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Metis who Withdrew From Treaty Muskeg Lake Case Study:

Compiled by Lawrence Barkwell Coordinator of Metis Heritage and History Research Louis Riel Institute

After the Metis Resistance of 1885 was suppressed in May of that year, many Metis who were band members of Petequakeys Band at Muskeg Lake left Treaty and applied for Metis Scrip. Leading this group was Petequakeys brother Kee-too-way-how the former chief. Jean Baptiste LaFonds grandson, John B. LaFond III, gives the following account of the formation of the Muskeg Lake Cree Nation Reserve: When they formed the reserve that year, 1876 they were going to make the reserve, there were only nine families that they had. And my grandpas family (J.B. Tchehasaso La Fond and his wife Josette), thats my dad (Jean Baptiste born May 20, 1878, later married to Julie Gladu), and them, old Andrew (Andre born August 2, 1880, later married to Madeleine Greyeyes) and Jeremy (Joseph Jeremie LaFond later married to Nancy Letendr) anyway, they had no place, they were Metis people. At that time they lived on the road allowance, you know. And they asked him if they wanted to be treaty Indian: Mr. LaFond, do you want to be a treaty Indian? We need one family. By all means, he says. So he signed, thats how come were treaty, see we have French ancestry.1 The Muskeg Lake families known to have been involved in the 1885 Resistance are the, Cayen dit Boudreau, LaFond, Laframboise and Ledoux families. Philippe Garnots list contains three Ledoux men, Semoque, Joseph and Alexis Ledoux. Isidore Ledoux was the grandson of Pierre Belanger2, better known as Chief Mistawasis, the leader of the Willow Cree and negotiator for Treaty Six. Isidore says: You see, we were French Half-breeds, but still we were Treaty Indians, and Mistawasis was my grandfather, my mother was a Belanger, you see? He had two brothers; there were two brothers that came from Fort Gary to Batoche. And one of
1 Muskeg Lake Cree Nation, History of the Petequakey Reserve,, 1991, 1994. . Jean Baptiste, Andre and Jeremie were all born at St. Laurent on the South Saskatchewan. 2 Pierre Belanger was a hunter for Carlton House 1852- 1853 and working as a Freeman in 1854 (HBCA B.239/u/2, fo. 12). HBCA notes that Perre Belanger was the name of Treaty #6 Chief Mistawasis at Carlton House (Fort Carlton Journal B.27/a/9, fo. 20d).

them married an Indian woman (Julie Mashe-na-sho-wishk) and he followed her ways. I dont know how but at the time of the first treaty Treaty Six they made Mistawasis chief. He used his influence to enter my mother and my father into Treaty they were poor people- you know. I suppose that was because it was my fathers idea to enter us in there, and we became Treaty Indians. (Mistawasis) he was a Belanger. He was a Half-breed. He could talk French just as well as I could. And read and write French! Hes not the only one there were others that turned Native. I know one Lafond: he turned Native.3 Bruneau, Annie Agnes (nee Deschamps). (b. 1850) Agnes Deschamps was the daughter of Joseph Deschamps and Rosalie Berger dit Laframboise. Annie married Alexis Bruneau (b. 1835) at Fort Edmonton on December 26, 1870. Alexis was the son of Jean Baptiste Siyakikwanep Bruneau and Marie Chip-pecheets Kool.
Deschamps, Annie; address: Edmonton; claim no. 271; born: 1850 at Winnipeg; father: Joseph Deschampss (Mtis); mother: La Rose Berger (Mtis); married: 1868 to Laurent Poke, who died in 1870 and then in Fall of 1870 to Alexis Bruneau; children living: Marie Josephine, John, Marie Domathilde, Harriet and Sophie; children deceased: 2; scrip for $160.00

