MGT700 | Group Assignment 1: Case Study (Hy Dairies, Inc


Case Study 3.1 HY DAIRIES, INC. Case Study Summary According to the passage, Rochelle Beauport is a woman with different color in the Hy Dairies Company. She had been offered a new position from assistant brand manager to market research coordinator by Syd Gilman, the vice president of marketing in Hy Dairies, for her successful effort of improving the sales of Hy ‘s gourment ice cream. Syd Gilman rewarded her with the new opportunity of position in order to give her new experience of working level and enhance her career in Hy Dairies. Rochelle Beauport in other hand, enjoyed her former position better as it seems to be more challenging and directly affected the company’s profitability than the new position which was more towards backroom job. Since the new position was thought not to be the route to top management in many organizations, Rochelle thought that because of her differences, she has been place apart and unimportant to the company. Even she felt reluctant, she did accept the offer. However, Mr. Gilman did not realize that he actually had given Rochelle a wrong perception about the whole situation.

what when wrong here is that. In this situation. he would like Rochelle to have the same opportunity by offering her the same position. social identity theory is a theory developed to understand the psychological basis of discrimination. Therefore. work experiences and characteristics. According to the case study. usually exaggerated or simplified (and potentially offensive) that is used to describe or distinguish a group. With different background. social identity.MGT700 | Group Assignment 1: Case Study (Hy Dairies. Mr. Whereas. so that she can broader her experience and enhance her career. . finally engaged them in stereotyping. Inc) Discussion Questions Question 1 Apply your knowledge of stereotyping and social identity theory to explain what went wrong here. The stereotyping occurs when people make a generalization. Gilman misperceived that Rochelle would love his new position proposal as he also had gone through the same position before he can became what he is today. Mr. Gilman actually had failed to recognize Rochelle’s different self and social concepts.

which occurs when one attribute of a person or situation is used to develop an overall impression of the individual of situation.MGT700 | Group Assignment 1: Case Study (Hy Dairies. .Gilman was trying to sideline her because of her different social identity. Like stereotypes. these distortions are more likely to occur in the organization stage of perception. Rochelle. came into conclusion that Mr. her reaction towards the good news was only a weak “Thank you. She felt that Mr. In this case. Gilman was actually did not want her in the top management. when being proposed the new position of marketing research coordinator. Therefore. Inc) Question 2 What other perceptual error is apparent in this case study? The other perceptual error that is apparent in this case study is Halo Effect. Gilman”. Mr.

Mr. why he want to communicate that. back to her. and on saying it in a way that your listener can understand. and how he can do it in the clearest possible way. For Example. This is not considered appropriate in some cultures. as she has presented it. speak directly to the listener. but Gilman is interpreting it wrong). Ask her to clarify or repeat anything that is unclear or seems unreasonable (maybe it isn't. Avoid being distracted by others. It does not indicate that Gilman agree with what she said. In this case. it helps to increase understanding. Inc) Question 3 What can organizations do to minimize misperceptions in these types of situations? In conflict situations. Mr. The goal of active listening is to understand the receiver as well as you understands yourself. nor do Gilman has to. c) Lastly. b) Second. or by other things going on in the same room. before Mr. .MGT700 | Group Assignment 1: Case Study (Hy Dairies. avoiding misunderstanding takes a lot of effort. "speak for a purpose. Some considerations that the organizations or Mr. he should pause and consider what he want to communicate. Focus on what you have to say. This shows that Mr. Gilman make a significant statement. Gilman just need to indicate that he does understand her. but when permitted." Too much communication can be counterproductive. Gilman should pay close attention to what the Rochelle is saying. Attempt to repeat her case. Gilman can do are: a) The first is active listening. Gilman is listening (which suggests that Gilman care what she has to say) and that Gilman understand what she has said or feel.

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