ Bomber Gonum~ nd C[i!3WS had. "fm srane time been re- ~~;I::raIilge obi,eels joo /igil' 1iI[!Hl f(lrr the next couple of

p orting stmilar pbenomena ,. .. months the fo 0 fighters to.o k o~l:':I~er stage,

n WU5 further stated: "T11(l l'\l'hol!eaffair b;, stlll some- ThLs couple-month rash of media reporting cement-

thing Ol! a mysle]"y. and. the ,elVidenc!! is very S~E~h;;ny ed n:iL(~ name fao fighters in the public's mind. Asa ~nld v,Dr]!ed so tlil<ut no, de:firr~te and satisf.~ch.Jty ex- result, the ~uo figh~eli's became the pel: name used. as planation can yet he g~.\i'~n. ,. Later. SHAEF's Air staff the catch-all tenn to clescdbe lhl'l wartime sightingthat reported to '~he Pi'iist l1!!chcal Air Foece ~F'ruvisiol'iLdJn sun contirmestodey

that nak rockets ~nd the German Me~26.2 W1ere Hke]y Getting back to the war. the Hlledia coverage was


pulsaJthtg with an ru:-fay of theories . to explain whal the pilots w'ere Sii.'lcknl£" Ev€rylh~ng foo1!Jl eru::nuy g.lJI[JJ~rang]l1lg dev ices to hall] liglltnh~g W3i8 explored as <I possibleexplanafion,

hi m_l!.:r~y cases ~he pruss, reports: mcensed the pilots because the theories made them [eel ]ike fools. The pllots lI:.n~w the difference hetween a meteor streaking in the neOlV'L'!IlS, a I] ante , and SL Elm.O'-" ftre.

The pilots were trained observoeswae had exceptional sight and tcok pnds in thei robservi:1tion~]1 sk ills, I learned durLng m.y ccntact with. a few ofthe vstsrans that the)' were not happy with how the presstreated their sightin,g:s; lhey actuaHy CQ,lJIJsidered SOl:IDlJe of the C()lVerf~Et as 11 personal attack on lhe~.rinlegrUy.

l:lBd'Jeil'n~\lVas there 1iI reluetanoa on tho part of air erews to report s ighU ngsback then? Or was there no UFO 8Ugmalli'idku]e factoll at thal time?

Che~/er: 011 y€'.'>, there was a grua~ deal of disbtlHsF by those who wen." mot witnesses" But astde kom H1Je airmen's disgust with the media's handling of their sigb:~ings .'1J:my l'\!€'refar mO]le disaJppni nted, etnd. su r·

~.e'[1 with the atntudes oflhe inldUgence men (S-

morn then one C.l'~W observed the same obiEtct during 11 mission.

H,(loJer~~ Do you f:ee] thatauthorit tes knewthatthese lJli~_,gs were l\Olt Am ed Of Axis . in orig:i]1mddeH.beratelyeeversd up evidence' of aU)erL adivUy? O,oc" were both sides just baffled by tile dala?

Cl!:(lsh.~t; 'il!hfl~'s Oine of the q uestions ~ had asked ooys~]f evervn tne E added a uother asto.nishing s:ighl~ll:,g account lo my dsta base, It 1:5 very plausible to. that A mod command bad, 1i,I ncovered evldence (I en <lJClivUy. and. they were keeping it lUlderVIITaps.Bul if mile, w,e have to assume t het once the war beg,an, if the Allied or Axisnadons had m:iLy infolt]Mlio:n, roe,garrling aH~f1I ,d&atlltklfi_, H ",..asdefi;ufte]y he.i]}:g~E!'Pt.sec~~ beyond the ]eve~ of the atomlc-bembinformatlon. tvfuny sJ:.eplics will SICO[W <11 this position.

I'm nnl .saying it happened: ;ilHhousb, why nQr?

The:U1e is no ~MSOP not to explore suchpossihilities, To continue: hlJGnni:jJHon so far indicates that during ~he war's early years, Al~i,ed <lit comlllands were sim~ ply reg:Brding-~he reported phenomena as misidentifi nd en [~rlfW ~Jrtra fl fUr ,u'lItiaivcr:ill.¥l: weaponry, By late

. .

"In many cases thopress reports il1l()ensed tbe pilots because the tlu3:ori,es made .the'm fe,elljke'fools~ The' pilotsk:_ne'w the dIfference .b!,ee'n ,a m'8'teor streaking' in the he,uv!en.s,. a fiore, o'nd St. Elmo's/ir,e.'"