Cayen dit Boudreau, Alexandre. (1834-1886) Alexandre, a red haired Metis, was also known as Kee-too-way-how (Sounding with Flying Wings). He is described as a stout, vigorous looking individual. He was born at St. Boniface, Manitoba, the son of Pierre Narcisse Cayen dit Boudreau and Adelaide Catherine Arcand (Kaseewetin).4 On September 22, 1855 he married Marie McGillis at St. Franois Xavier. Marie was the daughter of Alexandre McGillis and Marguerite Bottineau. The couple had ten children. Their son, Alexandre married Marie Adeline Pich. They lived at Duck Lake. Alexandre Jr. was also active in the 1885 Resistance. Their daughter Isabelle (b. 1866 at Carlton) married resistance fighter Albert Trottier in 1886. Daughter Justine married William Billy McKay in 1891. Billy had been a scout and interpreter on the Dominion side during the Resistance. Their daughter Marie married Isidore Dumont III, the son of resistance activist Isidore Dumont Jr. and Judith Parenteau. In 1876 Alexandre was a signatory to Treaty Six and took up a reserve at Muskeg Lake (Petequakey). His name appears on the first treaty pay list of 1879 and again in 1880 when he received his payments as chief. He subsequently left and in the 1880s Alexandre was living near the St. Laurent de Grandin Mission. Although he died in 1886, all his family members took Metis scrip. His brother Isidore (noted below) then succeeded him as chief of this Metis band.5 At the time of the Resistance he, his brother, and his son listed below were active in the fighting. His son was a member of the Petequakey Band. Resistance activist Augustin Laframboise was also married to a woman from the same reserve. Shortly after the negotiations for Treaty 6 at Fort Carlton in 1876 Alexander Cayen had argued that Metis needs be considered:

3 4

Saskatchewan Archives Board, Interview with Isadore Ledoux, July 21, 1973, Transcript disc 23. Kaseewetin was band member # 24 on the Petaquakey Band treaty paylist. 5 Muskeg Lake Cree Nation, Chiefs of the Petequakey Reserve,, 1991, 1994.

We hear that the government are sending instructors. They are all from below, and if I were to have one, I would rather have one from the country, who understands the language, and with whom I could speak face to face, without an interpreter. There are not enough instructors sent up, and if more are needed, I hope half-breeds will be selected, as it will help them too. There are a lot of half-breeds who want to take the treaty and join the reserves, and who would be of assistance; but were told that they could not come in, as they had white blood in their veins. Some of the families of half-breeds were in the treaty, and the men would like to come in. He hoped a favorable view would be taken of their request6. One of Cayens first assignments from the Metis Provisional Government was to provide a scouting report of activities at Battle River. The Scouting Report of Alexandre Cagan (Cayen), April 26th, 1885 [After reporting what he was told by an Indian, La Graine DOrignal, what had happened at Battle River] Alex reports: I started to come back this way; and after a days journey my son and son-in-law turned back to get flour and pork at Battle River Then I came towards Muskeg Lake to the place where I met my brother (Petequakey). There on the day after my arrival, we broke up camp to go to the Mistawasis reserve, for they had no provisions. It was there I destroyed the pigs. When I was going to leave, my brother told me he was not with the Government since he was with the half-breeds. He had not as yet meddled in the matter. But you see, he said, how I am in need of means. Many of the people are sick too. He further said: I am afraid of our people, the Crees, to go with the Government. We are but two brothers, and he was waiting for me to know what I would say to him. There is only one in whom I trust and that is God. If he wills that I should die of hunger, I shall die so. When the Chiefs [Mistawasis] people sent a runner to Lake La Peche, the agent replied: Since he wants to go with the half-breeds, let the half-breeds feed him. Why did he not come with you Belangers?7 He said that to the runner. I said to my brother: Neither have I meddled in the matter, but I do not want to hold back, for one of my boys is there; and if they want us they know what to do. Otherwise I must be a coward, since my boy is there. I think they wanted to follow me at once, and I cannot go aside from that, and if you would be afraid, I also would be afraid. I have never had much affection for Canada and I have still less at present. Belanger is between two fires; he is afraid to go to Prince Albert and he is afraid to come here. The mail carrier told the Indians that all the forts are taken by the half-breeds and Indians toward Edmonton. Straw Man took 350 head of cattle, and two Indians took 40 horses. They have a lot of horses. They have 340 guns and much ammunition. My brother has eleven guns. I think they have no rifles, we have three. I gave them too much powder. Big Bear has all the Montagnais with him.8 During the hostilities the Council sent Alexandre back to Muskeg Lake to bring more of his men. The April 20, 1885 Council minutes (order 31 and order 32) passed two
6 7

Dewdney to Macdonald, report dated January 2, 1880, p. 45, NA, RG 10, Vol. 3704, file 17,858. Chief Mistawasis Metis name was Pierre Belanger. He had Belanger relatives living on Petequakeys reserve. 8 CSP, 1886, Vol. 43, pp. 25-26.

resolutions to provide Alexandre with two good horses so he could go for his people at Muskeg Lake Reserve. Cayan was a member of Captain James Shorts company, one of the 19 dizaines led by Gabriel Dumont during the 1885 Metis Resistance. Alexandre played a key role in the 1885 Resistance. He was Gabriel Dumonts envoy to the Assiniboine Indians when the Metis were requesting their support. On May 23, 1885, Alexandre delivered Poundmakers letter of surrender to General Middleton. At Alexandres trial in Regina Louis Cochin who had been a prisoner in Poundmakers camp gave a sworn statement that Joseph Arcand, Pierre Vandal, Alexandre Cayen (and his men) had been instrumental in saving his life and the lives of the teamsters who were being held prisoner. Dr. Mulvaney gives a report on his meeting with Cayen on board the Northcote at Carlton: A few minutes later a young Indian, a nephew of Poundmaker, and son of one of the biggest scoundrels on the plains, came on board followed by a well-dressed, middle-aged Half-breed named Alexandre Cadian (sic), a gentleman who some years ago was the chief of the Indian tribe at Muskeg Lake, but who of late has been a resident of Duck Lake. The story as learned from the interpreter was as follows:Riel had sent his emissary, Alexandre Cadian, with others; to Poundmaker to ask his assistance at Batoches, should the government forces meet him there. The day after his arrival, news of the disaster to Riels men reached Poundmaker, through a friendly Halfbreed, with the advice that he should lay down his arms if he wished to avoid having his people killed. Poundmaker did not believe the messenger, and Cadian and the others started for Batoches to ascertain the truth; but after their departure the news was confirmed by couriers sent by Beardy. Poundmakers nephew had in the meantime been dispatched with a letter to Prince Albert, where it was thought General Middleton was camped, but finding that he had gone to Carlton followed and overtook him as stated. Cadian was captured near Duck Lake, and brought to Carlton also. As I wired you he was one of the most prominent in the rebel ranks. His former chieftainship stood him in good stead, and he easily influenced his old braves at Muskeg Lake to go on the warpath. In other ways, especially with the Savages, he was an invaluable aid to Riel and the rebel cause. He was sent to Prince Albert where he will be incarcerated with the other prisoners.9 Alexandre was arrested on June 1, 1885 and on August 14, 1885 at Regina was sentenced to a seven-year prison term for his participation in the 1885 Metis Resistance. Before sentencing, Robert Jefferson gave a statement on Keetoowayhows behalf: Arcand and Cadieux, above mentioned, were at Battleford during the latter part of the rebellion for the purpose of standing between the Indians on one side and the half-breeds and teamsters and other white people on the other, and they did nothing else during their stay in the camp.

Charles Pelham Mulvaney, M.D. The History of the North-West Rebellion of 1885. Toronto: A. H. Hovey & Co., 1885: 353-355.

I saw Alexander Cadieux, above mentioned, alias Kitty-way-hoe, standing at the door of the tent of the scout Fontaine a prisoner about the sixth day of May last past, and keeping the Indians away from said tent. (Sworn August 11, 1885)10 In his testimony of August 13, 1885 at the Regina trial Father Alexis Andre says: Alexander Cadieux, or Kitwayo, is pure Indian but has lived with the HalfBreeds. I have known him for seventeen years; he is a hunter and has a great deal of influence with the Indian tribes. He has a very large family of ten children and their mother. Two of his children are cripples, and he is an old man nearly sixty (sic) years of age. He spent the winter hunting away two hundred miles at Turtle Lake, and only arrived about the end of April when he was visited by Riel and forced into his service. He was not present at any battle and rendered very signal service in saving the lives of the teamsters when the Indians were about to massacre them, after taking them prisoners. He has lost everything. (CSP, 1886, Vol. 13, p. 386) On the same date Father L. Cochin testified: Alexander Cadieux (sic) alias Kitty-way-hoe (sic) came to the camp with the other above mentioned (Pierre Vandal and Joseph Arcand). He is a fine savage, but has lived among the half-breeds, and is very ignorant. He had a great deal of influence with the savages, and through this influence he was enabled to save the lives of the teamster prisoners who were on the point of being killed by the Indians who were very furious and determined. (CSP, 1886, Vol. 12, No. 45 p. 28)
Scrip Certificate No. 826 Form A for $160.00 in favour of Alexandre Cayen.

Cayen dit Boudreau, Elise. (b. 1864) Elise was born on October 15, 1864 at Oak Lake, the daughter of Alexandre Cayen dit Boudreau and Marie McGillis.
Cayen, Elise; address: Batoche; claim no. 1119; born: 1864 at Oak Lake near Brandon; father: Alexandre Cayen (Mtis); mother: Marie McGillis (Mtis); scrip for $240.00


CSP, 1886, Vol. 13, No. 52, 399.