28.) whowere responsible lor in~ervi.E!'wing the crews ahou t~h_e mission.

In most cases the inte~.HgenGe men ddi(;ulecl~he GfC"!!'Jj'S., made fun of ~b€i:!" stories, and evan thought the GHH¥S lM'ere drinking,. "[hi s at li t ude was i III turn causing th~ airmen to remain quiel,.keepi: ng. l h e more bizarre sightings~o themse Iv,e,s; this iSSUIfl alone ~(l]'l.msf.!Q~ S a problemwleh .n1amy s'igh1tl",S not being aOCIJI]]lJ(9Tl~Bd Wough official ehannels, ] l shot! I d be rememb ared that many pHols feared being grounded ['or physlcal Or psycho ~.ogiical health li€11l_S'tlll1:l,

As Ina war progreseed, ueit eemmaedars likely realizad thaI it \iI\'o1lS (;ounterp]1Od.ucti\l'''~ and tOQ d,amgerous to ig.1U)re possible enemy advaneernents, A.s reports began to mount. m feetlhe sq uadron- ]'e"ve! eir- io~e]].i.geoC€ persennel were ]nsM.'U.~tJM,rl to erKmmrag~ the Gr(!W.fil to provlde every possible detail of theil' sighti:n~. FW'~hE!(rmore. despite WhO!!i~9V'~r mandate the unit:" level aJir Intell ig.en?e were ... f'OUovr,r] n. 'S. I~Mn k t. heYlN~re ~Iul],50irnany becoming more apt t.O believe SO!];1et tn ng weird wssebservcd bythe crews, espeeially whsn

1944, with conlJJh]I!J.ed ]IiJ.formaHon provided by maJ:1J.Y intelligence g!'lthering eperarions, n llIrU::II:lJT\01[JS slgluling reports, captured scien usts engineess, and mHita:ry personnel, and lhe ]1BCfJ p~ u ri !~gof Nazi oceupied ueui~.ory,. I belleve theauthorl 1](:;8 werrc starting tn look ~Gr answers elsew here,

]l must he pointed Old tha~ [et-propelled OIi[craft:aod reekets were alreadv on the scene, and it did acttake

Jor the AU i€'lf commends to ide:l1I.m'y and deal w:i t hat. l~h:reaL In reality. AHied mUi~a.;fY eommand felt N 1iIZ~. jets had entered th e ,conI) et much too Jate to be an eH~di \Ie deterrent,

Hi Iler~Sffl5JO u rces ,;vf:lluhe,ooming smallerby tha mouth, We were destroying Gern1l.any 'stndustslal fac mU,es much quickerthan they could recover, We WeH~ be~~ i!'lg t hill Ger[lmnm w,(!J machine d@~l, butHi~]er stiU had a sizable aJrm.y. one lh'l.l could.ilirow a. curve brut

Many people believe that curvilli hall wassecret technology that expbined the ~oofighte:rs., But how can the eaelier UFO si~hH]l~$, prior 10 1944, be explamed? rfs my uuderstend li'ilg that the German roo program.

WlI,S not thaI advanced unnl 1944. The same g:cles ror tho I apanese war .machine. They, too, badtncks 11 P their s 1 ee\r,es. 'they also had quite the tGchl1lo1~::l:Y i'lxr:h1ange with Germanv,

But tb®lJn,"~invenU·[}n alaireraftph enomenon was occurring @V.!f lh~ P'H.:ifk aliHlIS as ttwas over Eurcpe: strange sighHngs among conventional wt!apolll-y. The Iacl WaS rhst Allied air forces dominated the skies. By the lil]]1;: J~patl had surrendered in mid-1945. dl€rre Was no reason for repous of .my trnknowl1I lI!er~,alacUv:ity., As. the closing months of the W{!f neared, I think the Alhed staff 'w'.aSi~JSl as ba~n S'd as they v!,I'ere \,\1' henthe Ptlid6c campa igJt started.

Then there was Len St d ng.l1uld'!> sl,gh I ~ ing afiNlT Japiln's capitulatten. Conservativ>ely speaking" ] thii.':lk Ihal d1J!r]ng~he w<iJrnH countries around thngl (l be hal fi

Uleh OWn I evel of .iiI.'NlmIF'P.HflSS roga.l'd tng unusual highly s,ophisticatml a:i rcra lflt.~. _..alll;',jlerwi!;1e kn ©Wn as the UFO phenom-

(;ontain highJ.y oxnuc informslion. Th~s~s '!AI hyT fee~, t.he~® is much more


aW<liUn,g dis-

cove],.)1 ..