Cayen dit Boudreau, Euphrosine (nee Beaulieu). (b. 1816) Euphasine was the daughter of Baptiste Beaulieu and a Laframboise. She married Eustache Cayen in 1850 at St. Boniface.
Cayen, Euphrasine; address: Batoche; claim no. 1141; born: 1816 near Prince Albert; father: Baptiste Beaulieu (French Canadian); mother: Laframboise (Mtis); married: 1850 at St. Boniface to Eustache Cayen; children deceased: 12, names on application; scrip for $160.00

Cayen dit Boudreau, Isabelle (Trottier) (b. 1868). Spouse, Albert Trottier, (1860). Isabelle was the daughter of Alexandre Cayen dit Boudreau also known as Kee-tooway-how (Sounding with Flying Wings) and Marie McGillis. She was a member of her fathers band at Muskeg Lake. She was born in 1868 near Fort Carlton. She married Albert Trottier the son of Joseph Trottier and Therese Vallee on October 18, 1886. Albert, her brother Vital and father Alexandre were both active in the 1885 Resistance.
Cayen, Isabelle; address: Batoche; claim no. 1118; born: February, 1866 at the Elbow near Carlton; father: Alexandre Cayen (Mtis); mother: Marie McGillis (Mtis); scrip for $240.00

Cayen dit Boudreau, Joseph. (b. 1863) Joseph was born on March 25, 1863, the son of Alexandre Cayen dit Boudreau and Marie McGillis.
Cayen, Joseph; address: Batoche; claim no. 1120; born: 1862 at Moose Mountain; father: Alexandre Cayen (Mtis); mother: Marie McGillis (Mtis); scrip for $240.00

Cayen dit Boudreau, Justine. (b. 1869) Justine Christina Cayen was born in July of 1869 near Carlton the daughter of Alexandre Cayen dit Boudreau and Marie McGillis. She married William Edward Billy McKay circa 1890 (b. 1868 at Pembina). She died in November 1961 at Kamloops, at the age of 97. Cayen dit Boudreau, Kitimakis. (d. 1876) Kitimakis was the daughter of chief Petequakey and Marie Cardinal. Petequakey (Comes to Us With the Sound of Wings) was the brother of Alexandre Cayen and was a 7

Councilor when his brother was Chief. Isidore was born at St. Boniface, Manitoba, the son of Pierre Narcisse Cayen dit Boudreau and Adelaide Catherine Arcand (Kaseewetin).11 After Alexandre left the reserve to live near Batoche, Petequakey became Chief, and for a number of years (1880-1889) and the Reserve at Muskeg Lake took his name. Petequakey was married to Marie Cardinal who died on April 6, 1884. He subsequently married Marie (Tskakwemesit). He was active with Gabriel Dumont during the fighting at Duck Lake. He did not view this as fighting the government since their opponents were the police. Petequakey and his group then moved down to St. Laurent to participate in the defense of Batoche. On August 30, 1889, Isidore Petequakey Cayen applied for Half Breed Scrip on behalf of his deceased daughter Kitimakis.

Cayen dit Boudreau, Madeleine. (b. 1874) Madeleine was born in 1874 at Duck Lake, the daughter of Alexandre Cayen dit Boudreau and Marie McGillis.

Kaseewetin was band member # 24 on the Petaquakey Band treaty paylist.

Cayen, Madeleine; address: Medicine Hat; claim no. 1213; born: 1874 at Duck Lake; father: Alexander Cayen (Mtis); mother: Marie McGillis (Mtis); scrip cert.: form C, no. 780

Cayen dit Boudreau, Marguerite. (b. 1856) Marguerite was born on December 20, 1856 at Regina the daughter of Alexandre Cayen dit Boudreau and Marie McGillis. She married Jean Baptiste Laframboise the son of Francois Laframboise and Marie Trottier, in 1877 at Calgary.
Cayen, Marguerite; address: Duck Lake; claim no. 1008; born: 1857 at Regina; father: Alexandre Cayen (Mtis); mother: Marie McGillis (Mtis); married: 1877 at Red Deer River to John Laframboise; children living: 6 (names on application); scrip for $240.00

Cayen dit Boudreau, Marie (nee McGillis). (b. 1832) Marie was the wife of Alexandre Cayen dit Boudreau and the daughter of Alexandre McGillis and Margaret Bottineau. She first married Jean Baptiste Paul in June of 1860, she then married Alexandre Cayen on September 25, 1855 at St. Francois Xavier. The five McGillis sisters were married to Resistance activists and had relations at Muskeg Lake (Petaqukeys Band).
McGillis, Marie; address: Duck Lake; born: 1830 at St. Francois Xavier; father: Alexandre McGillis (Mtis); mother: Marguerite Bottineau (Mtis); married: 1855 to Alexandra Cayen ex Chief; Kitowehyan; scrip for $160.00; claim no. 1009.

Daniels, John. (b. 1853) John Daniels was the son of William Daniels and Mary Linklater (b. 1822). In 1864, he married Mary Margaret McIvor. While a member of Petequakey Band he was employed as an interpreter for the Indian Department. He left treaty while living at Battleford and took Metis Scrip.
Daniels, John; address: Battleford; claim no. 856; born: 1849 at St. Andrews; father: William Daniels (Mtis); mother: Marguerite Linklater (Mtis); married: 1864 at Portage la Prairie to Marie Margaret McIvor; children living: Elizabeth Catherine, Norbert and Samuel Joseph; children deceased: Allan John and John James; scrip for $160.00


Desjarlais, Caroline (Bouchene). (b. 1854) Caroline was born on May 16, 1854, at St. Francois Xavier, the daughter of Joseph Desjarlais and Josette Richard. she married Norbert Katsipelakiskesekew, the son of Wapistasis and Kapeskawukwe on February 27, 1871 at Duck Lake. Deschamps, Virginie. (b. 1852) Virginie Deschamps was born on October 16, 1852, the daughter of Joseph Deschamps and Rosalie Berger dit Laframboise. She married Francois Deschamps dit Rabaska, the son of Joseph Deschamps dit Rabaska and Marguerite Canada dit Henault in 1872. she was also known as Virginie Berland.
Deschamps, Virginie; address: Calgary; claim no. 52; born: 1854 at St. Boniface; father: Joseph Deschamps (Mtis); mother: LaRose Berger (Mtis); married: 1871 on Prairie to Francois Deschamps Junior; children living: Henry, Mary Bella, Virginie, Joseph and Eliza; children deceased: Nancy; scrip for $240.00

Descheneaux, Angelique (nee Tanner) (b. 1850) Angelique was born in 1850 near Carlton; her father was Thomas DeCorby Tanner alias Petitto (Mtis) and her mother was Angelique Nesko-te-koway Ledoux (Mtis). She was married in 1869 at St. Boniface to Joseph Descheneaux. He was the son of Pierre Descheneaux and Josephte Courchene.
Tanner, Angelique; address: Battle River Settlement; born: 1850 near Carlton; father: DeCorby Tanner alias Petitto (Mtis); mother: Angelique Nesko-te-koway (Mtis); married: 1869 at St. Boniface to Joseph Deschenaux; children living: Marie Anne, Patrice, Jean Baptiste, Thomas, Beatrice and Salomon; children deceased: Angelique, Eliza, William John and Marie Adeline; scrip for $160.00; claim no.162.

Desjarlais, LaLouise. (b. 1839)

Desjarlais, Lalouise; address: Swift Current; claim no. 1193; born: 1839 at St. Boniface; father: Baptiste Desjarlais (Mtis); mother: Charlotte Cardinal (Mtis); married: 1855 at St. Francois Xavier to William Whitford; children living: 7; children deceased: 5; scrip for $160.00

Flammand, Ellen (nee Malaterre) (b. 1831) Helene was the daughter of Jean Baptiste Malaterre and Angelique Adam. Ellen was the wife of Oliver Flammand. They were married at St. Francois Xavier in 1856. Flammand, Oliver. This family took Treaty and Oliver and his wife Ellen Malaterre appear as Band Members # 12 of the Annuity Pay list of Muskeg Lake Band in 1884.12 Their son Joseph appears as band member #70 on the Treaty pay list of the Petequakey (Muskeg Lake) Band in 1882. Later, Joseph and his family were members of Muscowpetung Band until 1886.13 Joseph married Therese Houle in 1878. They lived at Batoche and after the Battle of Batoche moved to the Flathead reserve in Montana, then to Pincher Creek, Alberta. Joseph was a member of Captain Daniel Garipys company, one of the 19 dizaines led
RG 10, Annuity Paylists, 1883-1887. Sherry Farrell Racette. Sewing Ourselves Together: Clothing, Decorative Arts and the Expression of Metis and Half Breed Identity. Winnipeg: University of Manitoba, Ph.D. dissertation, 2004: 59.
13 12