I also found reason to sug£Gsl fh~~, d@cu" meat sanl~ation

Essen" Ger:rnany. .i\ccOirdinglo f;@.

-\1 U - . 1holtb()11.'i!i1ilt".tall'l 1, pilot Se:rgeomt

-.' .'. ' .. c·'Dllilthlllll lOt' ,II !II,7'.h~,. .. and G d C·~-

it b, . ,I!I'Udencll!' i,iIi nr,f ISkft~lch.:r !ElI'ICIOi an •. ' ock-

liI,Bdjel'n: Wh~n V!.f<!S the mO:5~ snrpris- \I'!!i~,:I!'''iCIi, I!!II@ tll;!I;t, 'GC! d,et',:![t:!:!lte rl1'lJ'li eroft, he and his

ing that you foundf :.,ClIlt'ltO t'W'l ,ez"la:llIl.t;1,QP. !CaD- ,.~t. pilot 'Ein~.ou~ter6~

Chcste,r': Dnringmy research effort, 'el;l!n!'l"iiI-~7_'':' lc·' ~!_ ,OO I~~~~rg~bi:~~m$~;

I-'d 'h I tll. l u, l . ~1~1.' .. i.S5 - .... ' '_. '_" ._, .. _ , ded - th

.. ' , ave 0 S tty ]-1 (I, .\\1' nat su rpnseu III e ~ _ E. fJ. .• N,.~cJll,,_ .. ~ pen - .eu til'. J€

most. was ~Cl1!lany loeating any n1i;1le- ¥i/'~. air <1:5 hisbonsbse

rial, I had my d euhts, only h'EH':~U se i!l's "~~!I!!I!I!!!!!!!!!!"!!II!II.~III!!!_III!Q •.. roul!l" ' .. 'P!! ..• C .... fV~.}f~.fl~l,,~!!!! .. pas. ';Jed by. .

been six decades smce the war ended. The GreW coul d

and a book QI4 th~ War bad nOil been written. ]~h(mght sse pottholes lin-

nUlyber~seaH::;hm,.s beFure ])]of:) h.'ld~hur~ughly combed in;fl, the sirie @flhe "silvery-geld" aircraft. Sudden~y ~he recerds, U:H~ 0 hi eel cltmhed at an fneredjble rate of sp l1loJ1ld, e:5~lBlilt Iw,as wn:mg,. and I did lnu::over Mls and pteces matedat several theusand mnes per hour, ujnH~ it was lhal ecnflrmed there l,vasa real W",[l[ !UC UfO phe- out of slghl.

nnmenon that P ('Jrpl exed the A ~H !"d, C:f)rr~m.m d,~ ri ghl O!'i!CO ba ck <I! base HIE~ rote"""'" \lilaS dehriefed ~iS usual, u.p through the end @[ the GouBicL Oflhat walerla~, Od.dly, the <lirimtelUg~IilC:C men acted as if the: crew's my favor~le .''!fa s l.\lh~11! I locatedreference to a. "Spec, reportwas not sensatienalat all, I located aBeitish Binder" dp.'aHrngl<vitl:iL "phenomene" related. sighlh~gs Fi~k Li~i~0l1 Ofike]" re,orl desctibblg the abave misthat. ll'!,la:;;, being kc]H bythe U. S. War D:E]p~nmIBn t, si 00, and there was no mcn ll{lll1l of the lr.!cf€dible sightThougb I only found a few examples n f ~I\I'iI;f!apOiIlFyimlig. Grin we ]gno['f:! lb~i.F tesll.n'u50Y? COIn we callthem rof:ll~ted phenomena, such <I~ flarm'l and. rockets. desig" HaTS? Iden 't think so ..

naled r olr filing in I.h e "Spec.B fndur", l.h ei mparLa.[lce[ also ] ocatad mi U taty d ecumentation veriFying an of the "Spec. Binder" discovery, fOol' me, was reacHng (IIctuQl]f@o"fighter invesUgaHon,~he olJ]e head.ed by Dr. between the ]hu~,s" The Spec. Binder rel11lforr.fld the HOll.v<!mc! P: ROUI3HSJ[)1fL S~t:'lce ] had iii 0 musi()lI1Is I'd find Hke]ihood nf {it least one .h]gh~]'f;lvel aed~l phenemena a wealth M lU<!I e:riaJ, I still felt i[ was possible, and tho\l!~ I ]nvesOg~th:~:n po-rior 100 thoseintttated during early ]9'4.5tliLought bpl w.e mottvated.

mresponse to the foofi.ghle:r s~ghl ings.Man y months would pass b efore I found anything Since the Spec. Binder shows Ihal time and effon even remotely close to' the sub~ecL U is necessary m!lJt Was d€:lega~ed U~ phenomena s]ghUngs.,. H call be pre- ~ mq:da~n to 1n('l reader th<lt verylittla wlliililimemjhtary posed that other Spec. Binders exist end they rlf.!<liy Oil: govt:r:!l men l UfO-I ype documsn tatien has b EH:!R re-

.July za07


covered, vVhHe .strange Company is fun of new documentation. trs :really qui.t:e a small amount in comparfson to what [ be ]ieve should exist

R'ea!ern,:\iVhat SOIlS of records did you 6nd inthe archives? \r\1as it lust 'raw data, or detailed studies, or a com binancnef both?

en.:: -·l'c.-;' [ located mission reports and int' lllgonce memoranda, My four-year search at the archives invol ved me reviewing a huge amount of material that had no connection with UFOs. for one. that term did not exist In met my resl chlilUengp. was reeding the documents and determining whether [he person writing the report was usi ng catch-a H I nrm s like fl ares, jets, and rockets to discuss a sighUng th a.l in actuality was something far more extraordinary.

It should be pointed out that despite the concanbated efforts by UfO researchers studyingthe Pro]oct Bluebook files. it'5 (ny umlerstamling that fhere are still missing documents. This is known because of references in One repoet of another report. and that mporl can't he located, So in this regard .. l feel Stmnge

_~&npan~r has only scratched the surface ofVVorld War --:' Il HFD records awaitin,g discovery,

Re\~n'; Telk a hH more about the in'i.1l~s:tig,OiliUO]]S that went on,

Gl"i,ggs worked '(Jut of the Vilar Dspaetment as a sctentific adviser and A lvarez wasinvolvad to some capacH}1 with the atom to-bomb project. But itwas Griggs. w 110 wescited .~ n the Robtl(t son Panel report as bfling, the .. most kr.O\'\l' Iedgeable" pers.oliL regarding ~he' foo fightera. H B is, on record as say:ingh€l wrot€ reports, but 0 r r.OU["S'E!. these rep ml.~ have never been located, His report was 0 no' of th - pri In e targets of my investigaticn,

When it comas to the invcsngaticns conducted by Germany, Italy, and Iapao, we are lacking official documentatien that v!)rlfies claims of such mvestigatioes. Stories of enemy pikns seeing UFO activity exist .. ~ have one example in my book that vet:er'i~ul Wanen Barber told fl!)€ ,qlbout He sa:id that after the war he a U ended a (;:onful!e<IlJ.c~ an dtlte speaker was an ex -in ~ telligence officer with the Anny Air Force who had in terviewed Gennan pi lots who report ed seeing the

foo fightere. .

Barber, who had • sighting of his own, was told that a Briti,sh ere"" s~w the same thill~: he d.i~ that night In [ny mind. there ts no doubt that tne Axu. powers WHl'C condm:ling unnonvemional aircraft tnvestigatiens of their own.

[n fotmation surroundi ns an ltelian in V\e.sHgaUon

starttng i.n the early 1J..930s has surfaced in recent ye~li'S, '1, his informaflon, Lbelieve, is sun being in v'estiga.led. Un.til we orchestrate intensive coordinated investigali ons in archi ves arou nd the wor ld, [ fee] this. question will remain unanswered "foil" scrna time. I say coordinated because [ m not sura how much prograss the researchers in Germany,. ltaly, and ~a.pan have made "egarcling uncovering docu mmltat ion detat 1 ~ 109 offici a I \'vartim€: investigations.

B asides ~ he Ha] iOi.u doeements released in recent v~us concerning ]-Iuly's wartime involvement with the FO phenomenon beginning in the early 1930s, if other foreign records extst, th.el have not been made available for goneral publfc consumption, 1 run very aware that :my research ,€tffort faJ~.s sbort wiith this matter, and 1 need to e'xp [ore it further.

B'ca/em; \lVe~' )",0'1,1 surprised at how much m;:l!teriaJ you lU100'V~ ered that had been either overlooked Of not found belore?

The crew could see portholes lining the sideo] the "silvery-gold" aircraft.

Suddenly the object climbed at an incredible rate of speed, estimated at severaltbousand miles per hour, until it was out ,oJ sight.