by Gabriel Dumont during the 1885 Metis Resistance. Joseph was on the Treaty Pay list of a nearby reserve in 1884. Joseph and his wife withdrew from treaty and applied for scrip (RG 15, Series D-11-1, Vol. 550, Reel T-13805, file 162004). Flammand, Therese (nee Houle) (b. 1857) Therese Houle was born at Pembina in 1857, the daughter of Francois Houle and Marguerite Gariepy. She married Joseph Flammand, the son of Oliver Flammand and Helene Malaterre before 1878. She died at Pincher Creek at age 40 in 1898 Flett, Margaret (nee Deschamps). (b. 1848) Marguerite Deschamps was born in 1848, the daughter of Francois Deschamps dit Rabasca and Marguerite Canada dit Henault. She was first married to Daniel Paul in 1869 at Edmonton, then to Andrew Flett in 1873 at Prince ASlbert, then to Antoine Brazeau before 1882, then to Thomas Bear circa 1884 and Augustin Boyer in 1887. Her daughter Marguerite Flett was born in 1879 at Muskeg Lake. Lafond, Agatha (nee Pepin). (b. 1847) Agathe Pepin married Cyrille Lafond in 1864 at Beaver River. Cyrille (b. 1844) was the son of Amable Lafond (b. 1789) and Marie Racette. Agathas mother, Marguerite Davis (b. 1819), was the daughter of Jean Baptiste Davis (b. 1777) and Josephte (Chippewa). Marguerite Davis married Antoine Pepin Jr. before 1839.
Pepin, Agathe; address: Carlton; born: 24 February, 1847 at Winnipeg; father: Antoine Pepin (Mtis); mother: Margaret Davis (Mtis); married: 1864 at Beaver River to Cyrille Laford; children living: David, Eliza, Marie Rose, Joseph, Marianne, Pauline and Jean Baptiste; children deceased: Marie Eulalie, Peter, Albert and Marie Marguerite and one unnamed; scrip for $160.00; claim no. 970.

Lafond, Edouard. (b. 1864) Edouard was born in 1864 at the Touchwood Hills; the son of Jean Baptiste Tchehasaso Lafond (Mtis, b. 1832); and Therese Arcand (Mtis), the daughter of Joseph Arcand and Marie Vestro.
Lafond, Edouard; address: Prince Albert; claim no. 1069; born: 1864 at Touchwood Hills; father: Baptiste Lafond (Mtis); mother: Therese Arcand (Mtis); scrip for $240.00.

Lafond, Theresa (nee Arcand). (b. 1834) Theresa Arcand was born at St. Francois Xavier, the daughter of Joseph Arcand and Marie Vestro. She married Jean Baptiste Tchehasaso Lafond in 1852 at St. Boniface.
Lafond, Therese; address: St. Laurent; claim no. 982; born: 1834 at Edmonton; father: Joseph Arcand (Mtis); mother: Marie (Mtis); married: 1856 at Winnipeg to Baptiste Lafond, now deceased; children living: Baptiste, Helene; Roger, Edward, Solomon, Napoleon, Norbert, Marie Rose, Mary & Agnes; children deceased: Isidore & Joseph; scrip for $160.00.

Laframboise, Catherine. (b. 1870) Catherine was born on May 1, 1870, the daughter of Augustin Laframboise and Louise Ledoux. She married Pierre Fagnant dit Lafontaine in 1892 at Duck Lake.


Laframboise, Catherine; address: Batoche; claim no. 1136; born: May, 1869 near Brandon; father: Augustin Laframboise (deceased; Mtis); mother: Louise Ledoux (Mtis); scrip for $240.00.

Laframboise, Daniel. (b. 1868) Daniel was born in February of 1868 at Lizard Hills, the son of Augustin Laframboise and Louise Ledoux. He married Marceline Saulteaux in 1891 at St. Laurent.
Scrip Certificate No. 913 Form A for $240.00 in favour of Daniel Laframboise.

Laframboise, Edouard. (b. 1864) Edouard Laframboise was born on June 30, 1864, the son of Augustin Laframboise and Louise Ledoux. He first married Virginie Dumont, the daughter of Isidore Dumont and Judith Parenteau, in 1886 at Duck Lake. He was then married to Flavie Ledoux, the daughter of Jerome Ledoux and Angelique Morand in 1896.
Laframboise, Edouard; for his deceased sister, Marie Augustine Laframboise; claim no. 319; address: Duck Lake; born: 18 March, 1874 at Duck Lake; died: 1881 or 1882 at Cypress Hills; father: Augustin Laframboise (Mtis); mother: Louise Ledoux (Mtis); heirs: Edouard Laframboise, scrip cert.: form D, No; 679 for $40.00; Rosalie Arcand, scrip cert.: form D, no. 681 for $40.00; Daniel Laframboise, scrip cert.: form D, no. 683 for $40.00; Philomene Laframboise, scrip cert.: form D, no. 685for $40.00; Hyacinthe St. Cyr, scrip cert.: form D, no. 687 for $40.00; Catherine Laframboise, scrip cert.: form D, no. 689 for $40.00.