Chester: We now know 't h rough ofll ci a 1 d ocumentali on ~ ha l I he Brtush and Ameri.:;;atls wern CODducting investigatIons" In StmIlge COJ:l1panjl. three men. are inteoduced who \l\i'\en! aetivsly involved wl th those in vastigatiens,

Earlier. I moo tioned t ha'~ Dr, HOIl.r\ltud P: Robertson coordinated the foe-fighter investiganon out of SHAEF, Ani]') le Hi g.mGB' () ffi DB' out of General Spaatz's F Irst Tactical Air Foree (Provisional} was also requested to report to the 4'15,'1. Night Fighter Squadron in response to the uproar over the foo:f:ighter sightings.

] poi nI outlhaI thls suggests 'thetl} w~ra possibl y two separate investigations In place: nne with SHAEF an d one with. the First 1'actk1iJ Air Force, Arid aeeerding to the 19'53 Robertson Panel

report. there \'\l'€:rC two other scientists involved with irrvestigeting the Con fighlmrs: Dr, David T" Griggs and Dr. Luis Alvarez. Both men w,c're radar experts,

.July 2007

Ch,e$'~~; I'd like to J)Oh'l~ ou I:~.hal two excelle n t reS(laJ1ChB]'/his~odan:s. Jan Aldrich and Barry Gt(l(Hl. wood, were very instn .. unental 'WHll the genesis of my j n vestigarion, Anot ~::ull]" va luable source of infmmaUon l,\!'tlS a ]xtper \\I\'1tinen by Jeff Lindell. who. had conducted ressaeeh on the snbiecl for h]s coMege i,hesh;. Th sse CUll ple of resources hel j) ed me d ~h:lTmj I1Ie the clearast pictu re Q f what tnHiwry d c eumsnra I i o!~ was available andwhatwas lu1JOWi.1J ahout the World W'll.·][ s]gi,1Jtill,gs,

Although. 1

bad OOP]!8lS of thamost pertinent material f'f;G.m. thei r archi ves, 1 still h 1i,l nted down the orig] nal docurnents lim: myself, ] wantsd to determ lne if something \1\13$ overlooked along theway, Agj'JJ] u, remember; the term foo Jighte.r wns a name given , ! objects by the 4i 151il Night Fight er Sq uadron ,. units \Vero calling these sightlngs hy an assortment of termsincluding ,181&, jlm'f$, Hgl!ls. and haH8 of fire.

Ano~h~(r problem w U hths mi ss:ionr'epott~ is. not k n O\V w hether all the sigl.llUng infnrmalion lii'I,l'as lnclu ded. Dldthe in tel~ igence offi'Der d ebri efing the , .. rew use the t,erm jet or fla[(~ to. describe the sl~gh ting in place of descri hing an unknown light or aircraft that (Usplayad very od d nighl £IITid performance characteristics? Eventually, Lwas surprising myself by thenllater:ial i W/Ji$ 5·nd~ng. F01' example, it heC<lmlM<ilpparent that lhiffB were f:a:l': 100 many slghlirllgtii of enemyi,el-pH!I[JBHed ntght fight· ers <IS perwhat is known to have ex]sl!e,a,

It was also very flPP=!l:f'\€liIl that most of the mission reports were abbreviated Jior passing thro ugh norma i in~eU~~~n ce channels, Any'\>v8Jy. gi ven the 11 m ountof doc uments I rnv],e:VLI€d as COrnpared towhat exists a.nd has not been checksd, I was su ~'pr]sed. by 'the number 'of decumenrs ~. tmcavered relating 10 lbfJ phenomen a sigh!t]ugs.

.8,edjeru: YOiU don't delve into the classic Naz.i.-saucer stlgl'e, :OJ' the fe'",' reports that exist on aUeged crashed UFOs in World. WiiI r It 1!i\1ere there sp ednc reasons fes thare

Ch,estel'; My first couple of drafts of the book mcluded 11w purpnrted German£lying-sOIlJlcm program and other secret h3Ghnldogy" That material alonewould dou~) lfl the s lze .© f this book. ] strugglad with this issue for y'E}ors before deciding to not include the Na.zi$fiUCle;r aspect or the UFO phenomenon, Gut~ent~.y. lh.e:re are several books in publication that de;;!l with the German an:gk: more eff'ec:l]v€ly,. and thoy offer tantalizing bdormO)· lion that, tfeel, can't be totaHy disregarded.

In~.~r()"'lingly. if one

looksntthe documenration ] g ~EHI IiI e d from~he Natt o ne l Archives, tbeil'e is ev-


€~y reason 10 thmk U "vas Germane:x.perimG'ntal aircraft or weap onry that was reported by the AnIecl airmen. But w hen piO:1ldng rhet materia 1 among ~he pID~war and postwae UFO sightings reported by mi Wary personnel tlnd ci vi Uans, along wi til lhfl ~,:xtroilo['\(Jjnary\>'!farUme, sig!tt ings dlat defy €'xp]anat ion even today. OJ: whnls new piet u:r€ emerges, t i::II:l]1efore g,i\8.a:tly cbalIenging tile idea that UFOs during the wali wsrs the result of German ad va need-airera n projects.

S i neemy book nU1S Gh1t(UlOlogi.

C<I U \I. ] lhink lhe reader WiUe'fi ~a.rtaiIl~the German secret-technology aspect <IS beingfhe cul pIH of the nnconventirmal sightings, just tIIS tb€ Ani~d command did, Sothat's wh y T ,t.o ok the Nazi. UFO matsrial out and jirimarily focused upon the mill tarysi , . gs andthe re-

action by Ul'e command as

]I washappening.

I think this is the strength of Stmnge Comp(1ny,an,d it's why I

A.t the !Colleg,e

P k """I' ~ar.-.:, a,el' Jty

there ",,",ewell

Chesl'er: The on] v i rJidicO!l~l.on ,cI :mi!'lsing [nf secret f:J.l~fls aJ!l"e instances wham aCCOu nts do lUlil match the ['13.cords. For instru1Joe. the ·41~) ~i NFS he]l(anged~o' the ,64/h F~gh.tBr Wing, which,d to the XU 'Iactical A if Comman dJ. Many of the 415!1; NFS mission reports me a.lJbrev.ia.tedto the eiX~ h'lnt that nothi !lgi a m9:ntioru~d ~bou~ strange sightlngs In the ti4lb Fighter \'\Hng rsporl s ..

This :indk.a:tes~o me that. sightlngreports WBn:: abbrlll'Viated for use in noruir-in,t,elligenc,e mal ]nte]U~e:ncB cOOnn.€ls. bu~ fuUelT reportswere in the hands of big~l€r~ file's that· o.l"le sti'll command ]eve]s, amd these r€po:r1l.:S

. ••. were be] ng passed alicmnd under the

cl,assified~ redsr. This can be seen wh.en the xrnI

-lllcti.c<ll A][ Command. req:uesu:d the 41. 511• NFS to P rovidc <I. report l"eg.ardiDg the fo~fip hters (or l'€'\d(l\\1 with. the XU Taetica ~ Ai r C@mmanl. T.he 6411, f1ghlerViJing WO'IS left out Qf the loop.

]'hlsmay seeru moo a rID i nor detail, but when trying to uncover elassif en ~.nJorrrwUon., Iittle deta]~.s ]Ike d1Ji.s <Ire ,'ery lmpertent for a If'esGwcb.el: who's pUW11l.g the pieces ora puzzle logether. As I mentienad, D!!:'. Griggs vetiflf}d that he invesUga~ed the fDO J:i,ghtB:rS <lind nile balls nff:irc .

.He sa] d. ill. hal ~:5<-of-firerep@u was wntten, and. H can he assumed ~.hllJ since h('} in:v:esUgated the ~oo ffig.hl,e!fs. a report waswritten, Griggs did net havea copy as ·oif ] 9 69 and had IlLO tdsa ,,\1 here it \iI\'as located,

['d like to point out lhal at IhB CoHege P1IJI'k ffiJclHty there aJ"€ well over o n Ii! hu ndred boxes of World WaJ[" ]1 .~]l'-itl'temge:nce fUes thst <t[o(£! still classified. Kn@lo\:'il1g HlIey c~n'~ be looked at is Vf.ify intriguing. and. [ wo.nder if Dr .. (~riA:l}5' report ]$ a.mong. ilhosenles?

f'EH~~ tbe hook's mOlit1i3T]al W].U provide a fresh addl tion 10 the exist] ng UI.'iO ]ittl'lf3ItU:re. Anot her area of research of the UPO phenomenon is i~he so-called crash-and-rertleval e]Gfl'leot Some rssearch ern r:€Hl~ several unoanven tion1il.1 aircraft wern recovered as ,ear]y as 1'941 in the United States and It . .:dy.