Laframboise, Ellen (nee Rocheblanc). Helene was the daughter of Francois Rocheblave and Judith Marie Desjarlais. Helene Rochblanc was the third wife of Francois Laframboise. They were married in 1871 at St. Laurent. Francois was the oldest son of Jean Baptiste Laframboise and Suzanne Beaudry.
Rocheblanc, Ellen; address: Swift Curren; born: 1852 at St. Francois Xavier, Manitoba; father: Francois Rocheblanc (Mtis); mother: Judith Desjarlais (Mtis); married: 1871 at Carlton to Francois Laframboise, Jr; scrip for $240.00; claim no. 1187.


Laframboise, Francois. (b. 1827) Francois was the son of Baptiste Laframboise and Susanne Gaudry. In 1849 he married Marie Trottier at St. Francois Xavier, in 1864 he married Louise Chaboillez and then married Helene Rochblanc.
Laframboise Sr., Francois - Concerning his claim as a head of family - Address, Maple Creek - Born, November 1, 1827 at Edmonton - Father, Baptiste Laframboise, (Mtis) - Mother, Susanne Gaudry, (Mtis) - Married, spring, 1849 at St. Francois Xavier to Marie Trottier and 1864 to Louise Chaboillez, then to Helene Rocheblanc - Children living, ten (names on declaration) - Children deceased, four - Scrip for $160 - Claim 193


Laframboise, Rosalie. (b. 1866) Rosalie was born at Lizard Hills in 1866, the daughter of Augustin Laframboise and Louise Ledoux. She married Gregoire Arcand in 1888 at Duck Lake.
Laframboise, Rosalie; address: Batoch; claim no. 1134; born: March, 1866 at Lizard Hills, Saskatchewan; father: Augustin, Laframboise (deceased Mtis); mother: Louise Ledoux (Mtis); scrip for $240.00.

Landry, Julien. (b. 1857) Julien was born in 1857 at Carlton, the son of Alexander Landry (Mtis) and Marie Tastawitch (Mtis). He was married in 1883 to Therese (Cree Indian).


Landry, Julien; address: Prince Albert; claim no. 1012; born: 1857 at Carlton; father: Alexander Landry (Mtis); mother: Marie Tastawitch (Mtis); married: 1883 to Therese (Cree Indian); children living: 1; scrip for $240.00.

Landry, Madame. Landry, Nancy (nee Bear). (b. 1853) Nancy Bear married Alexandre Landry the son of Alexandre Landry, (Mtis), and Marie Iastawitch, (Mtis). Nancy was the daughter of William Bear and Margaret Tait, both Metis.
Bear, Nancy; address: Prince Albert; claim no. 967; born: 1853 at Winnipeg; father: William Bear (deceased Mtis); mother: Margaret Tait (Mtis); married: 1871 at Prince Albert to Alexander Landry; children living: 3; children deceased: 3; scrip for $240.00

Landry, Narcisse. (b. 1893) Narcisse was born on the McKenzie River, the son of Alexandre Landry and Marie Tastawitch. He married in 1878 at Carlton to LaLouise an Indian.
Landry, Narcisse; address: Prince Albert; claim no. 989; born: 1863 on McKenzie River; father: Alexandre Landry (Mtis); mother: Marie Tastawitch (Mtis); married: 1878 at Carlton to LaLouise, an Indian, now deceased; children living: 2; scrip for $240.00.

Landry, Theresa (nee Durocher). (b. 1861) Theresa was born in 1861 at Pelican Lake; the daughter of Thomy Durocher (Mtis); a Metis mother. She was married in 1883 at Lake Muskeg to Julien Landry.
Landry, Therese; address: Prince Albert; claim no. 1032; born: 1861 at Pelican Lake; father: Thomy Durocher (Mtis); mother: (Mtis); married: 1883 at Lake Muskeg to Julien Landry; children deceased: Marie Virginie; scrip for $240.00.