This area of resesrch is highly dsba~ed .·fi, whHe my earsare not turned to such discussion, ] chose to not. inel ude that materiel and keep .my bock more focused on the Allied ait f;o]1()es' handli fig of the phsnomsnon, ]1 is funlo pender w hi€'the;l'· uneon vBllticma 1 aircraft not from~his 'earth were shot down.


one hundred' boxes of World ·War II

Bcd/I ern; Was ~he:!(1 =!lny ev]dem.:lIfI, strong or weak .• 10 :5ugse:sl l hata t ]ea:sl some of the reany ~ . mexplainedwartime ~jPOs.weli(l secret mUU.ary deVli(les:? Or dldlhe:y an defy explnnatkrn?

4 ,«i!'nesle:l': TIle intell igen~ memoranda rve revlawsd -:::. n~l(I eals an impnnant aspect to th is story: There was much eonfusirm among air intel .. I.ige'ilce persennel the :sighH ngs. The ]' _ 'reflect ~. rea 1 effo:rl nntheix pad in tryi ng to iden ~ e ~bj ects, In the Pa,etfi.c theater. General LemO:lJy's XXI Bomber Command's air intall lgenoe staff worked hard try i ng te detarm me lwhat the "lJa]~s of Ilte' an.d··drclfls of Hghf' We!il['L

His intcHigence st<lff~V)I~ite some ·ofl he most eempsshen.s]vereporl') Iou nd g,@ far. Their lntall igtuloe ~T1emo· rands cOlver in detail what they thou.ght tim bs Usaf m:rerepres,ented technol iY. in terms of Iapancse we~p(),ns and. aircraft. But ~g.ain it is worth noting thaI these same reports a,'lle elasslc examples of the guessing and theortzing conducted by 1.I;a '.l.]r-inle]U~ence sta ff a bQut the ob!!5E1Tv,e:d phenomenon , l he ke'y word

being pil@nOUlen(m.. -

Wh(lo Dr. 'Griggs Wijs essigned to '1J:ICP<lcHic l'he<lter as ;;!. sde'ntHir. <ldviser t@Gc:nenl~ Kenney. his ba]~s-01f~ fi~~ investigation proved unsuccessful, 'even alle1' interrogating Japanese prisoners .. As of Septem blU" 1. 945, he had found no (Hddenc.e~hat ellthe sighti ngswere Jap<llJe,s,e ,ra_x.p9rimental rurCl:<lrt cr]1(;['aiIft 1;\;eapOnry. Aml, his Pacific rep cut has n~j"',(~l: beenlocated. So. in eSS!€{I1Ce, I wnuld haveto S<liY tho:lt yes, at le<ls~ some of~he offtcially recorded sigh hngs sUU defy explana-

tion. .

:B6d'!ern~ ].$ there any in d i canon of mis~~ ug IU ss or secret files that you tri.ed to fhul-or that you leaened ex:ist€d-bu[ that you didn't n:tanage t~) locate!!

Redfern: Whal wasthe opinion of the ~M"Ume P]~ lots that you personall ywere able to speak \1\i'.Hh?

Cheslc·.r; 1'0 begin wi~h, my i:rwtlsligation was ir.!spired by len Strhlgfield, ~fho dlev:oted m~rJly ·yeru:s toreseaechmg the UFO phon om en on . Stril'ilgfie~d fe~t lnal his own hWMHgaUo:ns had proven. to him th3:t 00 A ugust 28, 1.'9415 hehad witnessed extraJh1!r.m:str.iljlil aJWcraft

T Iarold Augspurger. 1]1 e enm l1r1I.~ndjl1g officer@f the 4151b NFS squadron, still f'G{lls th~t his sighting repJ)9;8!en~.ed somethi DS far SU periocthan what ~he Na:zis were eapahle of p.1'Oducing back then. He had seen rockats and .: ~ ets and they w€:rr,e tOit<lUy different from wha~. he had seen, His opinion is that until he is (:1)]1- vmced otherwis€, lhen~i ... a good chance he too. witnessed somethin,g€fxUt'a:tcrresttiat

These lWO men are t be strongest proponE:l'1lI ts o:r the !9ixITateITestria~ hypof~H~$i5,lhat n personally communicatad with. Most Df the (lilhl@'[ \~€I~(lr~rns ~ spok€ \iIlUh Sflt on the fence, feeHnglMt they bad observed so:me'tlling strange and had no tronblssntert!ll]IIl1Iilg the ide<il that wha:t they saw was from another wmld. That concept was aHn Intheminds of m1any du ring t It I;! ] 940$, SO you can und.e]'st:a:nd. theh ecce pWne€! (II f such ~de~s"

oS orne of the o~he:r witnessas .~. spoke wi th I'ell they had wi til sssed Gtfrman technelogy, d.e:sp]t,e tl1Je lack .of conic! US] \1~ avid enca .Bu t lthink ]11 general these men agreed tbey were witness to somet bing preUy remarkable for the tlmos, semething Lh~t mad€! most of ~he~ feel. uneasy ami shaken their encounfer will') 'whQ~avel' they were,.

ned/t!l'm,:. W.hati.$ you]' persouel eenclusion based on your studies of wartime lIfO ;il,chvHy?

C.h,e$tel'~ I would hOJJVB to say that due to my interaction with atew of I he ve'~era:n.s.i t bas prompte d me to support the theory t h,1:I1 [he UFO pbenoruenon jsexh'~ wtrcst ri O'IJ in na~urB. That's just my opinion, and. lern morathan wil U ng ~:f!j alter my view in light of BV ~ dence discreditinglhat theory. Bu'~ .~. have .;1 ~way s accepted lher id sa tha~. lhrs buman race is not alone in the universe. probahl y lL10~. a lone wit h i n a dose proximity tG our so]m; svstem.

Who re!:li]~ykn(]W5? \rVh 0 can c()infidendy st!]~E! t110lJt'S not p 0,';sib]e'i: I would, howev~r.find ~l mQre silo cki og if the UFO. phenomenon W;ThS diseoveredto be nothing more than mjsidemiff'k:aUons, namral <md celestial pheno mena, ba lluei naf~~ons. fJIn d hOfIX{l.S. To me .~hal d iscovery wnuld he far mOJi'\e shoc:ldng than alien \!'i:sitill~(lrn,


Some ofth,e O,th'fU" witnesses ,l.sprokrewith fe,lt ,tlJeyhrod witne.s'Sred

Rer1jeim:Whal do you hope th~ilt the publication or the hook wHI .1J(::hi.Bve?

C:hes/er: Firstly, I hope Stro:nge. Company becomes a valuable resourea to rssaaechees of the. UFO phenomenon and pwvicles them with i nfCJirma:~:.kD:n~Mt helps eompltment their Owl) research ,efforts. Ely nO m.€11Ifi5 is this, book comprehensi v€; I ~~el my research sHod llaso:nly serarehed the surfa~ of h~J[J1::m8Jtion that is <I.\va&ling d iscovery ]r~, OII,"(:.hivGS around the world.

W]},€n ] begs n my investi;gaHoIII." 0[16 of l he goals ~. w~lnled W ~ch~Elve 1i/!m;.';~o pFlQvide a valua MEl seurce of ln £'ormation that can be included aiJongside the works ofthose w h Or ] nsplred I1!'lJC anacontributsd greatly to thi@ study©rf the UFO phenomenorx Donald K.eyhoG. J. A 1]e'1JI Hynek. EdwardRnppelt, ~acq U€$ Vaile,e, ff erome Clark, Iimothy rGo od,Wend.y Gon OOr$, .Ba:rry'Greenwood, Jan Aldrinh, yourself, Richartl Hall, Kevin Randle, <'lind ffi,'jUly more ] don't have room to ]ist Oonly ti me w ill tell i r 1 hi t thalt mark, but I've given it my besl shot

Secon J] Y -. Ihope I he pu bl kat] on of this bo~)kfind~~ ~J s w<)_Y to the remaining \I\IQ1ih;l War n velernns. Each alii y mO]1(':1 and more accounts are lost for good. .. ~. hope it inspires those who have had a 8i~na:r sighting or exp er1en,c:e ln COn'lB fo~w<iL,]1(i and contect mer or one of the ma] or UFO o:rgp!nizaHom:. M utual UFO Ne~:w,@rk [MUfrdN) and Center fOi( Ur-O Sludj'es (CUFOSJI.

Thirdly. I hope Stronge Company reaches 0[[11. <ludi€'fILCB,. such as thO!SBI ulm:€Sl~d in the Se©oiodWorld War, whOo would not normally pick up a UfO book. I belteve the book will offer them a fresh and fascinating ~tOrl'y, gi "!ring tbem. ag] i mpse of a. phsnomencn ~hat\tVas eccuraing dlu'ing an unpreoedent.ed time in mankind's h~sto~ry. tn clostng. I weuld like to d)j!l_n_k you. Nick., fur this ]l1~~rviG'w and UFO MO;gGzill'@ for g,ivingnle this eppertunity.

Germ lUll te'ch,nology, despite the laek of cenclnsive evidence.

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Nick R"edlfc~in ~:m be ,(lOl~t~~·ted ~~ his UI'iO MOi!l~ \""WW;!!!rf!lrmy~~i(;.com


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