Ledoux, Caroline (nee Roussin). (b. 1858) Caroline Roussain was the widow of Napoleon Ledoux.
Roussin, Caroline; address: Batoche P.O. [Post Office]; born: 1858 at Fort Pelly; father: Paulette or Paul Roussin (deceased; Mtis); mother: Marie Anne McLeod (deceased Mtis); married: Spring, 1875 at Buffalo Lake to Napoleon Ledoux; children living: Marie, Jean Marie, Louis and Joseph; children deceased: Angelique; scrip for $240.00; claim no. 1128.


Ledoux, Louise (nee Desjarlais) (b. 1826) Louise was married to Eusebe Ledoux 1843 at St. Francois Xavier. She was born in 1826 at Le Pas; the daughter of Antoine Desjarlais (Mtis) and Catherine Allary (Mtis).
Desjarlais, Louise; address: Batoche; claim no. 1121; born: 1826 at Le Pas; father: Antoine Desjarlais (Mtis); mother: Catherine Allary (Mtis); married: 1843 at St. Francois Xavier to Eusebe Ledoux (deceased); children living: 5; children deceased: 5; scrip for $160.00

Masson, Francois. (b. 1876) Francois was born in June, 1876 at Manitou Lake, the son of Francois Masson and Elise Desjarlais.
Masson Jr., Francois; address: Onion Lake, Saskatchewan; born: June, 1876 at Maniton Lake; father: Francois Masson (Mtis); mother: lise Desjarlais (Mtis); scrip cert.: form C, no. 1735 for $240.00; claim no. 1096.

Rabasca, Virginie (nee Deschamps) (b. 1854) Virginie was born in 1854 at Pembina; the daughter of Joseph Deschamps (Mtis) and LaRose Berger (Mtis). She was married in 1871 on the Prairie to Franois Deschamps Jr. dit Rabaqsca.;
Deschamps, Virginie; address: Calgary, Post Office; claim no. 124; born: 1857 at Rocky Mountain House; father: We-te-kos-te-gwan (Indian); mother: unknown Cayan (Mtis); married: in 1872 at St. Albert to Francois Deschamps dit Rabasca; children living: Mlanie and Marie Louisa; children deceased: Catherine, Madeleine and Ursule

Sanderson, Josephte (nee Arcand) (b. 1846) Josephte was born in 1846 near the White Mud River; the daughter of Joseph Arcand or Mustushkanik; (Mtis) and Marie Maskekon (Mtis). She was married in 1866 at


Qu'Appelle to James Mulligan (not legally) and in 1877 at Prince Albert to George Sanderson.
Sanderson, Josephte; address: Prince Albert P.O. [Post Office]; born: 1846 near White Mud River; father: Joseph Arcand or Mustushkanik; (Mtis); mother: Marie (Maskekon Mtis); married: in 1866 at Qu'Appelle to James Mulligan (not legally) and in 1877 at Prince Albert to George Sanderson; children living: Harriet, James, LaLouise, and children of James Mulligan Abraham Sanderson; children deceased: Elizabeth Jane, William George, Francis, Henry, Samuel; scrip for $240.00; claim no. 1060.

St. Pierre, Louis. (b. 1831) Louis was born on July 21, 1831, at Moosehead, the son of Francois St. Pierre and Marie Laverdure. He married Marie Louise Decoteau, the daughter of Joseph Decoteau and Marie Anne Lafournaise in 1850 at Pembina.
Scrip affidavit for St. Pierre, Louis; born: July 21, 1831; father: Franois St. Pierre (Mtis); mother: Marie Laverdure (Mtis); claim no: 2895; scrip no: 12398; date of issue: January 30, 1879; amount: $160

Thoroux, Margaret. Tomma, Adelaide. Tomma, LaLouise. Villeneuve, Elise (nee McGillis). (b. 1841) Elise was born in 1841 at St. Francois Xavier; the daughter of Alexandre or Jerome McGillis (Mtis) and Marguerite Bottineau (Mtis). She married in 1864 at St. Franois Xavier to Theophile Villeneuve. Her sister Marie McGillis was married to Kee-too-wayhow (Alexander Cayen dit Boudreau) the chief of Muskeg Lake Band.
Scrip Certificate No. 25 Form A for $160.00 in favour of Elise McGillis wife of Theophile Villeneuve. McGillis, Elise; address: Maple Creek; born: 1841 at St. Francois Xavier; father: Alexandre or Jerome McGillis (Mtis); mother: Marguerite Bottineau (Mtis); married: 1864 at St. Francois Xavier to Theophile Villeneuve; children living: Rose; Daniel; Marie; Pierre; Marie Marguerite; David; Severe; Isabella; Marguerite and Alexandre; children deceased: Rosalie; scrip for $160.00; claim no. 34.